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Straight Sex

Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders. All normal stories between loving couples go in here - please find the relevant niche category should your story involve something a bit out of the ordinary.

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Echo's Run 3

Echo studied her hair in the rearview mirror of Hawke’s truck. He hadn’t done too badly cutting it, and it hadn’t taken her long to add a few finishing touches with the scissors. The change was simple, yet drastic enough she barely recognized herself. A sense of exhilaration played at the edges of her nerves. In a long sleeved blouse and oversized shades, Trey could pass her on the sidewalk...Read On



The Tuscan sun was quietly burning off the last wisps of grey morning mist from around the rising cypress spires in the near distance as two cars arrived at the villa, grinding the gravel under their wheels like strong waves breaking on shingle. My mother lifted the palms of her hands towards my face and allowed them to brush the outline of my veil, as though anything more than the lightest...Read On

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They pulled a polyethylene drop sheet over his body as he lay in the trench. Demonic laughter merged with the sound of heavy plastic. “Dancin’ with the devil now, motherfucker,” somebody said up above the crinkle. More laughter, voices fading off toward the outer fringes of the junkyard. They left the knife in his thigh, along with three bullets in the trunk of his body. ...Read On

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Everybody said it was my mother threw acid on my face because I was born freak ugly from the start. But it was never her. It was one of her junkie boyfriends she had back then. The one called himself Uncle Danny. I was already six and not a baby anymore. And it wasn’t acid. It was cooking oil. The scars are from wet burns, not chemicals. Everybody just talks a lot of shit because everybody’s...Read On

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Coming Home

Coming home leads to a realization and a moment of passion for Susan and Glenn

Susan was surprised to see Glenn enter the Eversham train station. She had expected to meet his younger sister Rebecca, who had been her best friend since childhood. In fact, last Susan heard, Glenn was still living in Vancouver where he worked for an accounting firm. Glenn had changed a lot in the years since Susan had last seen him. Once a rather scruffy young man with long, unkempt hair...Read On

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More than a friendship but less than a relationship.

  Andrew yanked back on wavy blonde tresses with his left hand and drove his hips forward. His breath was ragged as he thrust his cock deep, pounding relentlessly. He could feel the intense clenching around his rock-hard manhood while pretty ass cheeks hit the front of his hips squarely. He pumped forward, let out a low groan, and jackhammered with more ferocity. A squeal and several...Read On


Jealous Jolene

Jolene is shown why she shouldnt be jealous

Here I was in a room with Sasha, thinking of Jolene, thinking of everything that was going to happen. Ordinarily, I would feel guilty, knowing that Danny had to go to work and I was here with Jolene’s best friend. But that’s the point, Danny and Jolene had helped set me up with Sasha and Sasha didn’t care that I was still with Jolene, too. I’d wowed Sasha with a home cooked tomato and...Read On

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The Booth Model From Heaven

A salesman finds his angel at a convention.

We met at a convention. She was a booth model, and I was a salesman. She was scheduled to work the entire week, but I was only there for half of the week. I can still remember the moment our eyes met. I couldn’t stop staring, and I may not have even blinked. In fact, my mouth might have been partly open as if frozen in time. The double-take of her eyes and the smile on her face brought me...Read On


Deep Dive (Part 6)

Julian and Kate have a reckoning

It was morning now, around 7 a.m.  While Kate, Jacob and Megan slept, I’d gone back into the house, quietly grabbed a jacket and some boots, and headed off for a pre-dawn walk in the Mendocino Headlands. Three hours later, trudging along the cliffs in the early light, I was no closer to resolving my conflicts about Kate. I was feeling both incredibly fortunate, and...Read On

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Doesn't Mean I Love You, Wilson Reedy

Close up, Wilson Reedy’s penis looks like an Ordnance Survey map of England. As my head balances on his hip bone and my face breathes on his cock, I watch little red capillaries traverse it like minor roads connecting to bulbous blue motorway veins. This chaotic network sits on an English Channel of ashen pubes. His balls – Wales one side and East Anglia the other – rise and fall as I...Read On

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Sean From High School

After years of hot sexting, a rough night of fucking turns into a romantic morning of lovemaking.

She always hit Sean up after a break-up via SnapChat...And this time she was getting divorced. The ultimate break-up. They were together for two years and married for one when she discovered several videos of her husband's "friend" Annie touching herself on his phone. Annie. His "lesbian" friend. She left him in the middle of the night, leaving behind a note that just said, "Fuck you and...Read On


Maggie's Farm

An escape from boring, weary life leads to a passionate adventure with an amazing woman.

I’ll never forget that October morning watching the red and orange leaves falling to the ground. I stood by the window, thinking about getting older and closer to death. Am I like those leaves fluttering to the ground?  Still not sure what came over me, but the urge to burst out of the rut I was in rose in me like a geyser.  I wanted to do something wild, get away from my monotonous life,...Read On

Tracy Meets Her Cyber Lover

Tracy Park was going to do something out of the ordinary.  She had met somebody online and was going to meet up with them.  They chatted online every day for the past three months.  Their cyber sessions were extremely naughty and always made her orgasm. They usually chatted online and would role-play.  They both took their time creating storylines that were very involved.  She would...Read On

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In her wedding dress

Cold feet, warm heart, hot sex

There was a wedding reception going on at a hotel in the centre of town. Jayne and Rolf. Jayne was a good-looking 22-year-old brunette, elegant and cultured, and desired by many a man in this small community. And none more so than Henk, a 25-year-old son of Swedish parents. The family had moved to England five years earlier and Henk felt almost English. He had mastered the language easily, had...Read On


Hitchhiking To Ecstasy

A young woman's car is stuck and she has to hitchhike and finds ecstasy.

“Damn, shit, fuck!” I shouted, banging my hands on the steering wheel, shaking my head from side to side, my long hair flailing, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” My car had just slid off the goddamn icy road into a ditch and it was getting dark. Now, what?  I sighed, knowing my cell phone was dead. I had lost the charger and was going to get a new phone when I got home. "Who knew I'd slide into a...Read On


Online Date Part 2

Continuation of my first meeting with Nikki

We walked arm in arm to my room. I let Nikki clean up in the bathroom first. While she was in there, I ordered some room service for us. Nikki came out wearing a big fluffy robe, hair still wet from her shower. She still looked hot even with no make-up and in a bathrobe. After room service dropped off our food, we sat on the bed eating and talking about our lives. It seemed too good to be...Read On


It Starts With A Tease

Sometimes the best moments start with a tease

I’m sitting on the couch reading when she sits down next to me.  The smell of her perfume ignites a stream of images in my head taking me back to the first time I saw her. I can taste the wine on her lips after our second date. The story I’m reading gets lost in the flood of sensations. My eyes continue to scan the lines of text trying to find the beat of the story again. She swings her...Read On



A boy, a girl, and love.

The soft pitter-patter of rain, accompanied by a steady, heavier plop-plop-plop outside, enshrouded the room in isolation. Outside, nature raged and stormed, as if to ward off its two children inside the sheltered space. The room, untroubled by intrusion, was cast in the orange light of the few candles, that had not yet consumed themselves.   Previously, there had been quite the number...Read On


What a Difference a Day Makes (Chapter 2 of 2)

The second half of a most remarkable day!

Chapter 2 – Morning dawns and the rest of my amazing day Morning came way too early, and my eyes opened to find Elaine standing there, looking at us with a secretive smile. "Oh, Elaine, oh..." She smiled, my surrogate mom smiled at me laying naked on the floor with her daughter. "Relax, Brooke, you know some of my secrets, and I know a few of yours. I'm happy for you, more than you will...Read On


Lust for My Coworker

Getting close with a new coworker, twice my age

Ever since I started my new job, I'd been getting looks from my male customers and coworkers. At twenty-two, I was one of the youngest women in the store, so naturally that made me stand out a bit anyway.  I worked for a wholesale warehouse on construction products so there was no uniform, just t-shirts and jeans that got covered in dust and dirt everyday. This job also meant I got to work...Read On


The Other Couple 1/2

An older couple a newlywed couple meets on their honeymoon has more than just wisdom to offer.

"You see, Brian," I pointed out, bringing my head forward. "We're not the only couple that holds hands. They look like they've been married for over twenty years and they're holding hands too." "We're at year twenty-six," the man informed me as they stopped. "You're newlyweds I'm guessing?" "Yes," I answered before I smooched Brian's cheek. "I'm Cadence, and this is Brian. We're on...Read On

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The Billionaire's Deal

What would you do if a billionaire offered you a chance of a lifetime for one week only?

Nic was finishing up a scotch at the hotel bar as he mentally went over his early morning business meeting. After a week of negotiations and contracts, it was a success to acquire the tech startup. It'd cost him a few million but millions were pocket change compared to the billions he was worth. Now, he only had to check out of the hotel and head back to his home in LA. After spending the...Read On


A Tale of Two Asians Part 1: Fleeting Passion

A beautiful foreign student is seduced by a man with impure intentions, with lasting consequences

History repeats itself, but no two stories go exactly the same way. Tones change, details change, endings change—no remix is note-perfect. Sometimes things change for the worse; first as tragedy, then as farce, as the saying goes. Other times things change for the better as if, like with so many other things in life, fate needs a few tries to get things right. And perhaps one thing sets...Read On


Renewed and Invigorated

Not one but two sweaty gym trysts.

In just four days, April Martinez's outlook on life had completely changed. The lethargy was gone. The depression and the hopelessness were gone. There was constant energy in her body like a drug. At the ripe old age of twenty-two, the former gymnast had discovered sex. When Bud Tanner first walked into the massage room four days earlier, she'd been depressed and a little frightened...Read On

Goldilocks in Europe

A backpacking American girl enjoys Europe and quick love affairs

This is what her mother was worried about, Melinda thought as the Danish boy Arnoldus snapped pictures of her. She was still in her coat, with her hat and her colorful scarf, as she sat on the bed. Arnoldus was fascinated with her. He found her looking at a map, trying to get back to the hostel she was staying at with her friends—Elizabeth, Jialing (Jia for short) and Carlo. He walked up to...Read On


Business Trip Affair

Meeting in hotel bar turns into hot night of sex

You walk in and sit down at the hotel bar next to me. I’m taken aback by your beauty and brunette hair along with a perfect set of large tits and long tan legs. You sit down and order a drink and we start talking, getting acquainted, like where are you from and what brings you to this City etc... You are married like me and also travel each week for work in sales. Our drinks flowed smoothly...Read On


Becoming Main course and Dessert

One door closed means another opens. A lovely woman finds this truth right after her ex let her dow.

It was the second evening of my short weekend trip alone when I sat at the hotel bar enjoying a pina colada that I realized the guy staring at me. He smiled but I got the impression that his eyes already ate me up and I felt my cheeks flushing. Damn, these girlishly reaction was embarrassing and I guess my smile looked allthemore childish to him. Still it felt nice to gain so much...Read On



Laura Dowd entered her apartment and grinned from ear to ear as she was greeted by moans and slick, slapping sounds of flesh on flesh coming from her bedroom. Her fiancé, Jim, was undoubtedly in her bed watching porn, again. Jim had booked the day off to cook Laura an early dinner so that they could work on the final details for their wedding. Laura left work shortly after one o’clock...Read On


The Visit

She finally meets her online lover.

"It's unlocked,” Jolene called from the couch. Greg heard her call out and opened the door to the house. He was nearly an hour early, but Jolene had told him it would be fine. He walked cautiously down the hallway until he entered the living room, where the fireplace was burning bright. He could see the entire room, despite the lights being out. There was Danny sitting on the couch's...Read On


The School Trip

One young teacher falls for a student on a school trip abroad

As she stood on the battlements of the old city, Hannah felt her smile smirk at the edges. She couldn't help it. She could feel his semen trickling out of her, gathering in her purple cotton knickers. She tried to concentrate on the map, working out how to get back to the square from here. “Come on, MIss. It’s freezing. Which way is it to the restaurant?” She turned and faced the group...Read On