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Sneaky Snake

Sneaky Snake

Sneaky has a secret she loves to share.

This story is fiction. However, it is written for a great lady and friend.

A tall sensuous ebony goddess. Dark eyes and even darker thoughts behind them. A secret is hidden beneath the luxurious clothing covering her svelte body. Her hair done up fresh from the salon. Earrings adorning her lobes and a gold and silver interlaced necklace hanging loosely between her ample bosoms. Her shirt clinging to her slim waistline leading to a perfectly formed bottom set atop long lovely legs.

SneakySnake is what they called her around town. Her real name is Leslie. Sneaky worked all over town in the nightclubs as a cocktail waitress. She worked the tables and the men that sat at them. She loved getting all the attention every night. It was not uncommon for her to end up taking one or sometimes two home at the end of the night. On those rare occasions that she got invited to work for a company party, she was known for ending up in bed with most of the guys there.

Today will be a good day. Sneaky started thinking about tonight’s party. She is working one of the biggest parties in town so far. There will be at least six other women from the Vixen Mafia with her. That’s what they called themselves. They were from all over the country and got together at major events. They always enjoyed playing together any chance they get. They took turns being the leading lady. The leading lady always got the choice of the prime guys. Tonight, was Sneaky’s turn.

Sneaky laid out several outfits, trying to decide what would be the best. She dug in her drawer for her best Victoria Secrets bra and panties. Finally deciding on a sexy little number with pink lace and flowers. The bra barely covered her breasts since she always got a size smaller to show off what she has. The panties rode high on her hips and clung tight to her crevices. She made sure all the important areas were covered and tucked in just enough to tease.

Sneaky headed to the party and met up with all the ladies. Hugs and kisses all around. A few light butts squeezed and gentle back rubs were felt by all. The ladies were looking their best. They were decked out in their finest dresses and heels. Sporting shiny jewelry and Gucci purses. Sneaky had on her best knee-high lace-up boots. The ones that made her look sexy as hell.

This was going to be an interesting night. It was a doctor’s convention. They were mostly all married but a few single younger ones were mingled in. There were doctors from all the different fields. Surgeons, Optometrists, Entomologists, and so many more fields. The head doctor was a Urologist. He specialized in the male organs. In particular, he made sure that men over a certain age still had working parts.

It was Sneaky’s night to have a go at the head doctor. He was her target and she wasted no time finding him. She found him in a corner with four other men. They were discussing something way over her head but she didn’t care. She gave him her best smile and lowered her head slightly to bat her eyelids at him. He knew exactly what that meant. She had never seen him before at any of the other conventions in town. This added to her level of excitement. She could feel her juices leaking in her panties.

“Hello. My name is Leslie. I am your date for the night,” she said with a coy little smile.

“How are you, ma'am? I am Peter. Glad to know we are on a first name basis. Maybe we could go for a walk and get a drink,” he said motioning toward the open bar.

“Oh, I would love a drink. I do have to warn you though, alcohol and I don’t mix well. I get all giddy. Hope you don’t mind,” Sneaky said leaning in close.

“I am sure you will be just fine. After all, I am a doctor. I won’t let anything happen to you that you don’t want to happen,” he said winking at her with a crooked little smile.

“Well. I guess I am in good hands then. And in case you were wondering, you are too,” Sneaky replied while lightly rubbing the front of his trousers.

Their flirting went on for another hour while they walked all over the grounds of the hotel where the convention was being held. They talked about his work and hers as well. They stopped to look at the fountain and he tossed in a coin saying it was for luck. She asked for one as well and closed her eyes making a wish before tossing it in. He never asked what the wish was. They continued through the lobby and into the bar again. Grabbing more drinks and a table by the window. They sat there for a few hours drinking and talking and laughing.

Peter suggested they go back to his room for a nightcap since it was getting late. They did. They held hands on the elevator and walking down the hall. Sneaky thought it was so sweet. She couldn’t believe how nice he is. They made their way to his room and wasted no time once inside.

Inside the door, they were all over each other. Kissing and rubbing all over each other's bodies. Sneaky was working her hands up and down his trousers. He was leaking juices through his pants. She worked his zipper down and found his cock. It plopped out and slapped her hand heavily. She was quite impressed with its overall size.

Peter worked his hands all over her back and moved to the front. He rubbed her ample chest through her dress. He slid his hands inside her bra and played with her nipples lightly. He squeezed and pulled and twisted to her delight. He palmed her breast and squeezed them in his hands. His hands made their way to the back of her dress again to unzip it. It fell to the floor in a pile. Next was her bra.

She stepped out of the dress pile and knelt down in front of him. As she grabbed his cock again, she stopped and looked up at him. “Just curious if you are one of those guys that names their parts. I mean it would be nice to be introduced properly after all,” she said with a big smile.

“Actually, I do. Since I am a doctor, he is called Dr. Pepper,” he replied.

“Ohh I love that. I am a Dr. Pepper kind of girl. I will lick it all night. Nice to meet you, Dr. Pepper,” she said looking back at his cock. Sneaky started rubbing his cock all over. She had some trouble getting her whole hand around it but did the best she could. She worked his shaft up and down slowly and felt it become even harder. She began licking the tip of it around the hole. It twitched and jumped and he tried to pull away but she grabbed his cock with both hands now and pulled him back.

She decided it was best if they went to the bed and have him lie down. He shed his clothes quickly as he moved to edge of the bed. She knelt back down in front of him again and began licking the tip and slowly working down the underside with her tongue. She laid it flat and wide on his cock while working the underside of the shaft. She made sure to get it as wet as possible. She kept up the slow and steady assault by wrapping her tongue around the top side and continuing to work her hands up and down.

This went on for several minutes. She moved to the tip from time to time and licked and sucked it in. But never staying in one spot too long. She was dripping saliva all over his shaft and balls. She moved to his balls with her mouth and sucked them in gently. Rolling them in her moist mouth and gently biting down to apply just a little pressure on them. She was amazed at how heavy they were in her mouth. One filled it almost completely. She kept this up soaking his balls and shaft in an alternating rhythm.

Sneaky pushed his legs up and out of her way while she assaulted his parts. She had so much saliva dripping from him, it was soaking the bed below. It was also filling his ass crack. She loved when this happened because she couldn’t resist licking an asshole. She took one of her hands away from his cock and moved it to his crack. She ran her hand through the crack and soaked it in saliva which she began to rub it in like lotion as she inserted her fingers in his hole. First one then another and then another. Soon she had four fingers fucking his ass.

Peter was going crazy. He kept trying to tug on her to come up for air, but she was surprisingly strong. He settled in after a few minutes and relished the attention she was giving his cock and balls, but especially his ass. He never had anyone fuck his ass before with their fingers. It was amazing, he thought. He couldn’t do anything but lay there with his legs up in the air and enjoy what she was doing.

Sneaky knew he was close to erupting. She decided now was the time to push him over the edge. She put her mouth as far down his shaft as she could handle and sucked and licked for all she was worth. At the same time, she removed her remaining hand from his shaft and began removing her panties. Her panties soaked and slid off her easily. She rubbed herself and enjoyed the feeling of her own juices mixed with the saliva. She rose slightly while keeping his cock in her mouth.

Her other hand still fucking his ass. She leaned forward slightly while sucking his cock and fucking his ass. She released his cock out her mouth and removed her fingers out of his ass. She leaned forward and reached between her legs and grabbed herself with one hand while rubbing the fingers of her other hand all over his mouth. Then licking at his mouth with her tongue and cleaning the juices off. She was still holding herself with her other hand as she leaned in and slid easily into his soaked ass with her own cock.

She began a slow and methodical motion of in and out. A few seconds later she picked up the pace and moved both her hands to his face as she began kissing him deeply. His hands going to her hips and helping to pull her in tighter. This went on for a few seconds.

Peter opened his eyes and gripped her hips hard as he felt her cock going in and out of his ass. His eyes opened as wide as they would go when he realized what was going on. He was being fucked in the ass by a real cock. She had a cock. He was being fucked by a woman with a cock. A decent sized cock as well by the feel of it. He couldn’t believe what was happening but didn’t want it to stop either. He decided it felt too good.

Peter gave in and never fought her off. Instead, he grabbed her hips and pulled her in tighter and harder. He was enjoying the feel of this woman with ample bosoms laying on top of him with her cock in his ass and her hand still jacking off his cock between them. He was in heaven. He was also very close to exploding.

Sneaky with his help on her hips, picked up the pace of her pounding him and was now slamming into his ass as hard as she could. She was braced on the floor with her feet and him on the edge of the bed with his legs spread as wide as they would go. They had quite a rhythm going and they were both getting close to release. It wouldn’t be long now.

Five minutes went by as they huffed and puffed and slammed into each other. Her hand never letting go of his cock and his hands never letting go of her hips. They both reached their climax within a second of each other. She let go first and unloaded everything she had deep inside his anal canal with a cry out in his ear. He exploded at the feeling all over their stomachs and her hand. He also cried out loud grabbing her hips and pulling her in as hard as he could. They expended everything they on and in each other.

After laying in each other's arms for several minutes and catching their breath, they finally spoke.

“You are SneakySnake. I have heard of you before. Everyone says you are the best. I have to say I believe them now. That was incredible. I have never done anything like that before,” Peter said trying to slow his breathing down, “Can we do it again later?”

“Yes, I am SneakySnake,” she said smiling really big, “I was born Leslie James Granderson. And thank you. Oh, and next time, you get the top.”


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