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Harder Works

Leila is spanked and caned by her much younger girlfriend, and they turn a corner

Leila was wincing as she heard Amy going upstairs and into her bedroom to get the cane. Still, it was for the best, she kept telling herself.

Leila and Amy had been seeing each other for six months, and, although, in love, Amy was getting increasingly unhappy about Leila’s poor behaviour. The weariness had started three months ago when Amy suggested she would call an end to their affair if Leila didn’t buck her ideas up.

Leila knew her poor attitude had lost her several girlfriends over the years. She had made promise after promise to be a better person, but kept on failing as something always happened that made her forget her promises and she thought about herself first and her girlfriend second.

Amy was eighteen-years-old but was very mature for her age. In fact, she found other girls her own age too immature and quickly developed a liking for women her mum’s age. Leila fitted the bill admirably as she was forty-one-years-old and a manager in a travel agents office, who initially came across as a maternal figure who was responsible and thoughtful. However, that early facade soon fell away.

After three months Amy was constantly reminding Leila about things she had forgotten, like birthdays, or shopping she said she would get. Amy initially checked Leila’s diary for such things, but soon felt as though she was being used.

Amy soon realised that it was actually she who was taking the lead role in the relationship, although didn’t mind, at first. Then Leila started to snap at her even though Amy was picking up the balls that she had dropped.

One day, when Leila was late and they were going to miss the start of the film they had decided to see, Amy snapped back and said, “Now look here, Leila, its you who are late. I can tell you, I know plenty of people who would get their bottoms spanked for being as late as you and then snapping at me.”

Amy meant the rebuke as a wake up call, and wasn’t expecting Leila’s tearful response. “Are you going to spank me, Amy?”

Amy froze for a moment and then responded immediately, “Yes I am, Leila. Come with me,” and clasped her by the upper arm and guided her towards the dining table. Amy actually expected Leila to pull her arm away at any moment, but she didn’t, and allowed herself to be walked like a naughty girl until they got to the table. Amy kept a hold of Leila’s arm as she turned a chair into the room and sat down. She looked up at Leila and ordered, “Lift your dress up and lower your knickers.” She let go of Leila’s arm and still expected her to move away, but she didn’t.

Leila dreaded the thought of Amy spanking her but knew she needed something to help her change her increasingly selfish attitude or else lose Amy’s friendship. So, she did didn’t resist as Leila guided her towards the dining table, nor when ordered to bare her bottom. She pulled the hem of her dress up above her waist and slipped her thumbs into the elastic of her knickers and pushed them down to her knees before standing up straight holding her dress hem above her waist.

She looked from Amy’s stern stare to her bare thighs and back to her stern stare again, and when she heard the instruction, “Get across my lap, Leila,” she eased herself down and lowered her full weight across Amy’s bare thighs. Her bare tummy felt warm on Amy’s bare thighs but she knew her bottom would soon be much warmer and would sting as she remembered what it was like to be spanked. She gasped as she felt Amy’s hand rubbing her bottom and whilst again dreading the pain to come, she just told herself it was for the best.

Amy felt Leila’s bare tummy resting on her bare thighs and was still amazed that she was looking down at her bare bottom across her lap. Surely she would force herself up, Amy told herself, yet Leila stayed where she was even as her bottom was being rubbed. Amy wondered what to do but quickly decided that as Leila was being so selfish their relationship was at a turning point and, just maybe, a spanking would get Leila back on track. So, Amy raised her hand and brought her open palm down on Leila’s far bare bottom cheek. She saw Leila’s bottom cheek flatten and then bounce back and heard Leila’s gasp, and didn’t hesitate to spank her other bare bottom cheek. Leila again gasped but stayed in position and so Amy continued to land spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks turning them both darker and darker shades of red.

Leila felt the first spank and winced and gasped and then gasped again with the second spank. She shook her head in disbelief that she was being spanked but looked at Amy’s upside down legs and her own dangling under the far side of the chair and knew it was really happening. After about a dozen spanks Leila felt her bottom starting to sting and as she looked at Amy’s upside down legs saw her muscles tense and knew yet another spank was on its way.

Amy was anxious at first but as Leila stayed across her lap and she continued to land spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks she told herself that spanking Leila was making her feel good and that maybe it was the way to go to make their relationship more fulfilling. So, as Amy spanked Leila harder and harder and turned her bottom cheeks brighter and brighter red, she told herself this was for both their goods.

At the start of the spanking, Leila hated the humiliation of being across Amy’s lap but as the spanking continued she told herself worse things could happen, like breaking up with Amy, and so willed the spanking to continue and to teach her a lesson. She knew it was having an effect as she now saw the backs of Amy’s upside down legs were blurred and she felt tears running down her face. Good, she thought, as she let out another gasp as Amy started to spank the backs of her legs.

Amy didn’t even stop for a breather as she continued to land spank after spank on Leila’s now very red bottom cheeks. Even so, she started to spank the backs of Leila’s legs and turned them slowly but surely the same glowing red as she had already turned her bottom cheeks. She heard Leila’s increasingly loud and extended sobbing with lots of, “Ow ... ow ... ooowww’s,” and did start to wonder if she had spanked her chummy mummy girlfriend too long or too hard. She smiled to herself, though, as she thought how Leila was her chummy mummy, as, right now, it was she who was the maternal authority and it was Leila who was subject to her maternal discipline.

Once Amy saw that the backs of Leila’s legs were the same glowing red as her bottom she decided she had spanked her long enough, and maybe too long. Suddenly concerned that Leila would hate her for spanking her, she rubbed her bottom a few times whilst looking carefully and with concern at the back of Leila’s head, and then said, “You can get up, Leila.” She did add, after a moment, in a stern tone of voice, “I hope you have learned your lesson.”

Leila was still sniffing back tears as she eased herself up from Amy’s lap. As she stood her hands flew to her bottom and she rubbed her stinging cheeks. However, that only lasted a few seconds as she realised that, actually, the pain wasn’t so bad, although the humiliation was worse. Still, she kept a hold of her bottom cheeks to make it look like she was struggling, and looked at Amy waiting for her reaction.

Amy watched as Leila rubbed her bottom frantically and stood with her hands clutching her bottom cheeks and her dress still above her waist and her knickers still at her knees, leaving her hair mound on show. Amy was again worried that she had spanked Leila too hard and that she would stop loving her, and looked anxiously at her tear stained face. To try to find out how Leila felt Amy stood up and held her arms open wide.

Leila sighed with relief when Amy held her arms open and happily fell into them, saying a tearful, “I am so sorry, Amy. I won’t be as selfish again, I promise.”

Amy was relieved that Leila seemed to have accepted the spanking and wasn’t shouting at her, and even said, as a joke, “So if you are selfish or forgetful again you’ll get another spanking.”

Leila bit her lip, still thankful Amy wasn’t going to break off with her, and, as the spanking didn’t even hurt anymore, said, “I understand, Amy, and agree you should spank me again if you think I need it.” She smirked, though, as she reckoned a few moments pain and the humiliation of going across her young girlfriend’s lap would be more than worth it if it meant she could get away with thinking of herself first.

That spanking was three months ago, and Amy was realising more and more that whilst she spanked Leila often enough, her selfish attitude wasn’t changing much. So, having just spanked her yet again, she looked questioningly at Leila and asked, “I don’t think just spanking you is working, Leila. What punishment would you hate more?”

Leila was also worried that her selfishness was not even just standing still but was getting worse, and now she really was worried about losing Amy. She had thought over the last couple of weeks that she really did need a punishment that would make her think about Amy more, and now she was asked the question she knew what she had to do. “I really really hated the cane.” She gasped as she said it, knowing just how true her statement was.

Amy thought for a moment and asked, “You were caned at school?”

Leila admitted, “Only at sixth form college, by the headmistress. She made us sit outside her study as she caned other girls and we saw them crying and rubbing their bottoms afterwards, before the next girl was called in. So, we all knew the girls outside heard our cries and it was just so humiliating.”

Amy was quite taken by Leila’s admission, and wanted to know more. “Were you spanked first?”

Leila blushed as she knew she had to admit everything to Amy. “No, just caned over our skirts.”

Amy asked, “Were you caned on your bare bottom?”

Leila blushed still as she replied, “No, but I am sure being caned on my bare bottom would be far worse.”

Amy let the comment sink in before saying, “So, if I caned you then the punishment would be more likely to be effective than a spanking?”

Leila was again on the point of tears but was fighting to save her relationship. “Yes, Amy, much more effective.”

Amy then asked, “Being disciplined in front of your friends or my friends would also be even more effective, then?”

Leila hated being humiliated more than being spanked, but nodded her head and replied dolefully, “Yes, Amy, much more effective.”

Just then the doorbell rang. Amy knew that Leila’s friend, Melissa, was coming over and they were going to go shopping together. Amy looked at Leila and decided to try out the humiliation aspect, and ordered, “Do not cover yourself up,” and she went and opened the door for Melissa.

When Melissa went into the living room and saw Leila with her dress above her waist and her knickers around her ankles, she knew her friend had been spanked. They had discussed being spanked several times, and Melissa assumed that Leila had just been spanked judging from her tear stained face. She felt for her, as she had just been spanked by her own girlfriend, eighteen-year-old Lucy, just before coming over, and her bottom was still stinging. However, like Leila, she found a hand spanking relatively easy to deal with.

Amy followed Melissa into the room and said, “I’ve just spanked Leila, but we are discussing the need for her to be caned.”

Melissa was shocked as she repeated in a surprised tone, “Caned?” She hated the thought of being caned and would be horrified if that were imposed on her, and wondered whether she was about to see Leila being caned, and as she wondered she unconsciously rubbed her own bottom.

Amy saw Melissa’s reaction and wondered if she was spanked at home. She knew she had a girlfriend who was also a teenager, and asked, “Have you been spanked today, Melissa?”

Melissa blushed which told Amy the answer, and Melissa admitted, “I have, Amy. Lucy spanks me as often as you spank Leila.”

“Do you learn from it, Melissa, as Leila seems to cope pretty well when I spank her?” Amy asked.

Melissa was still blushing as she replied, “Lucy spanks me really hard, Amy,” which didn’t answer the question, of course.

Amy wanted to press Melissa, but reckoned that, first, she needed to get on and cane Leila with Melissa watching, so there would be the pain of the hated cane, and the humiliation of being watched. She could always press Melissa for a proper answer afterwards.

Amy announced, “I know Leila has a cane in her cupboard. She got it for a teacher student fancy dress party and told the shop she had lost it, but later found it, and as she had paid the shop for it decided to keep it. I am going to go and get it, but do not talk whilst I am out of the room.” Amy had seen the cane in Leila’s cupboard from time to time and had wondered why she had wanted to have one, and so maybe it was believing that one day it would be used on her?

Melissa bit her lip as she looked at Leila who was obeying the instruction not to talk. Melissa found Amy a tough young lady and knew Leila was right to obey her orders. The thing was, being caned was her own worst nightmare, and she knew that Leila hated the thought as well, so wondered what would now happen.

Amy came back downstairs and back into the living room holding the hook-ended thick bamboo cane.

Melissa saw Leila blanche when she saw the cane but also saw she didn’t move or attempt to beg for it not to be used.

Amy was decisive and ordered, “Bend over the end of the dining table, Leila, and grab both sides of the table as far up as you can. I will be giving you six strokes.”

Leila let out a sob but waddled over to the table and obediently bent over and held both sides knowing her bottom cheeks were now stretched. She hated the thought of being caned, and the added humiliation of being caned with Melissa watching, but told herself it was probably the last resort to save her relationship with Amy.

Melissa watched Leila bend over the table and saw that her bottom and legs were bright red from her spanking, and reckoned that a caning over an already spanked bottom would be a horrendous experience. However, it looked to her that Leila was going to take the caning.

Amy watched Leila bend over the table and flexed the cane in her hands weighing up what to do. On the one hand, Leila had almost asked to be caned as she knew her selfish attitude was ruining their relationship, whilst, on the other hand, was it right to use the cane in a personal relationship like theirs?

Leila kept hold of the table and glanced around and saw Amy flexing the cane and knew she was hesitating. She knew, though, she needed the added incentive of a caning to change, and, although she was happy for Amy to be the dominant woman in their relationship, she knew she had to tell her that caning her was the right thing to do. So, still bent over the table, she looked at Amy and said, “It’s for the best so make them hard.”

Amy froze as she heard Leila’s plea, but knew she was right and that she had to cane her. She became decisive again and told Melissa, “Stand at the end so you can see her face and make sure her hands stay clasping the table.”

Melissa didn’t argue with Amy’s, ‘Do as I say,’ tone of voice and immediately did as she was told and stood looking at Leila’s tear-filled eyes.

Amy went and positioned herself and rubbed the cane from side to side across Leila’s bottom, reminding herself that Leila had asked to be caned even after her spanking, and so must have found being spanked too easy to cope with. Amy could understand that, she supposed, and so knew she had to make each stroke so hard that Leila would take a long time to recover. So, resolute, she pulled the cane back, focussed on Leila’s so beautiful bottom, and whipped the cane down, landing the cane halfway down her bottom cheeks, and watched as the cane was engulfed in Leila’s so kissable bottom cheeks before spewing the cane back out and bouncing and cascading around as the red welt appeared.

Leila felt the cane being rubbed across her bottom cheeks, and when it wasn’t any more knew she was about to get the first cane stroke she had had since leaving college, only this time it was on her bare already spanked bottom rather than over her school dress and knickers. When the cane bit into her bottom she shrieked as the pain so was so intense, shook her head and hissed in and out through clenched teeth, and fought to keep a hold of the table.

Melissa saw Leila struggle and, to help, put her hands on Leila’s to try to keep her in place, which she managed to do.

Amy was sure the cane stroke must have hurt but remained resolute, pulled her arm back, and whipped the cane down for the second stroke. She saw Leila shake her head fiercely and heard her hissing breath, but knew she had to keep on caning her for both their goods. As the second red welt developed she pulled the cane back and landed it a third time just below the other two strokes and, once again, heard and saw Leila’s pain-filled reactions.

Melissa clasped Leila’s wrists to help keep her bent over as she saw the look of intense pain on Leila’s face as the fourth stroke landed and the pained way she threw her head back and gargled her shriek before again shaking her head from side to side, and how her knuckles whitened as she fought to keep hold of the table. Surely such pain was unfair, she told herself, before remembering the conversation just yesterday when Leila told her she really wanted to keep her relationship with Amy and needed a better incentive than just a hard spanking.

Amy landed the fifth stroke just below the fourth and winced at the pain-filled cries Leila made, but still remained resolute as she brought the cane down, with the hardest stroke of all, just below the fifth stroke. She was glad the caning was over, although did find the six raised red welts erotically sexy on Laura’s already sexy red bottom cheeks.

Leila knew the caning was over and the calm enabled her to cry more freely and, in fact, uncontrollably. Hopefully, the caning would do its job and be a constant reminder to her to put Amy before her own selfish wishes, although she was concerned that once the stinging pain had gone she might revert. Still, she had to make sure she reminded herself that she would be caned again if she didn’t improve, and, actually, that helped as she would get another chance if she was caned again.

Amy put the cane down and rubbed Leila’s bottom and loved the feel of the welts and realised, also, that she was much calmer now than after just spanking Leila. Was that because this time it was a proper punishment that left her feeling that she had given Leila a good lesson that she would remember for a lot longer than a spanking? She wasn’t sure, but found herself happily rubbing the inside of Leila’s thigh and brushing her fingers along her pussy lips which she found were as wet as they were when she fingered Leila when they made out. Did that mean Leila was aroused by the caning, or by having her bottom and thighs rubbed, or, did it mean that Leila had learned her lesson and was a good girl again? Not sure which, or either, she tapped Leila’s bottom and said, “Get up, Leila, you’re caning is over.”

Leila pushed herself up and, when standing, her hands rushed to her bottom and this time she knew she was rubbing and clutching her bottom because it stung so horribly. She certainly hadn’t coped at all well with the caning and hoped she never earned another caning. However, that thought quickly changed with the realisation that the hard caning was exactly what she needed to change her selfish attitude, and even whilst rubbing her bottom she said a heartfelt, “I am so sorry, Amy. Thank you for caning me and I know you will again if I deserve it.”

Amy remembered Leila saying the same after her first spanking, but the tone of voice was very different and she knew Leila meant it this time. So, Amy decided there and then that in future she would first spank and then cane Leila whenever her selfish tendencies returned.

Melissa saw Leila’s reaction both in regard to her pain-filled eyes and make-up stained face, but also the love that Amy clearly had for her. She even admitted that the caning had been good for both Amy and Leila and wondered whether she should get Leila to speak to Lucy about getting a cane for her use. However, seeing Amy and Leila kiss passionately told her it was time to leave them to their love-making.

Amy kept control and led Leila to their bedroom where they both undressed and lay under the covers, caressing each other and kissing and sucking each other's very wet pussies, and brought each other to the most wonderful orgasms.

Both Amy and Leila saw today as a turning point in their relationship, and both knew the cane would be used again and again, but hopefully less often as time passed by and Leila really did change her ways.

Amy held her arms open and Leila fell into them and hugged Amy’s neck and loved how she rubbed and squeezed her bottom cheeks. She was going to try really hard, she told herself.

Amy smiled as she kissed Leila on the cheek and said, “I do love you, and I think we have found what will keep us together.”

Leila smiled and hugged Amy even harder. “I so love you as well, Amy, and the stricter you are the better.”

Amy was glad that Leila had admitted she had coped with the spankings but hated the thought of the cane. It was brave to make that admission, but now it was made and the cane would be a standard implement to be used, which would help save their relationship, and, indeed, secure it.

All in all, it had been an eventful day, but one that both Amy and Leila knew was bound to be repeated, even with

However, what they both knew, intuitively, was that with Amy in disciplinary control with an implement, the cane, that Leila both hated and respected, that it was a sign of true love, and that was the moment they both understood that they had an unbreakable love for each other.


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