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My wife and the fixer upper part four

Will they or won't they finally make love?

Christy had showered by the time that I got out of bed the following morning. She had just put her sexy white bra and thong on and was stepping into her cotton dress when I told her to keep her dress off for a while.

“Eat breakfast in your lingerie,” I suggested, “Let him see you eat breakfast in just your bra and thong.

“Okay I will,” Christy smiled, “You know that I love being undressed in front of him.”

We went to the kitchen and, James was already up, he had made coffee and his eyes popped when he saw my wife in just her sexy, white, bra and thong.

Christy walked to him and kissed him gently on his lips, I got an instant erection when I saw his hands on the waistband of her sexy thong.

She drank her coffee and ate some toast before James told us that, he needed to get to his house because he had a delivery of building supplies arriving early that morning.

Christy, still in only her bra and thong, walked him to the front door, I watched as they had four quick kisses followed by a ten-second kiss, I was surprised to see that his hands were now below the waistband of her thong; his hands were touching the top of her cheeks.

“See you in about an hour,” Christy said, as James opened the front door.

“Okay sweetheart,” James replied as he kissed her one more time, his hands, once again, were below the waistband of her sexy thong.

The front door was wide open as James left, and Christy waved him goodbye.

Suddenly, I realized that she was standing at the open front door in just her sexy bra and thong!

”Christy, you only have your bra and thong on,” I said as she waved goodbye to James, “Cars are driving past and they can see you.”

“So, you both keep telling me how beautiful my body is, let them look!” Christy smiled as she closed the door.

“Then maybe the next time he stays here, you should eat breakfast in the nude,” I joked.

“Maybe I will!”

“And you could have given him a proper kiss in front of me, I would like to see that,” I smiled, “I think it would make him feel more at ease if you kissed passionately in front of me.”

“Okay, I will from now on.”

A couple of minutes later, there was a knock at the door; I opened it to see James standing there.

“What’s up bud?” I said as I invited him in.

“Stupid me, I left my house keys here,” James laughed as he walked in.

Christy came from the kitchen, still only wearing her bra and thong and asked what was wrong. I told her that James had left his house keys here and he went to the bedroom to get them.

“Now’s your chance to kiss him properly in front of me,” I whispered.

James came from the bedroom with his house keys and apologized for disturbing us again, Christy told him not to worry as they walked to the front door again.

“He only wanted to get another look at you,” I teased.

“He can see me without my clothes on, anytime he wants!” Christy teased back.

I was standing at the kitchen entrance and had an unrestricted view of the front door and, as James went to open it, Christy called his name.

“Come here,” Christy said, and James turned around, Christy threw her arms around his neck and pulled his face to hers, she gave him a big deep, tongue tasting passionate kiss, and she pulled his hands to her thong covered ass.

They were sideways on to me and, I saw their tongues taste each other as their mouths locked together for a second kiss. I offloaded some pre-cum when I saw him squeeze her ass as they kissed.

Finally, they released each other and I knew that I had to say something.

“Well, that was more than just a quick kiss on the lips,” I joked.

Christy looked at me and smiled, “Yes Gary, that, was a proper kiss!”

James still had his hands on her cheeks.

“You’ll make me cry if I don’t get one like that when I leave,” I joked.

James smiled and I knew then, that he felt more relaxed.

“You will Gary, I wouldn’t leave you out,” Christy joked, “You get to kiss me like that all the time; James doesn’t get to kiss me like that very often, so we seize the opportunity whenever we can.”

“I’m not stopping you,” I teased, “Kiss like that whenever you like, it doesn’t bother me.”

James breathed a huge sigh of relief and Christy replied, “We will then, thank you. Expect a kiss like that when I get to your house then James.”

“Okay!” James smiled.

“And every time we meet! Christy smiled.”

“Maybe have your dress on though babe,” I joked.

“I might do,” Christy teased, “Then again, I might do as you suggested and work in the nude today!”

Christy was feeling very hot and it showed.

“That’s your choice, it doesn’t matter to me,” I smiled, “But you’ll be naked when you get your massage later, won’t you?”

“Yes I will, but, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be naked throughout the day as well does it?” Christy teased, “Am I only allowed to be naked with him once per day?”

James and I laughed and I hugged her tightly.

“Honey, you can be naked with him as many times during the day as you wish,” I teased, “You can be naked all day and every day with him and it wouldn’t bother me.”

“Did you hear that James?” Christy smiled, “I can be naked in front of you as often as we want.”

“I heard,” James, smiled.

“And, we’ll kiss like that when I’m naked,” Christy teased.

James smiled before he left us to get back to his house, and Christy told him that she would be there soon.

“Thanks, Gary,” Christy smiled as she kissed me, “I think he got the message.”

“He’d better have got the message,” I joked, “I couldn’t have made it any clearer if I’d said, please fuck my wife.”

Christy put her dress on and I told her that James could sleep here every night till his house is finished.

“I’ll tell him this morning, thanks Gary,” Christy smiled, “But I won’t let him fuck me here while you’re here.”

“I understand honey, but he can still sleep here, at least till his house is livable.”


I left her and went to work and, as usual, I called her throughout the day to see how her day was going and, when I got home at six fifteen, she was already in the shower so I stripped naked and joined her.

“Did you work in the nude today?” I asked.

“No, but I did kiss him properly when I got there and when I left at five o’clock.”

She sunk to her knees and sucked me off in the shower; she swallowed every drop of my love juice.

We dried ourselves and got dressed, Christy wore a bright red sexy bra and thong under a short red cotton dress and, she looked sensational.

“I’m trying to convince him to stay here again tonight,” Christy told me as we sat down to eat.

“He’s welcome to stay here Christy, what time do you think that you’ll be home from your massage?” I asked.

“I should only be two to three hours, I should be home by at least ten o’clock,” Christy replied, “And hopefully he will be with me, I hate thinking that he’s sleeping in that messed up, cold bedroom at his house.”

“Do you want me to call you at nine forty-five?” I asked, “In case you forget the time.”

“Oh yes please Gary, would you?”

“Of course, that’ll give you fifteen minutes to get your clothes back on and stuff.”

Christy kissed me passionately before she left at seven o’clock and, I told her to have fun.

I cleared the dinner dishes into the dishwasher and tidied the house before I watched a movie, and at nine forty-five, I called her.

“Hi honey, it’s a quarter to ten,” I said.

“Okay Gary thanks, I’m just about to get dressed.”

“Is James coming back with you?”

“I’m trying to make him, I’ll put the phone on speaker phone and you tell him,” Christy replied as she put her cell phone on speaker.

“James, you are more than welcome to stay here bud, we don’t like you sleeping in that cold messed up house,” I shouted.

“But I don’t want to be a nuisance to you both,” James shouted, “You’re both doing so much for me already.”

“James, you are family, get your butt around here,” I said in my most dominant voice, trying to be forceful.

“Yes sir,” James laughed.

Christy’s phone was still on speaker and she called out, “Thank you, Gary, he wouldn’t listen to me.”

I laughed, “At least someone listens to me. How long will you be?”

Christy shouted to the phone, “I just have to put my clothes back on and we’ll be there.”

“What clothes do you need to put back on,” I replied, “You were only wearing three things, your dress, bra, and thong.”

Christy laughed, “My dress, my bra, and my thong then.”

“Oh, you’re still naked then?” I laughed down the phone.

“Yes!” Christy laughed, “I’m still naked and James is teasing me, he won’t give me my bra and thong back.”

I laughed down the phone and I heard her shout in the distance to James, to give them back to her. Seconds later, I heard her shout to me, to tell him to give her bra and thong back to her.

She picked up her phone and she laughed, “Gary, tell him to give me my bra and thong, I’m chasing him around the bedroom and he won't give them to me”

“Are you still naked then?” I shouted so that she could hear me.

“Yes, completely naked and he won’t give me my clothes.”

I laughed hard as I pictured her, chasing James around the bedroom in the nude.

“I’m laying the phone back on the bed while I try to get my clothes back,” Christy said.

I heard playful shouting in the background as she chased James again, “Give them to me.”

Then I distinctly heard James say, “Kiss me and I’ll give them to you.”

Then there was silence for at least a minute before Christy picked up her phone again.

“Okay Gary, I’ve finally got them now, let me get my clothes back on and we’ll be home, I love you,” Christy laughed.”

“Okay, be careful and, I love you too.”

We ended our call and I noticed that I had a very big erection. I could picture in my mind, my wife in the nude, chasing James around his bedroom, trying to get her clothes from him.

They arrived home about twenty minutes later, they were still laughing as they came in. Christy kissed me deeply and James thanked me.

“He wouldn’t give me my bra and thong,” Christy laughed, “He kept holding them above his head and I couldn’t reach them, I even tried jumping to reach them.”

I laughed and gave James a high five to tell him, well done.

“I bet your tits were bouncing when you jumped up,” I teased

“It’s not funny,” Christy joked, “I thought that I was going to have to drive home in the nude.”

“I would have given them back to you sweetheart,” James smiled, “I wouldn’t have let you drive home naked.”

Christy pulled James to her face and kissed him passionately in front of me and, as she did, she moved his hands to her ass. I watched as their tongues entwined as they kissed deeply and I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture of them kissing.

“What are you doing?” Christy smiled.

“I can blackmail you both now,” I joked, “I have it on file.”

Christy broke from her kiss and playfully slapped my arm.

“Good job you weren’t at James’s just now with your camera then,” Christy joked, “Me, completely naked and chasing him around his bedroom trying to get my clothes back.

“You didn’t put your dress on first?” I asked jokingly.

“No Gary, I was completely naked and chasing him around the bedroom,” Christy joked, “Finally he said to me, if I give him a kiss, he’ll give them back to me.”

James and I laughed.

“I would have asked for a blow job myself,” I joked.

Christy playfully slapped my arm again and said, “Don’t put ideas into his head; I’ll be back there tomorrow night and naked again.”

“There you go bud,” I high fived James again, “You may get a blow job from it tomorrow.”

James was now feeling very at ease with how things were and joked, “Dang, I should have thought about that tonight.”

“You were too slow,” Christy teased, “You only asked for a kiss.”

“Would you have given him a blow job then?” I teased, “To get your clothes back.

“Yup!” Christy smiled, as she kissed James gently, “But you only asked for a kiss, James.”

James looked stunned and I joked, “You gotta be quicker than that buddy.”

“Now watch, I bet he holds my clothes hostage tomorrow,” Christy joked, “And, I bet he asks for a blowjob before I get them back.”

“There you go James,” I smiled, “I’ve just got you a blowjob from her tomorrow.”

James looked stunned; he couldn’t believe that I was so cool with everything.

Christy kissed him passionately again and whispered loudly enough for me to hear, “I would have sucked you off tonight, but you only asked for a kiss.”

James looked at me and I gave him a thumb’s up to show him that I was okay.

“I’ll remember that tomorrow,” James said softly.

“So, would you really have sucked him off?” I teased.

‘Yes, I would have!” Christy smiled,” I know you wouldn’t have minded, would you?”

“It’s your mouth, not mine,” I teased, I desperately wanted James to feel at ease.


We drank a few glasses of wine before heading to bed and Christy gave James a long passionate kiss outside his bedroom door and I heard her thank him for a wonderful evening before she joined me in our bedroom.

I was already naked and waiting for her and as soon as she joined me, I quickly pulled off her dress and thong while she removed her bra.

We kissed deeply and she thanked me for being so kind and understanding and, for making James feel at ease.

“Did he fuck you tonight?” I whispered.

“No, I’ll tell you all about our evening when we get into bed,” Christy whispered.

“Do you need to take him clean towels?” I asked.

“Oh yes, shall I do that now, like this?” Christy whispered, “Naked.

“Sure babe, I’ll be waiting for you in bed.”

Christy took three towels from the closet and kissed me before heading to James’s bedroom, in the nude again, it was about fifteen minutes before she returned to me.

She slid into bed and grabbed my erection; I asked her what happened when she took the towels into James.

“I placed his towels on the chair and sat on his bed,” Christy explained, “I kissed him and he teased my breasts and nipples and he said that I was the most beautiful girl in the world.”

“How sweet, but you are.”

“He said, he’s so happy that you are not a jealous husband, I told him that you are one of a kind and that you don’t ever have a problem about anything that I do.”

“Was he still playing with your tits while he was talking?”

“Yes Gary and I told him that I can’t stay long, I just wanted to kiss him goodnight again. He kissed and sucked my nipples and moved his hand in between my legs and he pushed his finger into my pussy.”


“Then I pulled back the cover and saw his huge thick cock for the very first time,” Christy panted, “God it’s huge and thick and I touched it.”

“You pulled back the covers; you wanted to see his cock?” I asked.

“Yes, I did! I’ve been aching to see it all week,” Christy replied, “I wanted to see what was soon going into my mouth and pussy.”

“That was the first time that you’d seen or touched it?”

“Yes it was and, I moved my head and kissed it,” Christy panted again, “He groaned, so I gently licked it and he groaned more, so I closed my lips over it and sucked it for a minute.”

“Good girl!” I whispered.

“Please don’t hate me, Gary,” Christy whispered, “His thick cock was very wet and I tasted him.”

“Christy, I don’t hate you, I love you for doing that.”

“I covered him back up and told him that I’d better get back to you and he whispered, thank you,” Christy whispered, “I said softly, maybe tomorrow I’ll do that properly for you.”


“He said, before you go, could you touch yourself again for me?” Christy panted, “I said, you want to see me masturbate again?”

“Oh, good,” I whispered, did you?”

“He said, yes please, I sat on the bed and opened my legs wide,” Christy continued, “I masturbated in front of him again! I fucking masturbated for him again!”

“Great, did you climax?” I asked.

“Yes I did, I climaxed a lot,” Christy whispered, “Then, I pushed my finger inside and collected a lot of my own cum.”


“James moved my finger to my mouth; he wanted me to taste myself again,” Christy whispered, “I opened my mouth and licked my finger clean. I licked my own cum again!”


“Gary, he said, I love seeing you masturbate and taste yourself, I said, James, I love doing that for you.”


“He said, what about Gary? I said, he’s fine, he knows that I want to feel your cock inside me and he said, so do I!”


“I said to him, if Gary had a problem he would have done something by now, He knows that I’m naked with you now every day and, he knows that you give me sensual massages,” Christy went on, “James said, I can’t believe how cool he is with that.”

“That’s good, now he knows,” I replied.

Christy started playing with my erection as she told me about her massage earlier.

She told me that as soon as she got to James’s house, they kissed passionately for almost five minutes before they went to his makeshift bedroom where they kissed again and he pulled down the zipper on her dress.

She slid out of her dress and removed her bra and thong, he didn’t wait for her to get on the bed, he started kissing and sucking her nipples while she was standing there.

She got onto the bed and he started her massage.

“He massaged my neck and shoulders before he moved down to my ass,” Christy told me softly, “He moved to a better position and started teasing my ass again and before long, his finger was inside again.”

She told me that while he was fingering her ass, his other hand was masturbating her clit and he did that for over thirty minutes before she turned over. He played with and kissed and sucked her breasts and nipples for over twenty minutes before he moved down to her pussy.

“He masturbated me for almost fifteen minutes before he used his mouth and tongue on my pussy,” Christy whispered, “He pushed his tongue deep inside me and licked my cum.”

“Perfect,” I whispered.

“Gary, I hope you don’t mind but he asked if he could take a picture of me,” Christy said softly, “I said yes and he took a few pictures of me naked.”

“Of course I don’t mind babe.”

“Then he asked me if he could make a video recording of me stripping naked and I said that he could,” Christy said, “I got dressed for him and he recorded me, removing my dress and bra and thong.”

“He has a video of you undressing?” I asked.

“Yes Gary, do you mind?”

“Of course not, I may ask to watch it tomorrow,” I teased.

“Then, he asked if I would masturbate in front of him again, and I did.”

“Did you cum, when you masturbated for him?” I asked.

“Of course!”

“Did he video you masturbating?” I asked.

“Yes! Do you mind?”

“Of course not,” I smiled.

Christy continued with her account of earlier and she said that after she’d masturbated herself for ten minutes, he went back to licking and fingering her and she climaxed over and over.

“I shouted that I was going to cum again and he just pushed his tongue in deeper,” Christy whispered, “He wanted me to cum on his tongue and I did!”


“I was hoping that we would have made love tonight, but he was licking me out when you called,” Christy told me, “I had no idea that the three hours had flown by so quickly.”

“I know, it flies past,” I replied.

“Then you already heard that he wouldn’t give me my clothes.”

“Christy, I’m not stopping you from going in his room and getting into bed with him,” I said softly.

“Thanks, Gary but I couldn’t let him fuck me while you are here.”

“You could at least suck him off, I bet the poor guy is so horny right now,” I whispered.

Christy thought for a moment, “I could do that though, couldn’t I, I would love to have that huge cock in my mouth.”

“Yes, go and suck him off.”

Christy let go of my throbbing cock and got out of bed, “Would you mind?”

“Of course not now go and suck his cock.”

She kissed me and thanked me before she left our bedroom for his, as naked as the day that she was born

She returned about thirty minutes later and she was smiling. She went to go to the bathroom and I asked what she was going?

“I’m going to brush my teeth.”


“I don’t want you to kiss me yet.”

“Did he cum in your mouth?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes, that’s why I’m brushing my teeth before I kiss you.”

“Don’t worry about that come here.”

“But I still have his cum in my mouth,” Christy advised me, “I can still taste it myself.”

“I don’t care.”

I kissed her deeply and she said, “I bet you can taste his cum, can’t you?”

“Honey, if you don’t mind tasting it then I don’t.”

She kissed me again and, indeed, her tongue did taste very salty.

She told me that he was watching the video that he took earlier, of her masturbating herself and she asked to see it as well. He showed her and she pulled back the covers and started working his huge cock.

“The head of his cock was very wet with his juice, so I kissed the head before I licked it,” Christy explained, “Then, I took it in my mouth and sucked it, boy is he big!”

“Good girl.”

“I had only been sucking his cock for a few minutes when he shouted for me to stop because he was about to cum,” Christy explained. I continued to lick and suck until he shot his cum deep into my mouth.”


“He has a lot of cum Gary,” Christy panted, “It took me two swallows to drink it all, and it’s very thick.”

“Good girl, I bet he hasn’t had sex in ages.”

“He was fingering my pussy while I was sucking his huge cock,” Christy explained, “And I continued to lick it until he went limp.”

Christy told me that, he couldn’t believe that she’d sucked him off and swallowed his cum, and she told me that James then got worried about me, but she assured him that I was okay.

“He was worried about you Gary, he asked if you knew where I was,” Christy whispered, “I told James that I had already told you that I touched and kissed his cock earlier and he panicked.”


“I told him not to worry, that you’d said that, after seeing me naked all evening he bets that you were as hard a rock and I said that you were,” Christy explained, “I told James that I’d asked you, if you minded if I went and sucked him off to relieve him and you said, of course not.”

“What did he say, babe?” I asked.

“Gary, he panicked and asked if you really knew that I was sucking him off and I said, of course,” Christy went on, “I told James that I had told you that I want to make love with him tomorrow night and you said, okay.”

“Good girl.”

Christy told me that James was shocked and couldn’t believe that he could fuck her.

“He said, is Gary really okay with me making love to you and I said, yes!”

“Perfect!” I said.

“Gary, you’ll never believe what he said,” Christy whispered.

“What babe?”

“He told me that he would love to make love to me every day of the week, even on weekends,” Christy whispered, “He said that he’ll never get fed up with seeing me naked or touching me or licking me.”

“That’s sweet.”

“Then he said that he would love to spend a whole night with me,” Christy whispered, “Gary, I hope you don’t mind what I told him?”

“What did you tell him, babe?”

“I told him that the day the house is fully finished,” she went on, “I would spend the whole night in bed with him as a celebratory prize for completing the house.”

“Of course I don’t mind,” I smiled, “I love you so much, Christy.”

“I don’t know why,” Christy whispered, “Your wife has just sucked another guy off and swallowed his cum and, you love her for it.”

“I do, Christy.”

“I’m telling you that I’m going to be unfaithful to you tomorrow and make love to another man and you love me for it.”

“I do,” I panted, “And you can make love with him every day and I won’t complain.”

“Thank you, my amazing husband,” Christy replied, “And you’re okay with me spending the whole night with him when the house is completed?”

“Of course I am Christy, you can spend the whole night with him as often as you like.”

“What did I ever do to deserve an amazing husband like you?” Christy smiled.

“You’re beautiful, and if your body can make two men happy then why should I prevent it?”

“Because I’ll be having sex and enjoying another guy's naked body while he enjoys mine, “Christy whispered, “His cock will be in my mouth and pussy and he’ll cum in both!”

“I don’t mind, he’s already cum in your mouth.”

“Yes he has and it was wonderful!” Christy replied, “I loved sucking his cock and drinking his thick cum.”

After I unloaded my cum into her pussy, we snuggled in each other's arms and fell asleep, contented and happy.


The following morning I was up before Christy and James and, I made coffee and took my wife a cup in bed.

She asked me if James was up yet and I told her that I hadn’t heard from his room yet.

Christy drank some of her coffee and told me that she needed to get in the shower.

Suddenly an idea hit me and I explained it my wife.

“I’m going to the kitchen and I’ll leave our bedroom door wide open,” I explained, “When you get out of the shower, stay naked and towel dry your hair in full view of the door.”

“Okay,” Christy replied.

“When James gets up, call him into you and give him a good morning kiss while you are naked,” I said, “I want you to be naked and kissing him when I bring you another cup of coffee.”


“I want him to see you naked in front of me and I want to see him touching you,” I smiled, “I want him to see that I’m okay with you being naked with him in front of me.”

“That’s a great idea, Gary!” Christy smiled.

“I want him to get used to you being naked in his arms and touching you in front of me,” I explained.

“Okay, I’ll make sure that I’m naked and kissing him when you bring my coffee into me.”

“And make sure that he’s touching you,” I replied.

“Where do you want him to be touching me?”

“That’s up to you, either, your ass, tits or pussy,” I smiled.

“Okay, I think that you bringing my coffee to me and seeing him touching my pussy may freak him out though,” Christy replied, so maybe, my ass or breasts, okay?”

“Okay,” I smiled as she went into the shower and I made my way to the kitchen, deliberately leaving our bedroom door wide open.


The guest bedroom that James was in was only three feet from our bedroom door and along a twenty-foot hallway. I quickly made the coffee and listened from the kitchen and, about twenty minutes later, I heard James’s door open and my wife call out to him.

“Good morning darling,” Christy shouted to James.

“Wow, now there’s a great sight to wake up to,” James replied, “My favorite girl, naked.”

“Well come in here and give your favorite girl a good morning kiss then,” Christy replied.

“Where’s Gary?” James asked.

“Stop worrying about Gary,” Christy replied, “Come here and give me a kiss.”

I poked my head out of the kitchen and looked along the hallway. I saw Christy, standing naked in our bedroom with the towel in her hand and, James was just entering our bedroom. This was the first time that I’d seen her naked in front of him and my cock was already hard.

I quickly poured a cup of coffee for my wife and, with shaky hands I quietly made my way to the hallway. I had a perfect sideways view of them kissing passionately and he was cupping her right breast; Christy’s arms were around his neck and as I got closer, I could see their tongues entwined as they continued their kiss.

I got to about four feet from our bedroom and joked, “Dang, now why haven’t I got my camera, that would make a great blackmail picture.”

James immediately released his hold on Christy’s tit and broke from their kiss.

I walked into our bedroom and Christy smiled, “We were only having a good morning kiss.”

“Don’t mind me,” I smiled, “I’m just bringing you a cup of coffee in, I assume that you want your coffee in here now, James?”

“Yes he does,” Christy replied, before James could get the words out, “He can drink it in here while we talk and I get dressed.”

“Okie dokie,” I smiled as I walked back to the kitchen and I heard Christy whisper something to James.

My cock was aching as I poured James a cup of coffee. The scene that I had just witnessed was so sexy, my naked wife was kissing James and his hand was on her tit.

I grabbed my cell phone and loaded the camera app and, collected James’s coffee.

As soon as I made my way back along the twenty-foot hallway, I saw them kissing again and once more he had his hand on her right tit.

When as they heard me approaching, James moved his hand from my wife’s tit and broke from the kiss.

Christy immediately pushed his hand back to her breast and, pulled his face back to hers and started kissing him again. It was erotic seeing them in their clinch and I quickly placed his coffee next to hers on her nightstand.

I took my phone and snapped a couple of pictures of them kissing, his hand could clearly be seen holding her tit and, later when I looked at the pictures again, I noticed that his right hand was also caressing her left cheek.

“I got some great blackmail pictures.” I joked as they broke from their kiss, and James bent down to collect her towel that had fallen to the floor.

“You want blackmail pictures?” Christy joked, “Okay, we’ll give you blackmail pictures.”

She stood in front of James and snuggled into his muscular frame. She positioned his head onto her left shoulder and asked him for a kiss.

He bent his neck and she turned her face to his and pushed her tongue out, he did the same with his tongue and their tongues met. She pulled his right arm around the front of her neck and positioned his right hand firmly on her left breast as they continued to lick each other's tongues.

I snapped away and got half a dozen great pictures before Christy took his left hand and moved it onto her pussy!

I was shocked and deeply aroused as I snapped away; James had his hand directly on my wife’s naked pussy, she parted her legs a few inches and pushed his fingers directly over her clitoris.

I took another half dozen pictures before they broke from their passionate kiss and tongue lick.

“I got some amazing blackmail pictures!” I shouted.

“Good!” Christy joked, “Now I have to get dressed so please leave me alone.”

James went to walk away and she grabbed his arm, “Not you! You stay here and talk to me while I’m getting dressed. I’ll need more kisses from you!”

“She means me bud,” I joked, “You’re special, and I have pictures to prove that.”

James smiled and as I got off the bed, Christy took both of James’s hands and pulled them to her breasts and shuddered.

“Now that’s where I like your hands while you’re kissing me,” Christy smiled, “That’s where they need to be!”

“Now you have your orders bud,” I joked as I walked to my wife and gently kissed her, James’s hands were still covering her beautiful tits.

“Yes, he does!” Christy smiled as I walked out of the bedroom, “We’ll be there as soon as I get some clothes on Gary.”

“Okay, I’ll get the toast cooking,” I smiled, “Make sure that he doesn’t hold your clothes for ransom.”

“I’m in credit,” Christy shouted, “I already paid for my clothes last night, remember.”

I laughed and James looked concerned.

“So you did,” I joked, “But, today’s a new day.”

It was twenty minutes later when they joined me in the kitchen and Christy came and kissed me passionately. She was wearing a short printed cotton dress and she looked sensational.

“Gary, please tell James that you’re not mad at him,” Christy said loudly.

“Why would I be mad at him?” I asked.

“For what you saw in the bedroom,” Christy answered, “Where his hands were.”

I laughed, “Why would that make me mad?”

“Because he was touching me,” Christy replied.

I walked to James and hugged him, “James, I don’t care where your hands go; I’m cool with anything and everything!”

James smiled.

“See, so when you do finally make love to me tonight, you don’t have to worry about my amazing husband,” Christy shouted, “I told you that he was okay, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” James said softly, trying to hide his nerves.

I went to walk to our bedroom and quickly said, “I don’t mind you two having sex, I told Christy that if her body can please two people instead of just me then I’m fine with it bud.”

I returned from our bedroom to find Christy kissing James deeply and his hands were squeezing her tits, this time though, they didn’t break from their kiss nor did he move his hands from her breasts and I smiled to myself.

“So, are you staying here every night until your house is completed?” I asked.

“If you don’t mind,” James replied as they broke from their kiss.

“I wouldn’t have offered if I minded bud,” I replied.

“Yes, he will!” Christy shouted, “I want my good night and good morning kisses from him!”

James and I laughed.

“So should I expect to lose you for half an hour each night while you have your goodnight kiss from him?” I joked.

“Yes!” Christy joked, “And, bring his coffee to our bedroom of a morning so we can chat as I get dressed after I shower.”

“Okay, babe.”

I went to work and called Christy at noon and she told me that they were painting the living room.

“The living room should be all completed by tomorrow night,” Christy told me. “And we should have the kitchen all finished by Tuesday.”

“Well done,” I replied, “Are you looking forward to finally fucking James tonight?”

“We are going to be making love,” Christy replied, “Not just fucking, we’ll be making sweet passionate love together and yes, I’m looking forward to that very much.”

Next chapter coming soon.


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