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A Little Goes A Long Way

An accommodating young lady assists an older gentleman with resolving his intimacy issue…

Are you tired of your same old, boring-ass, shitty life? Maybe stuck in a relationship lacking reciprocity and left alone with hand solo days and sexless, fantasy-filled nights? Or maybe, you’re in a rut? Between relationships? Can’t find the right person? Possibly, you’re just frustrated and you’ve temporarily stopped looking?

Well, I’m in one of those scenarios; which one doesn’t really matter. Long story short, I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a gal in a neighboring county. They claimed that one of her young ladies could discreetly assist with my lack of companionship. Eager and intrigued, I made the call and provided the pre-paid, non-charitable donation.

≈ ≈ ≈

With sultry grace, the long-haired brunette’s spirited breasts and silken vertical smile cheerfully approached as I entered the Airport Ramada’s suite. She was all business, as was the rest of the hotel’s transient crowd. Risk of getting noticed: next to zilch. We both knew it, we knew why we were there, and as per our arrangement, the evening belonged to us. We probably weren’t alone either.

“Do you like?” she asked in her Texan drawl as her unblemished, picture-perfect, pear-shaped ass pirouetted before she pounced. I say pounced because I no longer felt like the dirty old man but more like this playful kitten’s prey. As she batted her long lashes, she lifted my anxious hands to cup her small breasts, and before I could react, she clawed at my clothes.

“Let me help you get a load off,” she said as my pants and underwear hit my shoes, and her hands slowly alternated their doting caress, both effectively working to lengthen my lonely friend.

“Do you prefer pussy or cunt,” she asked as our hands explored each other’s exposed body, with my fingers playing with her provoked nipples, while I remained half-clad and standing near the door.

“Cock or dick?” she asked after momentarily abandoning my new erection to remove my shirt.

“Sex or fuck?” she asked while helping me out of my fallen clothes, socks, and shoes.

“Or maybe, y’all would like to stick your cock in my pussy so we can fuck?” she coquettishly said while leading me to the bed that she had already turned down.

“Wine?” she asked as we passed by the liquor cart. “Or would you prefer something harder?”

Do you recall the first time a woman really took you in her mouth? Remember her watching you as she seductively kissed then opened, and you watched your cock disappear past her puffy lips as they wrapped around? Do you remember that overwhelming sensation, the frenzied feeling that caused you to shudder and shut your eyes, the pleasure of enveloped warmth and wetness, with her tongue swirling around what was inside? It had been a while, but that wonderful little vixen provided me with a favorite new oral memory.

I stood as she sat, and sipped my rum and coke as she repeatedly licked and swallowed. In and out. Slow then fast. Delighted, she slobbered along its entire length, not once gagging as I softly jammed at the back of her throat. I tried; I really did, but watching that cute face, her pink lips, and those big, brown eyes press against my body, was more than I could take. Her oral skills had swiftly worked their magic and the load she offered to release soon filled her dirty little mouth. There was no spitting or turning away. She took it all. When I was done, she slowly pulled back and showed me before it disappeared, and then took a sip of my drink.

“Do you mind if I’m on top first?” she asked as she maneuvered her lithe dance to the middle of the bed.

I couldn’t contain my grin, and it appeared that neither could she. She fiercely gripped my chest while working her slippery sections against my softened groin. As her hips gently ground against me, my fingertips freely roamed, followed, and coddled, until we were again ready. She didn’t require assistance. My dick had straightened and she aligned herself to guide me inside. This girl had skill with no shame. She knew what to do and she clearly enjoyed doing it. She acted like she was as hungry for me as I was for her.

“Do you want to cum inside me?” she asked as her tightness gripped and clenched each time it reached either end of my cock. This time, she paced herself for our mutual pleasure knowing that I’d last a little longer. Back and forth, her pelvis slid against mine as our comfort grew for one another. Soon, we were nibbling, giggling, and kissing as she brought closer our building orgasms. She then panted in my ear that she liked me before biting my lobe when she started to cum. I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight as I reciprocated with an orgasm of my own, cumming deep in the heart of my Texas beauty. Two times in less than twenty minutes. Clearly, I was long overdue.

While we took a much-needed break, I asked. I had to.

“I’m just a dancing student who likes sex,” she nonchalantly answered. “The extra cash is nice, but not the reason. It’s that simple. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

≈ ≈ ≈

It might have been the best sex I’ve ever had. There were no expectations. No pretensions. She didn’t care how big I was, or how many orgasms she had, or what kind of car I drove. It seemed like she just wanted the same damn thing I wanted – a connection with another living, breathing human being. The sex was just a fortunate byproduct of our need and arranged interaction. For me, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. Apparently, for her, she needed us too.

A little pussy goes a long way. I suppose, some dick does too. I don’t think either of those is a saying, but they certainly should be.


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