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Nick's Downfall

When my friend Nick found out the truth about me.

Author's note - A big thank you to Jwren for his superb editing and enduring patience with me. Any mistakes you might discover are mine, not his.


I was twenty-one-years-old when all this happened. Although a truly unforgettable experience, I didn’t write about it earlier because… in the first place it never occurred to me to do so and, secondly, it's a true story or saga involving real people, some of whom are still friends to this day. That said, all names apart from my own, have been changed to protect the innocent. The rest of the account, as they pledge, is "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Part 1

Nick was a quirky sort of guy. Laid back and easygoing, he was always there, but his presence was never intrusive. Ever willing and ready to lend a helping hand, no matter how heavy the work, and never asked for anything in return. In fact, he was the perfect friend some might say. I thought he was quite handsome — okay, he wouldn’t cause Brad Pitt any sleepless nights — but I never heard of him having a girlfriend, even though I considered him one of my closest friends. How blind was I?

As far as I could see, Nick's only flaw was an excruciating lack of confidence. He was shy and had difficulty trusting people. That made friendships extremely hard to forge, especially with women. Unable to chat them up, he often became a surrogate brother instead. Lots of girls took advantage of this, myself included. Whenever we needed something, like a lift, he never refused. Even when he was the chauffeur in a car full of drunken ladies, he never asked for anything in return.

I guess you’d think I’m describing something of a loser, but he wasn't. Occasionally, usually after a few beers, I did wonder what it would be like to hop into the sack with him. Generally, though, instead of finding out, I went with someone else.

Then, out of the blue, Nick turned up at the pub with a stunning woman called Kirsten hanging on his arm and announced that they were getting married. Just like that. I tell you, my jaw wasn't the only one that crashed to the floor.

After what seemed like only a few minutes — it must have been longer as we tried to absorb this bombshell — they stood and departed, leaving us sitting stunned and in awe. After the door closed behind them, they dominated the conversation for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, as we consumed more and more alcohol, the cattier we became about Nick's fiance. Of course, we had absolutely nothing on which to base our catty remarks, and it was totally uncalled for and utterly reprehensible. But, there you go, that's life.

Mind you; we were wrong about her.

It would be easy now to slag her off, calling her a lazy, conniving bitch, but I'd be doing that to ease my conscience over what happened. Not that I was wrong! Indeed, I didn’t discover who she really was until a long time after the event.

In the beginning, Kirsten wasn't just gorgeous, sickeningly gorgeous; she also had a sweet disposition to match. Friendly, generous, and possessing a viciously wicked sense of humour, she soon charmed everyone, including moi. She quickly became part of our social group which consisted mainly of people involved in the scouting movement.

Despite the nerdy image of scouting, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, especially the hiking and camping. However, Kirsten made it clear that she wouldn't be joining the scouts. She was happy to let Nick go on camping trips but, if there was no bathroom, no toilet, and no decent room service, she wasn't interested.

So, the following year, a group of us sans Kirsten decided to go camping on the May Day Bank Holiday weekend. On Friday morning, ten of us — Nick, myself, three couples, and twin brothers — set off in cars to a camping site in Germany. Due to holiday traffic, the journey was a nightmare. One traffic jam after another caused cars and frustrations to overheat, but eventually, we reached our destination. Feeling like a bent old cripple, I gingerly extracted myself from Nick’s Volkswagen Polo.

To remove the knots in my muscles, I stretched my arms and legs. Suddenly, from behind, strong hands began expertly massaging my shoulders. To be honest, I didn't know or care whose hands they were — just don't stop.

I closed my eyes, rolling my head on my neck and enjoying the wonderful massage. As the strong fingers continued to work, I opened my eyes and looked around. Nearly all of my girlfriends were getting the same sort of treatment. In particular, Petra, my closest girlfriend, was staring in my direction while Johan, her husband, worked on her shoulders. She winked and nodded approvingly at me.

I didn't understand what she was insinuating, but again I didn't care. The strong fingers were gradually easing my aches and pains, and I still didn't want them to stop. I watched Petra say something to her hubby, and he immediately began rubbing his hands up and down her legs. She gave me another smile — and a challenging wink. Apparently, my lack of mobility had been misconstrued as a sign of displeasure, because a familiar voice asked, “Is everything alright?”

So, the strong hands belonged to Nick.

“Sure, it's just that my legs feel like..." I left the statement hanging in the air.

"Would you like me to take a look?"

“Hmm, if you wouldn't mind," I said.

Without delay, strong hands moved from my shoulders down my thighs to my calves. Then Nick began kneading my tired muscles. His hands felt heavenly and, without being too obvious, I edged my feet apart, under the pretence of giving him more room while willing him to go higher. Unfortunately, my plan backfired. Engrossed in his task, Nick failed to take the hint. Typical. At least his motives seemed honest and pure — which was more than could be said about mine — but I was determined to succeed.

“Hmmm… Nick, darling, would you do my thighs now? They feel like lead as well?"

This time, there was a slight hesitation. Then, without a word, Nick moved his hands upward. Because it was glorious weather, I wasn't wearing much: a loose t-shirt, no bra, panties, and a miniskirt. When Nick's hands approached the apex between my legs, I felt myself secreting and, looking down at my chest; My nipples were unashamedly advertising themselves.

Petra, still watching, nodded again in approval of my tactics, and that encouraged me to go further. As if I needed encouragement. I giggled.

I was enjoying Nick’s strong hands, and twice I hoped he’d venture beyond the hem of my miniskirt. But, always the gentleman, he ended up relieving and frustrating me, all in one go.

Standing there in moist panties and having a raging desire to jump his bones, I made a decision. I had to have him. All I needed was a plan. As my mind drifted and Nick's hands worked on my thighs, I was in seventh heaven… until, without warning, he stopped. I was about to protest when I saw, much too soon for my liking, the rest of the group busily unloading the cars.

Reluctantly, I started to help, chewing over recent developments, and gradually, the semblance of a plan took shape. The more I thought about it, refined it, and considered it some more, the larger my smile became.

Away from the cars, the tents were being set up one-by-one in a circle. As part of my plan, I'd made sure my spot was as far from Nick's as possible. After they'd finished erecting their tent, Petra and Johan came to help me. Within seconds things were going well. The inner tent formed the perfect igloo shape, and it only needed the outer cover to be complete. As we picked up the exterior part, the sound of fabric being ripped apart deafened everybody. Everyone looked around in shock, including me, which was somewhat hypocritical because I’d deliberately stood on the tent's exterior skin. Now it was ruined.

“Couldn't be helped,” I said as my helpers held the ruined cover in their hands and looked incredulously at my offending foot. Johan, being Johan, couldn't help guffawing at my misfortune and called me, amongst other things, “A stupid cow.”

After asking what the hell was I thinking, and struggling to hear my evasive mumbling — I wasn't going to reveal the real reason — he just shrugged and continued his harmless ribbing. Petra eyed me suspiciously but said nothing. Keeping my expression as innocent as possible, I returned her stare as more onlookers came to see what had happened.

“Well, it looks like you'll have to bin this, Andrea," said Petra. The twinkle in her eye was a sign of trouble. "It's useless. You’ll have to sleep in our tent tonight, and we'll see if we can buy a replacement tomorrow." She looked at her watch. "It's too late now; there's nowhere open. Besides, I'm hungry so let's get this sorted and get down to the pub.”

"Hold on a minute," said Johan. "What do you mean she'll have to sleep with us… like in a threesome?” He sounded enthusiastic, and his eyes gleamed a bit too eagerly for Petra’s liking. He had to dodge a flying tent peg.

“No, you stupid moron,” Petra retorted. "She'll sleep with me, and you can share a tent with Nick." Her measured tone had a finality about it, and I saw my hastily conceived rapidly plan falling into ruins, just like my tent. Luckily, Johan came to my rescue.

"Look, love, I don't give a fuck where Andrea sleeps tonight," he said, looking at me apologetically. "No offence."

"None taken, Stud.” I was happy to let him insult me if it saved my plan.

"But I've not come all this way to share a tent with another dip shit… again, no offence…” he said to the unassuming Nick, who’d just joined us, "because this dippy bitch has ruined her tent."

Nick, finally understanding what had happened, looked directly at Johan. “Hey, Dickhead, I'm not that bad. Anyway, you’re not my type; No offence,” he mimicked. “Mind you…” Nick's eyes sparkled mischievously as Johan's head whipped around as if he'd been stung. He opened his mouth to retort when he saw Nick's amused expression and nodded.

"Anyway, the point is, Darling," Johan resumed addressing Petra after regaining his train of thought, “we're sleeping together, and that's that.” He looked determinedly at his girlfriend. “Where and who Andrea sleeps with tonight is her own business. But tonight...” his pointed finger aimed at his wife and then back at himself, “we’re sleeping together. My decision is final."

Petra threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. "I love it when he gets so forceful," she said, winking. "It's like he forgets I'm the boss around here." Everybody laughed, and I grinned, knowing her suggestion was in the rubbish bin. Now I hoped Nick was willing to play ball.

“So, could you share with Nick?" Petra asked, raising a curious eyebrow when she stopped kissing her man.

I managed not to show any emotion. “Well, if Nick doesn't have a problem, I guess I'm okay with it," I said, trying to sound doubtful and maintaining a solemn expression.

Nick seemed surprised by this sudden turn of events. He took some moments to think about it. “Well, I suppose…”

"Don't be a jerk, Nick," Petra cut in. "She can't sleep without a tent, and you're the only one with room for two." He still looked doubtful, and for a moment, I thought he'd refuse. "Besides, you should consider yourself lucky," Petra carried on. "Lots of blokes would give their right arm to sleep with Andrea," she added mischievously. 

With a sigh, Nick succumbed to Petra's badgering and, after he turned his back, she winked at me. I was about to do the same to her, but Nick looked my way and suggested I put my things in his tent. Yes!

Finally, with everything sorted, we all walked down to the pub for food and beer.


That evening, I tried not to sit too near or be alone with Nick. I didn't want anybody growing suspicious of my intentions and felt safe when a couple of girls asked if I'd be all right sleeping in Nick's tent. I assured them everything would be fine and ignored some of the lewd innuendos from some of the other guys; I knew my goal was within reach.

However, there were a few times when I almost gave the game away. Despite not wanting to, I found myself staring at my prey, and once or twice Nick caught me in the act. When he did, I quickly averted my glance — not because I didn't like it, but because I did, and the longer the evening went on, the more intense the craving became.

Being quite drunk walking back to the camping site, I stumbled a few times. Luckily, Nick was there to help me each time, and for the rest of the journey, I draped myself against his strong figure. When we finally reached the campsite, Petra grabbed my arm and 'suggested' I should accompany her to the toilet buildings.

When I stepped out of a cubicle, Petra was checking her makeup in the mirror and watched my approach. "You're gonna fuck him, aren't you, you dirty little bitch?” she said, more a statement than a question, and then descended into a fit of drunken giggles.

“Shusssh,” I said, horrified by her candidness. “No... no,” I protested but saw the disbelief in her eyes. “Whatever gives you that idea?” I said, unable to hold her gaze.

"Don't try to bullshit me, Andrea.” She pointed her finger at my chest. "I've seen that look in your eyes before, and I know when you're up to something."

I grinned sheepishly. "Ach, probably won't happen anyway. He’s only got eyes for Kirsten, so I'm probably getting my hopes up for nothing..."

A stinging slap on my bum interrupted me and despite wearing jeans, would have been painful if I hadn't been drunk.

"Not if what I saw this afternoon was anything to go by," she said confidently. "Nick couldn't keep his hands off you. I saw the look in his eyes when he massaged your legs."

"Do you think so?” I asked, continuing my ride on the emotional roller coaster. Although she nodded vigorously, I was too drunk to be sure of anything. "Knowing my luck," I said miserably, "he'll probably be tucked up in his sleeping bag by now.”

"We'll see," was all Petra replied.

As we approached our tents, I saw, much to my relief, I was wrong. Johan and Nick were enjoying a final beer and as we joined them, the same relaxed, good humour of the evening continued. Then as the last dregs of beer were being gulped down, Johan said something that was too close for comfort for my liking.

“Now, you two," he said, "try to keep the noise down, or better yet... try going to sleep and we'll see you in the morning." Then he put his arm around Petra and guided her toward their tent.

“Don't worry,” I said to their retreating backs, "I'll try not to scream too much when Nick fucks the ass off me." 

When they looked over their shoulders, I threw my arms around Nick and placed a loud, exaggerated kiss on his cheek, while leering lecherously. Assuming I was joking, they laughed and waved dismissively, while Nick did his best to extricate himself from the embarrassing situation.  As I released my grasp, I saw Petra’s knowing smile before she disappeared inside their tent and bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself giving the game away.

"Y... You... You are joking?" Nick stuttered, obviously fearing the repercussions if someone had taken me seriously.

Glancing around, I saw we were now alone. Grinning, I teasingly rubbed a hand over Nick's fly and was gratified to feel a slight bulge.

"Nicky," I replied softly, "if I wanted to fuck you, I would've had you a long time ago. So, don’t go worrying your pretty little head, stud. You're safe with me tonight." Although he looked relieved, when I grabbed his hand to lead him to his tent, I brushed against his shorts again, checking to see if I hadn't been mistaken about the bulge. I wasn't.


Nick had a proper hiking tent, big enough to sleep two people but light and small enough to be carried in a rucksack. After unzipping the entrance and holding back the flap, Nick, ever the gentleman gestured I should go in first.

Adopting a crawling position, I poked my head through the opening. It was dark inside, and I had to feel my way forward. Then I heard Nick crawling in behind me. I deliberately stopped moving and waited. Seconds later, his face bumped against my derriere, and I had a fit of the giggles.

"What the fuck are you doing, Andrea?" he hissed angrily.

That increased my giggling fit. "Sorry, Lover," I said. "I'm looking for a torch. It's dark in here."

“Why didn’t you say something,” he murmured, and seconds later we were bathed in a shallow light. Nick had switched on a battery-powered fluorescent lamp which hung on the ridge of the tent.

"Thanks, mate," I said, turning to face him, and falling on my ass in the process.

"Yeah well, no probs, eh? Now, shall we go to bed?" he asked with nervous exasperation. Amused, I watched him look everywhere in our small abode except in my direction. I enjoyed his discomfort.

On the other hand, I was turned on and felt my nipples rising. I looked down at my chest and saw the state of my arousal within my t-shirt. "Here, grab my jeans, and help me get them off," I said, ignoring the way he gazed at my breasts and offering an outstretched leg.

“What the fuck?" He sounded exasperated.

"You don't expect me to go to sleep in these clothes, do you?" I snapped back in pretend irritation. It worked.

"Oh, sorry. Sure. No worries," Nick replied apologetically, gripping my jeans at the ankles.

"Who's worried?” I muttered. Apart from Petra almost throwing a spanner in the works, my plan was turning out just fine, and now I was going to put the final part into action. He pulled at the heavy denim, but not much happened because I was still sitting on my ass.

“Hang on a mo.”

Giggling, I fell onto my back, raised my bum, and hooked my thumbs into the waist of my jeans, to assist him. What he couldn't see — and I certainly wasn't going to tell him — was that I’d also slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my panties. “Come on, Nick,” I said between drunken giggles, “help me get these off.”

I desperately tried not to laugh as I pushed and wiggled my hips while Nick tugged at the tight denim. As intended, both my jeans and panties slid down my thighs, giving Nick a fantastic view of my trimmed bush and moist, excited slit. I think I heard him gasp, but I wasn’t sure. Besides, I was supposed to be unaware of what was happening.

I waited until my jeans were bunched around my feet and then continued teasing him. Clamping my legs together, I raised them until my feet touched the roof. Now Nick had a perfect view of my puffy pink lips, soaking wet and gaping, all ready to receive his cock. I don't know if Nick could see it, in the shallow light, but I was so turned on, my juices trickled down the cleft between my buttocks and toward my puckered little star. Yes, I was that turned on.

Then I heard Nick’s sharp intake of breath, as my pussy twitched in excitement. I moved my legs to one side and saw Nick looking intently between my thighs. Honestly, I almost came there and then. If he didn't have an erection by now, then there must be something wrong with him.

“Oops… sorry, Nick," I said. "That wasn't supposed to happen."

I lowered my legs and reached for my panties. It wasn't the original plan, but I’d decided to at least make it look accidental. Making a show of pulling my errant knickers back over my thighs, I raised my ass again, giving Nick another golden opportunity to view my dripping sex before treating him to a delicious camel toe. The fact he couldn’t tear his eyes away got me hotter by the second.

Suddenly, while still holding the legs of my jeans, he realised I was watching him. The mortified and apologetic look on his face was priceless. He didn't know what to do or where to look, and he blushed beetroot red. Me? I had no such qualms. Sitting upright and trying not to smirk, I stared at his shorts. What I saw made me purr.

“Now, come on, Nick," I whispered, kneeling in front of him. His gaze was drawn to my prominent, excited nipples protruding within my top. I saw that being confronted by so much blatant sexuality was confusing him. Although he may have guessed that I wasn't entirely as innocent as I acted, he couldn't be sure it wasn't just a coincidence. Also, I speculated there must have been the matter of Kirsten in the back of his mind.

I saw a mental struggle on his face. Concerns about being faithful to his fiancé and getting turned on by what he’d seen, scarred his handsome face. Mind you; the internal conflict didn't have much effect where it counted — the large bulge distorting his shorts was all I needed to see.

"Let's get those shorts off," I said huskily, "and then we can get under the covers."

As if struck by a horrifying thought, Nick reacted like lightning, placing his hands over his erection.

"May... may... maybe you should get inside your sleeping bag fi... first... an.... and... and then I can get into mine.”

"Don't be silly, Nicky boy," I said with a predatory smile that would have done a lion proud. I reached to undo his flies, but he pushed my hand away. His modesty was endearing, as was his underestimation of me; Once I set my sights on something I don't stop until I have it.

"You do know I've been deliberately teasing you?" I stated, reaching out again. My comment distracted him and, before he could stop me, I felt a lovely hardness. "And by the feel of things, you don't seem to mind," I added, rubbing his manhood through his shorts.

He put a hand on mine but didn't stop me as I leaned forward, keeping eye contact.

"What's the matter, Nick? D'ya think I don't know what's happening down there," I said, teasing and squeezing his nice thick piece of meat. Our faces were only inches apart, and his disbelieving eyes searched mine for some familiarity but found none. He'd never seen me like this and didn't know how much of a slut I could be.

"Please, Andrea... Kirsten won’t like it, don’t!”

His plea fell on deaf ears as I swiftly unfastened his flies and slipped fingers inside.

“Hmm… let's not worry about your fiance," I whispered. "She's not here, I am, and all I'm asking is that you relax. Now, are you going to make things difficult or are you going to lie back and enjoy yourself?"

He stared in disbelief at me, when my fingers closed around his warm manhood. "Judging by how hard little Nicky is," I teased, "I'm guessing he wants this as much as I do.” I placed my lips on his and kissed him softly while gently pulling at his cock.

When I looked at him in the dim light, petrified eyes regarded me with curiosity. I smiled reassuringly and massaged his cock with greater urgency and was pleased when I felt him throb powerfully in my hand. "Or don't you want to fuck me, Nick?"

I’d left no room for ambiguity: he had a choice. Yes or No. Shock, surprise, and shame all registered in his eyes, and I waited with bated breath. Eventually, he slowly nodded, and I heaved a massive sigh of relief. Then I couldn't stop smiling. The evening was going precisely as I had foreseen. There was no way Nick could have known from the moment he'd massaged my legs, that this was the culmination of my scheme. However, knowing he wanted the same thing, I was suddenly very impatient.

"Now you're mine, Nicky, and I intend to fuck your brains out," I said, shutting out his protests by slamming my mouth down onto his. This time his tongue wasn't so reticent.

"I know you're engaged,” I said, breaking off our kiss, “and I'm not looking to break you guys up... I just want to find out how good you are in bed. Is that so bad of me?" I gave him my best innocent schoolgirl look: big round eyes, finger in my pouting lips.

I laughed as he nodded, then shook his head, then resumed nodding. "Hmm, you're probably right, darling," I said. "But I'm here now, holding your lovely, big, cock, and I'm guessing you don't want me to stop." He didn't have to say or do anything; I had the evidence in my hand.

"Now why don't you let me get a bit more acquainted with little Nicky," I said licking my lips hungrily. I shuffled down his body, pulling as I moved, and his cock sprung up and brushed my lips.

"My, my," I said, giving his prick a little kiss. The delicious scent of pre-cum exciting me. “He's very pleased to see me." Smugness, like the clear fluid leaking from his one eye, oozed from my statement.

Nick held his breath as I lowered my soft, lush lips over his purple dome while pulling back the foreskin to expose his thick glistening rim, I clamped my lips clamped tightly around his shaft, exploring his one eye with my tongue when suddenly, semi-darkness enveloped us. With his salty fluid tantalising my taste buds, I released his cock with a loud plop.

"What gives, Stud?" I sniggered, already knowing the answer.

"I don't want the whole bloody world to see what you're doing. If anybody gets up to take a pee, our silhouette will be easy to see, and then I can kiss my relationship goodbye."

Although I understood his motive, the idea of being watched turned me on, and I regretted his precautions. "Whatever you want, Lover," I said, returning my attention to more important things. I closed my lips around his manhood, and inch by inch, it disappeared into my mouth. Deeper and deeper I took him until I felt his helmet pushing against the back of my throat. Generally, at this point, I would gag, but, instead of pulling back like I usually did, I took a deep breath and relaxed  — We had all night.

Surely deepthroating someone couldn't be that difficult, I raged at myself. I'd seen porn stars do it, and they made it look like the most natural thing in the world. Tears of frustration welled up in my eyes. If they can do it, so can I. Come on, you silly bitch, stop being a drama queen.

I pulled my head back, licking his erection like it was a lollipop, before taking another deep breath. This time, I opened my mouth, switched off my brain, and swallowed his cock. I didn't stop, not for anything, and without thinking about it, I pressed my lips around the base of his cock. Hardly able to believe what I'd done, I knelt over him, his throbbing flesh filling my throat.

Elated, I almost choked, so before I cocked up what I was doing, I gradually slid my lips back up his erect shaft and released it with a loud plop. Now I knew I could do it, there was no stopping me, and Nick's cock disappeared down my throat again. The whole experience was made all the more memorable by Nick's expression of amazement.

"I take it Kirsten doesn't do that to you," I said offhandedly, pretending I did it all the time.

He shook his head dumbly and swallowed hard. "Never."

“Never? Do you mean a blowjob or deep throating?

“Either… neither,” came the solemn reply.

“Well, we'd better make this one especially good.”

I used all my tricks. I grazed my teeth over Nick's sensitive dome and heard him hiss; sucked and heard him sigh; licked and heard him gasp. Determined to make Nicky shoot his load down my throat, I cupped his balls and told him how large and heavy they were.

"Full of lovely spunk... and tonight it's all mine," I said with a dirty laugh.

Nick watched, eyes open in shock. Seeing and hearing me act like this, must have been confusing for him. He must have thought a strange, slutty entity had taken control of his friend. I could see he was having trouble reconciling what he knew with what was happening. Up until now, we had been drinking buddies, easy going, happy go lucky, but now I was Andrea, an insatiable, cock-loving slut who was determined to get fucked.

It wasn't the first time someone had discovered my Jekyll and Hyde personality, and it wouldn't be the last. However, tonight it was Nick's turn. Grinning at his confusion, I yanked his cock hard and saw him smile nervously at me.

Wanting to blow his mind, I licked my way down to his testicles, sucking each one separately while furiously stroking his rigid cock. After feasting on his balls, I slid up his body to kiss him, and this time his response was much better; no hesitation, no pussyfooting. He grabbed my long hair, pushed his tongue into my mouth, and kissed me with passion.

"Fuck my mouth," I whispered breathlessly. "Treat me like the horny slut I am." He grinned as I straddled his shins and opened my mouth. "Fugh mi," I gurgled, my mouth full of cock. "Fugh mi ard."

Okay, my pronunciation wasn't the best, but Nick got the message. He bucked his hips, slowly at first, but as his confidence increased, so did his movements. His prick slid easily between my succulent lips while I wiggled and twirled my tongue around the thick flesh. This treatment had the desired effect because Nick's thrusting grew erratic, and despite his desire to keep the noise down, he began grunting loudly.

Knowing what was about to transpire and more importantly, wanting it to happen, I wrapped my fingers around the fleshy monster sliding between my lips and began wanking him. It only took a few seconds of this, but sure enough, his thrusting grew wilder.

Nick was on the verge of exploding and, ever the gentleman; he tried pushing my head away, unaware his will was no match for mine. Forcing my head lower as his hips bucked uncontrollably, I felt his seed race up from his balls, rippling the smooth skin beneath my fingers and lips. Then his cock expanded in my mouth, and with a stifled groan, thick cum splattered against the back of my throat.

I swallowed his offering while a second salvo erupted. Despite Nick's initial reluctance to have sex with me, it seemed his doubts had disappeared, because now he held my head in place and pumped his hips powerfully, shooting off another load of cum. This expulsion was just as forceful as the others, and he filled my mouth with cream. Determined to give him a show, I held his cock and slackened my lips. Thick, white spunk trickled down his shaft, over my fingers, and pooled at the base of his cock. Instinctively knowing he had more, I wanked him hard, his warm semen providing lubrication as I engulfed his prick again. When my teeth grazed his sensitive dome, he bucked and writhed and tried his best not to moan and groan too loud. With his jaw clenched tightly together, he almost succeeded.

When I was satisfied I had emptied his balls, I stopped teasing him. Looking at my old friend, and new lover, his handsome face displayed both relief and a Cheshire cat grin while I continued to pull gently on the hard, fleshy staff; my hand wet and sticky.

Still sitting astride his shins, I sat upright and made a show of licking cum from my fingers. He seemed entranced as I flicked my tongue around each digit, eagerly tasting his offering. While I feasted, it occurred to me that he'd never seen this before, and with a wicked smile, I prepared to blow his mind some more. I moved up his body, sliding my soaking knickers along his muscular thighs, knowing he'd feel the wet trail I'd left.

Our faces close, I held him tenderly and placed my lips on his. After a split-second of hesitation, he opened his mouth and welcomed my tongue. I still had the taste of his manliness in my mouth, but that didn't seem to matter to him. Our tongues entwined and began a passionate dance, probing, retreating, and pushing forward. His hands disappeared beneath my top and started tweaking and teasing my hard nipples.

Between my legs, Nick's cock showed no signs of wilting, despite having just shot an enormous load down my throat. In fact, as I rubbed my camel toe against it, I had an impression that he’d grown bigger and harder. Although I craved to feel him inside me, I wanted to embrace the moment. Reaching between my legs, I grabbed the thick pole and held the spongy dome against my throbbing clit and rocked my hips.

His rigid prick teased my swollen love button through my panties, and I shuddered as small shockwaves surged through my body. Despite enjoying the sensation of my pussy gliding along his greasy pole, I was impatient to have him fuck me. With mixed feelings, I reached back and grabbed the small sliver of cloth between my buttocks and pulled it over my pert bum. The drenched gusset no longer separated Nick's manliness from my dripping pussy, and with minimal guidance, his cock pressed against my pink wetness and then rapidly disappeared.

Despite being so turned on, his size still caused me to catch my breath as I sank on him until my quim ground into his pelvis. "Can you feel how wet I am?" I whispered in his ear. He nodded, his cock throbbing inside me. I squeezed my cunt, timing my contractions with his pulses, and heard him moan. "Do you like that, Nick?” I whispered, biting his earlobe. “Do you like the way I'm milking you?" He nodded.

"It's because your cock belongs inside me, darling," I confessed in a soft lewd whisper. I humped my hips in easy, steady movements. "This feels so divine," I continued, in the same seductive tone, "I could fuck you all night if I had my way."

My abdomen moved smoothly up and down as I rode his flesh, and sometimes in the heat of the passion, I raised my hips so far that he fell out. The immediate empty feeling was surprising. "Does it turn you on, Nicky baby, knowing how much I want you, knowing how wet you've gotten me?” I said reaching for his cock and replacing it where it belonged. He said nothing, instead, groaning again before kissing me passionately. The fire I had ignited in him, fed my burning desire.

"I haven't been this fucking horny in ages," I continued, my voice low and sultry. Usually, I'm not vocally explicit when I'm having sex. Of course, I moan and whimper, and that gets louder when I'm reaching climax. But, mostly, I leave the dirty talk to my lovers. It gets my juices flowing when I hear what they're going to do, how much of a dirty slut I am, and... well, you can guess the rest.

Tonight was different. It was my turn to talk trash.

Maybe the drink had removed my inhibitions, or perhaps I wanted it to be the best fuck Nick would ever have. Probably, it was a combination of both, but for whatever the reason, I was incredibly turned on. I wasn't the only one. As I moved faster and faster, Nick grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

"You fucking sexy bitch," he panted, his head pressed against my breasts. "You... make me... wanna fuck the... ass off you." Between his breathless words, I felt him biting my nipples through my top. Dissatisfied with this state of affairs, I pulled my t-shirt over my head.

"Here you are, Baby, knock yourself out."

While his mouth fastened onto my tits, he held my hips firmly and thrust his cock into me. Our bodies slapped together, a sound matched by our muted moans, and we ground our abdomens against each other in a raunchy circular motion. This beautiful fucking was proving to be very memorable and, as I gasped for breath, Nick's fingers slid up and down my crack, lingering around my exposed rosebud. I wondered if he dared go there — and hoped he would. However, unaware he was tormenting me, he carried on doing what he was doing, ignoring my silent pleas. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Nick, stop teasing me,” I croaked in desperation and desire. "Finger my fucking asshole. Make me cum all over your fucking cock."

He slid a hand toward my juicy cunt, where he gathered up some of the copious love sap I was secreting. Seconds later, after lubricating my back entrance, he poked a finger past my tight ring. While I gasped in surprise, Nick started moving it slowly in and out. I contracted tightly around the intrusion, and my body shook involuntarily. If one finger felt divine, two felt even better. With both of them buried inside my ass, I closed my eyes and stepped off into the abyss.

My body shook uncontrollably, and in the back of my throat, I started to scream. Just in time, Nick grabbed a piece of clothing and stuffed it in my mouth, muffling my cries. Just in time. While my stomach cramped, and my thighs quivered, his rigid cock thrust powerfully between my legs. Squeezing my cunt muscles around his throbbing member, I gasped for breath as I continued milking him because his throbbing member felt incredibly large. Eventually, I calmed down, and apart from my involuntary twitching, I lay still, enjoying the sensations coursing through my body.

As I slumped on top of Nick, my orgasm gradually faded, and I wrapped my arms around his head. I felt his mouth suck on a nipple and knew I didn't want this to end. Hot, sticky cum seeped from my pussy when I gently rotated my hips, especially with Nick still throbbing inside me. I spat out what appeared to be the leg of my jeans, and leaned in to kiss him.

We kissed softly, the way lovers do until he wanted to speak. "Fucking hell, Andrea, you came like a wild woman. I've never had that before." His voice was full of wonderment.

"I couldn't have done it without you, Baby,” I responded, glowing in post-coital bliss. Then it suddenly occurred to me that his erection hadn't subsided. Wanting to be sure, I clenched my pussy and felt his response. "Did you cum, Nick?" I asked in between kisses. He shook his head. I kissed him again, and then straightened my back, and I reached down towards my bum. His eyes widened when my hips moved upwards, and I wrapped my fingers around his greasy pole.

"Andrea, what are you doing?” The puzzlement in his voice was palpable. I kissed him reassuringly.

"We're not finished yet, lover. There's one hole you haven't fucked yet," I smiled wickedly. "I want to feel this," I squeezed his prick and moved my hips a fraction, "bad boy fill my ass with cum." Before he could respond, I placed his cock against my back entrance and pressed my abdomen downwards. My sphincter resisted for a moment and then granted him entry. As Nick's cock slipped deeper, I hissed to disguise the discomfort. I continued gliding down his massive pole, slowly, praying through gritted teeth. His cock was so big; it felt like I was trying to ass fuck a telephone pole, but clenching my jaws, I relaxed my muscles, wiggled my hips, and the rest of his prick slipped inside.

He grabbed hold of my panties, which were still stretched over my buttocks, and pulled the thin strip further aside so that he could fuck me without getting friction burns. After the initial entry, we lay still while I got used to his size, but seeing as patience was never my strongest point, I couldn't wait any longer. I raised my hips, feeling his giant mushroom retreat from my ass, and tried but failed to contain a heartfelt moan. Without my realising it, his rim was pulling against my tight ring, and I cried out in desperation.


I sank downwards, feeling the rush and burn of anal sex, and enjoying the sensation of Nick's big prick filling my ass. Then, with his meat buried to the hilt, I felt a sharp, stinging sensation on my left buttock. I whimpered and felt deliciously kinky. I repeated my actions, and Nick rewarded me with another hearty smack.

"That’s it, Nick. Spank your bitch's ass.”

My flesh got hotter and hotter under his timed hits, and I slammed my sex into his pelvis again. He groaned softly.

"So, you like fucking my ass, do you, Nicky?" I demanded breathlessly. He nodded and groaned as our bodies slapped against each other.

"Does Kirsten let you fuck her ass?" He shook his head.

I felt his discomfort at talking about their sex life, although it didn't stop him telling me,

"She doesn't like it. She thinks it's dirty, something only whores and sluts  would do."

I grinned. "And what do you think, Nicky?"

He slammed his cock inside me, looking into my eyes. "To be honest, this is my first time.” He thrust again, huge and powerful. “I've never done it before."

Upon hearing this confession, my heart skipped a couple of beats. I'd wanted tonight to be good, wanted it to be unique, but I'd no idea I was fucking an anal virgin. My grin broadened, and my happiness soared like a released bird. I ground my ass onto his cock and leaned forward, so my mouth was by his ear.

"And what do you think, Nicky boy?" I asked, clenching my abdominal muscles tightly and feeling his rock hard erection even more intensely inside me.

"Huh, I like it.” His tone was thick with lust. "It's different… naughtier than normal sex."

"I love a big cock up my ass, especially yours,” I said. “Does that make me a whore?”

For an answer, he playfully slapped my ass, and then pulled my buttocks apart. He bucked his hips, a movement guaranteed to give me another orgasm.

"No, Andrea, you’re not a whore, at least not in my book. Maybe, if Kirsten saw us together now, she'd think differently about you. Us, I mean. Sorry, Andrea."

He didn't need to apologise.

“It's all right, lover,” I said, leaning forward and kissing him. “I'll be your whore whenever you want me,” I whispered into his ear, and his cock throbbed inside me. “Now screw the ass off me."

We kissed and fucked. There was nothing romantic about it; this was coarse animal rutting, sweaty bodies slapping against each other, both of us striving to make the other cum. And, because we had to be as quiet as possible, the whole experience seemed much more intense than usual.

“Jesus, Andrea, I'm gonna cum again,” he said through tightly-gritted teeth.

He wasn’t the only one. The whole crazy situation drove me wild. I reached between us and roughly rubbed my clit through the small triangle of cloth still covering it. My second orgasm approached.

"Don't stop, Nick," I pleaded, "I'm gonna cum as well."

Suddenly he arched his body and thrust one final time. His cock expanded inside me and then unloaded warm, thick seed. Although I wanted him to keep pumping, feeling Nick's climax was exciting and proved to be an alternative trigger for my orgasm.

It was less intense than my earlier one, but it was still powerful enough to shake my body and cause involuntary muscle spasms to ripple through my frame. I pressed my knees into Nick's waist and ground my sex against his groin in slow circles. I panted and moaned, my forehead resting on Nick's, and we stayed in that position, for a while. Despite this being his second orgasm, Nick's prick was taking its time returning to a flaccid state — ‘Something I could get used to,’ I thought dreamily — as sperm dribbled down the insides of my thighs.

Nick grew restless beneath me. I could tell because he began fidgeting beneath me and with some reluctance, I climbed off him.

"Andrea," he began nervously, "please..."

We kissed. That silenced Nick.

"Don't worry, lover," I said, "Nobody will ever hear about this from me. Your dirty little secret is safe with me."

"Thanks. You're amazing.”

The chill of the night was noticeable now that we were motionless, so we zipped our sleeping bags together and crawled into them. I drifted into sleep with Nick spooning me and apparently, we didn't move all night. When I woke in the next morning, apart from being able to hear a couple of the early risers, I felt Nick's morning glory pressing into my buttocks.

I reached back and guided it to where we wanted it. We made love again, only this time slowly and silently with Nick in control. When we climaxed together, we kissed to muffle our ecstasy, knowing this would be our last time together.


At breakfast, Petra gave me a few wry looks when she saw my satisfied expression, and there was some childish sniggering when someone asked if I wanted some sausage for breakfast. Then, when I yawned, Johan asked, amid peals of laughter, if I'd slept okay in Nick’s tent. The gentle ribbing did cause me to blush, but because I didn't react, it soon died a slow death. However, Petra cornered me in the toilets afterwards and asked if anything had actually happened. Being her closest girlfriend, I couldn't lie, and I told her what had taken place. When I finished explaining, she grinned wickedly and called me a wanton slut and a depraved whore, while promising to keep her mouth shut.

Later that day, to avoid arousing any more suspicions, we found a camping supply shop, and with some reluctance, I bought a new tent. The rest of the weekend went without a hitch, especially as Nick and I avoided being alone, and on the following Monday, we returned home to resume our normal lives.

Happily, for Nick and me, Kirsten never found out about our one-night stand — and that's where this story should end.

But, like the best-laid plans of mice and men...


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