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Did She Know? - The Answer

Did I know what he'd done? Let's find out!

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Arriving in Ireland for a wedding, I was a little nervous. It was my first experience of my man’s family en-masse; most, I’d never met before. He’d told me everything would be fine, but that didn’t really help.

Pulling up at the hotel, I felt rather out of my depth. You know that feeling when you sit on a high stool and can swing your feet like a child? How it makes you feel small and a little giddy, I felt like that with my feet on the ground. Alcohol was needed. As was the man beside me.

The hotel itself was plush. A country house hotel, no less, with big picture windows looking out over beautifully kept gardens. Our room was large: a massive bed full of cushions, sofa, dressing table with a nicely lit vanity mirror so I could make myself gorgeous. The ensuite was about half the size of the room with a massive shower area and twin sinks.

I unpacked my case, hanging my dresses carefully for the following day, and headed for that shower. The head was adjustable, so I fiddled with it until the water blasted me with hard needles of warmth. Bliss.

Standing so the water hit my shoulders, the shower worked the travel knots from my shoulders, making me feel more human. Swaying slightly, the water directly hit my nipple sending a jolt of sexual pleasure through me. Travel doesn’t make me horny, so it was a surprise, but a welcome one.

Moving in the flow of water, I found a rhythm that hit each nipple in turn and back again. Damn, that was nice. Naturally, my brain gave me a question: If the water felt that good on my (not overly sensitive) nipples, how good would it be directed onto my now throbbing clit?

Leaning against the wall, I rested one foot against the opposite wall, holding my labia lips open to the spray. The water hitting my little nub felt good, but not quite good enough. Taking the shower head out of its holder, I dropped to a squat with my knees spread wide. (Burlesque classes had helped with poses and flexibility.) Playing around with the height to hold the shower head at, and the angle, I found just the right spot. Sensations flowed from my battered clit, my head fell back against the tiles, my spare hand tweaked and twisted the nipple that started it all. My orgasm broke over me like a glorious wave, leaving my clit super-sensitive and my legs a little shaky.

After food and a few drinks, which was organised to introduce me to some of the family, I was feeling a little more comfortable about the following day. We returned to our hotel and opted for a nightcap. I went to the bar while my man stopped by the gents for a comfort break, and got chatting to the barman. It was quiet, so he had the chance to chat. Nothing overly notable, just the usual topics of what I was doing in Ireland, had I been before, that kind of thing.

The barman himself was note-worthy though. Just shy of six foot, fairly broad in the shoulder, with short brown hair and startling blue eyes. If I had been single, I could’ve been interested. Oh and at least ten years younger! Ben, as his name tag proclaimed, must’ve been early-twenties, certainly no older than twenty-five.

My man returned from the bathroom and we took our drinks to a window seat, to enjoy some time alone. I’m not sure whose hand wandered up the other's leg first, but we soon mutually agreed to finish our drinks quickly and head up to bed. Depositing our empty glasses on the bar on the way out, I tipped a wink to the barman as he wished us goodnight.

While we waited for the lift, I bent over to remove my heels, making sure my bum pushed against my man's groin and giving a little wiggle. The lift arrived at the perfect moment, as I picked my shoes up in one hand and squeezed my man's yummy bum with the other. Just as we selected our floor in the lift, another couple stepped in so we had to behave.

Giggling like children as we left the others in the lift and legged it to our room, we practically fell through the door. Ditching our clothes as we kissed our way to the bed, he put one hand in my hair and pulled my head back to expose the sensitive skin on my neck to his lips and teeth. The other hand tweaked a nipple on the way down to my snatch, stroking my labia gently before dipping a finger between to find my wetness. My juices instantly coated his fingers as he thrust two inside my pussy.

My hand was on his balls at this point. He loves having them played with, and I admit to being fascinated with them, so was very happy to roll them around my fingers. He groaned as he filled me with his fingers, whether it was from his moistness discovery or my ball play, I don’t know. Turning me around, he bent me over the foot of the bed, spreading my legs with his knee, then thrust his fat cock straight into me. The whole length in one smooth move, drawing a guttural moan from me. Pulling almost the whole way out, he drove into me again and again. Damn, that felt good. It must’ve felt good for him too, as it wasn’t long before his cock spurted cum deep inside me.

After a decent sleep, the alarm rudely woke me. We had an hour or so to get breakfast, so there was no rush. After brushing my teeth and tongue, I slipped back into bed, pressing my nakedness into his back, just in time for the snooze to have run out and the alarm trilled again. I leaned over him, dangling my breasts over his face, and turned the alarm off.

Morning glory or a reaction to my breasts in his face and naked body sprawled over him, his cock twitched into life. Kissing him deeply as I climbed over his awakening body, I threw the covers off him and offered him a hand. As he stood, he gave me a quizzical look, but I just took hold of his thickening cock and pulled him to the ensuite.

I flicked the shower on, as realisation dawned on his sleepy face, which quickly changed to pure adoration as I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I know oral in the morning is a favourite, so I looked up at him as I licked from balls to tip, then pulled his smooth bulbous head between my lips, flicking my tongue over his head. He groaned as I worked the head of his cock in and out of my mouth, my tongue flicking around the rim as I went.

Just as I started finding my rhythm, he stopped me and gestured to the shower. Putting myself under the spray, I leant forward to rest my forehead on the tiles and reached back for the cock that I had so recently been feasting on. Guiding him into me, I rubbed my clit as he thrust in and out of my body. His finger rubbing my asshole was just the hurry-up my clit needed and as he pushed into my ass, I came around his cock. My orgasm made my internal muscles massage his cock, making him groan in pleasure. Reaching to squeeze his balls, I issued my own hurry-up, and he filled me full of his cum once again.

After an incredibly long wedding ceremony, and a semi-amusing wedding breakfast, we slipped back up to our room before the evening festivities got going. My man “rested his eyes” while I changed, which apparently is the normal expectation. Slipping my long dress off, I folded it carefully into my case, as we were leaving in the morning. Sitting at the dressing table, I removed my day make-up and carefully went about making myself proper gorgeous for the evening.

Dark blue eyeliner to my upper eyelids to compliment my dress, black to the lower, a light dusting of blush to my cheekbones, and a deep red to my lips – just the colour my man loves seeing around his cock. Changing my underwear to a deep blue lacy halterneck set, partly for the dress and partly as my day panties were soiled as his cum leaked out of me during the ceremony, I noticed my man was awake and watching me.

I slowly rolled my glossy black stockings up my legs and hooked them into the suspender belt. Stepping into my favourite heels, making sure to bend at the waist as I did the zip up at the back of each shoe, I gave him a full eye full. Turning to face him, I blew him a kiss as I slipped my blue halterneck dress over my head and checked my breasts were contained correctly within it. He zipped me up and planted kisses down my neck.

Returning to the festivities, I noticed the barman from yesterday was working on the reception, guiding the wedding guests to the event and pointing out the facilities to them. My man was briefly distracted by a great-aunt or a cousin three times removed or someone (I’d given up trying to place them all, by this point), and I noticed that Ben (the barman-reception lad) had spotted me. Looking me up and down, he mouthed “Wow” at me – my first compliment of the evening. Giving him a smile in thanks, we went through to the party.

A little later, when the dancing got a little over-zealous, we slipped out to the quieter lounge area that adjoined the reception and the bar we had our nightcap in the night before. Although I’d managed to moderate my alcohol intake as much as possible (buying myself orange juice whenever I went to the bar, rather than the vodka and OJ everyone else bought helped), I was feeling pretty tipsy. So when my man’s hand began wandering over my stockings while we kissed on the sofa, I didn’t object.

As his lips moved to my neck, I saw that Ben was standing solo at the reception desk, in direct view of our sofa. Giving him a wink, I returned my attention to my man. His hand had drifted higher, taking the hem of my dress with it, flashing the tops of my stockings and the creamy skin above. I should’ve objected as I knew we were being watched, but knowing my man has a liking for that, I let him carry on. Besides, it felt good.

My man's hand was stroking the skin above the stocking and pushed my legs apart slightly. As his fingers reached the edge of my thong, I snuck a look towards reception. Ben was riveted, his full attention on my man's hand, his trousers tenting in appreciation.

Suddenly, the doors to the party room opened, so I tugged my dress back down quickly. The show was over, unfortunately. Long after the music finished, we opted to move from the party bar to the quieter bar area from the night before for a final nightcap. I was pretty drunk by this point, my internal sensor had switched off. Naturally, as we moved from one room to the other, my man disappeared to relieve himself. Ben was still on reception, so I went over to pass the time.

He told me how hot I looked in that dress, so I asked if he had enjoyed the show my man had unwittingly put on for him earlier. He looked a little sheepish but held my eye as he admitted he had enjoyed it. Checking no-one was around, I told him that my man had a thing for being watched, so to keep his eyes open, as he may see more.

With a wink, I left him trying to think of something to say in response and sashayed my way to the bar area as my man emerged from the bathroom. A couple of drinks later, my man slipped off to the little boys' room once more. As he headed back, I saw him stop to ask Ben something at Reception. I saw him write something down, then walk back towards me. Behind him, Ben gave me an astonished look, then winked. My man and I had spoken about his desires before, so I wondered what he was up to. Was he inviting Ben to watch/catch us? Or more...

As my man reached me, he whispered in my ear that he wanted me naked, so we slipped away from the stragglers and made it to the lifts. Almost as soon as the lift's door had closed, we were all over each other like we hadn’t had each other in days, rather than hours. He was trying to tweak my nipples through my dress, I was rubbing his cock through his trousers. He was hardening nicely as the lift spewed us out and we stumbled to our room.

Once inside, I slipped off to the bathroom, to relieve my bladder, wash and remove my dress and undies. Leaving my belt and stockings in place, purely to drive him insane, I returned to the bedroom to find him fully clothed and flicking through the music channels to find something appropriate to cover our noise. He had pulled a blindfold and a set of wrist cuffs from somewhere though, as they were sitting proudly in the centre of the bed.

Maybe it would be my man watching then? This would be interesting. We had tried the blindfold before, as he liked to tease me and stealing my vision gave the teasing an edge, but the wrist restraints were new.

Looking my man in the eye, I gave him a nod, consenting to whatever he had planned.

As he fixed the blindfold on, I got a fit of the giggles, thinking of what poor Ben’s reaction would be if he should see this, but the giggles died as he manoeuvred me to the centre of the bed and fixed the wrist cuffs to the head of the bed, holding my arms above me, making me a Y shape.

Kissing me deeply, he moved down my body, turning me into an X. Sucking my lower lip, nibbling my neck, biting my nipples. Then I heard a sound. Having no vision, every other sense was heightened, but I couldn’t place what the noise was. Feeling the bed dip, my attention was brought back to my body. Arms held above my head, blindfold in place, my stocking clad legs splayed open showing my smooth and glistening pussy lips. Feeling slightly self-conscious I opened my mouth to ask my man to kiss me, but I was presented with a cock instead.

Before I even took it into my mouth, I knew this wasn’t my man. The body smell was different, then it clicked. It was Ben's. At least it smelt like Ben had earlier, my earlier thought was close, but it wasn’t Ben who was to watch but my man. Annoyed that he’d put me in this position, but still drunk enough to have few inhibitions, I opted to give him exactly what he was asking for and make him pay later.

Sucking that strange cock into my mouth, I had to admit this was easier than on my man. Although he had a lovely shaped head, he wasn’t as thick as I was used to. His pre-cum was a little saltier too, but not unpleasant. So I gobbled that cock and swirled my tongue around its head as my man would want. I was obviously right, as I could hear faint sounds of definite wanking above the music. I’d not only pulled my man off often but watched him masturbate for me frequently, so for him to think I’d not know the sounds was insulting. But I guessed he thought he was being clever with the music cover.

Feeling the cock in my mouth swell further, I admit I got a kick out of knowing my technique was good. Obviously, my man enjoyed my mouth and tongue, but previous lovers hadn’t been so appreciative, so having this cock tighten towards orgasm with just my mouth was pleasing. I’m not sure what part of the scene was affecting me the most, but I was wet. And I mean dripping.

In my head, Ben was on the bed with me, and my man was just to the side, watching this strange cock go in and out of my mouth while pumping his own cock in time. Suddenly, the cock was gone and I was sucking air. I felt strangely bereft at being suddenly empty.

“What do you want Baby?” my man grunted.

Throwing caution to the wind, gambling on how far he’d take this, I asked for cock.

A cock, I had no idea which one, rubbed up and down my slit, spreading pre-cum and pussy juice as it went. Then suddenly I was full, balls deep, of cock, and knew who was riding me. Ben. This cock wasn’t as fat as my pussy demanded, but was longer, so my cervix was getting bashed. He felt good though, after the evening's long sexy build-up, I needed to be filled. I think it was the knowledge that I was getting fucked by someone else that drove me towards the edge. Vaginal orgasms are unusual for me, so this was a slap at my man too, ha!

A mouth closed over my nipple, teeth nipping too gently as cum hit the bed, splashing my knee. At that, I became just a body getting fucked by a decent cock, and my pussy clenched the cock within it as I came. During my orgasmic waves, I heard a grunt and felt my pussy get filled with cum.

As my brain returned, I registered the fact that my man had let me get fucked without a condom. Here was the perfect opportunity to make him pay for that, as the cock withdrew and my man kissed me deeply.

“Clean me with your tongue, please,” I demanded, I was going to make him eat another man's spunk. It felt kind of fitting really.

With a moment of hesitation, I felt the bed dip and he settled between my thighs, and then finally his tongue against my thigh. As though he’d decided to throw himself into it, his tongue touched my asshole and swiped up to my pussy, dipping in slightly, then up to my clit. Licking my clit and lips, sucking gently, he seemed to get more focused as he went. Thrusting his tongue as far into my pussy as he could, he sucked as much cum and pussy juice out of me as he could, swallowing it all down like nectar.

Moving up to kiss me, he finally released my arms and removed the blindfold. Blinking against the sudden light, the room was empty except for us. Turning off the music, and covering us up, he curled me into his arms and with a kiss on my forehead, I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke to a finger rubbing my clit and a rock hard cock against my leg. He moved between my legs, rubbing his cock head up and down my slit.

Leaning over me, he nibbled my neck and said, “Morning!”

Pulling my eyes open to slits, I told him I was tired, but that he was obviously still horny. With an, “Uh huh!”, I pulled his bum towards me and he pushed his hard cock into me.

That was better, a nice fat cock filling me, the one I knew so well, straight into his balls. I looked him straight in the eye, to see if there was any flinch. My memory of the night before could have been skewed by the alcohol and sleep, but the fever that he fucked me with said not. This was a reclaiming fuck if ever there was one.

Reaching down to massage his balls, I reclaimed him myself.

“Fuck me, baby, give me your cum,” I whispered into his ear as he thrust, and almost instantly he did.

Checkout was a quiet and simple task, with two female receptionists processing the departing guests with practised ease. I could sense my man breathe a sigh of relief as we reached the counter. As we were finishing the process, Ben stepped through a door behind the counter. The look in his eye when he looked at me, confirmed my drunken thoughts from the night before. The strange cock was his. With a smile, he wished us a pleasant journey.

Walking down the steps to the cab, I couldn’t resist squeezing my man's cock and asked if he was happy. With a smile, he opened the door to the taxi for me, and we started the journey back to our normal lives.

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