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Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

The team captain is punished by his jealous team-mates.

This is my first effort at male on male sex, and the first time I have tried expressing the thoughts and feelings of an adolescent male. If I made any errors, please let me know.

Don came out of the showers into the changing room, just a towel around his waist to cover his manhood. At seventeen, he was developing rapidly, and was well-satisfied with how large his cock could grow when erect. He had just enjoyed a vigorous game of football, and the shower had relaxed him, easing the aches caused by some of the more bruising tackles.

He saw the looks directed at him by some of the other boys from his class. As captain of the school team, and a favourite with the cheerleaders, Don was envied by most of the squad. Before he could start to dress, he was grabbed by four of the lads. Pulled down onto a bench running up the centre of the room, the towel was pulled away from him, and eager hands held his arms and legs apart.

"What the fuck are you playing at?" Don demanded, "get your hands off me." 

"No way, Donny boy," he was told, "we are sick of you grabbing all the glory, not to mention the girls. Time you were taught a lesson."

"We will give you a choice," another told him, "you either accept us punishing you, or we throw you into the corridor, tied and naked, for the girls to find when they come in from their cheerleading practice in a few minutes."

"Shit, they will rip his prick off," one of the lads surmised, "you know how cock-hungry some of them are."

Don knew all too well, and also knew some of the girls resented the fact that he had turned down their offers of a date, and in some cases, much more than just dating. They would be only too happy to contribute to his humiliation, and would not be gentle about it either.

"So what kind of punishment have you got in mind?" Don asked.

"Whatever we want, but at the end of it, you will still have your cock intact," he was told, "and you won't have the girls giggling every time they pass you in school."

"Looks like you are the better option," decided Don, "you do know I am not gay?"

"That won't matter," laughed one boy, "most of us aren't, but we still enjoy a bit of bum-fun." 

Don did not see any point in telling them about the time a few months back, when his cousin, Rick, had caught him masturbating. Rick had moved Don's hand away and finished Don off himself with his mouth, then lay down while Don had returned the favour. The rest of the afternoon had been spent playing with each other and exploring each other's bodies.

Hands and mouths were used eagerly, and both boys tasted cum for the first time, at least from another male. Don had never imagined that the touch of another boy could arouse him so much. That was the day that Don had found out he was capable of coming four times, with just short breaks between each climax. For some reason, the adventure had never been repeated, but Don thought of it often.

"What first?" came the question from more than one of the group.

Will, one of the group leaders, looked at Don.

"Spanking?" he suggested.

This seemed to meet with general approval, and Don was put astride the bench, wrists tied to the bench legs and knees tied together beneath the bench.

"One each, and be careful what you hit," Will warned.

Don glanced round, noting that there seemed to be around fifteen boys still in the locker room. He tensed himself against the smack, but it was a waste of time. They were using their gym shoes, and the first stroke was dead centre across both cheeks of his ass.

He yelled out loud at the shock, ass stinging furiously, and had not started to recover when the next blow landed. He writhed futilely against his bonds as the next hit. His ass was one mass of burning, stinging discomfort, and each stroke forced more bucking and wild squirming from him.

He lost count, and was surprised when the spanking stopped. He was also surprised to find he had a massive hard-on. Christ, he hoped none of the others had seen it. The hope was shattered when they untied him and sat him up, his ass stinging as it came into contact with the bench.

Will called out, "Fuck, talk about donkey cock, look at this."

Every lad looked, some grasping the erect tool to test its hardness. Don gasped, hoping he would not shoot his load. He tried pushing the intrusive hands away, but his arms were grabbed and he was pulled back to lie on the bench. Some of the boys pumped him briefly, seeing if his cock would get any firmer.

Then, one started pumping it slowly, and Don was gasping. He was so near to coming. Mercifully, the arousal stopped. Don lay back, relieved that he had not disgraced himself in front of the group. Then it started again, very slow, steady, wanking of his cock, the firm grip moving steadily, forcing Don nearer and nearer to coming.

Again, the blessed relief when it stopped. The boys were all laughing now at Don's discomfiture, enjoying his squirming and wriggling as the torment was started yet again, Don's attempts to escape the hand growing more frantic as it took him nearer and nearer to a climax.

The explosion when it came was spectacular. A long stream of cum shot from his cock, then more seeped out as he was pumped, running down his cock onto his belly. Don could only lie gasping as one of the lads wiped him clean with a damp towel.

"We might as well get some use out of him while we wait for him to get hard again," suggested Will, "who wants first go at his mouth?"

There was no shortage of takers for the offer, and Don was turned face down on the bench, and willingly face-fucked by each lad, all of them pulling out before they had come. Don realised they were only using his mouth to increase their own arousal, and guessed they had other uses for their erections. 

After the first few had used him, Don felt hands on his still-stinging ass, and the cheeks of his butt were pulled apart. Something, he guessed it was a tongue, started teasing around his tight bum-hole, prodding and probing, and making his erection grow again and start to throb.

He was helpless to stop the exquisite agony, and when a finger was slid into his arse, he tried moving forward to escape the invading digit.

The finger moved with him, impaling him on it, then pumping in and out. Don was gasping, even as the face fucking continued, until every boy had used his mouth at least once, and many more than once. His own erection was growing painful, and Don was getting desperate to come again.

Hands stroking his ass let him know it was still very sensitive, but bearable. Not that it being painful would stop the boys having their fun, as long as he had his, too. He was stood, legs tied wide apart, then wrists tied to his ankles, bending him double.

One lad stood behind him, another in front with his cock level with Don's mouth, and a third knelt between his open legs, taking Don's cock into his mouth. A cock slid into Don's tight and never-before-used bum-hole, forcing his own cock into the kneeling boy's mouth.

The lad using Don's mouth got into a steady rhythm with the one butt-fucking him. With the two lads fucking him at either end, plus the one sucking his cock, Don was helpless to stop them taking him higher and higher, even though, despite himself, he tried hard to resist their attentions.

After an age, Don tasted the warm saltiness of cum spurt into his mouth. He swallowed quickly, but some escaped his lips and dripped to the ground. Then Don was exploding himself, his cum shooting out as the ass-fucker came in his butt. The cock-sucker stood up, satisfaction and triumph showing on his face.

Don stood on trembling legs, gasping for breath, but then the next boys were in place, and the multiple fucking was continued. It took Don time to get fully erect again, and a third lad was butt-fucking him before Don came again, to the obvious satisfaction of the cock-sucker who had been working on him.

More sticky spunk squirted into Don's mouth, and he felt a fresh explosion in his butt, feeling some cum seep out onto his open thighs as the lad withdrew from his ass.

The gangbang went on, with Don being made to come yet again, and having been butt-fucked by nine or ten lads by the time they had done. By Don's reckoning, at least six had come in his mouth, and eventually, they had forced a fifth climax from his exhausted cock.

As he dressed he wondered, would he have been better off being thrown to the girls?


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