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Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 6

Out of his cast now, Tommy and Connie wanted to make up for lost time!

Connie lay on the bed before him, legs spread and pussy dripping with need and desire. Her body trembled in anticipation and her breathing was ragged and unsteady. She was primed and set to go.

Tommy took one long lap at her drooling pussy and she nearly fainted. "Ohhh my god, Tommy!" Her hands immediately clutched the sheets and her head fell back on the pillow.

Then he started lapping her up, slow easy licks the full length of her slit from bottom to top. She writhed around in sweet agony. Tommy made sure he licked hard enough to be felt, but soft enough to still tease her more than please her.

Her slick, shaven pussy was sweeter than he could have imagined it to be and he knew he couldn't keep up with the teasing much longer. As much as he wanted to tease her and drive her crazy, keeping her on edge all afternoon, he had an agenda of his own.

Tommy used his thumbs to open her folds gently as he peered into the inviting hole. He felt her warmth radiating and hitting his face and it captivated him. He had to have her. Tommy stuck his tongue to touch her slick soft pussy wall and taste her sweet woman-honey. It was sweet and musky and absolutely delicious.

He let his tongue explore all around her folds, searching for more. It was like a drug and he instantly became hooked on it. He had to have more; he needed more of this delectable juice.

Tommy went from gentle and predictable to erratic and rough in a moment. Had he not been in such a desperate search for more of her juices, he would have noticed Connie's back arch against the bed and her silent scream.

"Tommy! Oh fuck, baby!" she cried out when her voice returned. She grabbed two fistfuls of his hair and shoved his face deeper into her yielding cunt. He let a hand roam up to her tit and grabbed hold. She groaned at his touch and bucked her hips slightly. Her continuing to scream his name only encouraged Tommy more and he couldn't stop.

With his free hand, he slowly entered her with a finger, then two. He began massaging the inside of her pussy walls, carefully watching for those pleasure spots that got a big reaction and taking note when he found them.

It was then that he also noticed how flushed she was. Her chest, her face, all that porcelain skin that he had kissed and caressed just minutes before, was blushed red and speckled with sweat. Tommy loved seeing her like this; it meant that he was doing something very right!

"You look so fucking hot right now, slut. You like what I'm doing, do you?" he growled as she bucked against his fingers.

"Yes! Fuck, Tommy! Yes!" she squirmed and hissed. "It feels so good, baby."

"You want more?" he teased.

She gasped. "Please, Tommy! Please make me cum, baby!"

Who could refuse such a passionate request from such a beautiful sexy woman? He started using his free thumb to rub across her throbbing, swollen clit. His fingers fucked her slower now, letting her feel every nerve explode with pleasure.

Once she looked as though she'd settled in to this movement, he switched things up curling his fingers upward to rub against her spongy g-spot.

She nearly flew off the bed, moaning intensely sitting up and reaching for him. He pushed her back down, his hand resting in the valley of her breasts. "Relax… just enjoy the things I'm doing."

She groaned and laid back, unable and unwilling to struggle against him. Tommy smiled as the sensations he was causing raced through her, causing Connie to writhe and twist and moan.

She was completely gone now, babbling incoherent things and making no sense. She was in a lust-filled cloud, not even touching the earth anymore. Her toes curled into the bed beside his shoulders and she tried desperately to keep her legs open for him. It was a pure, primal pleasure she was experiencing.

Tommy had saved the best for last. He began increasing the speed of his pumping fingers while he licked and kissed at her folds and mound. She was getting close and he knew she was about to have one hell of an orgasm.

She opened her mouth and tried saying something, but was caught off guard when he suddenly took her clit into his mouth. He sucked and licked furiously, all the while still speeding up the motions with his fingers. His coup de grace was when he slipped his finger into her asshole.

"Fuuuck! Tommy, yes!" she screamed. "I'm going to cum! OHMYGOD BABY, YEEESSSS!!"

Tommy felt all her muscles around him tighten. Her efforts gave way and she wrapped her thighs around his head. Tommy smiled, proud of himself, knowing that he was giving her this much pleasure.

With a loud guttural groan, she came. Hard. Tommy had to stop and marvel at the release she was experiencing. He had never seen her, or anyone for that matter, cum like that. She clenched his fingers within her and he could feel reverberations along the arm that was resting up against her stomach.

Tommy licked and lapped the juices that were pouring from her but it was useless; she was cumming much faster than he could hope to keep up. Besides, he liked watching the flow erupt from her. Connie even squirted a couple times, her orgasm was so powerful.

When she finally had spent herself and lay gasping for breath, he took a couple last laps, making sure that he cleaned her up before laying down beside her to let her rest.

"That was… incredible! Where did you learn how to do that, honey?" Connie said between breaths.

"I don't know, really. From watching porn movies, I guess. But also just watching and listening to you. You let me know what you like and what you don't," he said.

"Well, I liked that!" she said, giggling.

"Oh, we aren't done yet, slut! Remember, I've been without it for the last three months too!" Tommy said.

Connie smiled "Well, come on baby, let's take care of that!" she said, spreading her legs.

Tommy rolled over and up to his knees, his giant, steel-hard cock pulsing above her belly. Connie looked up eagerly into his eyes as he mounted her. "Fuck me," she panted. "Hurry, honey! Please! Fuck me now!"

"You sure are a cock-hungry little slut!" he said grinning. "Okay show me where you want it!"

Connie smiled, reaching between her spread legs and used her fingers to pull apart the glistening swollen lips of her pussy.

Tommy moved up her reclined body until he was face to face with her. He leaned down and kissed the beautiful creature below him as his bulbous cock-head entered her buttery fuck slit. She was so wet, her cunt spread so open, he easily slid inside. "Oh god," she moaned into his mouth.

Tommy broke the kiss after a couple moments and raised up slightly. He could see Connie's engorged clit and pussy lips spread wide around his thick cock as he moved in and out of her sloppy, wet cunt.

"Oh, Tommy. Your cock, it's just incredible! Oh, my god! It's really stretching me out." Soon she began to gyrate her hips onto his cock, her juices glistening, coating the steel hardness of his long, thick cock as it continually plunged into and back out of her creamy, pink fuck hole.

Connie screamed as her horny well-hung lover thrust hard, sinking his cock farther into her cunt, burying his cock completely into her juicy slit. Her pussy spasmed around his fat cock as waves of pleasure traveled up her body, suddenly another orgasm burst from her womb.

"Unnnhhhh, Tommy! Yess, baby!" she moaned low and lusty, "my God, yessss! I'm cumming!" she wailed. "Ohhh Myyy Gaawwdddd!"

Connie had been aching to come for the past three manless months. Even though there was no real commitment between either of them, she had not been with anyone in the three months that Tommy had been laid up. She had used her toy a few times – something she would have to confess to him another time. But she had remained devoted and true to him. 

Now that he was back "in service", though, she was looking for a good sound fucking. Tommy was off to a good start, too. Connie came long and hard and thoroughly, and when she was finished, she found she wasn't yet satisfied. She had some serious fucking to make up for and wanted to get off like that a few more times before he was finished fucking her.

Tommy slammed his cock faster and faster into her greedy little pussy as Connie felt herself rising steadily towards another delicious climax. It was a great way to end her sexual drought, she told herself wickedly. She'd become wild with her excitement, loving his rock-hard cock inside her as he began fucking her in swift hard thrusts. She loved it and needed it; she absolutely needed to be fucked so badly.

Connie gave in to her natural horny instincts, arching her body up to take the long, pistoning cock as deep as she could get it, jerking her hips to his rapid fucking rhythm. Wantonly, she thrust her cunt up at his pounding cock, grinding hips as she mashed her clit against the base his shaft, the incredible waves of pleasure increasing in her pussy.

"Oh! Yes!" she cried hoarsely. "Fuck Me! Fuck Me baby! Keep fucking me with your big fat cock… make me come!"

Tommy started fucking the desperately horny woman with hard, penetrating strokes. Up and down his lean, young ass heaved, stoking the fires in her pussy as he speared his aching cock in and out of the creamy tightness of her fuck hole.

Connie really started humping her ass to meet his strokes, excitedly bouncing and fucking her buttery slick, glove-tight pussy onto the steel hard cock that was now satisfying her wanton desires.

"Fuck me," she growled at him, raising her hips up, meeting his thrusting cock. "Fuck your dirty slut with your fat, juicy cock!"

The sex was hot, passionate, and delightfully naughty. Connie was unable to resist her lover's commands, and she became a willing participant to his lustful desires.

She was even more sexually aroused as he increased the intensity of his cock's assault on her buttery cunt, fucking her relentlessly, over and over. He thrust his stiff, thick, throbbing cock into her boiling little cunt. The lust-crazed pair fucked each other frantically, both horny out of their minds.

"Mmmmmm…do you like to hear me talk dirty and nasty? Do you like to have your fuckslut act like a trashy street whore?" Connie's long legs were cocked high, her ankles bouncing on Tommy's shoulders as he continually rammed his huge cock in and out of her cunt.

Tommy began to get into it, "You're just a cock hungry little slut, aren't you?" Tommy triumphantly grinned down at her as he continued to pound his cock into her gripping, wet cunt.

"Oh god yes! I'm your dirty little cock slut! I love having your huge prick fucking my tight, wet pussy!"

Tommy treated Connie like the slut she'd shown herself to be as he started pounding away at her sweet, wet pussy, making rude slapping sounds as their flesh met with each inward thrust. Her pussy was tingling and throbbing, responding lewdly every time young Tommy rammed his cock into her juicy cunt, clear to the hilt.

"Mmmm… ooohh… yeah, yeah… do you like that? Do you like fucking your slut's tight pussy? Yeah… ooohh yeah… just like that… aaahhh… yeah, baby… mmmmm" Connie moaned from the delightful assault his thick cock was giving to her horny wet pussy.

She locked her thighs together across his back, pulling him in, holding him close, shuddering as his thick cock sank deeper into her slippery wet pussy. Connie had a desperate need to feel every last inch of his pulsing cock ramming into her, stroking toward her womb, stuffing her cunt to bursting with the meaty thickness of his long, hard prick.

"Oh, Fuck Me! Oh, Yes! Fuck me hard and deep! I'm such a filthy little slut! I'm so close baby! Fuck me! Make me cum, baby! Please!"

Tommy pushed her legs up even higher, completely opening her bald pussy for the powerful thrusts of Tommy's cock. Then he picked up the pace, ramming, savagely drilling his huge, rock-hard cock into the creamy tightness of her cunt.

Connie felt his giant cock pole slamming into her womb as it ravished her pussy with every maddening thrust. Almost hysterically she humped her ass to meet Tommy's rhythm, crazed with her insatiable need for hard cock after three frustrating, sexless months.

"Oh, God! I'm cumming!" she cried. She flung her arms around his shoulders, whipping her ass off the bed in a frenzy of needful lust. "Unh! Fuck my pussy, fuck your dirty slut's horny little pussy! I'm cumming! Fuck my cunt, baby, cumming, oh fuck, I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her tight, buttery pussy throbbed uncontrollably into orgasm, the climax began in the very depths of her cunt and flashed out to shake and sear her whole body, her pussy liberally drooling creamy fuck oils, contracting again and again around the womb-breaching stiffness of Tommy's prick.

He kept fucking as fast as he could, his thick cock nursed by the sucking sheath of her pussy. It was the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had, the kind she'd only ever get from a deeply pounding cock. It was the kind she'd been seeking in vain when she played with herself over the last three months. It was the real, honest-to-God kind of orgasm she missed while Tommy was laid up.

Grasping her by the hips, he began fucking her hard. Tommy was just too wildly aroused to do it slowly or gently. But it seemed to be just what she wanted because she creamed all over his cock and jerked her hips to his rhythm.

The faster he fucked her, the more excited she got and the harder she fucked back. Connie shivered and moaned with pleasure. A fresh stream of hot cunt-cream bubbled out around his deep-driving cock and gushed down the crack of her ass.

The lust-mad woman arched her body up against his so that his thrusting prick rubbed her clit, increasing the intensity of her pleasure. She kept her body raised so she could take his cock as deep as possible.

Tommy began to fuck her in quick greedy jabs. His balls slapped against her ass, his prick penetrating deep and hard in her hot, juice slick cunt. It was just the kind of rough, raunchy fucking that Connie loved best. She lay back and cooed with delight, keeping her legs open wide for her lusty young lover's deep, powerful thrusts.

She writhed and moaned and creaming all over his cock, aching to get off. Greedily she tightened her cunt around Tommy's pistoning prick, getting as much friction on her overheated clit as she could.

"Oh my God Tommy! Unnhh! You're going to make me cum again! Unnhh! You can hear how wet I am! Keep fucking me; fuck my wet pussy, baby! Oh, fuck! Oh, please, ram my pussy till I cum!"

She slipped her hand down to her cunt and began massaging her engorged clit very fast, alternating between rubbing it and slapping it. She was really writhing, moaning, and clawing the carpet. Thick, pearly pussy juice leaked from her cunt in a steady flow.

Her pussy felt hot as fire, radiating its fierce heat over Tommy's hard, thrusting prick. She felt herself rocketing towards orgasm. Connie stiffened for a few seconds, gave a sustained hoarse groan, and began to cum as his cock dug in deep and hard, setting off her orgasm. Connie moaned helplessly and went into body-wracking spasms as she writhed in ecstasy.

"Unnnhhhh, God, yessss… fuck my cunt… fuck my cunt! I'm cumming!" she wailed. "Ohhhhhhh, unnnggghhhhh! Godddddd!" She was pumping her horny little cunt up and down the stiff skewer of Tommy's cock, riding out her orgasm.

Tommy felt his balls swell till they threatened to burst inside her cunt, scalding hot, slick with juice, and velvety smooth. Her cunt was really tight, sucking and squeezing greedily at his thick, thrusting prick as she climaxed. He couldn't help thinking how fantastic it was to have his swollen cock in that tight, sizzling little hole.

His lust carried him away, and he fucked into this moaning, squirming woman with lightning speed, he was just about to shoot his load. He was groaning steadily and hoarsely, spinning out of control. Then he felt Connie's cunt going vise tight around his deeply plowing cock.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!"

"Don't cum in my pussy. I want you to cum in my mouth so I can swallow all of your cum. I want to show you what a dirty slut I really am!"

Tommy liked the sound of that and slid his throbbing prick out of her pussy with a lewd popping sound and moved off the bed. Connie too moved down onto the floor kneeling in front of him with her mouth open holding her tits like a tray under her so she wouldn't waste a single precious drop.

As he stood up with his cock pulsing and jerking, Connie blushed at how naughty it made her feel to kneel like a whore in front of her best friend's son, to be on her knees looking up at him and pop his pussy juice soaked cock into her mouth to draw out its load of tasty spunk.

His big cock smelled strongly of her juices. Connie wrapped her fingers around the root, shuddering as she shoved over a third of the cock between her lips, tasting herself on him. Her fist rapidly stroked the other third of cock-meat as she frantically sucked and slurped. She was dragging her lips hungrily up and down the swollen, cum-laden meatpole.

It turned him on to see her slurp on his thick cock that had just been fucking her tight creamy pussy, contently licking up her own juices. The sight was so wildly exciting that he felt his balls begin to boil as they prepared to explode, blasting his sperm load into his sex-starved slut's waiting mouth.

"Oh fuck. Gonna cum," Tommy gasped.

He clutched her head with both hands, lunging forward, thrusting another inch of his cock between her hungry lips.

"Suck it, slut, suck that cock! Unnhh! Here it comes, whore! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!"

He came, spraying rich jets of cum juice down the cock-sucking mother's throat. Connie nursed feverishly on his throbbing cock, loving the taste of his cream. Rope after rope of the salty white stuff sprayed out of his cock tip, splashing on her tonsils, running down her throat as she desperately swallowed each spurt. Connie clung shamelessly with her lips to the huge, squirting cock, sucking its warm cream into her belly.

Connie tried to swallow his cum as fast as she could but still, it overflowed her mouth and fell onto her full tits, the warmth of the sticky cum scalding her flesh and causing her pussy to twitch once again.

At last the sticky white cock juice stopped blasting out of his hard-on. Connie popped the thick, dripping cock out of her mouth, panting as she stared intently at the puffy cock knob. She smiled up at her loverboy, feeling completely content now, knowing that he was back to his horny, pussy-pleasing self and she could fuck and suck him whenever she needed his beautiful cock.

Tommy, too, was quite happy with having such a sexy, wanton little fuckslut at his beck and call. He helped Connie to her feet and once they were dressed again, they went out to the living room. "Want something to drink? I have soda, tea, what would you like?" she said.

"Well, what I would like is a glass of wine! But I don't suppose that's possible, so I'll have a soda!" he said winking.

"No, I think your mother has been very lenient in letting you and I have sex… I think getting her little boy drunk would probably be pushing it!" Connie laughed. While she got their soft drinks, Tommy took a seat on the sofa. Connie brought the drinks over and then sat down next to him. She cuddled up next to him as they started watching television.

Tommy liked spending time with Connie. Before their relationship took on this sexual component, he would come over and visit politely like any normal boy would in visiting his aunt. But now there was so much more to his visitations.

It was as if he looked at Connie through new eyes, through the eyes of a man desiring a woman, not as a boy who was told to be nice to Aunt Connie. Before when she would kiss him he would turn his cheek and hold his breath. Now when he kissed her… well, he still held his breath, but for an entirely different reason!

"Oh, I almost forgot, Mom wanted me to invite you to come over to our place this weekend. We're going to throw some steaks on the grill, have baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and other stuff," Tommy said.

"Oooh, that sounds wonderful! Tell her I will be there. I'll call her tomorrow and see if there's anything I should bring," Connie said.

"Just bring your appetite!" he said, smiling.

"My appetite… for what, baby?" she cooed playfully, then giggled.

That Saturday afternoon, Tommy and Barbara were in the backyard getting things ready for the dinner party. Tommy had just started getting the steaks going and Barbara was setting things out for the rest of the food and setting the table.

"Damn! I could smell those steaks cooking clear across the street! They smell great! Hi, you two!" Connie said as she came through the tall gate. Barbara and Tommy had a six-foot-tall solid wood fence around the back yard for privacy and Connie had just come in through the side gate that faced her property. Connie walked up onto the patio and over to Barbara.

"Hi hon, Tommy said you were grilling steaks so I brought over a bottle of Merlot," Connie said.

"Aww, you didn't have to do that, Connie! Tommy sweetie can you go get some wine glasses?" Barbara asked.

"Sure thing Mom!" he said, and he went inside to get the glasses.

"So how is Tommy doing?" Connie asked Barbara while he was gone.

"Well, he seems to be all right. He is sure glad to get out of that cast though!" Barbara said.

"Yeah, we are all glad he's back to normal again. Tommy isn't the type of guy that takes laying around the house well!" Connie said.

"So have you told him yet about college?"

"Not yet. I was kind of thinking of doing it today… with both of us here. I think with us both here to let him know it's all right, he might take the news better," Barbara said.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. He can use our support and reassurance. I know he was looking forward to college… stupid-ass drunk driver!" Connie said.

"Yeah… that guy ruined my poor boy's plans for college and getting his dream job working with computers," Barbara said, looking down sadly.

About that time Tommy came back with three wine glasses. Barbara and Connie both perked up and forced a smile back onto their faces for his benefit. They didn't want to bring the party down just yet.

"Three glasses?" Barbara said, teasing him.

"Well, yeah, I thought…" Tommy said, uncertainly.

"It's okay Tommy, I was just playing with you. You are eighteen now and we are in our own home. It's all right, I suppose–this time. Let's just not make a habit of it!" Barbara said.

"How are those steaks looking Mom–I'm starving!" Tommy said, feeling more at ease now.

"Well, they will be done in a few minutes. Meantime, Tommy, sit down hon, I have something to talk to you about," Barbara said. She shot a glance at Connie who knew exactly what was coming and sat down on the patio sofa with Tommy in a chair facing the two women

"Uh-oh… something tells me this is serious. What's going on Mom?" Tommy said looking back and forth at the two women. Neither of them were smiling now.

"Honey, there's something I've been meaning to tell you… about the accident… but I wanted to wait until you were well before I brought it up," Barbara said.

"What is it? What's going on, Mom?" Tommy said getting more concerned now.

"Well, when you got in the accident and the doctors had just put you in a cast, the doctor came out into the hallway to talk to me. You were still out of it, but he wanted to talk to me alone.

He told me that because of the way your leg broke and the injuries you received, that football wasn't going to be possible anymore.

I'm so sorry, baby, but it looks like your scholarship has been pulled and given to someone else. You won't be going to MIT this fall… I'm sorry, sweetheart. I know how much you were looking forward to it," Barbara said, a tear running down her cheek.

Tommy sat there for a few moments processing what she had said. He looked back and forth at the two women. Both of the women looked at him waiting for him to say something or show some kind of reaction. He looked at Connie then at his mother who had even more tears now.

"It's okay, Mom… please don't cry. I will figure something out. Please don't cry. You know I can't stand to see you cry," Tommy said.

"I know. I'm sorry, honey. It's just I know how important this was to you. I won't cry anymore, I promise. Can you go get me a tissue, please?" she said. Tommy got up, kissed his mother on the forehead and went to get her some tissues.

"Barb, honey, you have an amazing young man there," Connie said.

"Yes, I know. Despite his father, he has grown into a wonderful, amazing, man. I couldn't be more proud of him," she said, smiling through her tears.

"Me too. Even though I'm not really ‘Aunt Connie', I feel like I am and I am so proud of Tommy," she said. "It's just a damn shame this had to happen to such a good kid."

Tommy came back with the tissues and handed them to his mother. After she dried her eyes, the three of them forgot about the problem and concentrated on just having a good time. The steaks came out wonderfully and they all enjoyed the meal and the wine.

It was a good day and everyone enjoyed themselves, despite the bad news.

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