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Double your pleasure... double your fun...



As I nervously drove to the hotel, I searched my memories and tried to remember when this first started. I think it was a progression of a thousand things over a very long period. All in all, I considered Mike and I had a pretty good marriage. We didn’t have a perfect relationship, but who does? I think (like many couples) we slowly became trapped in a relationship where intimacy was placed on the back burner for more important responsibilities. Now with the kids gone to college, neither one of us had an idea about what to do with our free time in our empty nest. The greater part of our life together had been about parenting and business pursuits. Suddenly, we seemingly had a wide-open agenda. Our plans of travel never materialized, although the brochures were still stacked on the coffee table.

Out of the need to feel productive, I became involved in charity work for a while, but the politics involved were maddening. Being an angry protester wasn’t my life mission. Mike, on the other hand, was content being a homebody, doing house projects and working in the yard.

My husband was always my best friend and partner in life, but the passion that once defined us in our youth was nothing more than a fond memory now. The reality was that the last several years had taken a toll on us. We had become a child-centered home. I knew something needed to change, but the question in my mind was…  was it too late?

Where we struggled in one area of our marriage, we were wildly successful in another. Our three incredible daughters were testimony to that. They all excelled in school, as well as in life. Our oldest daughter, Becky, was beginning her master’s in microbiology, while Jenna and Anne were working on their undergraduate degrees. Each of our daughters were beautiful and intelligent, but if I saw a weakness in them, it was their boyfriend problems. It took time getting used to the fact that we had three very sexually active young women.                                                                           

With our plan of financial independence now realized, I always thought economic freedom would allow us to reestablish some of the closeness we’d sacrificed for the family. One thing was clear: there seemed to be no easy solution to regaining our intimacy. Oh, we still went through the motions, but I couldn’t remember the last time I was actually rocked by an orgasm—that is, without the assistance of a toy.

Our diminishing love life wasn’t because I didn’t find Mike attractive or that he’d let himself go, like so many of my friends’ husbands had done. We always enjoyed exercising together. Mike lifted weights daily, which made him appear much younger and muscular than his forty-eight years. I was proud my husband cared so much about his health and appearance.

As for me, my daily aerobics and yoga workout helped me maintain my weight and muscle tone. Even though I’d had three kids in five years, there were no visible stretch marks or cellulite on me, and my boobs were still pert enough to attract attention. Despite being in my mid-forties, men would often flirt with me. I had never been tempted because I took my marriage vows seriously. However, don’t all women like to be complimented?

About six months ago, something happened that profoundly changed my life. My identical twin, Penny and I regularly went shopping at the mall on Saturdays while our husbands went golfing. When I say, “identical twin,” I mean exact replicas of each other. We maintained the same hairstyles and usually wore the same outfits. It was fun seeing people’s reactions. The only noticeable difference between us was that I was a cup size bigger than Penny, but that’s because I’d had three children and she was childless.

I remember one day, after finishing a couple hours of window shopping, we stopped for lunch at this little Italian bistro in the mall. I could tell something was on Penny’s mind, given the way she was fidgeting in her chair. I noticed she was acting nervous all day, so I asked, “Penny, what’s bothering you?”

“What makes you think something is bothering me?” she replied without making eye contact.

I lifted her chin, looked in her eyes and said, “Come on, spit it out.”

She still wouldn’t answer, so we ate our salads in virtual silence. I knew she couldn’t keep anything from me for long.

Finally, she said, “I need to tell you something about Andy and me… but it’s a secret.”

“Oh my God! You’re not getting a divorce, are you?”

“Heavens, no! We’re not splitting up, but there’s something I need to tell you and you must promise not to tell anyone.”

“Pinky promise. My lips are sealed.” I motioned as if I was zipping my lips shut.

Then, Penny dropped a bomb on me. She blurted out, “Andy and I have decided to open up our marriage.”

It took me a while to process what she’d just said.

“Are you telling me that you’re seeing other men outside your marriage?”

She grinned and replied in a low voice, “I’m not just seeing them... I’m doing a lot more, if you know what I mean…”

“Oh my God! You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re cheating on Andy? Are you nuts?”

She laughed at me and said, “Sis, you’re thinking way too provincially. It’s just sex, not cheating! Andy knows everything. In fact, this was actually his idea. He fantasized about it for years and I eventually agreed to try it for real.”

“No way!” I stared at her in disbelief, not knowing how to respond.

She saw my reaction and added, “Since we decided to do this, our love life has been better than ever. It’s a win-win situation.”

I looked at her, dumbfounded. “I think you’re crazy! You’re both crazy!”

“Gail, this is a growing lifestyle. You honestly don’t know what you’re missing. Come on, you can’t tell me you never think about being with other men?”

“Never!” I lied. Then, out of pure curiosity, I asked, “How does it work?”

“You’re the one with three kids, you should know how it works. You see, there are a boy and a girl, and—”

“Not sex, smart-ass! I mean, how do you meet these men? Do you take them home or go to a hotel? Does Andy go with you? Or do you meet these strangers on your own?”

“So many questions for a girl who says she’s not interested,” Penny giggled, “so far, I’ve only done it twice. The first time was with a guy from out of town I’d met online. We exchanged pics and I met up with him at the Carlton Hotel bar. We had some drinks and conversation before going back to his room. Andy waited at home for my call.”

“So… Andy just left you alone with a stranger?”

“Yep. We agreed that my first time I should go solo.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could he allow her to go alone? What if the guy was a complete psycho? She could have been killed!

“… I had a fantastic time!” Penny kept talking while I swallowed my anger. “He was younger than me, though—around thirty-five and very muscular, hung like a...” She held her hands about a foot apart.

I rolled my eyes and said, “That’s more than I needed to know.”

She giggled and continued to recount her sexual adventure. “Once we were naked, all my apprehensions were gone. I lost track of my orgasms. It was great sex, but only sex—and lots of it.”

“Where was Andy during all this time?”

“Like I said, he was home waiting for my call. I texted him and let him know that I was safe and would be out longer than planned.”

I kept tapping my nails on the table, beyond irritated.

Penny sighed. “Just say it.”

“Say what?” I tried to control my temper.

“You’re doing that annoying tapping thing you do when you’re about to explode. Just say it!”

“I have nothing to say, Penny. You’re a grown woman.”

She rolled her eyes and exhaled deeply. “I’d rather you tell me what’s got you so upset instead of being all passive-aggressive.”

“Passive aggressive? Okay, sweetheart. Here goes… You’re dumb as a doorknob, and your husband’s even dumber!”

My sister’s eyes widened in shock while I shook with anger.

“Both of you are stupid! Do you even realize the potential danger you could have been in?”

“What the hell is your problem, Gail? I told you that I had texted Andy that I was safe!”

“That asshole could have murdered you and easily sent a text to your husband, impersonating you! I can’t believe you both would even agree to text each other in a situation like that! If I were Andy, I would be worried sick! He clearly doesn’t love you enough to be concerned about your safety!”

“Calm down! You’re overreacting!”

“I am not, and you know it! You’re both insane! There are so many things that could have gone wrong. You could have been hurt or even killed!”

“Don’t be so dramatic. We screened him carefully.”

“And the second time?”

“The second time was totally different. It was with someone Andy had met through business and it happened at our house.” 

I stole a minute to calm down before I said, “That sounds kind of uncomfortable.”

“It was. He was about our age but very handsome. Told us he was married and hadn’t done this before. He was extremely nervous. Took him some time to warm up.”

“What happened?”

“We all had a few drinks and talked for the longest time in the den. Eventually, I got impatient, took his hand and led him up to the bedroom. He was nice, but nowhere near my first time. His nervousness had caused him a bit of an anxiety performance. It didn’t help that Andy was there watching. However, after we got going, he did great.”

“So why did you decide to tell me this? You must have anticipated my reaction. I still think you’re making a huge mistake.”

“We’re sisters, and I knew you’d eventually figure something was amiss. So, I told you, trusting you to keep my secret.”

“You must know I’ll eventually tell Mike. We don’t keep secrets from each other.”

“Of course, I knew you’d tell him. In fact, Andy planned on telling Mike at golf sometime. I’m mostly concerned about Mom and Dad finding out. They’d disown me.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Your secret’s safe with me.”




Several weeks passed and I still couldn’t bring myself to tell Mike what was going on with Penny. There always seemed to be some tension between my husband and sister. They couldn’t agree about anything, especially politics or religion. One of the reasons I’d hesitated to tell Mike was because I figured it would drive an even bigger wedge between them. In the meantime, Penny’s adventures got even more outrageous.

A month had gone by before I mustered up the courage to finally tell my husband what was going on.

“We need to talk,” I said to Mike.

“Sweetheart, can this wait? It’s a tie score in the fourth quarter,” he said, giving the television his undivided attention.

I calmly walked over, took the remote off the coffee table and put the game on pause.

“What the hell are you doing?” he exclaimed. “I’ve waited weeks to see this game! This better be important.”

“It is important. It’s about Penny and Andy.”

“Don’t tell me they have another one of those hair-brained investment schemes they want us to invest in?”

 "Nothing like that. It’s something much more serious.” I took a deep breath. “Penny told me they’ve decided to…”

Gosh, how do I break it to him?

Well?” Mike quirked an eyebrow.

“Look, they have an open marriage, okay? There’s no other way to say it.”

He stared at me impassively, as if what I’d said hadn’t registered. Mike acted like I’d just given him a weather report, not life-changing information about my sister. He took the remote from me and resumed his game.

I shouted, “Didn’t you hear what I said?”



“Heard you loud and clear, honey—I just don’t care. It sounds like something Penny would do, anyway. Isn’t ‘open marriage’ a liberal thing? I really couldn’t give squat what she does,” he bitterly stated.

That didn’t go as well as I thought it would. Despite my efforts, he declined to discuss it further, so I just let the subject drop. However, with my husband being the overly pragmatic nerd he was, he started researching open marriage in all its various forms. I knew this for a fact because he hadn’t erased his search history on our computer.

As the weeks went by, Penny gave me the hard details of her meetings with different men. I couldn’t pretend that her tales hadn’t sparked some curiosity in me. She made it sound so exciting—almost normal, which I knew wasn’t true. Her stories about meeting strangers for sex at luxury hotels and cocktail lounges seemed so surreal.

She told me that “size” was one of her criteria in selecting ideal partners. Then, she showed me a cell phone shot of this one guy to prove it. I looked at her phone and almost fell off my chair. It was a picture of a cock so big it couldn’t be real: a veined anaconda with a swollen purple head.

“He put that in you?” I asked, breathlessly.

“Yep.” She grinned. “Three times! If you’re interested, I can set you up.”

“I’ll pass. I’m perfectly happy at home.” I lied again.




The topic of my sister’s lifestyle was not discussed between Mike and me for a long time. It was almost a forbidden subject. Then, one evening while in bed, Mike abruptly asked, “Gail, do you think our sex life is boring?”

My first reaction was to scream YES! Instead, I answered, “I really haven’t thought about it.”

Another lie.

“Why do you ask?” I added.

“Andy and I played golf today. I was curious about what you told me, so I asked him if it was true.”

“What did he say?”

“He didn’t deny anything. I asked him what it was like dating other women after so many years of being married.”


“Well, I was shocked by his answer, to say the least,” Mike replied.

“Go on…”

“He told me that it was just Penny dating other people, not him.”

Oh my God!

“Then he said, ‘Happy wife, happy life!’ I was speechless.” Mike paused for a while before he asked, “Gail, do you ever think about it?”

“About what?” I answered, deflecting his question.

“You know… about dating other men like your sister does.”

“Mike, let’s be real with each other, you couldn’t handle me being with other men. Besides, Penny told me Andy is the one that pushed her for years to do this. I think that’s weird. You’re not like him… are you?”  

“Of course I’m not! I thought I just thought I’d ask because you’re twins. You both look alike but I’m never sure if you also think the same way.”

“Suppose I do occasionally think about being with other men? Are you saying you never fantasize about other women? I remember you staring at Marcie’s big boobs at our Christmas party. We’re human, for God’s sake! I would never cheat on you, I’m not some whore!”

“Sorry I asked.”




A couple weeks later, we hosted a dinner at our place for Andy and Penny. Conversation was cordial, but it was evident none of us were addressing the elephant in the room. I didn’t know what I expected; they were acting as if nothing had changed between them. 

After we finished dinner and dessert, I volunteered to clean up while my husband invited them into the den to watch some television. This was my way to escape the unspoken tension. After a few minutes, Andy came in the kitchen and offered to help. Before I could reply, he’d already put on a spare apron and rolled up his sleeves.

“Thanks for dinner, Gail. It was delicious.”

“Oh, you’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed, Andy.” I smiled.

“It was always amazing to me how identical twins could be so different. You and Penny are like night and day.”

I laughed lightly and said, “We’ve always been like that, unfortunately. Go on back. I really don’t need your help.”

“Come on, Gail, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“To answer your question, I really didn’t think my sister was much different than me until she started sharing her exploits, or should I say, sexploits?”

He chuckled. “How does it make you feel, knowing your twin is a hot-wife?”

“Honestly? I think she’s crazy. I think you’re both crazy.”

“Maybe so, but it’s a good kind of crazy. I haven’t seen her this happy in years. No one knows her better than you. Don’t you agree?”

“It’s hard to miss, but then again, Penny was always the more uninhibited one between us.”

“Not according to her.” He grinned. “She told me you were the wild-child in high school. Something about you and the entire football team.”

“Sorry to disappoint you but she’s exaggerating… it was just the offense.” I laughed.

“So, whatever happened to that Gail?”

“It’s simple, I grew up and got married. Those days are nothing but fading memories of a not so stellar past.”

“Does Mike know your history?”

“Hell no! And you better not tell him!”

“Mums the word. But… whatcha gonna do to buy my silence?” he asked, cupping my butt cheeks.

I reeled around and slapped him across the face with a hard whack!

“Don’t ever touch me again!”

My slap didn’t seem to faze him in the least.

Andy smiled and said, “Now, now, I was just testing the waters.”

“I’m not a slut like my sister!”

“My wife is not a slut. She’s a sexually liberated modern woman. Wake up, this is 2018. Things are changing.

“That’s a load of crap! Get out of my kitchen before I slap you again.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” He chuckled, rubbing his cheek. “Don’t you think we should see what our spouses are up to?”

“What do I think? I think you’re certifiable.”




Mike was sitting toward Penny, facing her. As soon as we entered, they instantly jerked apart. It didn’t escape me that a few more buttons were undone on her blouse than at dinner.

“So, what are you watching?” I asked.

Mike’s face turned crimson as he looked up at me, startled by my presence. “Uh, we were just watching the weather and news.”

“Oh, really? Conan O’Brien does the weather and news now?”

Penny grinned. “Loosen up, Gail. Mike and I were just talking. It’s not like I’m going to jump my brother-in-law’s bones with you in the next room. Not unless you want me to, that is?” She laughed.

“Penny, you’ve had way too much to drink and It’s getting late,” I stated.

“Party pooper! Come on, Andy, I know when we’ve outstayed our welcome.” Penny stood abruptly, wobbling a bit on her high-heels. She took Andy by the hand and led him to the door. She was halfway out when he said, “Thank you for a wonderful dinner. I think she had a bit too much wine.”

I think you both had a bit too much, I thought.

“I’ll talk to her tomorrow.” Then I whispered in his ear, “But a word of advice… please get some control over her or I promise you’ll regret it.”




As I prepared for bed, I couldn’t make my anger dissipate. I was still enraged at what my sister had done tonight, but I was equally disappointed with Mike.

Was it really the alcohol? Or was she so far gone in her scandalous lifestyle that all morality had gone out the window? How could she jeopardize our relationship like that? I’m her sister! She must be insane to make a move on my husband in my own house!

Penny was spinning out of control. I just had no idea how to help her.

After I cleaned my face and put on my pajamas, I slipped into bed but was immediately intercepted by Mike. He cuddled me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips; a kiss that he hadn’t given me in years.  

“Wow!” I panted “What brought that on?”

“Why do I need a reason to desire my sexy wife?”

“I guess I need to wear my flannel pajamas and put cold-cream on my face more often.” I laughed.

Mike started nibbling at my neck and unbuttoning my top. Then, he cupped my breasts and forcefully pulled me down on the bed. I reached out to turn off the light on the nightstand, but he grabbed my wrist and said, “No! Leave it on. I want to look at you.”

Whatever had caused this sudden burst of passion, I didn’t care. My husband was finally showing me some attention. He practically ripped my top off and attacked my nipples, alternating from one to another.

Ohhh, that’s wonderful. Yes, that’s it,” I moaned breathlessly.

I lifted my hips as he pulled off my pajama bottoms. Mike tossed them to the side and said nothing, totally focused on the task at hand. I wanted to give him a blowjob that he would never forget, but he hovered downward and lapped up my hypersensitive clit. My body convulsed as I was racked in a very rare orgasm. He continued the onslaught of sensitive flesh, even though I begged him to stop.  

Normally, Mike would obey my wishes, but this time he ignored my pleas. Instead, he inserted his fingers in me and searched for my G-spot. I shuttered when he found his target. I lost count of my climaxes as he played with me.  

“Oh my God!” I panted. “That was incredible… but let me do you, too.” I asked, pulling at his steel hard erection.

Mike ignored me. He was a man on a mission. Suddenly, he grabbed my hips and flipped me on my stomach, pulling my butt up in a kneeling position. This was not my favorite position but apparently, I didn’t have a say tonight. He held me firmly and positioned himself behind me, stroking the head of his cock in my soaking womanhood.

“Sweetheart, please take it slow,” I said. “It’s been a while since we—”

He thrust himself forward, spearing me in one hard stroke.

I screamed, “OW! Damn it, Mike! I said slowly, you bastard!”

He provoked me further with several rapid thrusts, impaling me like a skewer. I never felt this out of control before, but for some reason unknown to me, I loved it.

Who was this man? What happened to my passive husband? This was a stranger in his flesh.

Mike continued to hammer me like a machine. The sound of slapping skin filled the room. It seemed like I’d lost control over my own body. My senses were so heightened that everything including pain pushed me into a delirium of one mind-blowing climax after another.

My husband was seemingly as lost in the moment as I was. He pushed himself to unrealized heights as he relentlessly drove toward his goal. I thought he’d last forever, but he finally grunted and filled me with his seed before collapsing on top of me in exhaustion.

I pushed him off and we lay back, totally spent, catching our collective breaths. I looked at him and thought this all seemed surreal. It felt like he was reading my mind as he stared into my eyes and smiled.

“Why the grin?” I asked

“Because I’m married to the hottest chick on earth.”

“I appreciate the compliment but there’s something more going on here. What brought this on?”

He looked uncomfortable with that question.

“I don’t know what you’re referring to, Gail. You’re amazing. That’s all.”

“So, is it a coincidence that after talking with my slutty sister you morphed into Don Juan on steroids? Come on, tell me the truth. I know you too well. What is this all about?”

“Nothing, really.” I knew he was hiding something.

“Was she telling you about her slutty exploits?”

“Yeah, a few things.”

“Did she offer herself to you?”

He didn’t answer my question. I’d never seen Mike so evasive.

“She did! Didn’t she? That fucking slut!” I fumed. “So, all these sex aerobics were you fantasizing I was her? You better come clean or we’re done!” I pulled his ear, which he absolutely hated.

Okay, okay!” Mike relented. “She told me about this guy she dated… How he aggressively dominated her. But while she told me her story, I kind of… well… I touched her.”

Touched her? Where? Oh, never mind! I don’t want to know! Just for the record, her perverted husband made a move on me in the kitchen while you were playing footsie with her in the den. I think I’m going to kill that whore.”

“Calm down, Gail. Nothing really happened. No one got hurt. You’re blowing this way out of proportion. I wouldn’t ever cheat on you, you know that.”


There it was. I finally blew up. I knew it was bound to happen.

“Gail, I’m sure you’ve had dozens of opportunities to have affairs in the past, but you’ve stayed faithful. So have I.”

“Would you like me to praise you for not screwing my slut sister?” 

“Look, I understand you’re upset. But I would never do that to you. I crossed the line a bit tonight and I’m very sorry for that. I never meant to hurt you.”

“If I hadn’t walked in on you, what would have happened?”

“Stop it! I just told you earlier that I’d never cheat. I’ve remained faithful to you.”

“Mike, Penny also says she’s faithful. She claims it’s not cheating because Andy gives her permission. She keeps telling me it’s just sex with no emotional connection. I think that is hogwash.”

“I…I’m sorry. No excuses. As you know, she’s very convincing. Andy told me at golf he couldn’t be happier, and that Penny has never seemed more vivacious since he met her.”

“Nothing happier than a well-fucked whore,” I replied emphatically.

“Gail, I do have to admit that the new Penny is a definite improvement over the old obnoxious one.”

“So, what you’re telling me is that you were sex-crazed about her sexual exploits?”

“Maybe just a little… But I was also thinking of you, too.”

“Thinking about what? Oh my God, you were thinking of me fucking other men?”

“Calm down, it’s just fantasy play.”

“You’ve been thinking about me whoring myself out like my tramp sister?”

“Of course not!” Mike paused. “But don’t you think tonight was pretty hot?” he asked, rolling my nipple between his fingers.

A short time later, we were going for round two. I couldn’t even remember our last doubleheader. All I knew was that we were enjoying each other for the first time in a very long time and I hoped it would never end. I guess our passion had never really disappeared, it just got hidden under a pile of other priorities.

Who would have thought my sister’s misbehavior would reignite a spark in our marriage?




Our love life was flourishing. I continued to talk with Penny about her hookups and relayed them to Mike. By some miracle, she was able to keep it all private. I guess whatever plan they had was working, but It still seemed too risky and I tried to get her to stop.

On more than one occasion, Mike casually asked if I was ever going to consider making fantasy into reality. I’d firmly said no, but my resolve was weakened day by day. Since this all began, I couldn’t pretend it didn’t affect my thinking. I found myself viewing men differently. In the past, I would look but now it was more like window shopping.  

Over time we seemed to accept my sister’s lifestyle. I had no clue how she kept it from public knowledge, but she did. With her looks, she seemed to attract the best of the best.

Then, one day while I was working in the kitchen she called.

“Gail, you need to help me,” she asked in a panicked voice.

“Calm down and tell me what’s the problem?”

“I really screwed up badly! Only you can help me.”

“Why only me?”

“Because you’re my twin sister.”

“Please explain. I don’t understand.”

“You asked me before where I find suitable men to, uh… date. Well, we use this service that provides us safe contacts that are fully vetted. Kind of like a matchmaking service for people who share our lifestyle.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“They have strict rules. One of them is if you book a date and don’t show, they’ll drop you from the service.”

“I’m still confused, Penny. How does this concern me?”

“I messed up and booked two guys on the same night! Since they both have seen my picture and we look almost the same, I thought…”

“No way! You’re not dragging me into this craziness!” I shouted into the phone. “I’m not fucking some stranger for you or anyone else!”

“Hey! Don’t worry about it! I never have sex on the first meeting. All I’m asking you to do is pretend to be me and make a good impression, so I can have a second date with him. He said he’s treating me to dinner at a five-star hotel restaurant. The worst that can happen is you have a gourmet meal and a few dances.”

“You’re nuts! I can’t believe you even had the audacity to call me and ask me for this favor after the shit you pulled on my husband during dinner! Do I need to jog your memory?”

“Gail, I was drunk! I told you! I can’t believe you’re still holding a grudge over that.”

“Unlike you, I take my vows seriously.”

“Please, Gail. I don’t expect you to agree with my lifestyle, but the least you can do is reserve judgment. I’ve never made you feel ashamed about anything—ever, because I’m your sister and I love you. I’d never denounce you.”

Dammit. She was guilt-tripping me, and it was working.

“I don’t find many guys like him that meet my qualifications,” Penny continued. “I just don’t want to lose him, that’s all.”

“What do you mean by ‘qualifications?’”

“I think you’ll discover that yourself, if you go. I’m not asking you to cheat. Talk about it with Mike. Let me know as soon as possible. The date’s tonight. I even have the perfect dress for you to wear.”

After a lengthy pause, I sighed and said, “All right. I’ll talk to Mike, but I can’t promise anything.”

“Oh, thank you, Gail! I think you’ll be surprised by Mike’s response.”

“We’ll see.”

Penny could be convincing, but I felt this was a disaster in the making. In all honesty, I was somewhat interested. When I went to look for my husband, I found him working in the yard, mowing the lawn. I poured a glass of cold beer and stood on the patio, waving at him. He shut off the mower when he saw the beer.

“I thought you could use a break,” I smiled, “it’s boiling out here.”

He took the beer and chugged it halfway with some drops running down his bare chest.

“Let’s sit in the shade,” I said, “there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

“Okay, but make it quick. I have a twilight tee time with Andy.”

We sat by the patio table while I gathered my thoughts.

Why was I even considering this lunacy?

Mike waited patiently before saying, “So, what’s up?”

“Penny asked me to do her a favor. I’m just not sure if I should.”

“What kind of favor?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Well, she booked two dates this evening with different men and asked if I could meet one of them in her place.”

Mike stared at me for the longest time before he cleared his throat and said, “Let me get this straight… Your ditzy sister is asking you to screw one of her boyfriends?”

I squirmed in my seat and nervously wrung my hands. “No, not sex—just dinner and dancing. She wants me to basically impersonate her, so she can meet with him on future dates.”

Mike seemed perplexed by the proposition.

“What do you want me to say?” he scowled, “that I endorse this?”

“No.” I shook my head.

“I’m not Andy.”

“I know you’re not!”

“The question is… do you want to go? Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have asked, so be truthful, Gail.”

“Mike, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. I haven’t been on a date with anyone but you for twenty years.”

“I’m your husband, not your warden. I don’t own you. If you want to do this, I trust you. I just don’t know if I can trust this other guy, whoever he is.”

“Would you hate me if I went?”

“I could never hate you. If you decide to go, promise to be careful. Take every precaution. Call me if you need my help—no texting. I need to hear your voice. Do you understand that?”

I nodded, agreeing with him. I couldn’t believe I was going through with this ridiculous scheme.

How did Penny know Mike would agree to this? I wondered, picking up my cell and hitting speed dial. My sister answered on the first ring.

“He said yes, didn’t he?” She sounded so excited.

“You’re in luck,” I sighed. “I’ll help you out.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“What about the dress?”

“I’m in your driveway with it right now.”

I ended the call and went to the front door. Penny was standing on the porch with the dress draped over her arm, wearing a robe with her hair in rollers. I ushered her in.

“I’m rushed for time,” she said. “I’ll finish getting ready here if you don’t mind. My date is early. Yours isn’t until eight.”

She invited herself in and walked past me up the stairs. I didn’t think it would have mattered if I’d said no.

About five minutes later, Mike came in from the lawn and said, “I need to shower and get dressed for golf.”

“Could you use the downstairs shower? Penny is using ours.”

“What the hell?” He was suddenly furious, storming up the stairs.

I followed.

Penny was just exiting the bath area when Mike barged in. As he started to speak, she nonchalantly dropped her towel to the floor and said, “Oops!

My husband instantly froze in place, his eyes almost popping out of his head. She bent over to pick up the towel, giving him an eyeful.

I yanked Mike out of the room and said, “Don’t you get any ideas! She’s off limits, Buster!”

“You two really are identical.”

“In the flesh only. Now go downstairs and take a shower, you smell like a gymnasium. I’ll bring down your clothes.”

“How do you know which outfit?”

“Simple, you wear the same ones every week.”

Penny was pulling on her pantyhose when I reentered the bedroom.

“Listen to me, tramp, stay away from my husband.”

“Lighten up, Sis. I was just having some fun!” Penny giggled. “Besides, it’s not like it’s anything he hasn’t seen before. We’re identical. My body is basically your body.”

I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

“Go ahead and put on that dress,” she said. “I want to see how you—I mean I will look in it.” She winked.

I picked it up and looked at the label.  “This is a signature DeLoren. How can you afford this?”

“Let me worry about that. Just put it on!”

It fit perfectly. I stood in front of the mirror and admired the garment. It was probably the sexiest thing I’d ever worn in my life. Short but not too short. Low cut but not trashy. I slipped on my four-inch heels to complete the look. Penny was finishing her hair and makeup. She looked amazing—almost twenty years younger.

When she was finally ready to leave, she said, “Wish me luck!”

“Honey, the way you look, you don’t need luck. You need a bodyguard.”

She grinned and said, “Gail, you look amazing in that dress. Your date is going to be all over you.”

“You mean your date,” I sternly replied. “I told you there will be no hanky-panky.”

She laughed heartily.

“What’s so funny?” I asked

“His nickname is Hank. By the way, have fun.”

“I seriously doubt I will. I’m not a slut like you.”

Penny smiled like the Cheshire cat and said, “We’ll see."




The parking lot was packed as I pulled in. Good thing there was valet parking, I thought, quickly checking myself one last time in the visor mirror before gathering my clutch bag and wrap. As I stepped out, my hem slid up, giving the attendant quite the view. I handed him my keys and five bucks. He grinned like he knew what I was here for.

Was I being too self-conscious?

The dining room was located at the far end of the building, making it necessary for me to walk through the lobby. My heels clicked loudly as I walked on the marble floor, bringing me unwanted attention. Several men were waiting out front of the reception area. They turned to look at me approaching. I knew this dress might attract too much attention. A shiver went through me as I realized I didn’t have a clue what my date looked like. I was hoping he would approach me as I closed in on the maître d’ station.

One of the men turned and greeted me with a beaming smile. He was young—early thirties (I guessed), very tall, with a square jaw, steel blue eyes, and a short military hairstyle. The light grey suit he wore seemed custom made and fit with perfection. I could see what Penny saw in him.

“It is so good to finally meet you in the flesh!” he said, taking my hands and kissing my cheek. His cologne was intoxicating.

“Yes, I feel the same way, Hank.” I smiled politely.

“I love a girl with a sense of humor.”

“Oh? How so?”

“Come on, you know I hate that nickname. I prefer Henry… but you knew that.”

“Yeah, that’s me—a joker.” I laughed uneasily.

Penny, you bitch! You set me up! She could be such an ass sometimes.

Henry offered his arm and escorted me to our table. It was overlooking the decorative waterfall. He must have paid a fortune for this table location. It had been forever since someone seated me holding my chair. Henry seemed like a polished gentleman.

No wonder Penny likes this guy, I thought.

“I must say you’re even more ravishing in person.”

I blushed at his compliment. “Thank you. You’re very handsome yourself.”

“Don’t you hate these awkward beginnings, considering what we are here for?”

It suddenly struck me that Penny might have been lying about the second date scenario. This Henry fellow might have been expecting more from me than dinner and dancing. I suddenly felt vulnerable.

But I also felt the need to keep the conversation going, so I asked, “Remind me again of your profession?”

He looked at me carefully. “You seriously don’t remember? Am I really that forgettable?”

I felt trapped and responded, “Of course not. I wanted to hear you elaborate on it, but not until after we’d eaten. Do you have a recommendation?”

“Hmmm, let me see… how about the escargot for an appetizer and braised liver and onions for an entrée?”

“Are you serious?”

“No.” He chuckled. “I’ve never been here before, to be honest.”

“That wasn’t funny. What do you really like?” I asked.

“The Salisbury steak caught my eye, but that’s just a fancy name for hamburger.”

“I guess I must be a cheap date because I can’t see paying thirty bucks for a burger. How about we blow this joint and I’ll take you to my favorite BBQ that has an awesome Philly Cheese Steak?”

Henry grinned and said, “Now you’re talking. Lead the way. We’ll have to use your car because I took an Uber.”

I pushed my chair back, stood up, and walked to the door. Henry followed.

I bet he’s checking out my butt, I smiled to myself.

When we got to the valet, I handed the young man my ticket, then turned toward Henry and said, “Enjoy the view?”

“Absolutely! You should charge admission.”

“Who says I don’t?”

Once we got in the car, I regretted not getting it washed. My trash consisted mostly of crushed empty diet soda cans and drive-thru tickets. He said nothing about my messy car as I wheeled out of the lot with screeching tires.

God, I love this Mustang.

“You’re nothing like I imagined, Penny.”

“Tell me about your plans for me tonight. Am I supposed to swoon in your arms and flop on the bed, begging for your hard cock?”

“I like the sound of that! But my plan consisted of getting you drunk and charming your panties off.”

“Who said I was wearing panties? Are you the type of guy who likes to take advantage of a woman when she’s not sober enough to give consent? Is that how you roll?”

“Relax, doll. I was kidding. You’ll be the one begging me to give it to you while fully sober. I’m confident in that.” 

“I don’t like cocky guys.”

“That’s not what you told me online. I’m confident you’ll like what I’m offering.” He flashed a devilish smile.




When I pulled into the restaurant, Henry rushed around to open my door.

I could get used to this.

He reached out and helped me stand as I scooted out of the seat.

“Liar!” he said with a grin.                                                     

“I beg your pardon?”

“You said you weren’t wearing panties.”

“I thought you were a gentleman.”

“I couldn’t help but peek.”

“And what’s the verdict? Did I pass inspection?”

“With flying colors M’Lady. Lovely legs. Most women wear stockings, but you don’t need them.”

“I think they’re hard to get off.” I winked, surprised at the way I was flirting with this guy. Henry was almost too good to be true.

We were definitely overdressed for this place, but my date wasn’t fazed in the least. The waitress openly flirted with him as he sat beside me. I gave her the hands-off look.

Why was I protective of him?

After she brought our meals, we ate carefully, trying not to drip the BBQ sauce. Penny must have paid a fortune for this dress. I was surprised he hadn’t tried to cop a feel as we were pressed hip to hip. We made guarded small talk, as I tried not to reveal too much. He was intoxicating to me. The longer we talked, the more vulnerable I felt. If I didn’t say something, I feared I might not have control over what might happen.

So, with nothing to lose, I said, “You can drop all the pretenses. How did she convince you to help set me up?”

He paused, staring at me. “When did you figure it out?”

“I didn’t… not till now. I actually suspected something was amiss when she came up with the bullshit story about booking two dates. I played along to see where it would lead. How did she enlist you?”

“Well,” said Henry, “I’ve been with your sister a few times. When she first suggested her plan to me, I figured I had nothing to lose. I was totally curious if you were as identical as she claimed.”

“And what’s your conclusion?”

“So far I think you’re as identical as two stamped out coins. But… I haven’t seen all of you… yet.”

“And you probably won’t, unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless my husband was part of this, too. Was he?”

“Truthfully, I don’t know. You’d have to ask him. Like I said, I was curious about the identical twin thing.”

“So, were you planning on seeing if we fuck identically, too?”

“That was the plan, but I guess that’s probably not happening now, is it?”

“Not necessarily. It all depends on what my husband says.” I pulled out my phone and dialed home.

Mike picked up on the first ring. “Hi hun, how’s it going?”

“I just wanted to tell you I’m okay,” I said.

“So, what’s he like?”

“Well, if you really want to know, he’s tall, handsome, and very well-mannered… hung like a racehorse.”

Henry grinned at me.

“Very funny,” said Mike. “What time should I expect you home?”

“I haven’t decided yet. Maybe after we eat dinner or maybe after we eat breakfast. It depends.”

“Uh… depends on what, exactly?”

I changed my warm and pleasant tone to cold and glacial. “On whether you were part of this sham or not.”

“l… l don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.” He stuttered, denying my accusation.

“Quit bullshitting me, I can tell when you’re lying, Mike. Penny talked you into this. Admit it!”

“Gail, I… I just wanted you… to experience…”

While my husband fumbled with his words, I tapped my manicured nails on the table and listened to his excuses. As he continued to plead, he successfully managed to dig himself into a deeper hole.

I cut him short and said, “You’re an asshole. You betrayed me.”

“Sweetheart, please don’t be upset with me. I’m sorry. We can still work this out.” He continued to beg.

“Not only have I lost trust in my own sister, but you as well. You wanted this. All I can say is be careful what you wish for!”

“Gail, don’t hang up! I just—”

“Want to say you’re sorry? You said that already.”

“Yes, I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”

“Well, I don’t know what’s got into you, either but I know what’s getting into me,” I said, reaching out and squeezing Henry’s thigh. He grinned like the cat that caught the canary.

Click. I dropped the call. Immediately, my husband’s name popped up on the caller ID. I shut off my phone, avoiding another argument. I was just too angry.

Henry smiled, waiting for me to decide what was next. After a prolonged silence, he said, “That was brutal. I hope you two can work things out.” He sounded sincere.

“Oh, everything’s fine! Just dandy!” I sarcastically stated. “My husband basically wants to whore me out like a pimp, and my twin sister’s a raving harlot set out to ruin my marriage! Things can’t get any better than that, huh?”

I was so angry, I was seeing red. I stood up and fished in my clutch bag for some cash. Henry put his arm on mine to stop me and pulled out his wallet. He threw some bills on the table before I could.

“Please, don’t go,” he said, rising to his feet. “I understand you’re upset—and you have every right to be. But please don’t leave like this. It’s not safe to get behind the wheel when you’re so emotionally compromised.”

“I just need to think things over. My life seems to be self-destructing.”

He seemed to sympathize as he put his arm around my waist and murmured, “Would you want to go have a nightcap with me and talk things over?”

“I’ll have the nightcap, but I’ve talked enough tonight.” I tossed him the car keys and added, “You drive. If I get behind the wheel, I’ll kill someone.”

He offered his hand. “Shall we?”

“Lead the way!” But then I paused and said, “Quick question… my sister said that there was something special about you… what is it?” I asked as we made our way toward the car.

“You sure you want to know?” he asked with a grin.

I nodded and gasped when he took my hand and placed it on his crotch.

“Oh!... Oh my God!”

Once we were in the car I was conflicted. This guy was every girls’ wet dream. If I was to ever break my vows, he wouldn’t have been a bad choice, but I was still wrestling with my conscience. Rather than grope me, he reached out and patted my trembling hand. I thought to myself, why do you have to be such a gentleman? Give me an excuse to call this off.

Henry asked, “A penny for your thoughts.”

“You had to bring her up, didn’t you?” I responded sarcastically.

He laughed and said, “Sorry. I couldn’t resist… Do you like to dance?”

“Let me guess, your favorite dance is the horizontal mamba?”

“Well, actually, I prefer the Salsa.”

“Really? I’ve always been curious about the Latin dances.”

“You are in for a treat. I used to be a dance instructor to pay my way through college.”

“If it doesn’t break the rules, can I ask where that was?”

“Between us there are no rules. It was at this quaint little university called Berkeley.”

I chuckled and replied, “I’m familiar. I send them checks every month.”

He gave me a quizzical look.

“I have three daughters attending there.”

“No way! You’re not old enough.”

“Now you know my secret. I’m really a cougar… grrrr.”




We pulled up at the hotel and the parking attendant was the same young man as before. I decided to tease him when he opened my door. I purposely let my dress slide up, giving him a clear view of my now very wet thong. I handed him my keys and said, “Thank you.”

“No, thank you.” He grinned.

Henry took my hand, leading the way to the lounge. “I like you more every minute,” he said.

We were fortunate to find a table close to the dance floor. Henry ordered a couple manhattan’s and led me on to the dance floor. As soon as we started to dance, he parted with me and went over to the DJ. The next song was a Latin beat. He grinned and said, “Follow me. Sway those gorgeous hips.”

It was marvelous to dance. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, or the man, or both, but I was enjoying myself immensely. As the night progressed, we got to know each other better and I was totally relaxed in his arms. The lights flashed indicating last call. Suddenly, we were both confronted with what came next.

He lifted my chin, looked into my eyes and asked, “What now?”

“Believe it or not, I was having such a wonderful time that I didn’t consider that. Any suggestions?”

“Well, seeing how you’ve had plenty to drink, I have only two suggestions: I could call an Uber or we could go to my room until you’re sober enough to drive. The choice is yours m’lady.”

This guy was smooth. He knew my only real choice was his room if I was to follow through with what I told my husband.

“Lead the way,” I replied, taking his hand.

I stood nervously as he inserted the card in the door lock. The room was a suite. He had spared no expense. It had a conversation room with desk, couch, overstuffed chair and bar. It was good that we didn’t enter the bedroom.

Henry asked, “Nightcap?”

“I suppose. I’m not much of a drinker, but I needed the liquid courage tonight.”

“I’m okay with wherever this goes, Gail. I’ve already had one of the best nights ever as it stands.”

“Henry, my apprehension is not about you, it’s about me. My body is screaming go but my mind is saying no. Why do you have to be so damn charming?”

He grinned and said nothing in response.

“I’ll take that drink now.”

He mixed something and handed it to me. All this was unfamiliar territory for me. I knew I was vulnerable and if he were to pressure me, I’d have the resistance of a wet noodle. Henry sat next to me on the couch, leaving enough distance as not to seem pushy. We continued to talk but for the life of me I couldn’t remember about what. Somewhere during that conversation, I made my decision and said, “Excuse me. I need to use the restroom. I’ll be a few minutes.”

The bath was marble as I would have expected in a five-star hotel. I stood in front of the triple mirror and looked at myself. I thought, was this the last look at myself being a faithful wife? I carefully hung Penny’s dress on the door hook, tossed my bra on the vanity and rinsed my thong in the sink. I could smell my excitement and didn’t want to go home smelling like the whore my husband evidently thought I was.

I turned on the shower and stepped in. The hot water streamed down my back, relaxing my muscles. My tension seemed to wash off down the drain. I wasn’t surprised when the shower door popped open behind me and strong arms encompassed my waist. I said nothing as he cupped my breasts and pulled me tight. His generous manhood pressed against my bottom and kissed my neck. I turned my head so he could kiss the side of my cheek and lips.

“This is our secret tonight. No one ever need know.” He whispered on my ear biting my sensitive lobe.

“Shut up!” I replied, reaching down, grabbing his expanding cock.

He moaned his approval as I stroked him. My hand barely encompassed his girth. Moments later he abruptly shut off the water and swooped me off my feet. He carried me to the bed, dripping wet. I bounced slightly on the mattress where I landed. I watched his muscular frame kneel beside me and examine my body. He knew I was ripe for the taking but didn’t rush. The way he touched me made me feel special. For that moment in time we were just two souls connecting. The baggage was tossed aside.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, moving his hands to my breasts, manipulating my hardened nipples.

I impatiently replied, “Are we fucking or talking?”

“Fucking… definitely fucking.” He chuckled.

And fuck we did until the wee hours of the morning. Henry was by far an expert cocksman. His recovery time was remarkable. Good thing he brought several spare condoms. He was bigger than Mike and was large enough to reach those untouched places but not too big to be painful.

Before I knew it, the morning sun streamed through the window. We both seemed reluctant to move, trying not to disturb the bliss we experienced. We lay quiet, looking whimsically in each other’s eyes. It was then I realized that sex for me couldn’t ever be devoid of emotional attachment like Penny claimed.

We dressed in virtual silence and Henry ordered room service. This ended a chapter in my life. I knew I’d never see him again after today and didn’t take his number when offered.

I left the hotel in the morning like I told Mike I would. We said goodbye in the parking lot, and I told him I wished him the best. I stopped him as he started to walk away and said, “Thank you for a wonderful time.”

He replied, “You’re nothing like your sister and you set the bar so high I doubt if I’ll ever find someone like you.”

“A word of advice young man. You’ll never find her dating other men’s wives.”




Penny and Andy weren’t able to keep what they were doing a secret for much longer. Our folks inevitably found out—and to make things worse, one of her lovers started stalking her. According to Penny, the guy said she was the one and wanted her to divorce her husband. Andy became insanely jealous and confronted the guy in a parking lot. The fight that ensued landed Andy in jail for assault. He received a fine and probation, but the real punishment was explaining to a judge what their lifestyle was all about. They are presently seeing a counselor by court order.

As for me, when I walked in the house, Mike wasn’t home. To my relief he left a note saying he had gone golfing. I crawled into bed exhausted and slept twelve hours. The next day Mike didn’t venture to ask me what happened and I didn’t offer an explanation. I probably wouldn’t have, even if he asked. I’m content to keep it to myself. Did I regret my lost night? It’s hard to say. The fact that I felt guilty meant I hadn’t completely destroyed my moral compass. Mike and I happily continue to have vanilla sex and realize how fortunate we are to have each other. I often wonder if Henry ever found "Miss Right."






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