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Jenny and Marie: The Morning After

Jenny and Marie: The Morning After

After spending the night, Marie's young guest decides the fun is not over yet

I woke with that wonderful warm tingle you get after a night of intense love-making, where you go to sleep completely sated, with your partner in your arms. My partner last night was a young girl that I worked with, Jenny, only seventeen but quiet, shy and very devious.

She had acted drunk and made me feel all protective and maternal towards her, although she had managed to get me to switch from maternal to lesbian lover very easily. I had actually put up some resistance to her advances, but uselessly, as she had her way with me with little trouble.

When I had got up an hour or so earlier to use the bathroom, she was still asleep in my bed, naked and looking so sweet and innocent, a look which I knew to be deceptive, to say the least. Rather than disturb her, I had got back into bed and gone back to sleep with my arm across her.

Now I was waking again to see her facing me, still seemingly sleeping. I reached a hand out to her, or at least I tried to, but the hand would not move. A quick check told me I was tied to the bed, my wrists cuffed together and fastened to the centre of the headboard, and my legs wide apart and clipped to a spreader-bar fastened to the bottom of the bed.

"Jenny, " I called, "what are you doing, darling?"

She opened those dreamy eyes, looking at me and smiling.

"Good morning, my Marie," she murmured, moving across to kiss me, "I thought I would enjoy you for a while before we got up."

"Jenny, sexy girl," I told her, "you can have me anytime you want me, and in any way you want me. You know that."  

"I know," she agreed, "but this way is fun, and besides, I wanted to surprise you."  

"You managed that all right," I informed her, "and last night as well. Where did you get some of those positions from, sexy tease?"

She laughed, playfully teasing my nipple.

"I saw them online, but never tried them before," she admitted, "I love the way I can make you wriggle and squirm when I am teasing you."

She slid down my body until her head was between my spread thighs, her long blond hair tickling my thighs, then buried her head in me, tongue teasing and probing as I wriggled and squirmed for her. Once she started using her fingers to rub and tease my sensitive love-button, I was coming helplessly, and she was back up the bed, kissing me and letting me taste my own love-juices from her lips. 

She lay kissing and stroking until I had stopped twitching, and was breathing easily again. Then, she got out of bed and undid the cords holding the spreader bar to the bottom of the bed. I thought she was going to release me, but she lifted the bar, and my legs, high, tying the cord firmly to the headboard so that I was almost bent double.

"What is this for, darling?" I asked, "what is going through that devious, sexy mind?"

She laughed, telling me, "I always wanted to try this."

She got back on the bed, head down and arms around my thighs.

"You smell so sweet," she murmured.

Then her tongue was licking and probing my tight butt-hole. Oh My God. I had been butt-fucked by cocks, by vibes and by strap-ons, but never before had anyone used their tongue. I had never known how sensitive the area around the butt-hole was until that moment; the touch of her tongue was sending me through the roof, and I was squirming frantically as she pried the butt cheeks wide apart and teased me mercilessly.

I was moaning out loud before she reached round to my slit, and finished me off by finger-fucking me, thumbs rubbing the clit until I was coming again. She untied the bar, letting my legs back down, and came back to kiss me again. We were interrupted by the doorbell.

"You had better let me up darling," I told her, "I will see who that is."

"No need," she called, leaving the room naked, "it will just be my mom, come to collect me. I want her to meet you."

She vanished, even as I was trying to make sense of what she had told me. 'Her mom? meet me? Like this?' I wriggled frantically, trying to get loose, but she had made sure I was secure. Then, footsteps on the stairs, and she came back into the room, followed by a beautiful sexy thirty-something brunette which I assumed to be her mother. I was trying to think of something to say, some way of apologising or something, but I never got the chance.

"You must be Marie," she said, "I am Alice, this one's mother. I see she has been having some early morning fun with you."

I nodded, speechless.

"Little sex-bomb tells me you are fantastic, and that I can join in," she explained, "did you tell her to say that?"

I started to shake my head, but the tingle between my legs told me not to be stupid; I wanted this sexy woman in my bed.

"Not exactly," I admitted, "but I am hardly in a position to stop your little sex-bomb from enjoying me, and I would not mind at all if you joined us."

Jenny smiled triumphantly, and when her mother smiled, I could see the likeness. Alice came over and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching her hand out and stroking along my slit. I wriggled at her touch, and she rubbed faster, watching as my squirming increased, stopping before I could come for her.

"I see she has been getting you warmed up for me," she laughed, "well, if she is going to be enjoying you more in the future, it gives me a few nights of decent sleep."

I looked at her quizzically, not quite sure I was understanding her properly. Alice saw my confusion.

"Oh yes," she explained, "this one started having me on her sixteenth birthday, despite my protests and refusals. I was woken in the middle of the night, rather like you are now, and then this one got between my legs and was soon giving me the first climax, and then she spent the rest of the night enjoying me every way she could think of. As you might have noticed, she gets what she wants, does this girl."

I nodded, smiling and looking pointedly at my bonds.

"I had sort of noticed that," I told her.

"Enough talk, get undressed, Mom," Jenny ordered, "I want you to taste how sweet Marie is, and where do you keep your toys, Marie?" 

"In the bedside cupboard," I told her, "why? What are you looking for?"

"I will decide when I see what you have," she informed me, "Mmm, you do have a nice selection."

She rummaged in the cupboard, finally bringing out my double-ended strap-on.

"Oh yes," she laughed, "this will do nicely to start with."

"How do you mean, Jenny?" I asked, "What do you mean, 'to start with'? How long are you planning on having fun?"

"Ages, it is the first time I have had two sexy women to play with," she explained, "Mom always gets worn out before I have had enough fun. With two of you, I should really enjoy myself fully."

I looked at Alice. She paused in taking off her clothes and merely shrugged.

"Do you want to tell her no?" she queried, "because I have been trying to say that to her for months without success. She gets what she wants, and knows I will always give in to her. As for you, you are not really in a position to stop her, are you?"

I smiled at her calm acceptance of her daughter's demands.

"Very true, Alice," I admitted, "not that I would refuse any chance of having you enjoy me."

Alice smiled at my compliment, kissing me, then taking off her bra, revealing those gorgeously formed globes, and sliding her panties down. I could see the moisture glistening on her naked pussy lips. God, I was so horny, so ready for this gorgeous woman, not to mention her sexy daughter.

"Oh, I think you are going to have me enjoying you," Alice confided, "and more than once if I know my little sex-bomb."

She leaned over me, her tongue tracing patterns on my aureola before taking each nipple into her mouth, nibbling gently, and making me tingle. Jenny pulled her down the bed.

"You enjoy Marie's sexy pussy," she ordered, "and I will use this on that gorgeous slit of yours."

Alice parted my pussy lips, tracing her tongue along the slit and flicking the clit until I was moaning for her, She gasped as her daughter slid the business end of the strap-on into her from behind, then she was being fucked as Jenny gripped her hips, and I was being treated to the expert manipulations of Alice's mouth 

She was so good, and with me having my legs so wide apart, she could reach every sensitive spot with ease. I was pushing up at her mouth as much as I could. Jenny was panting and groaning as she fucked her sexy mother, and I was coming for Alice seconds before Jenny screamed her pleasure.

Even as she came, Jenny still fucked her mom hard and fast, until Alice came, collapsing over me as she hit the top. She wriggled her way up the bed, kissing me deeply, and letting me taste my love-juices from her lips.

"You taste so good," she told me, "I have a feeling I am going to be tasting you much more." 

She was not wrong. Jenny was going to enjoy her two sex toys. When she released me, I thought her game was over, but no, she wanted much more fun, and releasing me was merely a way to get more use from me. Alice and I had our wrists handcuffed behind us, and Jenny could then play with us any way she liked.

She found it was fun to have one of us straddling her head so she could use her mouth and hands on us, while the other was between her legs, tasting her sexy slit and making her come whenever she needed to. While she recovered from her climax, she enjoyed watching as Alice and I used our mouths to make each other come, the one coming first to be the next one for her to use.

I soon understood why Alice was happy that Jenny had found me as a new toy. The energy of the girl was incredible. While Alice and I were gasping for breath, and growing more exhausted with every climax, Jenny seemed to be as lively and eager as ever.

Eventually, Jenny left Alice and me lying on the bed, legs apart and pussies twitching after Jenny had vibe-fucked us both at once, seeing who would come first. As soon as she had left the room, Alice managed to get off the bed and grab the handcuff keys from where Jenny had left them on the bedside cabinet.

She unlocked me first, then I was able to free her. When Jenny came back, we both bundled her onto the bed and struggled for long minutes to fasten her wrists in place with the velcro straps. Once her arms were secured, it was a simple matter for us to pull her legs apart and fasten her ankles in place, leaving her naked and spread-eagled on the bed.

"Mmm, I was worried you might be both getting tired," Jenny admitted, "but now you can both have fun playing with me." 

Alice and I enjoyed a few minutes of congratulatory kissing before taking our revenge on, as Alice called her, "the little sex-bomb." We started by getting her as sensitive as possible, using a small, flexible paddle to spank her sweet clit until it was as hard as it could be.

The slightest touch forced soft moans from Jenny. After that, Alice and I took turns between Jenny's wide-spread legs, using our mouths and hands to bring her to climax after climax. Alice and I changed places after each one, hardly giving the helpless girl time to come down from her latest high.

The only respite she had was when Alice and I hugged and kissed, our hands exploring each other's body, and whispering soft seductive accounts of what we intended doing to each other later. After several climaxes, Jenny was starting to tire, and Alice fastened the strap-on in place, turning it on full, and rough-fucking her daughter.

When she had made Jenny squirm and scream with pleasure, I took my turn and was amazed at how enjoyable it was to ravish my former tormenter. I took her to the very edge of coming, then pulled out, waiting while she came back down, then starting afresh.

"My little sex-bomb hates being denied," Alice pointed out, "she gets desperate very quickly."

We both laughed as I stopped yet again, watching as Jenny tried to get her hungry pussy to make contact with something, anything, that would let her come. She was wasting her time. Again and again, I aroused her to the absolute limit before stopping.  By then she was almost crying with frustration.

"Shall we leave her waiting while we enjoy each other for a while?" I suggested.

The look of shocked horror on Jenny's face was wonderful, forcing Alice and me into hysterical laughter.  I relented though, bringing her to a wonderful climax, with her arching up against her bonds as she was taken higher and higher in one long relentless climax.

She collapsed back onto the bed, panting hard and smiling at us.

"This is more than I dreamed it could be," she confessed, " Two sexy Moms to play with me. Mmm."

Alice and I looked at each other, and without words, decided our sexy girl needed to be released so that we could all enjoy each other for the rest of the day. We all knew that this was only the first of our threesome sessions.




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