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Jealous Jolene: the Beginning

Jolene wants to make sure her friend's girlfriend is good enough for him.

Jolene walked confidently into the pizzeria that Sasha worked in. She smoothed down her sleek tight red thigh length dress; the dress was low-cut showing off her cleavage with a single red rose pinned on the left side of her chest. She looked around the small restaurant as a waitress came forward to seat her. As Jolene took her seat she smiled inwardly as she thought about how neither of her men knew she was in Britain, they both thought she was still in China.


She ordered a large glass of Pinot Grigio and looked around, noticing Sasha was stood at the Pass, merely four foot away from her. Jolene kept glancing at Sasha as she ordered her meal, tempted as she was to get Whatsapp again to message her men. She shook her head as she thought that she had to see and speak to Sasha first before she messaged either Danny or Greg.


“He took me out last night, to a nice quiet pub. He was such a gentleman, I love how he treated me like a queen,” Sasha was telling the cook as he made the pizzas.


“I always liked Greg, so friendly and with such romantic ideas, so how many dates have you had with him now?” the cook replied, his eyes running past Jolene as he scanned the restaurant. He noticed the rose and smiled.


“Last night was the third date, damn him he missed my hints though.” Jolene started to listen intently as Sasha got quieter to continue speaking, “I hinted that I wanted him to take me to bed so the date didn’t end as I wanted.”


Jolene struggled not to laugh when she heard that, thinking that was so like Greg to miss the hints from a beautiful woman. She looked at Sasha as Sasha brought Jolene her starter. As Jolene looked at Sasha she noticed Sasha’s earrings, stylized red roses.


“Those are nice earrings, where did you get them?” Jolene asked.


“My boyfriend got them for me. May I ask about your accent? You're American, right? So may I ask what you're doing here, what brings you to this town?” Sasha asked placing the Arrabatia Prawns down.


“Oh, just here to see a friend, he’s got a new girlfriend and from what he told me, said she’s very beautiful.” Jolene said slowly looking around the restaurant and noticing that the other customers were paying and leaving, “Why don’t you take a seat and join me?”


Sasha looked around the restaurant trying to decide if she could sit and talk to this American woman. Something about Jolene told her to sit and talk to her. It helped that Jolene’s smile was infectious and Jolene was gorgeous, Sasha thought. Sasha had the cook put her staff food in before sitting opposite Jolene.


“That’s a nice rose on your dress, I’m not in the way of you meeting someone am I?” Sasha asked politely, almost nervously.


“Oh, it’s my friend's symbol, I know a bit archaic and a bit eccentric but its incredibly sweet and romantic I think,” Jolene replied with a smile.


“Did your friend buy it for you? Does he live around here?” Sasha’s mind was a whir, the rose being a symbol striking a chord with her, but she couldn’t quite place it.


“No, unfortunately, the one from him got misplaced in one of my moves in America long before I went to China. Do your earrings have meaning?” Jolene took a big swig of her wine.


“Oh, my boyfriend said there were two reasons for them, firstly to show support for the English Rugby Teams and the second because...” She stopped as she remembered that Greg told her that the Red Rose was his symbol and to always remember him while wearing the earrings.


“My name is Jolene. Is your boyfriend's name Greg?” Jolene asked softly worried this plan would backfire, as Sasha nodded slowly, “I hope he has talked to you about me and Danny. May I say that you are simply stunning.” Sasha thought for a while, looking at Jolene as she did, thinking of the stories Greg wrote and tried to hide from her.


“You want to sleep with Greg, don’t you? You want to take him from me don’t you?” Sasha asked trying not to feel down, thinking Jolene could have Greg easily.


“So, he has talked about me but not about our hopes, interesting.” Jolene opened up her phone and found a picture of Danny. “We three, Danny, Greg and I are hoping that you would join us. But I’ll explain when we aren’t in a public place, just know that I won’t take him from you unless you mistreat him. I want us to be friends.”


Sasha looked at the picture of Danny and tried to think things through rapidly. Greg’s desire to work in America was starting to make sense, he wanted to go see this stunning creature sat before her, he wanted to meet the hunk in the picture. Sasha looked at Jolene wondering just where she fitted in the plan these three had made together. What did Jolene mean by joining us?


“We are hoping you would be interested in being with us all, as lovers, you and Danny, you and Greg, Greg and Danny and you,” Jolene continued and reached out taking Sasha’s hand and kissing it softly. “And me and you, sometimes just me and you, alone taking pleasure from each other.”


Sasha blushed as she thought about the possibility of being involved in the relationship that was being described to her. She stood as Jolene’s face fell, thinking Sasha was disgusted by the idea. Sasha stepped closer to Jolene and leant down kissing Jolene passionately.


“Where are you staying while you are in Britain? Because after I finish work, I’ll prove to you why you need me involved.” Sasha declared confidently and with a wink.


“The chain hotel in the town you and Greg live in. Here is my number, call me when you get there okay?” Jolene replied with a bit of her confidence lost but joy filling her as she saw the plans starting to fall into place. Sasha bade her goodbye and let Jolene finish her meal in peace. When Jolene finished and asked for the cheque, Sasha presented her with a blank cheque telling her that her meal was paid for.


Jolene waited nervously in her hotel room worried that Sasha wouldn’t come to see her. As the clock ticked past ten forty-five in the evening, Jolene stripped and put on her sheer red teddy. Lying in the bed she picked up her phone and was about to message Greg when an unknown number rang her. She answered it and after a brief conversation she threw on her dressing gown and went to let Sasha into her room.


Sasha smiled and started to strip as Jolene shut and locked the door. Sasha was naked by the time that Jolene turned around. Jolene smiled and rapidly stripped as she moved to her bed, not wanting to waste a single minute. Sasha followed Jolene to the bed and kissed Jolene passionately before pushing her to the bed on her back. Sasha kissed Jolene’s neck and slowly moved her kissing down Jolene’s body enjoying the way Jolene writhed under her lips. She instinctively took Jolene’s nipples into her mouth and sucked on them hard as her hands ran down Jolene’s sides.


Sasha ran one hand over Jolene’s pussy lightly teasing her with her fingertips. Jolene grinned as she moaned wanting to feel Sasha’s fingers in her. Sasha licked down Jolene’s body allowing her tongue to graze Jolene’s clit. She flicked her tongue across Jolene’s clit rapidly before broadly licking along her slit in a zig-zag pattern. Jolene reached down and grasped Sasha’s hair as she writhed and moaned in pleasure feeling Sasha’s tongue invading her tight pussy.


Sasha shut her eyes savouring the taste on her tongue. She wanted to please the stunning creature led spread for her. She moved her tongue as fast as she could, wriggling it as deep as she could. She heard how Jolene moaned and heard how close she was already to an orgasm. Sasha ran her hands to Jolene’s tits and caressed them as Jolene started to cum, squirting as she screamed in pleasure. Sasha was caught by surprise with the first hit of Jolene’s orgasm but recovered quickly and swallowed everything that Jolene gave her. Sasha pulled away and looked at Jolene.


“Am I good enough for Greg? For Danny?” Sasha asked before blushing, “Am I good enough for you?” Jolene grinned and sat up pulling Sasha to her and kissing her.


“That depends on if you’ll eat me again as I eat you,” Jolene whispered into Sasha’s ear. The whisper made Sasha tingle with excitement as she thought of having the golden hair between her legs. Jolene silently guided Sasha to lie on her side before moving so they were head to toe. Both women just looked at each other momentarily, thinking of the future, and thinking of wanting to experience mutual pleasure.


Jolene moved first softly kissing Sasha’s slit before running her tongue tip up and down, Sasha moaned softly before copying Jolene’s actions, wanting to follow Jolene’s example. Their tongues lightly ran along each other's slits slowly, circling each other's clits. Jolene’s hands started to rub and caress Sasha’s legs, enjoying her sweet taste more than she thought was possible.


Sasha pushed her tongue deeply into Jolene’s pussy. Her tongue danced as she searched for Jolene’s most sensitive spots, wanting to drive Jolene wild. Jolene groaned before driving her tongue into Sasha. Each woman moaned in pleasure, sending sweet, sweet vibrations through their tongues. They each slowed their actions wanting to prolong the sensations they were feeling. Their hands moved in unison as they lost themselves in the moment.


Jolene shut her eyes as thoughts of enjoying the beauty in her bed for the pleasure of her men filled her mind. She knew that Danny and Greg would love seeing what was happening right now. They would be stroking each other's cocks wanting to join in, desperate to be with the two women.


Jolene pulled her tongue from Sasha’s pussy and softly sucked her clit into her mouth, she circled her tongue around Sasha’s clit groaning and moaning as Sasha copied her actions. Both women were soon lost in building orgasms, each of them involuntarily bucking their hips, their bodies convulsing in pleasure as they worked to make each other cum.


Suddenly, Sasha gasped loudly as she started to cum, moaning and wanting to keep Jolene where she was. Jolene started to slow her actions just savouring Sasha’s leaking juices as Sasha returned to sucking hard on Jolene’s clit. Jolene soon was cumming herself as Sasha was prepared to swallow every drop that Jolene gave her. They slowly broke apart and lay together cuddling up to each other.


“I think you’ll fit in very well with us. But you know as soon as Greg knows I’m here I’ll be having him in my bed and fucking him, it might even be before he fucks you,” Jolene said as she stroked Sasha’s hair.


“That’s fine as long as this isn’t the only time we spend together, just us, okay?” Sasha asked kissing Jolene on the lips.

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