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Reading Beth and Tracey

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Sharing a story from Lush with my wife

After reading "Beth and Tracey Chapter 2 of 3" by Brookell, I found it so erotic, my first reaction was to show it to my wife. When I mentioned this Brookell asked me to let her know what she thought. After reading my reply, she encouraged me to publish it. Below is a version that I have tidied up to, hopefully, help readability. I'd like to thank her for pushing me and one day I might :) It may be an idea to read Brookell's story first, so you know the parts that are referred to in my tale, but I don't think there are any major spoilers either. My wife did read Brookell's story, but how much of the rest is real and how much from my fevered imagination?

Sunday morning and we had the house to ourselves. I got up around 7 a.m. and Sally was pottering around downstairs, the kettle was boiling and she had obviously heard me moving about and shouted up asking if I wanted a coffee. Seriously? Do bears shit in the woods?

How I actually replied was, “Yes please dear, just grabbing a quick shower.”

Five minutes later, showered and with teeth brushed, I went downstairs and said that we should take the drinks to bed.

We are in our fifties and have been married for over twenty years, with age and familiarity, a touch of laziness, add in a sprinkle of busy lives and a growing family, there have always been compromises, one of which is our sex life. Sunday mornings were the one time we did try to reserve for ourselves. Our sex has had moments of exhibitionism and the odd adventure here and there, but has really been fairly vanilla, to the point that over the last few years you would probably call it boring. We recently hit a rut where things happened and for several months there were no Sunday mornings or any other time, but we have started talking about that and other things. Wed have been trying to not only get things back how they have been, but talking of how to get back to where we were BC (before children), exploring our thoughts and ideas, our hopes and fears, some of our fantasies as well as our amber and red lines. It is interesting how these have changed for both of us over the years. In relation to this tale, Sally has always maintained that the thought of being with a woman just does nothing for her and although I have looked and looked hard, I am sad to report that I have never seen any sign of it either.

We settled into bed with our drinks and I passed her the tablet that I had pre-prepared and grabbed on the way up, as I did I held my hand over the screen and said that I wanted her to keep an open mind and not to focus on the characters, but the atmosphere and the tension that is building around them. She looked at me and raised an eyebrow, before agreeing and I removed my hand.

As she started reading, I rolled over and picked up my coffee and put my hand on her thigh. I was slowly just moving my fingers about while keeping my hand in place, a light stroke here, a bit of pressure there all while sipping at my coffee and trying to act as nonchalantly as possible. After a couple of minutes of this, I leant over and put my coffee down, ‘accidentally’ sliding my hand further up her thigh before I had to remove it. Of course, when I returned my hand I found I had placed it a little higher even than where it had slid to before. This time I started to move my hand about on the spot as well as my fingers so not only were there light and hard touches the heel of my hand was massaging that area too.

Sally put her tea down to change pages, but didn’t pick it up again, instead changing the hand in which she held the tablet and running her free hand down over her boobs, she calls this ‘just seeing if it’s cold’, the difference from other times, she popped open a couple of buttons on the pyjama top she was wearing and stroked her right hand nipple under, instead of over the material.

I took this as a signal to start stroking her thigh and moved up and down with varying pressure from just above her knee to the edge of her panties, on the top, on the outside, then up the inside. After a few repetitions, I snuggled down a bit lower and started stroking her other leg too, moving around her thighs, switching from one to the other. Sally’s breathing got a little heavier and I noticed she had popped some more buttons and her hand was now caressing and massaging her whole boob.

I took advantage when she scrolled up again and undid the rest of her buttons and started nuzzling on her left boob, kissing around it and dragging my tongue over her nipple and around her areola, then sucking it gently between my lips, before abandoning it to kiss and trail my tongue around the rest of her boob. One hand was still working her thighs occasionally switching at the top with my fingertips just brushing over her panty material. I had slid my right hand under her back and was massaging the small of her back down to her coccyx, putting a little pressure on her tail bone and then moving back up again.

Her breath was getting increasingly heavier and her reading faster, I asked her to read some out to me. It was just as Tracey was being redressed in the private room, so I thought I’d best move on. Hooking my fingers around her panties and sliding them down her legs, I moved between Sally’s legs and where my hands had been before I let my tongue and lips do the work. My right hand went up to play with her boob and I had to tuck my fingers beneath her arm to get there, which told me she was again playing with her other boob. As I was kissing and licking closer to her pussy, her hips were moving to meet me and as she did this, I backed away a little causing a whimper of frustration each time. My other hand was busy, gently running up and down her outer lips spreading them a little and moistening her with her own juices.

She tried to put her hand on the back of my head to pull me closer, but I just pushed back against it and away from her. When she released the pressure I did three things at once, my right hand gripped her nipple between thumb and forefinger hard enough to feel a little uncomfortable, but not hurt, with my left hand I slid my middle and ring finger into her and leant forward and sucked her clit between my lips before gripping it tightly and toying with it with the tip of my tongue.

Her hand was soon back on my head, but more caressing than forcing and her hips were pushing up in reaction. Her breathing was getting very short now, so I paused and asked her to read more. Kitten had just cut Tracey’s panties off and they were building to their climax. I sucked in Sally’s clit again applying more pressure with my lips while squeezing her nipple a little harder. I rotated my fingers in her pussy and as I slid them forward, I pushed my thumb along her perineum to her rear. As Tracey orgasmed, I pushed on Sally’s bum without entering but also pushed my fingers inside her down in the same direction. I quickly nipped at her clit before sucking in hard and giving her nipple a final hard squeeze, I quickly released everything and removed my mouth and hands at the same time.

Sally has never squirted before…


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