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Feeding an Addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 20

Pete’s lucky day as he receives two presents

Karonga, Malawi: Monday 23rd October 2017

As the sun streamed through the hotel window, I couldn’t get the words out of my head.

         'I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Louis Armstrong’s velvety tones serenaded me into another week. All felt good in the world. The project was still a mess. But that was only work. What mattered was that Sue and I were back on firm ground. We’d spent all weekend re-connecting and building bridges. I felt confident in her love and no longer frightened by her relationship with Francis.

My mood brightened even further when I logged onto SKYPE and picked up a video message Sue must have left for me last night.

“Hi, honey.”

Just seeing her beautiful face and her loving expression was a tonic for me. “After we talked I was thinking, and if it’s okay with you I want to cancel the video thing I mentioned. I want to make sure all’s good between us. Better we spend the time together. Talking.”

I let this news sink in. Partly pleased and partly disappointed. I’d been wondering what this video might involve and had been looking forward to a little kinky entertainment.

“Also, honey, I called in a few favors and managed to take the afternoon off. It’s not fair that you’re always the one staying up into the small hours so we can chat. So I’ll do the morning shift and then be home by around one in the afternoon, and we can SKYPE then.”

As Joseph and I jumped in the Land Cruiser for work I felt better about things than I had in a long time. Sure, the pervert within felt a little starved and disappointed at the cancellation of the video. But the rational me was really pleased that Sue was prioritizing our relationship over kinky sex games.

The two-hour drive to the site was as interminable as ever. Inevitably Joseph and I talked about our respective weekends. To avoid shocking the young Ghanaian half to death, I had to give him a highly edited version of my weekend. As he described his weekend, I felt a strange little sense of pleasure that Grace’s name didn’t feature. I had no right to feel jealous or possessive, but I knew in my heart that was how I was beginning to feel about the pretty young Malawian receptionist.

This was our second week on site and we were really getting into the swing of things. Week one had been familiarization and initial fact-finding. Week two was always the key week to get to the bottom of things. And week three was invariably final confirmation of our conclusions, to avoid red-faces later. And then making sure that we had the key local people on our side as far as was possible. Some people would always have their noses bent out of shape by our findings. But we needed enough of the locals on our side that we could isolate the wrong-doers and get the local people to buy into our recommendations. After all, a report that gathered dust on a shelf eight thousand miles away was no use. It needed the people on the ground to use it as a guideline for future phases.

Joseph was busy all day checking various certifications and doing physical checks on pieces of equipment. To confirm the paid for equipment was physically there and of the right specification. He also had to check it’s condition to make sure it was new, not some piece of junk that had been re-conditioned and would give up the ghost a few months after the dam went live.

I was busy checking invoices and interviewing various people, trying to work out who benefitted from the pouring of the sub-standard concrete. The batching plant that had been on site at the time had long since been dismantled. So I was forced to look at paper trails and also look for where the missing cement had ended up. That much missing cement couldn’t just disappear into a few garden sheds. It must have either been used on some other large building projects or have been trucked back into one of the nearest big cities for sale into the retail sector.

Joseph and I were so busy that the day passed quickly and it seemed no time at all before we were heading back down the road to our hotel. A couple more guests had arrived, and variety being the spice of life, all four of us ate dinner together. Joseph was a nice enough guy, but we’d started to run out of things to talk about and so a couple of new dinner companions was a welcome addition.

I spent a good chunk of dinner looking at my watch. Counting off the minutes until Sue and I could SKYPE again. made my excuses just before eight and headed back to my room. Making sure not to be electrocuted by the ever-dangerous little kettle, made myself a cup of coffee and settled in for Sue’s call.


As I waited for Sue to call me, my mind wandered back over the years. I thought back to when we’d first met and the early years of our marriage. To all of those special moments we’d shared bringing up Donovan, now a young man in his own right. Thinking back to how central Sue was to my life gave me a bit of a wake-up call. It made me think how careless we’d been in the way we’d put our love and marriage at risk.

But I guess that’s what sometimes happens. When you’ve had something for twenty odd years, you think it will go on and on; that’s it’s indestructible and one hundred percent permanent. As I waited for Sue’s call, I knew it was this complacency that had made Sue and I so careless in some of the risks we’d taken.

My musings were interrupted as the screen lit up with Sue’s incoming call.

Seeing her smiling, loving face gave me exactly the same wonderful feeling of joy as her earlier video message had.

“Hey, honey. Wonderful to see you and talk to you. I love you so much.”

Sue smiled playfully. “Well, if that’s the welcome I get, I think I’m going to send you away to Africa more often.”

“Don’t you dare.” And then I explained about my reminiscing and how it had made me think back about how much I really loved her and how she was the heart of my life and I couldn’t ever imagine a life without her.

I didn’t have to spell it out for Sue. She knew what I was alluding to, and I saw tiny tears in the corners of her eyes. It was really sweet as I saw her hands reach out to grasp mine, before she reminded herself we were eight thousand miles apart.

We shared an emotional few minutes before we both moved the conversation to lighter topics. We’d just been chatting about Donovan’s girlfriend, Kate, again when I heard a gentle knock at the door. There was something in Sue’s smile that made me think. No way she could have heard the gentle knock, but I guess she’d noticed my eyes going to the door.

“Aren’t you going to open it then?” she asked, making me now thoroughly confused.

As I opened the door I saw Grace’s smiling face in the doorway, holding a large towel and a little basket of oils.

After a moment’s hesitation, I gathered my wits. “Grace, it’s always nice to see you, but I didn’t order a massage and I’m kinda busy at the moment.”

Grace’s smile doubled in width and brightness. Now I felt really confused.

“It wasn’t you who ordered the massage. It was Mrs. Pete. She thought her loving and faithful husband deserved a reward for being such a wonderful and generous husband.”

The way Grace said ‘generous’ left me in no doubt as to what she was hinting at. As I looked back at my laptop screen, I saw that I was now trapped between two beaming women. After years of doing this kind of work, I know a set-up when I see one. Looking at Grace’s pretty brown face and the shape of her breasts against her uniform, I realized that I should give in to whatever these two women had planned for me.

The next three hours or so were a surreal pleasure palace that, in some ways, felt straight out of a science fiction novel. Grace and Sue had obviously talked earlier and plotted as a team. Sue seemed to be the head and Grace the willing and capable hands. And they seemed to enjoy the game as much as I did.

First off, Sue told me to go and strip off as, ever the practical housewife, she didn’t want me getting the massage oils all over my clothes. When I was face down and suitably naked with only a towel to cover my modesty, Grace started the massage with Sue directing her which parts of my body to massage. Sue had told Grace to pick up my laptop and place it on the bedside table next to my head.

Placed like that, Sue’s face was right next to me, and with her face filling the screen it was like some kind of weird Virtual Reality. It was like she was right there with me in the room. As she smiled at me, chatted away and directed the actions of the young masseuse.

After a few minutes of what was quite a staid massage, Sue moved things up a notch or two.

“Okay, Grace, honey. Why don’t you strip off now? I’m sure Pete would love to see your sweet little tits again and to play with those fabulous pierced nipples of yours.”

Grace seemed only too happy to do as Sue told her and she was soon just as naked as I was. Although I was face down, I couldn’t resist turning and propping my head on my hand as I looked at her beautiful young body.

This felt a million times better than what had happened between us the other day. Then it had been purgatory as I had to use every ounce of my willpower to resist nature and my desire for her. But this time I knew that before long I’d fully enjoy her sweet little body. My American wife had given me her full blessing, and was directing operations so I could fully enjoy my ‘African wife’.

As she saw me looking at her, Grace stood totally still for a moment. Just letting my eyes feast on her sexy brown body. She had a big grin on her face as she reached up and pulled at the silver sleepers running through her nipples, making them fully erect. Then she playfully dropped one hand to her shaved pussy and I saw her ease her love lips apart and touch her clit.

“Oh, Pete darling. Looking at your face, it’s like you’ve never seen a naked woman before.”

Lost in my contemplation of Grace’s body, I’d totally forgotten Sue’s virtual presence in the room. I turned to look at Sue’s face and found myself apologizing.

“It’s okay, honey. I know it’s quite some time since you’ve had any. And Grace has a beautiful and sexy little body. Much younger and firmer than your old American wife.”

Sue had a great body for a woman in her mid-forties, and I was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. But I couldn’t deny the truth in what she said. It would be exciting and amazing to make love with Grace and enjoy her hot young body.

Now fully naked, Grace walked to the head of the bed and gently turned my head straight ahead so all I could now see was the pillow. If this made me disappointed, her next actions did the opposite as I felt her weight on the bed and then felt her body start to rub up and down against my back.

The two things I remember most were the feel of her breasts on my back and the teasing of the slight stubble of her pussy hair on my ass. As she rubbed her little body up and down, every so often I’d feel her lips at my ear and her hot breath blowing gently.

“Oh Mr. Pete, I’m going to enjoy fucking you so much. When you arrived a week ago I thought how handsome you were and I wanted you even then. And now your wife says I can have you all to myself for the next two weeks. She says I’m to make sure that you’re well taken care of. To make sure your balls are totally empty by the time you fly home.”

She might be wrapped in a sweet and innocent wrapper, but young Grace had a dirty mind and a mouth to match. Not that I was complaining.

Sometimes it’s nice to be pampered and to be passive. But I’d had enough of that to last a lifetime and so I rolled over and then rolled again so that Grace was now underneath me and at my mercy.

Her face told me that she liked the change of pace. My assertiveness. Pinning her hands against the pillows I looked down into her pretty face, our eyes locked together as neither spoke. Her smile was a cross between an invitation and a gentle mocking, and I lowered my head and kissed her hungrily.

After a week alone in Africa, and with all the goings-on in New York, I was desperate for the touch and feel of a woman. I thrust my tongue deep into Grace’s mouth as our tongues fought. Our lips mashed together as she pushed back.

My initial hunger placated, I gave her one final kiss and then moved my lips to her ear and neck. As I teased her ear and planted gentle butterfly kisses all the way down her neck to her shoulder blade, I was rewarded by her moans and the feel of her back arching in pleasure.

Her moans became louder and more insistent as my lips and mouth continued to tease her, and I traced my fingertips slowly down her body until my palm rested on her taut stomach. Now nibbling at her ear lobe she sighed as I slowly moved my hand lower, taking my time before I finally tickled at her clit.

I thought back to how she’d teased me the other day and I worked her body as slowly as I could, Grace’s short breaths telling me that her excitement was building nicely.

I’d all but forgotten that Sue was there until I heard her excited command. “Fuck her, Pete. Fuck her tight little pussy. Just like you watched Francis fuck me the other day.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and I reached into Grace’s little massage basket to grasp a not so well hidden condom wrapper. I’d have dearly loved to fuck Grace bareback, but this was the middle of Africa and with the level of AIDS so high I’d have had to have been a total idiot to have risked it. As I rolled the condom down my cock I realized I was harder than I’d been in many years. The thought of making love to this pretty young African had done that to me. My first different woman in more than twenty years. And a pretty young African less than half my age. The parallel with Sue’s obvious excitement with Francis zipped through my thoughts.

Grace’s tiny hands rubbed at my chest as she smiled up at me, and I placed myself at the entrance to her body and slid all the way in with one smooth stroke. The warmth and snug fit of her pussy wrapping around me felt wonderful. But even in this singular moment of pleasure, a tiny part of my brain was wishing I was blessed with a bigger cock. That it would have taken me a little longer to slide in, and caused a bit more of a reaction from Grace.

I pushed this thought to the back of my mind as I enjoyed the feeling that all men crave. Of feeling a woman’s tight vagina squeezing their cock. And I set up a steady rhythm as Grace and I got to know each other's bodies. She smiled up at me as I pumped in and out, quietly moaning with pleasure as she wrapped her legs around my back.

At the end of each thrust, I pushed a little harder. Going as deep as I could and feeling her legs pulling me deeper. Snaking an arm behind her neck I pulled her to me so our mouths could once again kiss and fight. My ass was now slamming in and out as fast as I could go and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. Moving my hands lower I pulled Grace’s shapely little ass as tight as I could. My reward was her breathing getting shorter and shorter.

Knowing the sexual athletics Sue had been enjoying in New York and knowing that Sue was looking on, I desperately wanted to make Grace cum to boost my male pride.

Now out of breath and wishing, I was fitter, I pumped and pumped and then gave my final thrust as Grace clung to me for dear life and squealed, as with a deep sob she came. Even with the deadened feelings from a condom, it felt wonderful to be deep inside Grace and to feel the flexing of my spurting cock.

We held each other close as I filled her with more seed than I’d produced in a long time, our mouths now exchanging gentle and tender kisses. We both sucked in deep breaths as our pulses returned to something approaching normal. A little grin of complicity shared between us as we smiled at each other. The age difference didn’t matter, we were a couple who had just taken a huge step closer. Now sharing the intimacy of lovers.


As I eased my weight off Grace, I rested on my side looking at her pretty face and sexy body. It was strange to think that it was less than a week ago that she’d been the one to welcome me to the hotel. How I’d thought she looked so sweet and innocent. And now here we were six days later and we were lovers. From two different worlds. Separated by nearly thirty years. But now lying naked together, having shared the most intimate thing two human beings can share.

The moment Grace and I were sharing was interrupted by a voice I’d forgotten was there.

“That was hot!”

I turned to see Sue looking at me from the laptop screen. A strange look on her face.

“But is it okay to admit I’m a little jealous? Grace, honey, I’ve never watched Pete fuck anyone else, and I’m feeling a little jealous right now.”

Grace grinned at my wife. “It’s only natural, Mrs. Pete. Men and women are naturally possessive of their mates. It’s biological I guess.”

“I guess,” Sue replied. “And please, Grace, call me Sue. Mrs. Pete sounds far too formal, and a bit silly really.”

“Okay, Sue,” Grace smiled, seemingly happy at Sue’s request. “And thank you for sharing your handsome husband with me, Sue.”

“You’re welcome, Grace. If I have to share him with someone, I’m glad it’s you. You seem like a lovely young woman. And I can tell Pete fancies the pants off you.”

As the two of them chatted back and forth I felt more than a little left out of their conversation. Hello, I am here, you know! I coughed loudly. “Is this a private conversation, or can anyone join in?”

Both the women in my life laughed, with Sue the first to speak.

“Sorry, honey. We didn’t mean to ignore you. So tell me, baby, how was it for you? Did you enjoy your beautiful young Malawian girlfriend? Was she better than your old and fat wife back Stateside?”

Sue was anything but ‘old and fat’. But I guess she was feeling a little insecure given the differences in age and how much I’d obviously enjoyed Grace and her sexy young body.

I told Sue that yes I had enjoyed it, and that Grace was sweet but that she was still my ‘number one girl.’ This expression was barely out of my mouth than I realized these were the exact words Francis had used to tell Sue how he felt about her. I really wished I’d used a different expression and wondered if Sue had noticed.

For the next hour or so I enjoyed a virtual mirror image of what I’d seen with Francis and Sue. But this time it was me cuddled next to Grace’s warm and sexy body as the three of us chatted away. I say the three of us, but in reality, it was more Sue and Grace talking. I was happy to let them talk and get to know each other. I just enjoyed the feel of Grace’s soft young body, happy to explore her pierced nipples, exotic tentacle tattoo and all the other things I found new and exciting.

As they talked, Sue talked a little more about feeling jealous and insecure, and I think talking about it helped her deal with it.

Then the conversation moved on to families and life stories. When Grace found out that Sue was a nurse, she told Sue that she’d started training as a nurse but had to give it up as her family couldn’t afford the tuition fees. She’d done eighteen months training but then they’d run out of money about six months before she was due to finish. Sue was really sad to hear this news and wondered out loud if there were any scholarships or funds here in New York that might help out. Promising to do some digging.

Grace was happy to hear all about Donovan and in return shared that she was one of four children, being her parents’ eldest child. She hesitated a moment, and knowing African attitudes I guessed what was coming next.

“Sue, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how come you only have one child? Here in Malawi that would be unheard of. Children are seen as a great blessing from God.”

I sensed a slight hesitation from Sue. “It was medical, Grace. Pete and I were lucky even to have one child.” There was no embarrassment or shame in Sue’s face. She was just a medical professional explaining to a new friend the medical realities of life. Some people can’t walk properly. Others can’t speak or hear properly. Us, our difficulty was conceiving.

I wondered if Grace was going to ask the obvious follow-up. The way she looked at me told me she might. And a strange masochistic part of me wanted her to know. The strange part of me that enjoyed sharing Sue also wanted this young woman in my bed to know I’d been lucky to father even one child. With Grace still looking at me, I felt the embarrassment well up inside me and I did it. “It was me, Grace, not Sue. I have a very low sperm count. Like Sue says, I was lucky to even father Donovan.”

I could feel my face blushing, and Grace’s face had the same look. What could feel worse? She was actually embarrassed on my behalf, her face blushing with a mix of pity and sympathy. Not exactly the feelings a guy wants his new conquest to feel for him.

Sue could see Grace’s flushed face and changed the topic. The girls talked about all kinds of things, with Grace’s hand idly playing with my sticky limp dick as they talked. After a while my cock started responding and when Grace realized this a wicked little smile appeared on her face.

Instead of turning to look at me, she turned to the screen. “What do you think, Sue? Do you think your hubby deserves some more sugar?”

My blush returned as I felt a little victimized and left out. Before either of them answered I pulled Grace to me and gave her a long deep kiss. Our mouths smashed together and our tongues fought. When we finally broke for air, Grace’s eyes were locked on mine as she spoke to Sue.

“I guess that’s a yes then.”

I pulled her back to me and played with her pert little tits as we kissed, enjoying the way she moaned when I pulled and gently twisted the metal sleepers. Her nipples were soon erect and as I sucked and nibbled they only got harder and fuller as they flooded with blood.

Grace had closed her eyes and was moaning quietly as I stopped playing with her tits and started kissing my way down her flat tummy, taking my time as my mouth got closer and closer to its target. Her excitement heightened as she realized what I planned.

Grace now knew where my head was going and she placed her hands firmly on me to push my head there faster. I strained my neck muscles to resist her push and slow the pace, softly kissing the insides of her thighs as I teased her. When finally she sighed as my mouth kissed her opening, my lips and tongue only stayed a moment before moving away to make her wait.

I repeated this several times, only allowing her a small taste of pleasure before kissing and nibbling somewhere else. By now her breathing was short and raspy and I stopped teasing and used all my years of experience to worship at her sweet pussy.

As my lips and tongue worked away I smiled to myself as I felt her pleasure building higher and higher. I couldn’t help but notice the different taste and look of Grace compared to Sue. Grace was less than half the age of Sue and had never had children. Her slit was tight and narrow. The lips on Sue’s pussy weren’t as snug and tight together. With a shiver, I thought they may look altogether different by the time I returned home if Sue spent much more time with Francis.

After a few minutes of my mouth teasing and playing, Grace was on the edge of a climax. The tightening of her fingers in my hair and her shortened breathing told me she was close to coming. Wanting to assert myself, I pushed her smooth legs all the way back to her shoulders and placed my throbbing cock at the entrance to her pussy.

I squeezed her little breasts and looked into her eyes, teasing her clit with my cock head. The way she looked at me was exactly what I wanted and needed to see. Her eyes told me she wanted me inside her again. She wanted to feel my cock pushing into her to mate her. At that moment I wanted more than anything in the world to just ease my weight down and push into her. Stuff the consequences, just to feel the silky skin of her pussy next to my bare cock. Maybe I’d have given in to temptation if Sue wasn’t watching. It took an effort of super-human willpower to resist and reach for the condoms by the side of the bed and cover up.

I turned back to Grace and I saw a slight look of sadness. I knew she wanted to feel me bare just as much as I wanted to feel her. But her eyes told me she understood. Pushing this to the back of my mind, I pushed her legs flat to her shoulders again and sank all of my cock into her tight little body.

Grace’s smile was an exquisite thing. It lifted my soul. I’d spent the last week and a half thinking about guys with big dicks and how they were pleasuring my wife. It was good to escape from this bubble and to be doing something for myself. Something for me and Grace alone. Pushing as far into her as I could, I kissed her softly. As we teased each others’ lips, I knew I didn’t want to fuck Grace. I wanted to make love to her.

Whatever the truths about her I didn’t yet know, at that moment she was an unfortunate young woman who’d not been able to finish nurse school. She was pretty and feminine and wanted me. And I wanted to make love to her. To pleasure her and then be united as I gave her my seed.

I don’t recall all of the details of the next few minutes. But I do recall it was wonderful. Touching and kissing and playing. Smiling at each other as we enjoyed the touch and taste and smell of each others’ bodies. Loving the feeling of my cock snug inside her little body. Hearing her moans and whimpers of pleasure. Hearing her pleasure build. Feeling her grip around my pale white body tighten as her passion built. Enjoying the effect I was having on her.

Finishing with a wonderful ending as we clung to each other, I pushed the extra half inch and closed my eyes as I came and came hard. My body tensing as my ass clenched and clenched again. Shooting my genes into this passionate young woman. The final ending before we both returned to earth, smiling that shared little smile as I eased my body sideways onto the bed.

We just looked at each other for some moments. My thoughts totally filled by Grace, until a little voice in my head reminded me that Sue was watching. Another mean little voice told me to ignore Sue and make her be the one who had to speak first, to give myself this tiny little victory. This small uptick in self-respect and confidence. To win just one little victory to balance some of the pain I’d suffered these last few days. I knew I’d been complicit in my own pain, but I ignored this inconvenient truth and stayed quiet as we looked at each other.

Grace and I just smiled at each other. Lost in our own little world. I waited and waited for Sue to speak. It was like I could feel her eyes on the back of my neck. But she didn’t speak.

Eventually, I gave in. I rolled over and looked at the screen. Sue’s face still filled the screen. Still, she didn’t speak. She had a strange look on her face. Part aroused. Part shocked. I guessed she was feeling some of the emotions I’d experienced this last week. In my head, a little fist pumped the air. It felt good to sometimes not be on the receiving end, however much I enjoyed those feelings.

I looked at the clock and it told me it was four in the afternoon in New York. Full of my boosted confidence, a thought came into my head.

“Sue, darling. Thanks so much for letting me and Grace have fun this afternoon.”

Her mixed emotions still writ large on her face, Sue mumbled a reply. “That’s okay, love. It was a little hard to watch at times. But fair’s fair.”

“Thanks, love,” I smiled at her. “But, if it’s okay, would it be greedy of me to ask for you to ‘uncancel’ the video? I’ve got an idea of what you might have planned for me, and I can’t think of a better way of ending what’s been a great day.”

The look on Sue’s face wasn’t one I’d expected. Twenty-four-carat indecision and confusion. When Grace and I had fucked that first time, she’d looked relaxed and they’d joked together afterward.

But this second time, seeing Grace and I making love rather than just fucking had changed the look on her face.

Despite twenty years of marriage, I couldn’t read the look on her face. A look I’d never seen before. I sensed that something fundamental had changed.


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