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Wife Lovers

These are stories about wife lovers, and specifically concerned with married women. The wife in question may not actually be making love to her husband, and the stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are slut wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives.


Transcendant Sensuality - 15

Karla's headed to Argentina, and a plan is in place to take care of Kevin.

“I’ve ruined it.” Kevin looked up from his paper at his gorgeous, auburn-haired wife. “What have you ruined? We can buy another, whatever it is.” “I’ve ruined what we had. All the mystery, the sensuality, it’s all gone. Everything that we started this experience for is all gone.” Kevin folded his paper. “Sometimes the workings of your mind escape me,” he admitted. “The Halloween...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 12

Karla is the driving force, master manipulator, and in charge as the Halloween Weekend Party begins.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” Tom asked Tanya as she entered their living room. “At first,” she replied. “You like it?’ It was a white gown with narrow shoulder straps and a V-cut down to her navel. It covered the outside portion of her breasts, leaving the inside flesh of the rounded swell visible. The back was open to below her waist. The fabric gathered at her waist with what appeared...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 11

A brief interlude and Karla issues the invitations to her Halloween party.

“I’ve got to tell you, sweetheart,” Kevin told his wife as they shared coffee at their breakfast bar, “I’m exhausted. I don’t bounce back the way I used to.” “Honey, that was two nights ago!” “But we went all night. I don’t know how you do it.” “It’s fun. Is it fun for you, or is it just work?” “It was fun,” he conceded. “But Tanya damned near wore me out and that was before you...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 10

Karla and Tanya devise plan to get Tom back on track involving a swap and phone sex.

Karla set about writing the invitations the next morning as Kevin scanned the paper before leaving for work. The light, sing-song tune of Karla’s phone broke the silence. “It’s Tanya,” Karla told Kevin she retrieved the phone. “Good morning, darling.” “What have you got on for today?” Tanya’s voice came through the tiny speaker. Kevin crumpled his paper in his lap. “Good morning, Tanya,”...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 9

The plane ride home, and Karla tells Kevin about her future plans for both of them.

As they settled in the first class cabin of the jet taking them home, Karla lifted the cuff of Kevin’s jacket, slid her hand underneath his and intertwined her fingers with his so his hand lay atop hers. Kevin looked at her and smiled. “You’re my master,” she whispered to him. Kevin chuckled. “No, I’m not. We’re partners.” “Okay,” she nodded, her auburn locks waving forward and back....Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 8

Karla confesses her threesome to Tanya, the travels to Chicago to seduce Ted.

“There’s a bartender in your lounge by the name of Ted,” Kevin spoke into the phone. “I don’t want any personal information. I just want to get a message to him.” “I’m not allowed to confirm anyone who works here,” the mature female voice intoned. “Okay, fine. Just write this down, and if a bartender named Ted happens to be employed there, pass him the message. The note should say that...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 7

Karla sends Kevin to service Alex while she attends to Jeremy and Jasmine.

“We need to get back on track,” Kevin said to his wife following their respective weekend experiences. “How do you mean?” “There’s somebody at the hotel where we first played.” “There is? Who?” “Do you remember the bartender? Ted?” “I remember him. He’s cute.” “I promised him I’d give him the complete lowdown the last time we were there. That was, what? Three months ago?” ...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 6

Karla and Kevin reconnect as she plans future engagements and Kevin deals with Jasmine's situation.

“Kind of a rocky start,” Kevin observed to his wife the following morning as he poured a cup of coffee for her into a blue pottery mug. Karla looked great to him. Her hair was tousled yet still had billows of auburn surrounding her face. She wore a simple, light, white peignoir that hid little of her features. She eased onto a stool at the breakfast bar and smiled as he handed her the mug. ...Read On


Transcendent Sensuality - 4

Karla plans a holiday party. The experience expands and sensuality is heightened.

“We need to host a holiday party,” Karla announced to Kevin nearly two months after their last meeting with Julian. “Okay,” Kevin said, unwilling to argue. “Who are you thinking of inviting?” “Well, Tom and Tanya, Don and Denise, Gary and Gloria, to start.” “Doesn’t sound too heavy a guest list.” “Well, those are the ones I thought of at first blush. I’m sure we can come up with others.”...Read On


Transcendent Sensuality - 3

Karla's continuing exploration hits a disappointing rough spot, but Julian saves the day.

Would there be a next time? Karla smiled to herself. Oh, hell, YES! she thought. There would definitely be a next time. He has led her down this road and she wanted to explore its variations, every twist, turn, rise and expanse to its fullest. She loved Kevin to distraction. They were soul-mates. Sometimes she thought he could read her mind but not in this instance. He didn’t really...Read On


Transcendent Sensuality - 2

Karla delves into her emotional conflict after additional engagements with her lover.

When Julian left the room, Karla rolled over and hiked herself on some of the pillows. Her long fingers wiped viciously at her cheeks to remove the remnants of her tears. She took a series of deep breaths and then turned to look at Kevin. “Do you hate me now?” she asked. He chuckled. “Absolutely not. I love you more than ever.” “Did you see what a slut I was? I sucked his cock. Then I...Read On


Transcendent Sensuality

With her husband's encouragement, Karla begins to explore her sexuality.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” Karla asked her husband. Kevin sat in a chair across the bedroom, still attired in his tux. He nodded. “Yes.” The voice was just a whisper. Karla was clad only in the black bra and panty set she had worn beneath her short cocktail dress, the black thigh-high stockings and the four-inch heels that gave her backside the tantalizing motion that beckoned...Read On


Connie’s Year Ch. 01

For my birthday, I want what I gave him last year

 I sat back on my feet and licked my upper lip, swiping a generous dollop of Kurt's cum from beneath my nose. I took it into my mouth and smiled as I swallowed. Truth be told, I think I had come to enjoy this almost as much as he had. I looked up, saw the expression on his face. Well, okay, maybe not as much. He still got that same awestruck expression to see me lick his cum-facial into my...Read On

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Back In The Swing

Home in a new town, after a hiatus we start our fun and games again!

After the softball game I invited a couple of the guys back to the house for a swim. Since moving to Hillside for the new job last fall, Monica and I had been pretty busy getting the house set up and made ours; shopping, some small fix-it projects. She'd found work while I'd settled into my new responsibilities, but over the months there really hadn't been time for social interaction. So I'd...Read On


Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 1

Pete returns to New York.

35,000 ft, Eastern Seaboard, Sunday 04:00 5th November 2017 Someone very smart once said, ‘When the facts change, I change my mind.’ Four in the morning, still two hours left of my long journey home, and a less eloquent version was, ‘only a fool never has second thoughts.’ I was definitely having second and possibly even third and first thoughts. In my case, the facts that had...Read On


Pam Explains The Last Two Months Part 3

Rob thinks it was way funnier that I did.

If you’ve been reading along with the series you know my name is Pam, I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart, Rob since we got out of high school. If you haven’t read the series yet, I encourage you to start at the beginning so you’ll get the most out of this episode Our lives have changed dramatically in the last two months. Rob asked me to fill you in on...Read On


My Wife and the Persian Princess

Alvah and G have their first threesome with another woman

Since Galatea and I started swinging about a year or so ago, it seems that new sexual adventures have been openly presenting themselves more and more. Just mentioning swinging in casual conversation sparks intrigue and excitement in others outside of the lifestyle. People that one would never guess would be interested begin asking questions about how we got started, about parties in the...Read On


Feeding An Addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 21

My love-making with Grace prompts Sue and me to face some deep questions about the future.

Karonga, Malawi: Monday 23rd October 2017 Sue continued to look at me with that strange expression. I was really struggling to read her and know what she was thinking. Anger? Indecision and desire? Hurt feelings? I couldn’t be certain, but my gut told me she was going through all of these. I toyed with asking Grace to leave so we could talk. I was about to reject this and play some...Read On


Sharing Dawn

Brad has a desire to see his wife with another man

There is a lot of timing and luck involved in getting the chance to watch your normally reluctant wife suddenly turn it on for another man. But Brad, a forty-two-year-old professor, had that chance to see his twenty-seven-year-old wife perform at a convention last summer at an upscale hotel in Miami. Dawn wore an unusually revealing black dress that evening. It was shorter than anything...Read On


Feeding an Addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 20

Pete’s lucky day as he receives two presents

Karonga, Malawi: Monday 23rd October 2017 As the sun streamed through the hotel window, I couldn’t get the words out of my head.          'I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself what a wonderful world. ’ Louis Armstrong’s velvety tones serenaded me into another week. All felt good in the world. The project was still a mess. But...Read On


Did She Know? - The Answer

Did I know what he'd done? Let's find out!

Arriving in Ireland for a wedding, I was a little nervous. It was my first experience of my man’s family en-masse; most, I’d never met before. He’d told me everything would be fine, but that didn’t really help. Pulling up at the hotel, I felt rather out of my depth. You know that feeling when you sit on a high stool and can swing your feet like a child? How it makes you feel small and a...Read On


Feeding an addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 19

Francis has news. Sue and Peter have several heart to hearts

Karonga, Malawi: Friday 20th October 2017 As I looked at Sue and Francis, so close and intimate after their passionate love-making, I knew I’d made the wrong call. I knew I’d let my addiction get the better of me. That I’d allowed Jenny to manipulate and suck me into a place where I’d forgotten all the painful lessons learned. Forgotten just how bad it had been with Brandon. I picked up...Read On


After the Reunion, Ch 18

Sunday, October 8, 2028 My mouth dropped open, “You… you… WHAT?” This… This was not a conversation I expected! My wife had just told me she wanted to invite Samuel for dinner Friday, this Friday! “Here? At our house?” She chewed on her lower lip, something she does a lot when she’s really nervous. She nodded, “Uhuh,” then went on, talking kind of fast, something else she does sometimes,...Read On


Feeding An Addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 18

Jenny thinks I might like some gasoline pouring on Sue and Francis' smoldering romance.

Karonga, Malawi: Friday 20th October 2017 I’d just finished listening to my wife’s description of her last twenty-four hours. The first day since I’d given her permission to continue her re-kindled affair with Francis. It was just before seven in the morning and I was getting ready to head to breakfast in the hotel when my cell phone flashed with two words which had caused such highs...Read On

Comp Entry

Did She Know?

Callum arranges for his fantasy to become reality.

My girlfriend, Zoe, knew it turned me on to know she made others horny. I had mentioned this, more so in drunken texts than anything else. Of course, I didn't want her cheating, but whatever did happen, it would be an experience as a couple and both, hopefully, getting pleasure out of it. It was more the thought of her pleasuring another cock, that got me going. A strange cock, so not...Read On


New Year's Birthday (New Year's Part 3B)

My birthday celebration doesn't go the way I would have wished, but all's well that ends well.

"I don't recall giving you permission to orgasm," Carol said in a teasing tone, and I had to force myself to wake from a post-orgasmic haze. "I'm sorry, Mistress," I offered, and then I nearly laughed because Traci said the same thing at the same time. I didn't trust the smile I saw on Carol's face, but she was looking at Traci. I hoped that I didn't have anything to worry about. "That...Read On


Feeding an addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 17

Sue’s report back on her first twenty-four hours with as Francis’ stand-in wife

Karonga, Malawi: Thursday 19th October 2017 Five thirty a.m. and my iPhone’s alarm was trying to raise a weary traveler from his soft and comfy hotel bed. As the hot jets played over my body my mind wandered back over the last day’s events. After my late night call with Sue, I’d only had six hours sleep before I had to go forth to face the world and the failing project I was here to fix. ...Read On


Folie à trois, Part III

Pilar and I stayed in bed and enjoyed each other with occasional breaks to wash up until lunchtime, when we got up and had a civilized, leisurely lunch at the dining room table. Pilar kissed me goodbye sweetly and made a date for our next day together. I went home exhausted and on fire, drained of virginal ignorance and full of the memories of Pilar giving herself freely to me and taking me...Read On


The 25 Year Itch Chapter12: Hot Wife At Work Part 4

Maggie tells husband Paul all about her night with her colleague, Michael

I was stunned. How did my wife end up having unprotected sex with a colleague?  During a night of sex with him, she had allowed him to come inside her without any birth control.  We didn’t discuss this possibility in advance. We rarely had unprotected sex with each other. My shy, reserved wife and mother of our children was becoming a different woman from the person I knew.  I struggled to...Read On


Feeding an Addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 16

Jenny and the hotel staff take a hand in the direction of our marriage

Karonga, Malawi: Tuesday 17th October 2017 “Jenny Cell.” After nine hours of a useless blank screen, my phone was now finally re-connecting me with my world back in New York. Only instead of seeing “Sue Cell’ or “Home” or something I might have looked forward to, it showed something altogether more surprising and confusing. I found my anger rising fast, spurred on by the fact that...Read On