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As a matter of record, she is not a blood relation. We met at the reception when my uncle married his long lost high school sweetheart. She was the daughter of my new aunt's sister and we wound up sharing a table with her older brother and my younger ones. I was immediately taken aback by her stunning good looks.

Long dark hair fell past her soft shoulders and that was an immediate turn on. While most of my buddies were obsessed with the blue-eyed blondes, I always preferred the dark-haired lovelies. Even though her formal dress fit her like a glove it was very low cut and I was treated to brief glimpses of her black bra whenever she twisted in her seat to address one of the younger kids that stopped by the table.

We talked and laughed and I quickly discovered that she had the same twisted sense of humour that I possessed and by the end of the evening, we had become good friends. It was shortly after my uncle moved into his new residence that I happened to stop over just to say hello and discovered Dani sitting at their kitchen table. As great as she looked in a cocktail dress and heels, she looked even better in cut-off jeans and a t-shirt.

After a brief conversation, she invited me over to her house which was only a street away. It seems that her dad had just purchased a dozen new comic books; that was just another thing we had in common. Now I was a little leery about dropping by as her father was a massive hulk of a man that never seemed to smile.

True to my fears her dad fixed me with an angry stare as when I entered his kitchen until he recognised me. I'm sure he was asking himself what this nineteen-year-old male was doing with his little girl.

It was my love of comic books that saved me. After a brief discussion about characters and current storylines he tossed us a couple of comics and we commence reading. Dani would occasionally make comments about the printed conversations and illustrations and I was once again surprised that her sense of humour was almost a carbon copy of mine.

"Have you noticed that despite the number of times Lois Lane is seen falling that her skirt never flies up? Don't they know how to draw a girl's panties?" Dani asked.

"Maybe she forgot to wear them and the artist is saving her from embarrassment," I responded. 

"Or maybe she forgot to shave," Dani commented as she glanced at her lap.

We start laughing and her dad gave us both dirty looks and we kept our comments to ourselves. Her dad was called to the phone and left the table just as Dani and I were finishing up our reading. As she placed her finished Superman comic in the centre of the table she gave a laugh.

"What's so funny? I questioned.

She pointed to the cover of her comic which featured a drawing of Lex Luthor, the bald supervillain and constant nemesis of Superman.

"My little cousin was over yesterday and was reading another comic book with Lex Luthor on the cover. When he finished he gave me a long hard look and then the cover.

"You know, I'd like to see you bald," he said to me.

"So would I kid," I responded giving him a salute.

I laughed and blushed at this sexual innuendo.

As we laughed I took in the sight of the nipples on her firm breasts pushing against the fabric of her thin t-shirt. If she was aware of my stare she said nothing and invited me out back to see the pool. It was the largest in-ground pool I had ever seen outside of a motel complete with a privacy fence.

"You should come over and we could spend the day swimming," she told me.

"As long as your parents don't mind," I responded.

"They won't. But I'll guarantee that my brother will just happen to drop by for lunch at the request of my dad.

"Why?" I asked.

"To make sure you're not on top of me and humping me to heaven," she answered with a laugh and once again her nipples pushed against the front of her t-shirt. 

"Tomorrow then," I affirmed.

"Good. We can meet you at your uncle's as I'm scheduled to babysit for them during the day while your aunt is out running errands," she said before her dad's voice called her into the house.

Flushed with anticipation I headed back to my uncle's house to recover my motorcycle and head for home. Now, I hated all the sports that regular young men fancy, but I have always loved swimming and it would be an opportunity to see Dani in a bikini.

The following day I headed to my uncle's at around ten and found Dani at the kitchen table reading a comic. She was once again was clad in cutoff blue jeans except that this time her bikini top was visible under an open shirt that was tied just under her boobs. It took only little imagination on my part to believe that it was her underwear.

My aunt appeared around ten thirty and we stood to leave. The moment Dani was out the door my new aunt grabbed my arm and spun me around so I was facing her. She then spoke to me in a soft voice so my little cousins didn't hear.

"My niece is sweet and innocent and I'd like her to stay that way for a while," she informed me.

"I'm just going swimming," I responded before exiting the house.

I mounted my motorcycle and drove around the block to Dani's house. She was already poolside and shed her clothing to reveal a bright red bikini.

"I thought you got lost," was her greeting to me when I appeared.

"Naw, my aunt had words with me," I responded as I took in the sight of her stretched out on a chaise lounger.

"What kind of word?" she asked.

"A statement about you being sweet and innocent and her wish that you remain that way," I answered.

"They must think I'm some kind of slut and really have no room to talk. I've heard the stories about them in their teens. Compared to them I'm an angel," she responded.

Just as my jeans reached my knees, Dani leapt off her lounger and pushed me into the water. When I surfaced sputtering for air I grabbed her by the closest slim ankle and pulled her in. She surfaced mere inches from me and pushed her firm bikini clad tits against my chest. She then dunked my head under the water and swam to the diving board.

We spent the day doing cannonballs and can openers off the springboard in between laying in the Sun soaking up its rays to improve our tans, this was my favourite part of the day. While we were stretched out on our stomachs I was able to take long lingering looks at Dani's firm butt and long silky looking legs glistening with suntan oil. My sunglasses prevented her from seeing what my eyes were focused on when we were talking.

Her older brother had indeed stopped by a couple of times to allegedly grab some lunch, but we knew what was going on. We were sure that his father asked him to stop by and check up on us and ensure that we were really swimming and I was not trying to ball his daughter poolside.

One time we saw his car turn into the driveway and decided to have some fun. We sat on the tiled deck and peeked through the slats of the fence. When we saw him enter the back yard Dani commenced to make some of the sexiest moans I had ever heard.

"Oh yeah, baby. That's how I like it," she repeated in between moans.

Her brother hurried to the fence and glanced over the top. The smirk left his face when he found us sitting on the tile still in our suits.

"Surprise," was all she said as she smiled up at him.

Soon his visits stopped as her dad was satisfied with his reports of all we were doing was swimming, but there was so much more going on that they didn't know about. As Dani grew even more comfortable around me she made bolder moves. More than once as I was attempting to climb out of the pool on the deep end Dani squeezed between me and the ladder.

As she exited the pool she rubbed her bikini-clad butt against my front. On the third time she did this I placed on hands on her slender waist and held her in place as I rubbed my crotch against her. She responded by pushing her butt backwards and increased the pressure of our bodies against each other. I wondered if she could feel my erection against the crack of her butt.

Another time as she rubbed her bottom against me I gently ran my hands over her pert breasts, marvelling at their firmness and the feeling of her silky cups under my hands. She gave me no indication that she wanted me to kiss her so I didn't try. I was happy with this little erotic routine we performed and new moves were added on each visit.

The storm had come out of nowhere as storms in the Midwest usually do. In the space of five minutes, the day went from sunny and cloudless to dark with thick black storm clouds moving in. Soon high winds along with thunder and lightning appeared and I helped Dani crank the pool cover on and store all the deck furniture as the sheets of cold rainwater covered us. Once complete we made a mad dash to the basement through the sliding glass doors.

Their basement was as large as their house and featured one large room and four smaller rooms. Dani walked into one of the smaller rooms giving me the opportunity to remove my cold wet bathing suit and wrap my oversized beach towel around me. Over the crashing thunder I heard Dani say something, but due to the din of the storm, I wasn't sure what she said. So I headed into the room where I knew she was and asked her to repeat herself.

"What did you say?" I said as I walked in.

It's when I turned the corner that everything changed. Dani had already removed her top and was in the process for sliding down her tiny bikini bottoms when I entered. I'm sure that my mouth hung open as my eyes grew wide and I stared at her with unblinking eyes. Dani didn't stop her movement and scream at me to get out, she gave me a shy smile and continued sliding her bottoms off. When she finished she stood up straight and approached me while holding her tiny bottoms in her hands covering her crotch.

"I said that I was going to take a shower," she repeated as she allowed her tiny bikini bottoms to fall from her hands.

I had no reply as busy taking in the sight of her beautiful teenage body. Her pert breasts had dark brown areolas and were not as pale as most of the ones I had seen during Summer. It meant that she had sunbathed topless and that excited me.  It was the landing strip of hair between her firm tanned thighs that commanded my full attention.

My teenage cock grew harder under the towel as I drank in her beauty. Dani's soft brown eyes fell to the sight of my cock pushing against the terrycloth covering. We were mere centimetres apart and I could feel her erect nipples touching mine along with the heat of her body.

"Care to join me?" Dani asked.

"During a thunderstorm? Isn't that dangerous?" was the only thing I could think to say.

"Dad had the house grounded so I think we are safe," she responded as her hand tugged at my towel.

The towel fell to the floor and my erect cock was now visible. A wave of embarrassment fell over me and I instinctively covered it with my hands. The few times I had sex I was always under the sheets of a bed so nothing was visible. Dani gave me another soft smile before her hands gently circled my wrists and pulled them apart. She allowed a finger to run the length of my cock before she took me by the hand and led me to the shower stall.

Once inside with the hot water streaming down on us we covered each other with soap and commenced to rub. Her young firm breasts made slippery by the soap felt wonderful under my hands and Dani gave a slight moan at the feeling of my hands across her swollen nipples.

She ran her small hands down my arms and then across my chest. When I stopped to grab more soap she pressed her warm and soapy body against mine and pressed her lips to me. What started out as gentle kiss soon turned into a tongue sucking frenzy and Dani embraced me and commenced rubbing her slippery body against mine.

She ended the kiss and turned her back to me and bowed slightly at the waist. Now I had never done a girl in the standing up or in the shower, but instinct seemed to guide me. I directed my hard cock in the general direction of her pussy and thankfully Dani reached around and guided me inside.

Dani let loose a long soft moan as my rod pushed inside her wet tunnel. Not being blessed with a massive cock Dani bent forward a little more so I could be fully inserted. She placed her hands on the faucets to steady herself as I placed my hands on her slender hips as I began to push and retract my cock from her warm and wet inside.

I lost track of the number of orgasms that shook her slender body accompanied by the sexiest moans I had ever heard. Finally, I felt the familiar tingling in my balls that told me that my orgasm was soon to arrive.

"Dani. I'm going to cum," said over her moans and the thunder.

She stood up and my cock slid out of her. Dani then spun around and took hold of my rock hard manhood as she knelt down. I watched as she commenced to rub the sensitive head against her breasts and nipples in between urging me to shoot. I emptied the contents of my balls on her breasts and she moaned at the sight of it.

Dani stood up and we held each other tight as our lips met and our tongues commenced to dance in each other's mouths. The shower was turned off and we exited and grabbed our beach towels to dry off and then dress in the clothes we wore earlier. The storm was moving out of the area and the thunder and rain were lessening.

We took seats on the opposite ends of the long couch in the rumpus room. The silence was deafening as I watched her dry her long hair. When she finished she slid closer and rested her head on my chest as I placed my arm around her.

"That was fantastic and doing it in the shower was definitely a first," she commented.

"Same here," I replied.

"Do you know I wanted you on the day we met. I saw you staring at my tits when you thought no one was looking and it was a turn on," she admitted.

"Do you know that I wanted to take you out to my car and do you in the backseat while you still had that dress on," I confessed.

"I wish you'd have said something," Dani replied.

"With your and my brothers sitting there?" I asked.

"Well that dress is just hanging in my closet and I'm waiting for an excuse to wear it. Maybe I found one," Dani replied with a wicked smile.

"You'd wear it just for me?" I asked as I felt my heart begin to beat rapidly.

"Yes, complete with full makeup and heels. But there is something you have to do for me," she stated.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Buying some condoms are on the top of the list," she told me.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Tell me that you love oral sex," she responded in a soft voice with her cheeks colouring.

"I love it," I responded hugging her even tighter.

"Giving or receiving?" she questioned.

"Both," I answered as I watched her nipples push against her thin shirt.

We didn't feel like swimming any longer and as soon as the rain stopped I bid her goodbye and headed in the direction of my place, stopping at the drug store long enough to purchase some condoms. By the time I reached my room, I was as hard as a rock again and I recalled us in the shower 

I lost my jeans and flopped on my bed. I grabbed my hard cock and recalled her looks and touch while we were in the shower. What pushed me over the edge was the thought of seeing Dani in her cocktail dress and heels again. I pulled the covers over my naked body without bothering to clean up.

As I feel asleep visions of Dani danced in my mind and I couldn't wait to see what the rest of the Summer would bring.


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