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After the Reunion, Ch 16-d

The new friends' exciting night.

Saturday night, Sept 30, 2028

“Anyone want to watch a home movie? I just happened to bring a good one with us,” Tanner said as the six of us stepped into our living room.

He went straight to his laptop case and dug it out, hooking his HDMI up to our eighty-inch TV. Addie asked who would like something to drink and got the diet cokes and ice tea we asked for, except Michelle; apparently, she likes wine. We keep a couple of bottles in the house, hoping that they won’t go stale. They could as far as I’m concerned, ugh! Why waste good grapes?

We sat on the couch, Michelle on my right, Tanya on my left and Robert next to her; Addie and Tanner on the loveseat. “Everyone ready?” Tanner asked. I think we all knew what ‘home movie’ he had on his laptop.

We were right. There was a younger, very naked Michelle on her hands and knees on the floor of a small room, with a young, blond-haired kid behind already pistoning his cock in and out of her pussy. “Oh God,” Michelle said, “I haven’t seen this for so long!”

As we watched the sexy woman on the screen screaming, “Harder, Jeremy, harder!” Michelle scooted her dress up a little higher and took my right hand, placing it between her legs on her inner thigh, just below her panties. Who was I, a very horny male, that would ignore such an obvious invitation? She was squirming her waist, her legs open and inviting, so my hand just naturally drifted those few inches up to feel the outside of those… soaked, satiny panties!

Tanya, mood spoiler, asked, “Michelle, I’ve always wondered… how old were you?”

My fingers were just about to delve underneath her panties, all of their own volition, totally outside my control, “Forty,” then under her breath, “don’t be bashful, Matt.”

Oh God, my cock was so hard! If that wasn’t an invitation to finger-fuck, I’ve never heard one! Then it dawned on me… forty… twelve years ago. This sexy woman was fuckin’ fifty-two? No fuckin’ way!

My fingers found their way underneath those tiny, wet panties. She moaned when my two fingers rubbed just on the inside of her bare pussy lips. Then her lips were on mine again, like in the restaurant, except maybe even more demanding.

She pulled her lips away a couple inches, “Will your wife be okay if I fuck you?”

I glanced over at Addie and Tanner. Tanner was on the floor, his head under her dress, a little pair of panties dangling on one leg, caught on her heel, legs spread apart. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s fine with it.”

“Good,” as she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, squeezing her hand around me. My eyes were closed, lying back on the couch when I heard Michelle screaming. I opened my eyes and there on the TV, she was in the throes of a massive orgasm, the camera zoomed in on her face, then on where Jeremy’s cock was deep inside her pumping out his cum; then he collapsed on top of her.

“God, that was hot!”

I heard the real-life, hand-around-my-cock, Michelle say, “There’s another, you haven’t seen it yet.”

Tanner had come out from underneath my wife’s dress, his lips still wet with her juices. A few seconds later, the next video started, the one of Tanner fucking my twenty-year-old Adriana, that Addie and I had seen the night we got home from Reno. She was naked lying on her side on Tanner’s bed in a seductive pose; one hand on her hip, the other with three fingers being sucked in and out of her sexy mouth.

Then Tanner entered the picture, pushing her legs over his shoulders and boring his mouth into her pussy. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the young, sexy couple on the TV. This was the second time I’d seen it, but it was affecting me just like the first time.

They fucked, first with her on her back, legs over Tanner’s shoulders; then Adriana on her hands and knees like Jeremy and Michelle. It was a stark reminder of the intense affair that Addie and Tanner had had in college. Michelle, beside me, was watching in rapt attention. I glanced over at the present day Tanner and Adriana; they were kissing, passionately, with Tanner’s lips that would have been still wet with her pussy juices and Addie’s hands cupping his face. God, the jealousy ripped through me, seeing my wife in such a passionate embrace with Tanner, especially while watching the stark reminder of their long college affair.

On the couch beside us, Robert was sucking one of Tanya’s tits in his mouth. Her dress was down around her waist, both her tits bare and thrust out, one deep in Robert’s mouth.

If I hadn’t had two orgasms the night before, Michelle’s soft hand on my cock and the visual stimulation, especially my wife and Tanner, both past and present, would have brought on another.

The video ended, mercifully. I wouldn’t have been able to take much more. Robert had torn his lips away from Tanya’s breast and they were both watching when young Adriana Hall screamed with Tanner’s cock deep inside her.

The four of us on the couch were quiet for a moment, taking in what we’d just seen, a young woman, my future wife, in the throes of passion and no idea she was being filmed. My cock was sticking out the front of my pants, hard as stone; my heart pounding in my chest, both from the jealousy and anticipation of what was to come. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by a woman twenty years older.

Michelle watched her husband with Tanya a few moments, then said, “Babe, why don’t you get your camera and get those pics of Tanya?”

He glanced at Tanya for her okay and she nodded. “Camera’s in the car, be right back.”

Tanya started to pull her dress back up, but I noticed that one of her nipples was much more distended than the other, the one Robert had been sucking on. Trying to be ever helpful, I pointed it out and offered to sacrifice myself in order to rectify the problem, leaning over and taking her left nipple in my mouth and sucking her breast in deep.

Tanya moaned and ran her hands through the hair on the back of my head. God, her titty felt good in my mouth, but I tried to remember my goal and concentrated my efforts on sucking her nipple. I tried not to enjoy it as it was purely for photogenic motives. It didn’t work. Well, the sucking worked for its purpose but trying not to enjoy it didn’t.

By the time Robert returned from his car with his Fuji, Tanya’s nipples were evenly distended and she’d pulled her dress back on. He mounted his flash with some kind of big white thing on it and tilted it toward the ceiling. “Diffused bounce flash,” he said, “it's much better.”

First, he took some pictures of Tanya, fully dressed, then each of the women in their dresses and some of all the women together. He used the gas stove and stone hearth/stone wall for the backdrop. Even though it was already plenty warm, I turned the stove’s thermostat up to get the ambiance of the burning stove in the pictures.

I wanted to see them, but he said we had to wait until we were finished.

He mounted his camera on his tripod and we posed with all six of us, the guys standing behind our wives. He had a remote trigger in his pocket with a five-second delay, just enough time to trigger it, pose nicely, then pull dresses up and expose panties. Except in Addie’s case, it wasn’t panties being exposed. When we looked at them later, there were a couple with nice poses… no hands pinching boobs, no panties or bare pussies, etc. After all, we WERE all mature adults.

Then the time had come for the pictures we were all anxiously awaiting. Tanner, Addie, Michelle and I all sat down and watched as Tanya slowly slipped her dress off. Addie sat on Tawns' husband’s lap, one of his hands inside her dress, probably with fingers inside more of her the way she was squirming. Michelle invited one of my hands to do the same inside her very wet pussy.

Robert snapped pictures as the dress came off, with an occasional picture toward the audience on the couch. When her dress was off, he asked her to wait while he got a chair from the kitchen, asking her to sit to take off her panties.

She sat, her butt scooted out just a little and slowly slipped her panties off while Robert was down on his knees off to her side, clicking away.

I was almost disappointed when he asked her to take off her heels and stockings. They were just so damned sexy! But these pictures were for a different purpose than just our enjoyment. Not that we didn’t enjoy!

He snapped away as she rolled each of her stockings down her legs. Damn, I thought, every one of those would be a masterpiece.

Once she was fully nude, he had her sit in the chair, one leg drawn up onto the chair so that her knee covered her breasts, an arm dangling over her lower leg and her other arm on her knee framing her face. God, between having my hand between the legs of the woman beside me and watching Tanya posing, my libido was completely through the roof.

Robert suggested a pose sitting on the kitchen island. He helped her up; I’m sure that was an unpleasant task, putting his hands on Tanya’s naked body, lifting her up to the countertop. He had her cross her legs, lean back on her arms, with her head back and hair hanging free behind her. God, every movement the girl made was sexy!

“There are two more poses I want,” he said, “does anyone have a really transparent blouse, shirt, camisole or something like that?”

“I think I have exactly what you want,” Addie said. She went into our bedroom and a moment later brought out the same blouse that she’d worn that night to Jonah’s birthday dinner. I didn’t know she had brought it home. It’s red but totally sheer. Apparently, it was legal to wear out in California, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be here in Idaho without at least a bra underneath it.

“Need panties for this one, too. Something matching.” I thought this photo session was a lot more than Tanya expected. All she wanted was a couple to send to Playboy. She wasn’t complaining, though. Addie retreated to the bedroom again, returning with a pair of very, very sexy, sheer, red panties. Tanya put them on, then the blouse. I said it before, but I’ll say it again – God, she was hot!

Robert had us turn the lights way down low and he set his flash to underexpose, then had Tanya looking down, her hair hanging down in front of one shoulder, buttoning the blouse. It didn’t do a thing to conceal her luscious tits with hard nipples poking a hole through the thin material.

“One last pose and I’m done, unless there’s something you want,” Robert said. “On the bed.”

He had us get out the soft comforter instead of the bedspread that was on it, then rumpled it up so it looked soft and ‘slept in’; then had Tanya unbutton the blouse, leaving it a couple inches open, just covering her tits, with one knee bent, one arm stretched out above her head and her other hand between her legs reaching underneath her panties. “Curl those fingers a bit, Tanya. You know what to do…”

She did. Three fingers curled up inside her pussy and she moaned. The panties were sheer enough to show exactly what she was doing.

“You do this for a living?” Addie asked him. Tanya’s eyes were closed and she had that wanton, highly aroused look on her face. The rest of us were pretty damned ‘highly aroused’, too. The sexual tension in the room was completely through the roof.

“Nah, just a hobby; wedding pictures, a few graduation shots, things like that, but never anything like this… never had this much fun before, either!” He moved around Tanya, asking her to make little adjustments in her pose; you know, like those fingers a little deeper inside her pussy, her squirming pelvis and those moans on her face. Crap, I’d love to see THESE pictures on Playboy’s website and in the magazine.

When Robert finished, Michelle lay down on the bed next to Tanya and their lips met. “God, I wanted to do this that other night,” Tanya moaned.

“Me too,” as their soft lips were joined together. One of Michelle’s hands pushed aside Tanya’s sheer blouse and cupped her breast, pinching her nipple.

“Get that dress off,” Tanya ordered, breathlessly.

Michelle sat up, slipped her dress down off her upper body, then scooted it out from under herself, along with her panties and unsnapped her bra. Did I mention that this woman is fifty-two-years-old? No F-U-C-K-I-N-G way! Her tits and nipples are perky; maybe a little sag, but sure as hell, not fifty-two-friggin’-years-worth!

Michelle crawled over her, sucking a nipple into her mouth getting another loud groan from Tanya. She scooted up Tawns' body and threw a leg over her, continuing to scoot up until her bare pussy was over Tawns' mouth and lowered herself. God, I was about to cream my pants! Tanner and Robert, watching their wives, had to be about out of their minds as well, although Robert was having so damned much fun with his camera. I hoped to hell he’d share these pictures!

Michelle was pushing her cunt down on Tawns’ mouth, who was stroking her own tit, moaning and her fingers pushing in and out of her cunt.

Then Addie couldn’t stop herself. She got into the picture, pulling Tawns' panties down and crawling between her legs. When Addie’s lips first touched Tawn's pussy, there was a loud, muffled, “Mmff,” type noise coming from Tawns.

Shit, now I was sure I was going to lose it! Thank God for the night before or I would have long before this. Looking back, why the hell didn’t any of the three of us (as in ME) finish off this little chain with a cock deep inside my wife while she was sucking the juices out of Tanya? I guess because we were so mesmerized, watching these three women.

Then it was over. Michelle moved off of Tanya and Addie moved up and kissed her, grinding their pussies together just momentarily, before she, too, climbed off the bed. Tawns lay there a moment trying to catch her breath, and Michelle finally spoke, “I’m so fuckin’ horny! I need to fuck!”

“God, yes!” Tanya agreed. Her lips were still wet from Michelle’s pussy juices.

I know how Addie felt; she was stripping her dress off. Absolutely nothing underneath.

Michelle took my hand and once we were back in the living room, she suggested, “Now that we’re all… in the mood, how about a little game?”

We all looked at her expectantly, “Remember what I had Tanner and Adriana do at the strip poker game? Let’s all do the same, last one to lose control and start fucking or comes wins.” She went on, “Whatever position we want, just the cock buried all the way, no coming, and no movement; anything else is fair game. Change positions if we need to.”

God, I thought, is the woman completely out of her mind? I can’t do that! A touch of my cock would undoubtedly make me blow and this woman wants us inside that warm, soft, cuddly place and not come. No fuckin’ way!

“We need pillows on the floor.” Addie went in our bedroom, then the guest room and brought out eight pillows.

The three women were naked and horny. I wasn’t naked but was damned horny! I took my shirt off, then undid my belt, the button on my slacks and pushed the slacks and boxers to the floor, letting my little man stick straight out. The other guys were naked at roughly the same time.

Tanner, the idiot, asked, “What does the winner win?”

The rest of us looked at him like the freakin’ idiot he was, “What the hell, Tanner, what do you think they win?” his wife asked him.

Addie made another suggestion, “Let’s make it interesting, How about something different, the loser sleeps alone the rest of the night.”

Oh shit! No way, I was about to burst already! I looked at the others and they were already nodding, so I didn’t feel like I could object.

“That okay with everyone?” Tanya asked, “Don’t want anyone saying they didn’t agree.”

We all voiced our agreement, but, crap, I didn’t want to sleep alone!

We paired off, Michelle with me, Tanya with Robert and Addie with Tanner. “This isn’t fair,” I complained, pointing to Tanner and Addie, “they’ve done it before. The rest of us are all new.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Addie laughed, smiling at Tanner, “it won’t be unfair at all.”

Michelle stepped toward me and pulled my head down to her tit, “This is the first time we’ve done this for so long… God, I need it!” while my lips sucked her tit in my mouth.

She backed up and lay down on the floor, her hips on two of the pillows, legs spread far apart, opening that inviting pussy. I got down on my knees, she guided my cock to her opening and I pushed into her wet, slippery vagina. It felt so good after the night’s erotic teasing. Her hips were raised up so that my cock slipped in so deep inside her and I desperately wanted to just fuck! Michelle moaned out an, “Ohhh, fuck!” as my cock slipped into her.

I pushed hard and felt Michelle’s hips squirming underneath me, then her feet behind my butt trying to pull me in further yet. Once we both knew I was as deep inside her as I was going to get, she said, “Now, no more. We have to be still.”

Ahh, fuck! I didn’t think I could do this, not for very damned long, anyway! I glanced around the room; Robert was sitting in one of the chairs, Tanya sitting on his lap, no doubt with her pussy impaled on his cock; and Addie and Tanner were on their hands and knees, Tanner behind her.

The groans filled the room, then I heard Tanner’s voice above the moaning, “Ah shit, Addie, that’s not fair!”

I don’t know how many of you have ever been so damned horny, teased all evening, then driven out of your mind, then fucking a sexy woman you’d just met, but shit, trying to restrain myself with so much on the line was H-A-R-D!

I don’t know how long it had been, a minute, five minutes, whatever. My cock was throbbing inside her; I was having trouble breathing; was claustrophobic. Fucking Tanner and his stupid “what do we win” comment! We wouldn’t be in this situation if it wasn’t for him, the asshole. God, I was gritting my teeth, trying to think about anything else except the sexy woman underneath me.

It wasn’t working. All I could think about was that hot, slippery cunt I needed to come inside of. I gritted my teeth, biting my lip until it hurt and felt the orgasm coming. And there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it when I heard from a few feet away, “Ah shit, ah shit, Addie! Noooo!”

I glanced up and Tanner was madly fucking my wife. I unloaded inside Michelle, pulling my cock part way out and back in quickly, twice before my orgasm erupted. Michelle screamed; my cum had apparently pushed her over the edge as well. Her hips were thrusting up to me with her hands on my butt pulling and scratching.

Afterward, it took several minutes to catch our breath. One thing I discovered; I don’t EVER want to play that little game again, except for that orgasm – wow! The other realization I had after a moment of thought… thank you Ben-Wa balls! I know exactly what happened, those strong vaginal muscles milking Tanner’s cock blew him away. The mighty Tanner was humbled… by my wife! She wasn’t kidding when she said she could make the competition fair; more so, apparently.

Tanya and Robert were kissing. She was still on his lap, no doubt his cock still inside her, bare chests held tightly together. Robert’s a lot like me, outclassed by his wife, but obviously madly in love or they wouldn’t still be together. Even with just the little we’d heard, he and Michelle had had a pretty damn exciting and emotion-laden marriage.

And married to a woman that looked like that and could fuck like that even at fifty-two, a man should be so lucky! Of course, I thought I was just as lucky with my Addie. That’s about the same age as Addie’s mom and she still looks damn good, too. Made me wonder all over again about our sets of parents this weekend, vacationing together at the coast. Really, could they be? I guess I kind of hoped so. It was something that just hadn’t ever crossed my mind before.

I pulled away from Michelle, reluctantly, and stood, then pulled her to her feet as well. She stood on her tip-toes and kissed me, telling me, “Thank you, that was wonderful… Robert and I haven’t done anything like that for years and it was way overdue… I’m so glad it was with you four.”

I smiled with pride. “Thank you,” I told her, “so glad we finally met,” and the sexy woman with me leaned in and kissed me, her soft lips on mine, her tongue exploring my mouth, meeting the tip of mine.

I was starting to get hard all over again when she broke away from my lips and looked around the room, “I vote we let Tanner off the hook for the night. Any objection?”

Nah, I was okay with it. Pretty sure now that it was over that no one would have made any of us sleep alone. Besides, he’s my friend and he would have stuck up for me. Just the fact that we’d beaten him was good enough. I voiced my approval, “Okay by me.” The other three all agreed, too.

Michelle smiled and walked over to him, “Good, because I still want to fuck him tonight!”

Tanya climbed off Robert’s lap and came to my side, “And I want my Matthew, tonight.”

That left my wife with Robert for the night. He asked her, “Could I entice the beautiful lady to our hotel room?”

She smiled, kissed him on the cheek and said, “I think I would love to.”

He beamed. I would, too if I was going to take someone like Addie to spend the night with me the first time.

He got up, but before getting dressed, suggested, “There’s one more picture I need to take of Tanya first. I intended to, but things kind of got… a little carried away.”

He asked Tanya to stand, hands on her hips, chest out, totally naked with that fresh-fucked look of lust on her face, “This one’s for Playboy, they won’t be able to resist,” and he took several more pictures.

While he was taking the pictures, Addie had slipped her dress back on; nothing underneath it, then her shoes and looked over at me, I guess for approval to go with Robert. After all that happened between us, her with other men? Well, if she wanted my approval, I nodded it was okay.

Michelle and Tanner had already retreated to our guest bedroom and Addie gathered a small overnight bag, kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “Think he’ll like it?” The man’s not dead, is he!

Robert, too, had slipped on his slacks, shirt, and shoes while Addie was getting her bag. A few minutes later, my wife was leaving for another guy’s hotel room. I knew Robert wasn’t a danger to our marriage, there was no way. Not like that other thing Michelle had talked about earlier in the day. To be honest, I was glad Addie had shut it down, said no… sort of… there was disappointment, too. I’ll never understand myself!

The thought went through my mind that Robert had no idea of the pleasure he’s about to have. I may be thanking Jonah for the rest of eternity for those Ben Wa balls.

Then, Tanya and I were alone; the first time since that night of heavenly bliss in Virginia City nearly three months ago. We’d been together, but not ‘alone’ together. There’s a big difference.

The beautiful, still naked Tanya took my hand, kissed me softly on the lips and whispered in my ear, “Take me to bed.” I took her hand and led her into our bedroom.

“I think I need a shower. Join me?” she playfully asked. It didn’t take a lot of convincing. I wondered briefly if Addie was inviting Robert into her shower. Probably not yet anyway.

I watched as Tanya adjusted the water. There’s a tub/shower in the main bathroom, but ours just has a three-foot-by-three-foot shower. Plenty of room for Tanya and me, though.

She stepped in and I watched the hot water stream down her body, the water glistening on her bare skin, dripping off her nipples, her hair plastered to her body. She is so incredibly beautiful that I was mesmerized from watching. Then I stepped in with her and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me – hard.

We kissed for several minutes with the hot water running down our bodies, feeling each other’s body. I ran my hands over her breasts, her hard nipples, her butt, her flat stomach, her soft skin…between her legs and was in heaven… like Robert, no doubt was about to be with my wife.

“I want you, Matt, make love to me.”

God, I didn’t think I could get hard again, but I was. It still blew me away that this beautiful woman wanted me! “I want you, too, Tawns… so bad!” and we kissed again.

She handed me the bar of soap and I soaped her body, making her moan when I rubbed soap over her nipples, then between her legs. “Make love to me, Matt.”

Tanya pressed back against the shower wall, standing on her tip-toes, I pressed myself inside her and we kissed. I felt Tawns’ legs wrapping around my waist with my cock deep inside her. We must have made love with the water running over us for ten or fifteen minutes. Fucking can be more intense, but emotionally, this was right up there with the best minutes of my life. I don’t know how many times Tawns came, but it was more than once, more than twice. My orgasm, when it came, was spectacular.

Afterward, we were actually cleaning ourselves off, washing for the sake of washing instead of feeling. Although, the ‘feeling’ was still there, too. I stepped out, dried myself and left Tawns alone. Her bag was in the bedroom so I set it inside the bathroom and closed the door to give her some privacy.

I remembered when I first saw her across the room at the reunion dinner, then discovered she was Addie’s college friend and was sure that such a woman, married to a Greek God like Tanner would never give a guy like me a second thought. I felt almost ashamed that I thought she was so shallow, without even realizing that’s what I was thinking.

I lay on the bed what seemed an eternity before the bathroom door opened and the beautiful vision stepped into the room. She was wearing a long, soft, flowing gown and when she climbed under the covers and snuggled up with me, she smelled of soft femininity. I couldn’t help but think of that first time we slept together on the night of their reunion. That night was lust. This night was that… and something far more.

Next morning, Tanner and Michelle weren’t up yet when Tawns and I wandered into the dining room. We rattled dishes around, not intentionally being noisy, but not trying to be quiet either. I didn’t plan any breakfast, assuming we’d probably meet Robert and Addie somewhere.

A few minutes later, apparently our noise routine had worked, Tanner and Michelle joined us. Tawns smiled at her husband and asked, “Have a good night?” Dumb question or what?

Tanner and Michelle grinned at each other and said in unison, “Yeah, you could say that.”

“So did we,” Tawns said.

“You call them yet?” Michelle asked.

“Waiting for you,” I replied. I took my new phone out of my pocket. Every time I pick up this phone, I have to smile, thinking of why I have a new one. I called Addie.

They were still in bed, “Been busy,” she said. I had a pretty good idea what ‘busy’ meant. We talked about where to meet for breakfast.

“Shari’s?” Michelle asked, “I have a soft spot for Shari’s… ever since that night with Jeremy,” she explained.

“I heard,” Addie said, “sounds fine to me. An hour?”

I checked my watch, and mouthed, “Hour?” to my three companions. We all agreed it would be fine.

After hanging up, I told them, “Fifteen minutes to get there, we need to leave in forty-five minutes.”

Michelle was worried about what to wear, as she had planned on going back to their hotel. Silly girl! I suggested she was welcome to go through Addie’s drawers and closet and find whatever she wanted. They are close to the same size. She and Tanya retreated to the bedroom to find her something. Tanner went to the guest room and I waited. And waited. And waited.

There were ten minutes left when I was finally allowed into my bedroom to get ready. Michelle had found a pair of Addie’s stretchy slacks and a sweater. I’d have loved to know what she found for ‘underneath’. Tanya had on a short, moderately sexy skirt and blouse set. Of course, she could wear a plastic garbage bag and look sexy. This was a far cry from a plastic garbage bag.

I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and grabbed blue-jeans and pull-over shirt and was ready to go.

They were waiting right inside Shari’s when we got there and the hostess took us to one of their large corner booths, then brought us water and took our drink orders.

While we waited, we talked a little more about how we’d gotten where we were; Michelle explained about the story Robert had written about when he was in the Coast Guard and they were in Kodiak and how it led to her lover in Seattle years later.

Robert suggested we go to his profile on Lush Stories and find the story, then the rest of their history was there, too. Michelle got a little red in the face; said there were parts she wished we wouldn’t read. With that, there was no way I wasn’t going to!

Addie and Tanya took turns explaining that they were friends in college, then reunited at their ten-year reunion and how I learned about Adriana and Tanner’s history and the strip poker game that night.

When they finished telling about that, Addie was acting nervous. After all that had happened, I didn’t understand why. After all, she’d just spent a night in a hotel room with her mystery woman’s husband.

That was when the waiter came by and took our orders. We had typical Shari’s breakfasts. Tanya, the most exotic – some fancily named omelet.

When he left, Addie brought up what she’d been nervous over, “I’m curious,” she finally said, “about the guy you mentioned last night. Can you tell me a little about him?”

My eyes widened. I tried to not let my shock show through. Addie was interested? She’d said ‘no’ very clearly at dinner.

“You think you might be interested?” Michelle asked her.

“I… don’t know… doubt it… was mostly, just… curious.”

Michelle took a breath, “Well, he’s… I think twenty-five or six. Robert had a lover, a younger woman, way back when. He was in love with her and I’m sure they’d have married if Robert wasn’t already married… her name was Jacqui… she was transferred away… “ I was confused and I could tell Addie was, too. What did this have to do with the guy? Michelle obviously saw the confusion on our faces. “You’ll get it in a minute,” she said.

“We went to her wedding later… a guy she met at her new job. Found out she had a little brother. He looked like thirteen, fourteen or so at the wedding, seemed like a nice kid,” she laughed, “he caught the garter…”

“He’s not thirteen anymore. He’s a diesel mechanic, but he cleans up pretty darn nice.”

“And why…” Addie asked, “would he be interested in an old pregnant lady like me?”

Michelle laughed, “Adriana, have you looked at yourself in a mirror lately? First, you’re not ‘old’! And second, you’re beautiful. I’m jealous of what you look like… ”

Addie looked at her like she was crazy, but she wasn’t. Addie is beautiful, even if not a Tanya.

“Nicky, Nick, I guess, has always been drawn to a little more maturity. If I was younger, I’d be all over him, but I’m not… but you’re perfect for him. And I think he’d be perfect for you.”

“What about… the little fact that I’m married? I have a family I love… and I’m pregnant…”

“Pretty sure he’s not looking for a wife or anything. I think he’s a confirmed bachelor, but he’d be darn good boyfriend material… and he’d know about your marital situation. Maybe we’d make up some little story, your husband’s in the military but gives you permission to play while he’s gone...” She went on, “As far as pregnant, it barely shows. And I think after last night I know the answer, but how’s it been affecting you… sexually?”

Addie laughed, “You mean am I horny? YES! All the time.”

Michelle laughed, “My point is taken!”

I looked at my wife, “Are you seriously considering this?” I asked her.

She laughed, “No, like I said, was just curious. Michelle’s the one who’s coming up with all the scenarios.”

“You should think about it, you know how exciting it can be; new guy, how he kisses, his hands exploring your body, the feeling like a schoolgirl with her crush the first time…” Michelle said, then whispering, “how wet he makes you when you see that ‘look’ in his eyes… and that first time… Mmm!”

It was quiet at the table for a couple minutes while Addie absorbed what Michelle had been suggesting to her. And I was hard… and already jealous of the guy!

Then, “What about your store? Can we go look at it after breakfast?”

Our food arrived and we spent the next half-hour eating with only a little conversation. Adriana was pleased that Michelle wanted to see her Boise store and promised that we’d go. I was still churning the ‘boyfriend’ conversation around in my mind. I’d kind of pushed Addie into some of her other, well, MOST of her other liaisons and was determined to stay out of this. Damn, the thought made me excited, though… and scared me! Michelle said this guy wasn’t looking for marriage, but… And it sure sounded like she was more than just ‘curious’.

Robert and Michelle didn’t seem like ‘kid’ people, so Addie never bragged about our kids. It must have pained her.

After we paid the bill, we left Robert and Michelle’s car and all rode to Addie’s store in our van. The store was closed, but Addie had called Kayla asking if she wanted to meet us. She wasn’t there yet when we got there, so Addie let us in and started showing Robert and Michelle around; all the local things they had, the mixture of good, quality antiques and new items, and where Kayla had started to get ready for the candy counter.

Robert and Michelle seemed more than a little impressed. A few minutes later, Kayla arrived and Addie introduced them to each other, explaining that Kayla is the store’s manager, the best manager she had. She’d have to be since the Boise store is by far her largest. Kayla continued the tour of the store.

When Addie explained that she had three others, just smaller, Michelle suggested, “You should open a store in the Tri-Cities. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“Kind of hard, a little too far away.”

“Wish you could, though. It’d do so good. I know it would. You know we have a big population, bigger than Boise, actually.”

Addie laughed at the idea. “Afraid it’s not gonna happen.”

After the tour, we took them back to Shari’s for their car and they promised they’d stop at our house after checking out of the hotel in order to put Tanya’s pictures on her computer. Ahh, the pictures. I couldn’t wait to see them.

T&T’s flight was at three and it was already eleven-thirty, so we didn’t have a lot of time. Robert said it would take just a few minutes and they’d be there.

Robert was good for his word. They were at our house only fifteen-minutes behind us. While he uploaded the pictures from his memory card onto Tanya’s computer, Michelle changed her clothes. She’d taken her suitcase in and put her own on, leaving Addie’s, and put her dress from the night before in her garment bag. After putting the pictures on Tanya’s computer, Robert put them on Addie’s as well. I think I mentioned that I was anxious to look at them. “I’ll retouch the best of them and email them to you,” he told Tanya and Tanner. “At least some for you to send to Playboy by tomorrow night.”

Robert said they had about a six-hour drive, so as soon as the pictures were uploaded and Michelle was in her own clothes, they left for home. We all agreed to keep in touch and kissed all around. As soon as they left, we had to take T and T to the airport, then go pick up Kevin and Katie.

The kids were happy to see us but didn’t want to leave Joanie’s very bad. They’d been having too much fun playing games with Joanie. We left her two nice crisp hundred-dollar bills, straight out of our copy machine. Not really, they were real, from the bank.

After we got home, I mentioned my thought from earlier in the week that maybe we should look at a new van. Addie agreed as ours was twelve-years-old and had a lot of miles. We looked on Honda’s website and discovered that they made a hybrid Odyssey that got almost fifty mpg. The hybrid was almost two-thousand dollars more and I told Addie that it would take a long time to make up that much difference.

“I think,” Addie said, “We should… we’ll put a lot more miles on it… if… I… have a boyfriend… in Kennewick.”

I looked at her, dumbstruck. “Are you serious?”

She looked down, then back at me. “I think it would be fun… and I think you’d like it, too.”

She was right, I would… I think. Part of me (the obvious part, about halfway down) would, but part of me would be freaked out of my mind. “When?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to call Michelle, I guess. I know it can’t be next weekend. We start volleyball this week, practice starts tomorrow, in fact. And then we have that round-robin tournament next weekend, so it would have to be after that.

“Speaking of volleyball,” she said, wanting to change the subject? “Nicki’s going to play, too. She’s going to be bringing her little angel here for you to watch while she’s at practice.” Nicki is the young black woman that Addie hired as manager for her new Mountain Home store. “She’s anxious, and I am, too, to see what she can do.”

Addie has had the dominant City volleyball team for the last several years. Kayla, over six-feet-tall, was the standout star on her college team, it’s always been Addie’s sport, and she has put together an outstanding team of the other girls, too; besides the fact that Addie’s a damn good coach and player.

Plus, and this is the major thing about their team – those new uniforms! They’ll be filling the little gym with spectators this year; black tights with heart-shaped cutouts all the way up the outside of the legs, sports bras with bare midriffs. They’re going to be rejuvenating the sport of volleyball!

But, I digress. We were talking about a new mini-van, then a boyfriend, then got sidetracked to Addie’s new sexy volleyball uniforms.

“When are you going to call Michelle?

“Later tonight, give them a chance to get home, at least. But the guy might not even be interested. I think she was probably exaggerating a little.”

Oh, he’ll be interested! I was pretty damned sure. Especially if she shows him one of those pictures of her and Tawns. Speaking of which, “Can we look at those pictures now?”

She laughed and told me, “Wait till the kids are in bed.” Then, with a gleam in her eyes, “It’ll be more fun, then.”

I got down the Chutes and Ladders game, set it on the dining table and asked the kids, “Anyone want to play?”

The four of us played, must have been fourteen games, over the next couple of hours. Addie may enjoy her ‘adult games’ (so do I), but if there was any doubt where her real loyalties lie, it was dispelled with fourteen games of Chutes and Ladders with two kids squealing every time their man or girl landed on one of those chutes sliding back to the bottom of the board.

After Addie and I had had enough of Chutes and Ladders to last the next two weeks, hopefully, at least until tomorrow, Addie asked, “Anyone for Mickey D’s?” Anything to get out of another hour climbing ladders and sliding down chutes!

Both kids jumped up and headed toward the door. I silently mouthed to Addie, “Why didn’t you do that an hour ago?”

Later, after we had tucked the kids into bed and read them each a story; I read the Brer Rabbit story to Kevin and Addie part of the Princess Bride to Katie.

Addie started to head toward our bedroom; I took her hand and stopped her. “Hon, really want to talk about this thing in Kennewick. Are you really serious?”


“No, wait, before you answer,” I interrupted her, “I need to say something first… I know I’ve pushed you into doing things you probably didn’t want to do, like Jonah the first time, Daryl,” God, I’ll never forget how I screwed that up! “Even that second trip to Sacramento, I decided for you. I guess you know I do want you to do this, but not unless you want to… so, if you’re not really into it, if you don’t really want it… and you know it’s totally your decision, I don’t want you to do it.” There, I said it. She needed to know.

We sat on the couch. “Sweet, first, you know I love you and nothing will ever change that, right?”

I nodded.

“Okay, then, yes, it excites me. I think about meeting this guy and what might happen… and it turns me on. I haven’t actually dated a guy, except you, since before I met Tanner. So yeah, I want to… but you know it would be a lot different than Jonah… or Samuel?”

“I know. This will be different. And exciting, for both of us. But I trust you, and I want you to do it.”

She leaned forward, kissing me, “I love you,” she whispered in my ear. “But if you ever want me to stop… just say so, okay?”

I grinned at her, “I hope the guy’s even better than Michelle says.”

Just a four, short months ago, Adriana and I were a perfectly happy, monogamous couple with exactly zero thoughts about anything different. Now, we had just agreed to her dating a man she hadn't even met yet, with the full intention of their relations being sexual, VERY sexual. I shivered in anticipation!

Addie and I climbed into bed with my imagination working overtime. She wore one of her short, silk nightshirts to bed, no panties. As my hand was rubbing her bare butt underneath it, I remarked, “Mmm, I like that.” It was one she hadn’t worn in a long time but was one of my favorites.

“So did Robert last night,”

“You took that with you over there last night?”

“Mmhmm, I did… and he seemed quite impressed… well, at least the important part of him certainly seemed impressed.”

I unbuttoned the top two buttons, just enough that I could push it aside and nibble on a nipple. “Did he do this?”

She groaned, running her hand through my hair, “And a lot more.”

Unfortunately, while my mind may have been engrossed in what I was doing, my little man was not. After his heavy workload of the two previous nights, he seemed to have been ‘petered out’.

“And your Kennewick boyfriend?”

“Do you want me to let him? First date?” as she nibbled on my ear then kissed the corner of my mouth, moving her lips solidly over mine and pressing her tongue through my lips. “I did this with Robert last night, too,” she whispered, then pressed her lips back against mine. “And a LOT more.” Then the coup-de-grace, “He really, really liked my pussy.”

She sat up, straddling my waist and my stiffening little man, then lowered her wet cunt onto it, flexing those pussy muscles. Then looking straight into my eyes with her pelvis tight against mine, “You never answered me, do you want me to?”

My stiff cock inside her was already giving her the answer. “Well?” she insisted.

Her silk shirt was draped across her hips, the top two buttons still undone and my hands were over it on her hips rubbing up and down. “Should I or not?”

I groaned, the sensations and the lust flowing through me, her tight, hot, silky cunt enmeshed around my now-hard cock, “I… I… Yes, I want him to suck your tits…”

She slid up and down on me, grinding down and tightening and releasing her vagina, “Good, because I want to, too.”

Then she fucked me, draining me of every last drop of cum that I had no idea could still be inside me.

I woke up in the middle of the night, sort of, and remembered, Shit, the pictures! I wanted to look at the pictures last night.

The next morning, we woke up on our own sides of the bed. Addie groaned herself awake, then stumbled into the bathroom for her morning shower. I lay in bed remembering something but not sure what it was. Then it came to me.

Addie came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her and sat down at her makeup desk to make herself beautiful. She really didn’t need to do that, but she’s a woman; she thinks it’s necessary. I’ll admit it sure as hell doesn’t hurt!

While she was working on her makeup, she asked me, “You still want what we talked about last night?”

I knew exactly what she was talking about, “Uhuh, you?”

“Yeah, if it’s okay with you, I’ll call Michelle today.”

I’ve mentioned before how much I love watching Addie putting on her makeup. I imagined briefly that she was doing it for a date with this other guy. “Call her,” I told her.

When she finished her makeup, I casually commented, sitting on the edge of the bed, “Hon, you got a box in the mail last Friday. From Jonah.”

That piqued her interest, cocking her head, “What was it?”

I climbed off the bed and retrieved it out of my top dresser drawer, “Don’t know. It’s addressed to you. I didn’t open it,” handing it to her. Addie’s hands were shaking as she tore off the brown packing paper. It was a little cardboard box. She tore that open and inside was a little wooden box about six inches by two inches by two inches. She opened the lid and inside was the dildo he had put inside her that hard-core night inside the cage.

It didn’t look nearly as intimidating as it had that other night when she was helpless; suspended off that glass floor and tied with her legs pulled apart. “Just for fun, why don’t you put it in today?”

She held it up; four or five inches long, rounded hook on one end, it didn’t look like much. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Sure, why not? Promise, I won’t do anything with it.”

She turned her chair facing the other way, spread her legs apart, fumbled between her legs just a moment, then turned back around. “Okay. Remember, you promised.”

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