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Summer of Discovery, Chapter Three

Dean and Paul continue to explore with one another, now it's Dean's turn to be on his knees.

Amber light filtered through my bedroom window, illuminating lazy dust motes as they wandered around above my head. I had just awoken from a midday nap, and the warmth of my bed was suddenly stifling as I realized I had slept longer than intended. Eyes half-open with sleep, I looked over to my bedside table to check the time. It was half past four; I had slept for over three hours.

With a sudden surge of excitement, everything that had happened yesterday morning flooded back into my memory. Going over to Paul’s house, looking to grab him before heading out to spend some time with our mutual friend Jamie. Finding him half-naked and asleep, noticing the considerable tent in his boxers almost by accident. The moment when I looked up to find him staring at me, my own cock hard and ready at the sight of him.

Paul had, after a fashion, found his way to his knees before me, and sucked my cock better than I could ever have imagined was possible. After seeing him do the same to a college guy named Tony at a party some days before, this had been the last thing I expected to transpire between us.

But it had happened, like a dream, like a blissful, faraway dream. After getting over the initial awkwardness of our situation, I lost myself in pleasure. Paul later whispered to me that he had enjoyed himself, too. Thinking of this brought another newfound phenomenon that I was still getting used to; my cock was instantly at attention, blood pumping with fervor at the thought of once again hooking up with one of my best friends.

I reached over and flipped the covers off of my sweat-misted body, marveling at the intensity of my erection once again. I had become insatiable, teenage hormones supplemented by a pervading sense of naughtiness and newfound pleasure causing my already considerable libido to go into overdrive. I had masturbated three times already that day, and took no time in going for round four as cicadas chirruped loudly outside my bedroom window.

After we had finished up at Paul’s house the day prior, we had gone and hung out with Jamie as planned. Things had been both stupendously normal and altogether changed as we lazed about in our special place in the woods by the Peaks trainyard. Jamie had taken no notice of the change between us.

But it was there. The knowledge we secretly shared was a constant undercurrent to our time spent with Jamie. I would look over at him from time to time, and he would already be looking back, a small smile playing at the edges of his mouth.

It took about three hours before the tension came to a head and we decided that something needed to be done about it. Paul, without prompting from me, exclaimed that he had had fun, but had totally forgotten that he needed to go home and help his mom with something around the house. I took the cue, saying that we might as well call it for now, maybe get together later for a beer when we could assemble all of the guys.

Although disappointed, Jamie accepted what we had said. Since we lived close to one another, no one would find it odd if we biked off together. So we did, and I don’t think I can remember biking that fast before. We were just rounding the bend to get back to the town proper when Paul looked over his shoulder, then stopped biking. I was so focused on my breathing that it took me a few moments to realize that he was no longer next to me, and I stopped abruptly by the side of the road to look back at him.

Paul waved me over as he started walking his bike towards a ditch in the side of the road. My mind quickly concluded that he too was lacking patience, but I was also a little nervous. We had been in the safety of his bedroom the time before, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to go at it where anyone could happen upon us.

But he wasn’t looking to hunker down in that roadside crevasse, which was an enormous relief. In my haste and nervousness, I had overlooked a small pathway cut into the tree line on the other rise of the ditch, and Paul was making his way over to it, his strides confident and quick. I followed, my anticipation already palpable in my tight-fitting shorts. I watched his hips swivel as he stepped up the small dirt hill, admiring the shapely curve of his ass as I did. I hadn’t really noticed it before, but Paul’s butt was well-shaped and rounded in a tight sort of way.

“In here,” he called over his shoulder in a breathless voice.

I followed diligently, hefting my bike over my shoulder as I climbed. The small pathway led into the woods a good way before disappearing altogether, but Paul seemed to know where he was going. After trekking for a few minutes through the undergrowth, we arrived at a small clearing. The canopy overhead was dense, and mottled sunlight shone down on us through the trees.

“How do you know about this spot? It’s so deep in the forest.”

He looked over at me slyly, appraising me as he set his bike up against a tree and took off his shirt.

“It’s kind of hard to explain, but this is a place some people use to hook up from time to time. It’s a cruising spot, for guys.”

“Wait, like people make plans to meet here? What if someone walks in on us?” I asked with some urgency, but I was disrobing too. There wasn’t much that could have kept me from jumping Paul’s bones at that moment. Things were too new, too exciting.

“People don’t exactly plan to meet here; they just sort of go here when they’re looking to get some action,” he saw my expression and quickly added, “don’t worry; it’s very private. I doubt anyone even uses this one anymore; they change from time to time.”

“You sure?”

Paul laughed as he unlaced his shoes and took them off, tossing them haphazardly by his bag and bike. Then he made eye contact with me as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and slowly pulled them down. The black waistband of his briefs came into view as he went, and my mouth began to water. I could see the bulge in his underwear clearly in the low light.

Feverishly, I started stripping the rest of my own clothes off, not giving him the show he was delivering to me. I kept my shorts on, though. I had appreciated Paul’s blowjob so much, I wanted to return the favor more than anything in that moment.

The grass was soft on my bare feet, once I had gotten my socks off and tossed them in the swiftly growing pile of discarded clothing by our bikes. Paul stood in front of me, looking almost sheepish in his near-naked state. I drank in the sight of him, from the slim but strong frame of his shoulders to the neat V-shape of his waist. His underwear was well-tented now, and once again I admired the size of his package. His shaft had a slight curve to it, which made it look amazing outlined against the fabric of his briefs. The bulge was laid at an angle across his waist, and I longed to run my fingers across the breadth of it.

I walked forward, keeping my eye contact with him consistently, and we entwined with one another. Our hips ground against one another as our arms locked around the back of each other’s waist. The warm feeling from the skin of our chests touching was feather-light and electric at the same time, and the moment our lips met, that feeling encompassed my entire body.

Paul’s hands wandered, and eventually found themselves nestled between our bodies and groping for my now iron-hard erection. I luxuriated in the sensation, and some precum immediately escaped the tip of my cock, but I remembered my mission and stopped him promptly.

“My turn,” I whispered breathlessly, and I used the tips of my fingers to push him back a bit.

Paul looked a little confused, but as soon as I started kissing his neck and collarbones, he sighed and let his hands fall limp at his sides. I massaged his shoulders lightly as I went, eliciting a soft groan, which pointed me in the right direction. My hands explored his muscles while my mouth made it’s inexorable journey downwards, creating a small trail of saliva on his sun-bathed torso.

Paul’s skin was soft, and sort of pale. He got a good amount of sun but had never gotten very tan this year. At least not yet. As I crouched down in front of him, the soft grass was a cushion for my knees. I wanted to take my time, now that we had an afternoon before us, and no prospects of being discovered to make me feel nervous or rushed. I had been imagining this moment in my daydreams over and over again, and I wanted to do everything in my power to bring it to life in the best way possible.

I took my hands from their perch in the small of his back and brought them around. I began to rub his thighs, right above his knees but making incremental movements upwards. Eventually, with a soft symphony of appreciative moaning from Paul, they reached their destination. I pressed the palm of my hand into his inner thigh, and the heft of his cock was warm against it. With his manhood pressed against my right hand, I used my left one to trace the outline of his cock with a light touch.

Paul’s cock jumped when I did this, which I found immensely gratifying. Fantasy could only prepare me so much, and the only experience I had with handling penises was with my own. I figured I could improvise, do things that I knew felt good for me, but there was still a difference between theory and practice.

I began rubbing his bulge, giving extra attention to the sensitive underside near the tip, which I knew he would love. Paul did his part, breathing heavily and murmuring how good everything was feeling. As a small wetness appeared right at the tip of his bulge, which was now straining heavily against the fabric of his underwear, my urges got the better of me and I knew I couldn’t wait as long as I had originally intended.

I reached upwards, making sure to allow my wrist and forearm to graze his stiffness as I did. My fingers played with the taut elastic waistband of his briefs, slipping just underneath the edge, barely making contact with the hotness of his cock underneath. Finally, I could have this experience that had been playing at the back of my mind for hours, over and over again. I pulled, letting the tightness of his underwear pull against the straining shape of his member. The material got caught on the round of his ass, and I let it slide down slowly until it fell completely off with a small twanging sensation.

Paul’s cock jumped free, almost smacking me in the underside of my chin. A small droplet of precum flew free and made contact with the skin of my neck, but I was too focused on the task at hand to take much notice. I grabbed it at the base, tentatively at first, but with more firmness when I heard the appreciative sound coming from deep in Paul’s chest. It was a low hum, almost a growl. I had never heard this sound before, and it turned me on so much I had to stop for a moment and readjust my own cock to keep it from being in a painful position.

As I regained my grip on the base of Paul’s manhood, I marvelled at how warm it was against my palm. The heat was already becoming stifling as the midday sun burned harshly against the canopy cover of our small haven, but Paul was hotter still. I let the skin of my hand slide lightly over his shaft as I brought my grip towards the tip, and was exalted to find his cock jumping, a small seepage of precum greeting my greedy fingers.

I stroked it for a little while, taking great care to make sure he didn’t have an orgasm too soon; I could tell he was very excited from the sounds emanating from deep within his chest. My free hand cradled his balls lightly, and I gave them a little tug, which I had always enjoyed in my solitary sexual experiences.

Paul did his part, moaning and groaning above my shoulders, his hands placed gingerly on top of my head, fingers entwined in my hair while I gazed at his throbbing member. I could tell he was leaning heavily against the tree at his back, which gave me a sudden and surging sense of power. I ran with it, placing my now-unused palm against his lower stomach, applying pressure as if to say 'stay right here and let me work.'

Finally, I could wait no longer. I reset my grip on the base of Paul’s cock and positioned his cock upwards. It looked a little funny from this angle, almost like it was peering at me, posing a question. What will you do next, huh? I knew exactly what I would do, and I had been making a plan in the back of my mind since I had received the same treatment from Paul earlier that morning.

I began by doing something that had been nagging at me, and it was all the more sweet for the fact that I was a little bit ashamed that I wanted to do it so badly. I pressed my face in the crook of Paul’s groin, right where his upper thigh met his cock, and inhaled deeply. The musk of his sweat mingled with the scent of his aroused cock, the overall effect being a dizziness-inducing aphrodisiac. I felt lightheaded. The smell was so natural, but so clearly from another man. I closed my eyes to keep my vision from swimming, but regained my composure once I remembered the task at hand.

I let my nose and lips stay against his crotch, and began to move my face up against his cock, almost nuzzling it. My lips made contact with the base of his shaft, and I stuck my tongue out a bit, hoping the flavor wouldn’t be unwelcome. It surprised me how much it tasted just like skin. A little salty, maybe, but pleasant. What really surprised me was the softness. Paul’s erection was like iron, but the skin of his cock was incredibly smooth against my lips and tongue. It was a little odd, but the foreignness of it excited me.

My hands had been braced on my knees, and I brought one up to once again hold his cock in place while I began to run my tongue shyly up its length. Paul’s cock was wonderful. It was just about as thick as mine around, but a fair bit longer. Maybe an inch. That made it a nice seven and a half. There was a small blue vein visible underneath the pale skin, and the head was perfectly proportioned, the sight of leaking precum enticing. Like me, Paul was circumcised, and his balls hung low and heavy. No wonder he was so horny all the time!

At last, my tongue reached the end of his shaft, and I felt the smooth skin of his head against that of my mouth. Suddenly, the mild, salty flavor was replaced by something entirely different. Sweet, almost, and the saltiness intensified as well. There was some small wetness, and suddenly I realized I was sampling his precum. I was enraptured with it.

My previously cautious demeanor disappeared, and I knew I had to feel it in my mouth. All of it, if I could. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and gave some small suction. This was greeted with another little surge of that delicious nectar, and I could feel Paul’s knees almost give way as he sighed contentedly. The smooth feel of him against my tongue, pushing my lips apart, was invasive, but in a welcome way. Paul applied light pressure on the top of my head, and I needed no further prompting.

I dived in, at first just trying to see how far I could take it. The answer was not very. I was tense and worried that I might graze the sensitive skin with my teeth, like I had heard our friend Keller describe in one of his sexual encounters. This in mind, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and forged onwards, hoping to feel him fill my mouth. Once I had become acclimated to the sensation, I realized the only way I would hurt him is if I tried to do too much too quickly. I didn’t need to hurt my jaw, so long as I was careful.

“Try to relax your throat a little bit,” he sighed, “it’ll make it easier to take deeper.”

I wasn’t really sure how to do this, but I decided that I could figure it out through sheer will. I could feel the heat of him pressing into the back of my mouth now, filling me just like I wanted. The encompassing feeling of his hands on the back of my head and his warm thighs to rest my hands on was spectacular, and heat of his skin was like a power source for my operations. I began to bob my head up and down, going as far as was comfortable on the downstroke, making sure to treat his head with extra attention on the rise.

Every time my tongue flashed across the surface of his tip, Paul’s cock would emit a small jump and pump another tiny bit of precum into my mouth. This was a sure sign that I was doing well for my first time. I began to gain confidence. This was easy! If I concentrated on the things that I enjoyed feeling on my own, I could almost replicate them with my mouth and fingers. I made sure to stimulate the sensitive head and keep constant pressure on the shaft when I had it in my mouth.

Eventually, I felt strong enough in my abilities to try something I had seen in a porno once. I raised my right hand to the base of his shaft, my left to his balls. As I cupped them with care, I went back to sucking Paul’s cock with zeal. This time, I would bring my lips as far down as they could go, and when I brought them back up again, my closed hand came with. I wanted Paul to feel like every inch of him was being cared for and appreciated.

He exhaled deeply, a low growl escaping along with it. I knew this sound, because it was exactly what I had done when Paul was blowing my mind earlier that morning. It was the sound of a man being serviced, and well. I felt a little meek, right then, because this was the point of no return. I had become a full-fledged cocksucker, just like Paul, and he was having his way with my mouth out in daylight! Somehow, the shame intermingled with my arousal, and I fought back the wash of emotions working their way up my midsection, plugging them with the tip of Paul’s considerable meat.

A little while more of this same treatment, my hand working in tandem with my mouth, my left hand cupping and massaging Paul’s balls, and I felt them begin to contract. His breathing increased in pace, and I could tell what was coming. I had come this far; I figured, I would finish the job.

“Dean,” he breathed, his voice husky and low, unlike the way he normally addressed me, “Dean, if you keep doing that, I’m going to cum soon.”

I stopped for a moment, not wanting this to end so soon, but excited by the fact that I had so nearly brought him to orgasm. I looked up at him, then, and what I saw will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. Paul looked tense, almost pained, his eyes squinted up a little as if he was holding back his orgasm through sheer determination. As he looked down upon me, his cock buried in my wet, waiting mouth, his expression softened. He looked really happy, and grateful, with a strong undercurrent of lust in his shining eyes.

That was all I needed. I returned to my work with vigor, sloppily taking his cock, working up a coating of spit and precum that lubricated the whole experience, dribbling out onto my chin. My left hand cupped his now-tight balls, massaging them while I milked him for all he was worth. As my hand and lips worked together to stroke him, Paul grabbed my hair tightly enough to cause a small, exciting jolt of pain, and I knew he was about to cum.

He groaned, pushing my head further onto his manhood, so far I almost gagged, and at that angle, I could tell what he meant by 'relaxing my throat'. It was like it opened up for him, and I felt the tip of Paul’s cock push back into my throat, seeking more wet warmth for itself. I took my hands off him and placed them firmly on the sides of his ass and thighs, holding him in place while he did the same to my head.

Paul’s cock erupted in my mouth. I could feel it pulsing before he came, and the sensation of this living, hot thing going off inside of my mouth was ecstasy. And then he was cumming, and that sweet-salty musk flavor from before intensified threefold as his hot cum splashed across my tongue.

It kept spurting, over and over again, his balls draining completely into my waiting mouth. Paul held my head in place, thrusting lightly as he emptied himself into me, and towards the end, his tip found my throat again, and I could feel almost all of his cock pulsating against the skin of my tongue.

At last, he was spent, and he released his grip on my head and hair. My hands slid down his thighs, falling lazily to my sides as I was woken from my trance. His cock slid lazily from my lips as I pulled away, still semi-hard and engorged. I swallowed, and the warm sensation of his load going down my throat reminded me only of my own waiting erection.

“Thank you,” said Paul breathlessly, and he leaned down and kissed me full on the lips, which were still wet with his seed and my spit.

“No problem.”

I was dazed, reeling from the enormity of it all. I hadn’t even thought about whether or not I would let Paul cum in my mouth, but when he did it felt like we shared something.

“I can see you’re still pretty excited yourself.” He said this matter-of-factly, and I suppose it was a matter of fact.

“Gee, I can’t imagine why.”

We both laughed, myself so intensely that I fell back onto the cool grass, my straining cock making a strong tent in my shorts.

“Well, I can help with that, but unfortunately not until later tonight. I do actually have to help my mom with something, but I couldn’t wait any longer for this.”

“You mean I have to wait until nightfall for a return blowjob? Rats!”

“Hey, wait! You just gave me a return blowjob for this morning, remember?”

“Oh. Right”

We laughed again, this time while we began to dress and collect ourselves. Paul was quicker on the draw and was ready to go inside of a minute. I guess he was in a real hurry at this point. I sat down next to my bike, thinking for a moment.

“I don’t think I can wait until later,” I said, indicating the bulge in my shorts.

“The heart wants what the heart wants,” said Paul over his shoulder, admiring my erection.

“Yeah. The heart. You know what, I’m already here, I’m going to have myself another woods jerk-off session.”

“Those seem to go well for you.”

He called that last bit over his shoulder as he made his way back down the path, leaving me to my own devices in the clearing. I made quick work of my hard-on. There was no way I could draw it out slowly, not after that experience. I came thick, gleaming ropes onto the sun-dappled grass, the copious amounts of precum I had leaked earlier easing my work.

As I was packing up to leave the clearing, I heard a rustle in the undergrowth to my left. Suddenly, I remembered, this wasn’t a totally private place after all! All of my fears, the self-consciousness that had left me in my time with Paul, came rocketing back into focus. Had someone seen us? Had someone seen me, just now?

It seemed they had. A moment later, as I was scrambling to get my things and leave, a man stepped out of the trees. He was tall, casually dressed, his hands buried in the pockets of his jeans. I looked closer at him, and he at me. He was an older guy, maybe mid-thirties. Good-looking, in a rugged sort of way. My cheeks burned, and I turned to leave.

“That was nice,” he called, his voice deep and demure, “a little solo action in the woods?”

So it seemed he hadn’t seen Paul, just me alone. Something about that, and the casual tone of his voice, instilled me with some confidence. I squared my shoulders and looked back at him, my cheeks still flushed.

“Care to join me?” He pulled his hands out of his pocket, and I couldn’t help but look down.

There was a huge bulge in his pants, visible even from the distance we were at.

“No, thanks,” I stammered over my shoulder, beginning again to walk away, “maybe some other time.”

Maybe some other time?! What the hell was I thinking? Here was this total stranger, watching me masturbate when I thought I was alone, just propositioning me for sex in broad daylight! I sped away, very uncomfortable but somehow flattered as well. The image of his bulging jeans would stick with me all day.

I went home, brimming with anticipation for later that evening, when Paul would be available again.

But he called, later on, saying that his parents wanted him to stay in tonight and do stuff with them. I could hear the disappointment in his voice, just as surely as I could feel my own washing over me.

“I’ll make it up to you,” he said quietly over the line, the lust apparent in his voice, ”something special. Tomorrow. Something you’ve never tried before.”

He hung up, and I sat for a few minutes mulling over his words. What did he mean? Would I be ready for it?

These thoughts stayed with me all night, and through the next morning’s hours. I went out for breakfast with my family and told them I needed to take a nap when we got home. That’s how I came to be waking up, coated in sweat, my cock ready but well-worked. I still hadn’t heard from Paul, but expected him to keep his word after last night’s disappointment.

Tonight was going to be a big night, that much was sure.



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