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The Past Fling: First Half

The Past Fling: First Half

Sammie comes to visit her brother Jeff and his wife Abby, but Jeff has a story to tell.

The tag 'story told' just means there's a story told within the story.

"I can't believe I'm going to meet my sister-in-law," I said, shaking his arm.

"Why are you so excited, Abby? She is my sister, I'm the one who hasn't seen her in a few years, and you haven't even met her."

"Well, she is practically my sister too, that's all. I just feel like I'm meeting another member of my family. I already feel like I love her, and you love her, so I'm just anxious, Jeff," I answered before I smooched his cheek. "After seeing her pictures, I'm horny."

He slowly turned his head towards me and shot me a weird face. "Horny, babe?"

"That came out wrong, but you know what I mean, don't you, I'm overjoyed, so my motor is running?"

"Sure," he answered before he kissed me. "Just let me get the first hug, fair enough?"

I nodded and smooched his forehead. Then we just watched TV, cuddled and waited for his sister to arrive. Even though she was just my sister-in-law, I still felt gitty.

"Did I hear a knock?" I pondered, getting up on the couch.

"Just don't tackle her."

"Okay, I'll slap her," I joked, grinning before I calmly went to the front door.

I opened the door and saw her. "You must be Sammie."

"Yes," she answered, coming in there with us. "And you must Abby."

"Yes, here, let me help you with your bags," I offered, leaning towards her right hand.

I took that one bag, and we both headed to the living room.

"Hi, sis," Jeff greeted her, getting up with us.

She dropped her other bag, and he encased his arms around her too. I couldn't help, but to cheese and rattle.

After a moment, he let go of her. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Sammie asked.

"This," I responded before I wrapped my arms around her from behind.

"Even though she just met me, she isn't shy about hugging me this hard? I think after thirty seconds, she may break me in half," Sammie chuckled.

"Yes, she is really family oriented, sis. She loves family, probably more than a normal person should, but I love her," Jeff explained, nodding.

"Okay, Abby, may I at least turn my body around so I can hug you too?"

"Sorry," I apologized, loosening my grip.

She turned to me and hugged me as well. She failed to apply much pressure to me though, but she still showed the love.

"It is so good to meet you finally, Sammie," I said before I smooched her cheek. "I wish you could have come to the wedding," I brought up, leaning back somewhat.

"The same, Abby, but I'm here now," she mentioned, smiling.

We held positions for a moment as not a word dropped and I rubbed Sammie's back too.

"Okay, will you let go of me now, Abby?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," I mentioned, bringing my arms back.

"It is okay."

We all sat down, but she sat in the chair as Jeff and I occupied the love seat. They started spouting out about memories. I couldn't comment on them, so I just let them go on and on, and I didn't want Sammie to feel odd.

"So, how is Bob?" Jeff asked after twenty minutes of jibber jabber.

Then all the sudden, Sammie bit down on her bottom lip and leaned back.

"I think there might be trouble in paradise," I whispered in Jeff's ear.

He nodded, but kept his eyes on her.

"Things could be better with Bob, so let's just say he wasn't thrilled me taking this trip. I told him I hadn't seen you in a few years, missed your wedding, and that Abby here was dying to meet me, so I left, and he didn't want me to at all."

"Why, Sammie?" I pondered.

"I guess he is the opposite of you, Abby. We've had our little tiffs in the past, so I don't think this anything we can't get over," she explained before a gap. "Although, we've had more than our fair share of them in the past year or so. Jeff, I think you might be hearing the 'D' word soon."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Sis," he said, getting up.

He went to her and hugged her. I placed my right hand over my mouth and angled my head down too. I couldn't comprehend what would have happened, but I still felt hurt as she was my sister-in-law.

"It'll be alright, Sammie," he assured her before kissing her. "We promise, we'll do whatever we can for you."

'Did they just kiss each other on the lips?'

"Thanks," she said, prior to kissing him back. "I love you."

"I love you too, sis."

My eyes widened, and my head went back somewhat too. A few seconds later, he came back to me and cuddled with me again.

"Did you two just kiss each other, twice?"

He swallowed. "Yes, we're just a little affectionate. We've always have been close."


I smirked somewhat as they began going back and forth again.

My left side was to him, so I nonchalantly moved my right hand towards my panties. 'And my slit is drenched.'

After another half hour where I couldn't get a word in edgewise, Sammie got up. "I'm sorry, Abby, we just have a lot of catching up to do. I'll be here for a few days, so let's stop, Jeff, we'll have plenty of time to chat. Could I take a shower now, please?"

"Sure, sis, the bathroom is back there next to your room."

"Thanks," she mentioned before she turned around and my eyes went right to her. 

"She isn't shy about letting her thong stick out, dude," I giggled. "Its the same dark brown as her hair color. She is a character, has a soft side, a comfortable side, but seems to be a free spirit too," I said before I turned to him. "And seriously, you two haven't seen each other in a few years, but you can just kiss each other?"

"I guess, yes, babe," he answered, failing to make eye contact. "I'm sorry, we didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"No, I'm not complaining, that was just a little out of the ordinary."

"Okay," he said before he kissed me.

We watched TV for a few minutes, but then we heard the bathroom door open.

"That was quick," I mentioned, raising my eyebrows.

"By the way, bro," she said, coming towards us.

My eyes widened and vibrated. 'What the fuck? She is just in her undergarments.'

"I brought you a present, that maybe Abby here can enjoy too," Sammie told him, digging into one bag.

"Really, what?" he pondered, getting up and strolling to her. "And you are still gorgeous by the way."

"Aren't you sweet?" she asked before she smooched his cheek. "I just saw this last week," she announced, bringing out her hands.

"I don't think that thong is my size, sis," he chuckled.

"So, its for me to wear and for him to enjoy, Sammie?" I asked, coming up with them.

"Yes, Abby, he told me your favorite color was pink, and I wear thongs all the time," she confessed, handing it to me.

"I noticed that."

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, placing her right hand on her lower back. "I didn't even notice it was showing; You aren't upset, are you?"

"Well, no, you don't have to worry about it sticking out now, because you're just in your bra and thong out here now, Sammie, "I pointed out, shooting her an odd look. "When it was sticking out, you still had your pants on, remember?"

"Holy shit, I'm sorry, Abby," she said, covering up her melons and crotch. "You're right to feel upset; It's just not weird to be underdressed in front of him. I didn't even think about it, I just thought of my gift and came right out here. At least I'm not completely naked, but I do apologize. I'll go take my shower now and come out in my robe," she explained before a pause. "Could I hug you, Abby? Oh, fudge, you don't want to hug me now, I'm half naked," she giggled.

"No, it is alright, Sammie, we're family, even though we're not blood-related," I answered, coming to her.

We encased our arms around each other even though most of her body showed. I smiled, but jiggled a little bit. I couldn't see Jeff, but I was sure he smirked back at us.

'Jeff does have a free-spirited and sexy sister,' I thought before I let go of her. "Are you stunning by the way."

"Thank you, if you don't want the thong, I can take it back."

"No, I own a few already, but I don't wear them very often," I let her know, bringing it up. "I'm sure your brother will like seeing this pink silk thong sticking out of my shorts though."

"Good, I'll see you in a little while, and thank you for loving me, Abby."

"I never told I loved you," I laughed.

"I know its implied," she added before she went back to the bathroom.

I turned around and came back to Jeff. "She is something, that's for sure," I pointed out before I kissed him. "What, is it a younger sister thing? I'm the older sibling to Mike."

"I don't know," he responded, breaking eye contact and sitting down.

I put the thong up onto my shorts. "Do you like it? Can you envision me wearing only this? Should I strip completely and try it on right now?"

He didn't answer and just shook somewhat too.

"Okay, something is on your mind, so spill it. Don't even bullshit me, just let it out."

He peeked at me, but just featured a guilty smile. Not a word dropped from his lips, so I nonchalantly sat down next to him.

I pecked his cheek and put the thong on the arm of the couch. "I have no idea what's wrong, but you can tell your wife. I said 'Yes' to you because I loved you and was willing to support you no matter what."

"Are you sure about that, because I have to tell you something? Let's say it has to do with why my sister is so comfortable with me and us kissing each other."

"Okay," I said, turning the TV off and angling my body to him. "What's going on, Jeff?"

He bit his bottom lip for a few seconds and took my hands in his. I kept my eyes on his, but he couldn't seem to look at me. That just made me even more curious and anxious to find out what was on his mind.

"There is no easy way to say this; I'm just going to say it: Sammie and I once had a fling."

I backed my head away and let my eyebrows up too. "A fling, a sexual fling?"

He nodded and kissed me. "It is not like I still have those feelings for Sammie, but yes."

"With your sister?"

"Yes, babe."

I smiled ever so subtly and broke eye contact with him. Neither of us said a word for a moment, and I just tried to process the brand new information. I just pictured them together having sex.

"Are you upset?"

I stayed silent for a few seconds. "No, not at all. Your cock has been inside her?"

"Yes," he answered, grabbing my hands. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I didn't count on Sammie being so open, and that weird gift. It was just for a few months six years ago."

"Is she better than me in bed? I saw her body, and she is dazzling."

"No, you're the best, Abby. I swear I don't want to do it with her again, I only need you," he declared before kissing me.

"So, you decided to tell me after the wedding, that's interesting," I chuckled.

"It seemed like useless information that could only complicate things. No one else knows about it. I wasn't planning on telling you; now it is out there. That's why she is a free spirit so to speak."

"Okay, but that means you just started having sex with her when you were twenty, and she was eighteen. Did something happen between you two? Did she just decide she wanted to find out what your dick tasted like?"

"We never had oral sex, sweetie, we were strictly a loving making incestuous couple. We only did it in her room on her bed, and I always wore a condom too."

I scratched my head for a few seconds, but placed my right hand on his crotch. "What happened? Were you attracted to each other? Please tell me; you have my panties wet now."

 "Really, you like the idea?"

"Yes, it's hot, Jeff. I want to hear more from you, but I used to give my little brother blow jobs during his senior year of high school when he was eighteen. For every final exam that he passed, I sucked his dick."

"Really, you gave Mike head?"

"Seven times for all seven of his final exams, so I'm kind of responsible for him graduating and going to college. I never let him see my body, but I did allow him to shoot my face all seven times. It wasn't too long before we met and then I started giving you blow jobs, but for the record, I did do it for him."

"Damn, you're a great sister," he praised me before kissing me and placing his palms on my butt. "You're going to have to give me more details on that at some point."

"I know, now why did you and Sammie start screwing each other?"

He sat back and let out a deep breath. I stayed upright and rubbed my legs hard for a couple of minutes as he failed to say a word. I jiggled and breathed quite heavily too, but I knew I wouldn't be able to contain myself forever.

"Would you just tell me already," I whined, stomping my feet and slapping the couch.

"Sorry, she just broke up with her serious boyfriend, and she came bursting into my bedroom. She attacked me, and I just consoled her the best I could for like two hours. I knew the guy somewhat well, but I still didn't see the break-up coming. I don't even know why she came to me; she had our parents, but yet, she came to me. I'm not saying I had a problem, but it was just uncharted territory. She certainly knew I'd do anything for her, so we just stayed close the whole time, and she eventually stopped crying. At the time, I had jean shorts, boxers and a t-shirt on, but she just had a thin tank top and gym shorts on herself."

"And I'm guessing she wasn't wearing a bra and any panties?"

"She wasn't wearing a bra, but did have a thong on though."

"Did your dick get hard, Jeff? Did you find out that you might have been hot for her?"

"I guess, yes. I wasn't about to let Sammie know about it and proposition her to have sex then. I wasn't even sure what to make of it; I just knew the feelings popped up, and I kept a lid on them for the time being."

"Although, you had sex with her that night?"

He nodded, but didn't speak for a moment. I certainly wanted him to spill his guts, but I did my best to give him all the time he needed. Although, I couldn't take my eyes off him and he knew I was gawking at him too.

As I waited, I covered my face with both hands and just envisioned them doing it yet again. Just as he said, they strictly just made love, so that's the exact position that came to my mind. I failed to touch my crotch though, as I didn't want something to start and have Sammi come out.

Although, I did peck his cheek a few times and rub his leg. "Did you make love to her to console her?"

"In a nutshell, yes. As we cuddled, Sammie slowly pulled my face towards hers. We didn't say anything, but I still had a hard on and we just eyeballed each other for a few minutes. Over that time, I peeked at her lips a couple of times. I felt the lust between us and I was sure she did too, but I just couldn't rip off the bandage and try something, whether I asked first or not."

"And you never thought about having sex with her before?"

"No, not once, but she was there with me, and I felt empowered by her because I could make her feel better just by being there. I knew we both were sure we wanted to do it, but it was completely unspoken. We knew we weren't going to judge each other, but I could only figure we were worried about what would happen after the deed went down."

"So, did you kiss her first? You already divulged that your dick penetrated her pussy, so I know it happens, but what happened right before then, Jeff? You weren't ashamed; you knew you loved her and were hot for her too."

"I love you," he stated before he kissed me.

"I know, bastard, but you have me hooked, so give me the story," I ordered before a pause. "I love you too."

He smiled and smooched my cheek. "She actually kissed me, but parted her lips just a few seconds later. We stared again, and I licked my lips. That just got her to grin and bring her hands down to my crotch. My dick just got as hard as a diamond, and she knew it. I knew what was going through my mind, but when that actual moment came up, I couldn't fathom the idea that she actually wanted me in that way. Even with that kiss, the jury was still out. The last thing I wanted to do was upset her, but she kept me on that hook as she rubbed me down there."

"So, what, did she just tease you?"

"Yes, somewhat anyway. I didn't even know if I truly wanted it by then because it seemed like it could go either way. We could have had sex, or just shared a not so sibling-like kiss. Although, after staring at each other with her hand on my wood, she actually undid my shorts and pushed them down, but not my boxers. Now I know that truly was the sign that she wanted to have sex, but yet, I still didn't make my move. I just bit my bottom lip and glanced down at her shorts. After a few seconds, she decided to lift them and expose her baby blue thong. My mouth opened up wide, and I drooled right on her," he chuckled. "So, I leaned up on my butt, and I kept my eyes on her shorts."

"And then she allowed you to see some more skin, Jeffery?"

"Yes, she pushed them down along with her thong right to her knees."

"Oh, was she shaved down there?"

"No, damn you want all the dirty details," he laughed. 

"Yes, I do, so spill it."

"My sister did have a nice landing strip, and I just enjoyed the view. Even though just thirty minutes before that, I had no idea I'd see her as a sexual woman, I found myself incredibly attracted to her. As I said, my pecker was hard as a diamond, but the final 'For sure' domino fell as she dug into my boxers, and grabbed onto it. Still, we hadn't spoken a word, but yet, she gave me the only hand job of our relationship, and peeked at her boobs. I just took that as an invitation to push up her tank top. Then I got sight of her beautiful tits too."

"You've never called my hooters 'beautiful,' buddy."

"Abby, your rack is beyond stunning, happy?"

"Yes, so she never told you to make love to her, did she?"

"No, she never said the words, but yet, I kissed her once and reached over to her end table. It had a small drawer where I knew she kept some condoms, and I grabbed one," he admitted before a pause. "She pushed me down onto my back, snatched it from me and opened it up for me."

"Oh, she was 'The man' so to speak?"

"You could say that. She placed it on the head of my johnson and pushed it down. That was the moment, I decided to go for it, so I leaned towards her, but she stopped me."

"Why?" I giggled.

"She took off her top and then her shorts and thong too. I guess she wanted her whole body to be appreciated, which it was. As she was naked, she got up onto her knees and grabbed onto my shirt. She got it off me and yanked off my shorts and boxers as well. Unlike me, she didn't take the time to scan over my body, she just got back on the bed and lied down. We looked at each other like never before for a moment, but she mouthed 'I love you.' once and then I climbed on top of her. Her body felt like having an orgasm for the first time again, but to my surprise, I just stuck it in her pussy and made sweet love to her. I kissed her several times, and we both moaned too. The whole thing was quite surreal to me and loving too. I felt her figure, she felt mine, and we connected, not as siblings are supposed to connect. She placed her hands on my mid back, and I grabbed onto her thighs. Let's say we were both comfortable physically and emotionally. Oddly enough, nothing weird went through my mind. I just knew I was making her feel better, and myself too. I kept my speed very slow and smooth feeling for her. I had no idea even if her slit would get hurt by my member, but she took it perfectly. We also both twitched a bit, but nothing disturbed the mood. We just had superb sex, and let our sibling relationship soar. Even only through that taboo way, we both loved every second of it, and it couldn't have gone better."

"How long did you last?"

"Just a few minutes, long enough for all those connections to be made, and to make her forget about that guy. I filled up the condom, and then I pulled out."

"Wait, you weren't worried about the condom breaking?"

"Honestly, not in that moment. I leaned up, got onto my knees and tugged it off my schlong. Neither of us freaked at the thought of it breaking, we just observed it with widened eyes. Even with that, neither of us said a word. Not one, unless you want to count Sammie mouthing to me."

"I don't."

"Then we both slathered our lips again, but then I saw her shed a few tears as she arched her back up with me. I just threw the condom in the trash in the corner, and we looked at each other with teary eyes for a moment. Then I wrapped my arms around her. It seemed like I was consoling her for consoling her. I knew it wasn't like that, because we both loved it, although, it still felt off then. As a guy sees a woman cry, it is just never clear if it is good or bad. We've been married for a couple of years now, and I still can't tell."

"I'll teach you later, now finish please."

"After five minutes, she calmly backed away and finally said something: Do you still love me? Of course, I answered 'Yes,' told her that she was ravishing, she meant everything to me and then I kissed her again. That got her to smirk again and then she just lazily lied back down. After a twenty second staring session she asked: 'Are you going get another condom or not?'. I wasted no time and fished out another one. I put it on that time and made love to her yet again. That time we were both were friskier though."

"No kidding? That was hot, Jeff. I want to pleasure myself so badly right now, but I've been resisting. I had no idea about any of this, but how long did you see each other?"

"Roughly six months," he muttered before lowering his head. "We just had a pregnancy scare, but we both eventually concluded that we should stop. We still had sex for about two more months, but did it less and less until we just stopped altogether. We didn't let it change our relationship though. Although, then she met Bob and moved away about a year after that.

"That's sad, considering how close you were, and then she moves long distance."

Yeah, but we still talked a lot on the phone, and the computer and did speak about our fling. That's all we could figure to call it: a fling. I don't think either of us thought of us as being serious, but we did consider ourselves to be a couple. We didn't see anyone else, or let our parents know about us either."

I hugged him for a moment, and he returned the favor. I found myself speechless and turned on as well.

'I don't know what to say, but my pussy feels like a river just flowed through it. Wow, and I thought I was fucked up for giving Mike seven blow jobs in two weeks. Holy shit, this is huge. Probably his most attractive ex is showering in our bathroom right now.'

After a moment, we let go of each other. "Just one more question."

"One more? Bullshit, woman."

"Have you ever thought about having sex with her again? Whether you were with me at the time or not, please be honest with me. Have you, even just once?"

"Yes, sweetheart."

"Okay, four more: did you last longer the second time and did you ever shoot your load on her?"

"Yes, I lasted longer the second time, and as our fifth loving making session ended, I ripped off the condom and came on her bosoms and stomach."

"Wow, that's sexy. Holy shit, I had no idea you had a sexual history with Sammie, and I think it is very arousing. You fucked your sister six years ago, and I gave my little brother blow jobs. I guess we're made for each other: we're sick. Sammie never sucked on this great cock before though?" I pondered before I placed my hand on his crotch.

He shook his head no, and I leaned to him. We kissed each other again as I rubbed his wood ever so slowly. His right hand dropped down to my lower back, and he massaged it for me too.

"I want to bring your cock out right now, but I'm afraid your sister might come back out, but she has seen it before though."

"We could just go to our bedroom though; we don't just have it just for sleeping."

"I like that," I added before I calmly moved my head back towards his.

"Hey," Sammie interrupted us, coming back into the living room. "I just wanted to say 'Goodnight.', and let thank you again for letting me crash with you."

"You're only my sister," he reminded her, getting up with her. "I love you, sis."

"I love you too, bro," she mentioned before encasing her arms around him.

I watched them as they held each other for a moment. 'Whether I like it or not, I do love the idea of those two being together. Not that this news screws up my impression of Sammi, but this is huge. I wonder if she'd fuck him again if she got the chance. Granted: I just met her, but she doesn't strike me as a chick that would ask me to do it. I'm married to Jeff, so it is just 'Abby parking' only here. Although, if you did ask, I'd reply 'What the hell took you so long?',' I thought before I brought my hand to my crotch. 'Now even through my shorts and panties, I'm pleasuring myself at the thought of you two fucking. Go ahead, drop to your knees, take his pecker and get a feel for it in your hand. Then take it in your mouth and give him the best blow job you could possibly give right in front of me. I'll gladly let you have him, and I'll join in if you'd fancy.'

She let go of him. "I'm going to call Bob and go to bed," she informed him before peeking at me. "Goodnight, Abby. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you."

"Goodnight, Sammie, I love you too," I responded, cheesing.

"You have a feisty one, Jeff. She is giving you her 'Fuck me' eyes," she whispered before calmly backing away.

She kept her eyes on us for a few seconds until she disappeared into her bedroom. Then I got up with him, and he took my hand. We turned off the light and made our way to our bedroom. I felt more than horny on the way there and kept thinking about them together.

As we made it in there, I closed the door, turned on the light and pushed him on the bed. "I won't get upset, I swear, but have you ever masturbated thinking about your sister during our relationship?"

He licked his lips and pulled out his wood. "Maybe a couple of times, but I automatically thought about you after the fact."

"Oh," I moaned before I lowered myself down to my knees. "That's a big cock, did your sister take it well that first time?"

"Yes, but my hot wife has made it much bigger in the past couple of years."

"She must love you," I mentioned, prior to taking off my top. "Would you like to see my tits?"

"Babe, I can see them anytime I want, I just need to close my eyes, because you've tattooed them in mind."

"And even after I said 'Yes.' and let you see them whenever you want, you still flatter me," I pointed out, bringing my hands to my back.

I undid my bra and took it off myself. Then I immediately wrapped both of my hands around Jeff's rod and brought the head toward my breasts. We kept eye contact for a minute, but we didn't utter a word.

I rubbed the head against my right nipple and smiled at him. I let my nipple fling numerous times over a few minutes as I moved his schlong ever so slowly. I didn't stroke it, but kept it moving. He cheesed back at me and blew me a few kisses too.

"Nevertheless, our chemistry is ironclad."


Then he took off his shirt and pushed off his shorts completely along with his boxers.

"Now that's a naked man," I observed, stroking his wood for a moment before I rose up to my feet.

I brought my hands to my shorts, but he came up and stopped me. "No, allow me," he said before he kissed me and placed his hands on my button.

While looking right at me, he blindly undid them and let them fall. Then both of his hands landed on both sides of my panties, but he did not bring them down.

"Are you rubbing them? Does cotton ladies underwear feel good on your fingers?"

"When it belongs to you, and its even better when you are still wearing them. I had sex with Sammie, but I can't even envision needing her again. You are more than enough woman for me, Abby."

"Enough praise already, I'm just the chick you are married to, I'm not a sex god."

"Are you sure?"

"What I'm about to do might make you think different, but no," I responded before I leaned down and took his wood into my mouth.

"You're right," he added, placing his hands on my head. "You couldn't have hit the nail harder on the head, Abby. Yes, let those lips do what they do best: pleasure me," he let out, fondling my head. "And I got you for life too, that's a sweet deal: I get a red headed sex pleasing wife, and you got a diamond ring."

I giggled a little bit and began thrusting my lips ever so slowly. Jeff's hands moved lazily, and I brought mine to the base of his wood too. I kept my eyes on his as he slathered his lips as well. Needless to say, our chemistry seemed to be perfect, and I loved pleasing him.

"I hope you're are working yourself up, because of all that sex talk got me riled up as well. I might have to bring up my sister a little more often now if it is to get you to bring out your extra feisty side. Do you like the sound of that?"

I nodded, but slowly let his rod out. "Just don't pretend I'm Sammie, okay?"

"I don't have a thing for her, Abby, I swear."

"Would you fuck her if I asked you to, Jeff?"

"Yes, I guess."

"You'd please me, but you'd be getting laid with a hot chick in the process. There is nothing wrong with it, nothing at all," I pointed out before I let his pecker back into my mouth.

"As if you'd fuck another guy if I asked," he theorized, placing his hands back on my head.

I nodded again and angled my head up so he could see my whole face. So, I couldn't keep his entire dick in my mouth, but I still sucked as hard as I could.

"I love you for you, don't get me wrong, but you are quite cheesy when it comes to that mouth. How could I ever resist you?"

'You couldn't,' I thought before slanted my head back down and closed my eyes.

I instantly began moving my lips ever faster and wooed him in the process without missing a beat. As the direct result, I had him vibrating so much, that the bed was shaking too. I felt the chills going throughout my body again, and my heart pumped up the speed also.

"Damn, Abby," he moaned, scrubbing my head. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you wanted me to cum. Do you want me to spew all over your face, or down your throat again?"

We kept eye contact, but I failed to halt my pleasuring. Not that the silence became awkward, but I wanted him to keep talking and praising me by then. I couldn't help it, he fueled my engine, and I used it right on him.

"Oh, for fuck sakes, Abby," he moaned, covering his face with both hands. "I love you, I love you, and I love you some more."

As those words entered the airwaves, his cock suddenly went even further into my mouth, so I began to deep throat him. I had to cheese as much as I could because I had him in the palm of my hand. My whole body felt to be drenched in sweat even though I only blew him.

Along with the bed, he made me jiggle a bit. Of course, my quick moving head added a lot to the mix, but his jerking body definitely made me shake more than a bit. Whether I wanted to or not, Sammie came to mind.

I felt so worked up by then, that I closed my eyes yet again. I evidently wanted to keep eye contact with him, but I nearly thought I'd be thrilled for the wrong reasons. I clenched my hands as much as I could without tipping him off.

"You want to suck your brother's cock, don't you?" I asked her in my head as I imagined her coming towards us.

"Only to please him and my sister-in-law," she answered before she kissed me.

I jerked my head up.

"What's wrong, babe?"

I stayed silent for a few seconds. "Nothing, stand up so I can suck your pecker properly, and you can cum all over my boobs."

"And not down your throat? I'm still sorry about that," he apologized, rising on his feet on the floor.

"It'll just be a funny story for us. Besides, it's really just a compliment to me: I'm that good," I pointed out before grabbing Jeff's johnson towards the base and taking it back into my mouth.

'Shit, I can look right into eyes as I give him a blow job and he caresses my head, but yet, I can't stop thinking about him having sex with Sammie. I'm not a lesbian, but I wonder what she looks like naked, just how hard could she make his pecker? Would she even fuck him again if she got the chance? Whether I even knew about it or not, would she? That was some sexy story he told me, and he certainly wouldn't make all that up. Of course, the kissing thing also points to that story being true,' I thought before a pause. 'Now you are leaning your head back, is your sexy wife getting the better of you now? Are you coming close to shooting your load, but not down my throat, you horny devil? I'm sweating my ass off down here to please you, so the least you can do is give me that cum. Make me remember as I am sucking your dick that I don't need Sammie either; I just need this schlong that's in my mouth.'

"Holy shit, Abby, it feels good, I don't just shoot, but you are definitely going to force it out soon. I can't help, but to make you work for it. It thrills me to feel your lips down there and let's face it: you adore gratifying me."

I nodded and began to deep throat him again.

He slanted his head back. "That's cheating you, damn floozy, that's not fair at all," he chuckled, pulling my hair a bit. "I'll never stop loving you though, so cheat all you want, but," he moaned before a pause. "Shit, you know what I mean," he sobbed, peeking back at me. "I have to explode now, babe."

I let my mouth off his dick, took it both of my hands and stroked it. "Well, are you going to do it, or just talk about it?"

"I'm going to do it, only because I love you, Abby."

I kept the head right at my left tit and stroked it slowly as I viewed his pained face. "Oh, there is that seed we were talking about, I felt it splashing my jugs. Now give them all you've got, buster."

He fulfilled his obligation and delivered at least five more shots, but of course, I had to count them as I felt them. I wanted to look at his face the whole time, and cherish that look like no other sight imaginable.

"I swear, Jeff, you could tell you cheated on me a dozen times before we got married, and it wouldn't matter," I assured him, standing up with him. "Because I love you," I reminded him without taking my hands off his dick.

"I love you too, hot woman," he replied, placing his palms on my butt. "I feel my cum on you, and I'd eat it in a second if you asked me too."

"Let's save that for a special occasion," I offered, positioning my hands on his butt as well. "I can't believe you had sex with your hot sister. You lucky bastard, she is gorgeous."

We held each other for a moment, but he failed to comment on that. I couldn't wrap my head around the whole thing, but I just figured I'd deal with it as my crush either developed or just merely faded away.

"Well, I only did it in the first place to make her feel better. After that, it was just incestuous love and lust making the wheels go."

"Okay then," I said before a pause. "Now we hear knocking, and we do have a guest," I added before I turned to the door.

I strolled to it and brought my hand to the knob.

"Babe, we're both naked."

"She's already seen you, and she should see me. We're a close family now, that's nothing to be ashamed of, Jeff."

"Guys, may I come in there?" he heard Sammie sob through the door.

I willingly opened the door and allowed her into the bedroom with us. "Wait, you're both naked," she protested, looking at the floor for a few seconds. "Were you two having sex?" she inquired before peeking at my boobs. "Holy crap, Abby, you have his cum on your melons, I'm sorry, I won't bother you two."

"Wait, sis," he said, coming towards her. "What's wrong?" he asked, taking her hands in his.

She slowly angled her head up to us. "Bob told me its over, Jeff. I just don't want to be alone," she cried before he encased his arms around her.

I just had to smile, and calmly lean towards his right ear. "Well, your sister is hugging you while she is still in her bra and panties, and you're naked. I can certainly think of one way to make her feel better," I whispered.


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