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The Runesmith Chronicles 14.1

Challenged, Drained, Hunted

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“So, how does it feel?” asked Aradelle, lying with her elbows on one of her petals with her chin resting on her hands. A stray breeze shook the white and blue petal but Aradelle never moved, held up by the two thick vines coming from the center of her flower that turned into her legs. Where those legs met an occasional drip of her clear nectar fell to the petal and ran back to the middle of her flower.

“Not much different really,” said Bea sitting nearby and casually playing with Kal’s hair since he had decided to use her lap as a headrest.

Kal chuckled, “All that work chasing and catching you and all I rate is ‘Not much different’? Guess I should have tried harder.”

“Not quite what I meant,” said the butterfly girl smiling down at him, “I was expecting some big personality change like I would be slavishly devoted to you now, but I really just feel like me.”

“You honestly thought that and still gave yourself to me?” said Kal looking up at her with disbelief.

Bea’s cheeks reddened, “Strength turns me on, it makes me feel secure and protected, combined with no longer needing to worry if my children would have a worthy sire and you being a fantastic lover. Yes, I was willing to take the chance you were as good a human as ‘Dell makes you out to be.”

Kal shook his head, hardly believing that she would have so much faith in him. He looked over at Ikuno; Aradelle had raised the petal and protective leaf next to her so the blue-skinned oni could sit down and lean her back against it. She was currently trying to clean the remaining nectar out of her cleavage by pushing her ample breasts up and using her long tongue to get at the residue.

“Is that how it was with you, Ikuno?” he asked.

The oni froze with her tongue down in between her breasts and looked up at him, “Nuh-uh,” she grunted and went back to cleaning.

“What was different?”

Ikuno smacked her lips a couple of times and looked at Aradelle, “why must you always make such a mess?” she said smiling.

“You love my taste, almost as much as you like Kal’s,” the alarune teased.

Ikuno looked over at where Kal was lying naked on the grass, her eyes flicked from his face to his groin and a low rumbling growl could be heard deep in her throat as she stared at his limp penis like a tasty treat.

Shaking her head, she blinked a few times and looked back up, “What was that again?”

Kal stifled a laugh at how someone so intelligent and capable could be so single-minded at times, “What was different between Bea’s reasoning for giving herself to me and yours?”

“Obviously not because you were stronger than me,” she teased.

Kal rolled his eyes, “Obviously.”

“Hmm… You braved my cave even though you thought I was an ogre for the sake of your mother,” she said ticking off her fingers. “You came back to become my servant out of a sense of duty. You took Perra in and gave her a home. All signs of a good person to be sure, and good enough reasons on their own, but none of those were the reason I gave myself to you.” She quit talking to Kal and instead got the other women’s attention, “So, this brave soul darkens my door for the second time, thanking me and talking about duty and whatnot. I called bullshit and told him all of this ‘servant’ nonsense was just him trying to get that in here,” she said pointing at his cock and her pussy. “We go and have our fun, which I will say was pretty good being before your compatibility spell and all. As we get done, three knights show up at my doorstep astride their war horses, hollering about Sir such-n’-such, whom I supposedly killed.”

“It was Sir Michael, and you did,” said Kal raising an eyebrow.

“Hush, the guy was a maggot and got what he deserved for what he did to Perra, now let me continue.” Looking back up at Bea and Aradelle she went on, “One of the knights is a young horses ass begging for a fight and draws his sword, pointing it at me. If you want to know the moment I started to love Kal, though I didn’t fully realize it at the time, it was immediately after that man started waving his sword at me.” Butterfly and alarune were hanging on the oni’s words while Kal was desperately trying to remember what had happened that could have been so significant to Ikuno.

“This idiot,” she nudged his leg which was just barely in range of her foot, “dressed as some bumpkin farmer and having zero combat skill, steps right in between me and the point of the sword ready to defend me from three trained and armored knights.” Her voice softened, “They would have cut him down in seconds, yet he was still more worried about defending me than his own safety. Months later he told me he loved me and that memory came back along with every little thing he had done since to make me happy, even swearing he would give up magic. It felt like I had been struck by lightning.” She looked up at Bea and Aradelle, “I already knew I loved him before then, but it wasn’t until he said it that I realized just how long he had cared for me and later loved me. Giving myself to him was just taking the final step.”

“I think I might be a little jealous,” said Bea smiling down at him, “He just chased me around a bit then fucked me into submission.”

Ikuno gave her a fierce grin, “Make no mistake he did the same to me just without the chasing and catching part.”

Bea looked down Kal’s body then looked Ikuno up and down, “No offense Ikuno, but how does that work between you two? I’m not trying to insult you or anything! You have to admit though, there is quite a size difference.”

Ikuno looked at Kal, “I could tell her, but would you like to show her instead?”

Kal thought for a moment, “Sure, but let’s see if I can get hard again. It’ll be more noticeable that way.” Bea was giving them both confused looks as Kal sat up and directed her to get on her knees in the same spot, lying back down on the grass he put his hands on her hips and pulled her down onto his face. Kal took a couple of deep breaths through his nose taking in her scent before languidly running his tongue along her lower lips. Bea shifted and got comfortable; he seemed to be avoiding her clit, but that was okay, despite where all the action was taking place it was almost more like a massage, meant to caress and comfort. Bea closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure from the feelings Kal’s tongue was giving her, but there was no ramp up in intensity or race towards release, that lack of tension made the experience feel extremely intimate.

Kal was also enjoying himself, he had yet to go down on a woman when he hadn’t liked her taste and Bea was no different. Her scent was far lighter than any of the other women he had been with, a faint sweetness to it that he assumed came from her diet of largely nectar. Her juices also had a very faint flavor as he gently ran his tongue along her labia, almost floral but it came across as more of an aftertaste. Bea’s fluids were extremely slick, to the same degree as Aradelle’s nectar, so little friction made it sometimes feel like her sex was composed of water shaped into a pussy. Kal continued to softly pleasure the butterfly girl for many minutes after he heard her sigh, until he felt his cock start to rise.

“There we go,” said Ikuno sitting up and moving nearer.

Kal had Bea scoot back a bit so he could raise is head up, looking down he could see that his prick was now standing proudly but still sized for Bea.

Ikuno came over and straddled his knees, “Watch,” she told the butterfly girl. The oni moved up his thighs until her pussy came to rest right against the base of his cock, then said to Kal, “Come on, Kal. I want you to fuck me hard and fill me up.”

The images that sprung into Kal’s head were enough to trip the enchantment and Bea gasped as his cock lengthened and expanded to fit Ikuno’s dimensions.

“Didn’t you wonder how he managed to fit you so perfectly and rub all of the right spots inside? That’s why, his cock is enchan…ted… Bea?” Ikuno was looking worriedly at the butterfly girl, Kal looked up and saw that her mouth was hanging open as she stared at his prick in wonder.

She suddenly looked down at him, her eyes wild with excitement “Don’t stop thinking about fucking Ikuno,” she ordered him, “no matter what you feel its Ikuno fucking you. Got that?” Bea leaned over top of him, obstructing his view and placing her now swollen and dripping pussy just above his head. Kal was pretty sure it hadn’t looked like that a few seconds ago.

“I don’t think it works like that,” said Ikuno in a stage whisper.

“Maybe not, but I still want to try,” responded Bea, “‘Dell? Could I get some nectar, please?”

“You’re insane Bea, but this will be amazing if it works,” said Aradelle and Kal heard gulping noises from the girl above him.

“The enchantment is supposed to protect the woman from getting hurt, I’m going to trust that to keep you safe, or I’d never go along with this,” said Ikuno sounding vexed. Kal felt her nectar slickened hand run up and down his shaft a few times, then laid it down almost on his belly.

As lips closed over the head of his cock, Kal tried desperately to hold on to the image of Ikuno’s mouth slipping over his glans and ignoring that the actual mouth was plainly far smaller. He thought she was done when he bumped into the back of her throat but after a slight gag and three swallows the head of his cock finally started sliding forward again. Bea’s pussy was right over top his face now and still moving as his prick slowly crept down her nectar slickened throat. Even with the lubrication, it was painfully tight but exciting enough that Kal didn’t tell them to stop.

About the time he started wondering what kind of lung capacity this girl had, a strange noise came from both sides of her body like air being expelled then drawn in. Kal put a hand upon her side and felt streams of air every time she exhaled and a slight suction with each inhale, she was breathing through a row of tiny holes running down each side of her torso.

“Whoa,” said Aradelle and Kal could hear the wonder in her voice.

“Okay, now I’m the jealous one,” said Ikuno, he felt the butterfly girl attempt to smile around his oni-sized dick.

All the while Bea continued swallowing his cock in tiny increments, her throat was so tight Kal honestly wondered how he wasn’t hurting her. Like Ikuno, Kal was putting his trust in the compatibility spell to not let her get injured. Bea’s chin began dragging against his pubic bone, stopping her from going any further. Ikuno decided to go with the moment and got off his legs. Spreading them apart she lifted them by his knees and pushed forward, rocking his hips upward and lining him up so the butterfly girl could take the last couple inches of his enlarged prick. Those last few inches took forever to Kal and the pressure from her throat was beginning to exceed what he was comfortable with.

When her chin touched his crotch again Ikuno tried to help by adding a tiny bit of back and forth movement.

Kal groaned “It’s too tight, I don’t think I can come.” Though Kal couldn’t see it Ikuno nearly laughed at the disappointed look that flashed across the butterfly’s face. Someone had been wanting to feel him shoot straight into her belly, not that the oni could blame her.

Kal quickly realized that although he was unlikely to get off, that didn’t mean Bea had to go without as well. He pulled her hips back down to his face and began to worry her hardened clit with the tip of his tongue. Bea’s body bucked as he touched her pearl but there was no expected shriek of pleasure just a louder exhale from the tiny spiracles on her sides.

Kal pulled back for a moment, “‘Dell she needs to be filled,” then sucked Bea’s entire clit into his mouth getting another blast of air and rippling through Bea’s abdomen.

“Got it,” said the alarune and a couple moments later a nectar coated vine appeared above him, the end shrinking down to roughly match the normal size of Kal’s penis. “You’ll have to guide it in. This is just too wild to stop watching,” came her voice from somewhere up by Bea’s head.

Kal did as asked and reached up and guided the tip of the vine into the butterfly girl’s dripping pussy, Dell’s nectar hardly mattered with as wet as she was. The vine began pumping almost mechanically as he went back to giving her clit a good tongue lashing. Within a minute Bea’s body tightened up once again, rippling waves running along her torso. Kal stopped along with Aradelle’s vine

Kal heard Ikuno say, “Are you…” from down between his legs, Bea made a motion with her hand. “Keep going Kal,” she called out to him a moment later as the vine above him began to move in and out once more.

Kal attacked Bea’s pearl with a vengeance, sucking it into his mouth and switching between swirls and flicks with his tongue. Her body jerked once, twice, then the vine slipped from her pussy as she started frantically rubbing it up and down his entire face, pulling her clit out of his mouth and completely soaking him with her juices. After a few seconds, she went limp on top of him, her throat still impaled on his oni-sized prick.

“She’s done, Kal, she’s out cold,” said Ikuno as her and Aradelle stared in awe at the unconscious girl. Bea’s look of determination as she slowly swallowed the entire shaft had been replaced by pure joy when Kal had started licking her, heightened even further when Aradelle’s vine started working her pussy. When her last orgasm crashed into her the look on her face was caught somewhere between exquisite pain and sheer ecstasy for those few seconds before her eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out, her mouth still obscenely stretched by Kal’s cock.

Kal concentrated for a moment and his penis quickly shrank to normal size as it slid out of the tight confines of Bea’s throat. He had been wondering how his prick had managed to stay hard the entire time and realized that the reason he had stayed hard… was that he hadn’t. Her throat had been so constricted around his enlarged cock the tightness alone had kept him there. With her head no longer being held up by his cock, Kal also discovered, to his dismay, that while Bea was out cold she couldn’t wrap her lips around her teeth and they scraped along the underside of his dick as it slipped out of her mouth.

Ikuno put his legs back down and he felt a twinge in his lower back from being in such an unnatural position for so long. He had no doubt he made Bea happy, but it would take some serious wheeling and dealing on the butterfly’s part if she ever wanted a round two. The things he did for his women.

Ikuno cast the dulling spell on her claws and lifted Bea off him. Kal finally got to see the tiny holes on her side, now that she was breathing through her mouth and nose again they were quickly closing up one after the other, leaving no trace they had ever existed. The oni then carefully draped Bea’s wings over her body in her normal robe configuration.

Picking up her discarded clothing and cradling the butterfly in her arms, she turned and smiled at Kal and Aradelle, “I have to give the girl credit. I didn’t think she could do it, I’m amazed anyone her size could take a cock meant for me down her throat.”

“Hey now!” said Aradelle looking indignant.

Ikuno glared at her, “You don’t count, not everyone can rearrange their body like you.”

Aradelle giggled, “I suppose I can concede this one, plus I don’t think I could ever achieve the same kind of experience she did. That look of rapture on her face before she passed out, just wow.”

Ikuno chuckled at the reverent look on Aradelle’s face, “I’m going to take her back to the shack so she can recover and maybe see if she’s interested in putting that long thin tongue to use on me instead of leaving me to my fingers for the night, that whole situation was so intense I didn’t even have a chance to notice how worked up I was getting.” She bent down and gave them both goodbye kisses then made her way to the edge of the clearing.

Kal stood there for a long moment watching her go before taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly.

“Are you okay, Kal?” asked Aradelle gliding up next to him on her vines

“I think Ikuno said it pretty well, that was intense,” he looked over at the alarune, “I know what can make me feel better.” He took Aradelle’s face in his hands and kissed her tenderly, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths as he wrapped his arms around the petite alarune and she hugged him tightly back.

When he broke the kiss Aradelle looked up at him with surprise, “Ready to go again so soon? Not that I’m complaining.”

Kal laughed, “Actually, no. These last few days have gotten so far off track with Gerda and Bea that I think I have been missing some actual lovemaking with either you or Ikuno. I feel the connection with them and have a great deal of affection for them already but it’s not quite the same as with someone you love.”

Aradelle raised an eyebrow and one of her vines hovered over her shoulder pointing at his face, “If you are wanting lovemaking then better quit saying stuff that makes me want to puff you and pounce on you.”

Kal ignored the vine and kissed her again with much more passion this time.

“Dammit, Kal! Make up your mind!” she growled at him when he finally let her go.

Kal’s face was a mask of innocence as he raised her up by her hips, “But I have made up my mind, ‘Dell. I’m just thirsty.”

Aradelle glared at him, “you bastard,” she said her face taking on an embarrassed expression even as she lifted herself up the rest of the way and spread her legs in front of him.

As fun as their little game was, he was indeed parched. His other options were to hike back to the shack where he had accidentally left his waterskin earlier or to make a similar hike to a local stream. Using the speed rune he could make short work of either, but this way was more enjoyable, and he didn’t have to get dressed.

Once he had slaked his thirst he gave her one last long lick from bottom to top before stepping back. “Mmm, delicious,” he said smiling at the alarune as she reoriented herself. He had tried to not stimulate her too much, after all, he was just needing a drink, but she seemed far more flustered than he expected as she stood back up and glided over next to him again.

“Sorry ‘Dell,” he apologized, “I was honestly trying to not get you too worked up right now, I really do need some time to recharge from earlier.”

“Not your fault, Kal,” she said rubbing up against him, “There’s a special feeling I get when someone drinks from me like that, as though I’m fulfilling a purpose. Give me a minute, it won’t last long now that you’ve stopped.”

“I’ve learned so many new and fascinating things about you these last few days, it’s made me wonder how well I actually know you,” he said looking down at her.

Aradelle gave him a hurt look, “that’s a mean thing to say after you told me you love me.”

“Not quite what I was getting at, I do still love you ‘Dell. I just realized that I want to know more about you. Let me find a place to get comfortable and I’ll explain better,” Kal stepped over to the basin of her flower and looked inside the bottom that was pretty well coated with nectar from Aradelle’s and Ikuno’s earlier activities. Kal frowned.

“Hold that thought Kal,” Aradelle said before moving to the center of her bloom and pulling all of her vines in before closing up her petals and leaves. The two woody leaves closest to him opened part way and Aradelle’s face appeared between them.

“This will take a little while, could you get Bea’s brush and get it washed as I clean up a bit. Thanks!” A moment later she was gone and strange noises began coming from inside the flower.

Kal groaned and started dressing, this had been the reason he got a drink from Aradelle in the first place, so he wouldn’t have to do this.

“Ew,” said Kal as he picked up the brush that Aradelle used earlier on her petals. Before she threw it out of her flower earlier she had dropped it into the nectar that collected in her basin, she apparently wasn’t kidding about how good brushing her petals felt. Throwing it out onto the ground and allowing it to dry for the last few hours had turned it into a mess with all of the soft bristles now glued together with sticky nectar that was now covered with dirt, leaves, and sticks.

Resisting the urge to go check on Bea and Ikuno, and pick up his forgotten waterskin, Kal turned west and began walking towards the stream.


Kal hung the brush on a tree branch to dry and made his way back into Aradelle’s clearing. She was standing in the middle of her flower again waiting for him with a big grin on her face.

“All cleaned up! Now you can get in,” she said happily as he approached.

Kal stepped up to the side of her bulb and slipped one foot out of his boot then stepped over the side and into the basin.

Aradelle pouted, “You’re keeping your clothes on?”

“That stream must be fed by the mountain,” he said shaking off his other boot next to the first and stepping fully into the basin, “the water was ice cold and I got a bit chilly trying to wash Bea’s brush. Did you know that when you leave your nectar out and let it dry in the sun until it becomes sticky then plunge it into cold water it turns gooey and almost hardens? Next time I’ll make a campfire and warm up some water to wash it instead.”

“You appear to have put a lot of thought into this. Are you expecting to be washing out that brush every time you stop by?” Aradelle asked smirking.

Kal paused, “Well… No, I suppose not, but it was a pain in the rear to clean so I wanted to say something.” He sat down on the rigid side of Aradelle’s flower, leaning back as she brought her petal and leaf up so he could recline against it. She was even kind enough to snake one of her vines around and create armrests for him.

“Well, if you decide to make a campfire do it well outside my clearing, I don’t want any of my vines getting burnt.”

“This is comfy,” he said settling into her makeshift chair, “I actually hadn’t given any real thought to making a campfire, but I will keep that in mind. But it brings me to something I wanted to ask you. how far do your vines go out? When you grabbed Ikuno that one time I thought that was about your limit, but you managed to get one out by the edge when I was chasing Bea.”

“I have a lot more than these two, Kal,” she said waving at him with one and pointing at the other that he was using as armrests. “The rest come out from my lower body and stay underground unless needed.” She held out a hand, “would you like to see?”

“Just as I was getting comfortable too,” he said laughing and allowing her to pull him to his feet.

Aradelle smiled then directed his eyes downwards, “Step on the vines,” she said.

Kal did as asked and the vines wrapped once around his foot then again around his leg just above the ankle. Suddenly he was being lifted into the air with Aradelle right next to him, at a guess, they stopped at about the height of the two-story inn back in Telsin. As he looked out a ring of vines began popping up along the outer edge of the clearing, roughly far enough apart that Ikuno could have laid in the gap between. To his surprise, a second row appeared partway in and then a third even closer finally four thicker ones pushed up from the ground only a few paces out from her flower.

Looking at all of the pointed vines surrounding him and barely sticking out of the ground he said, “it feels like I’m in the middle of a great maw with green teeth on all sides of me,” he joked.

Aradelle gasped and Kal looked down at her, the hurt expression plain on her face as tears started to form in her eyes.

Kal reached out and wrapped her in a hug that she tried to pull away from, “Dell I’m sorry! What did I say?”

Aradelle relaxed into his arms as she brought them both back down. “Damn you, Ikuno,” she muttered, “you should have told him.”

“Told me what, ‘Dell?”

“I’m guessing that you haven’t read anything on alarunes,” Kal shook his head, “if you had this wouldn’t be necessary.”

“I read up on a subject called botany over winter because I knew we would be planting Eludora in the spring, but it mentioned almost nothing about any plant type monster girl other than saying most of them should be avoided.”

“Avoid with good reason if you come to us meaning harm, Kal, most plant girls are carnivores.”

Kal struggled to hide his shock, “Meaning…”

“Yes, I am too.”

“But I’m not on the menu.”

“No, and you never will be, even if you begged.”

Kal blinked, “Why on earth would I beg?”

Aradelle tapped her head, “I have hundreds of years of memories up here from my ancestors, let’s just leave it at: some humans are impressively weird. If you want to know more, ask Ikuno’s pitcher plant friend, I can almost guarantee you’ll regret it.”

“Well, if I’m not on the menu then out of curiosity how does it work?”

Aradelle looked at him in shock, amazed at how calmly he was taking this news.

Kal read her expression and said, “Ikuno and Bea have known you for years, if I’m not on the menu then I’m not going to sit and worry about it. Though I am curious, have you killed humans before?”

Aradelle nodded, “In my defense, they were all bad people. Normally men are too valuable to us to kill, but this was a big group of bandits that set up camp in my clearing. Tent stakes and poles being shoved through my vines while they built a huge bonfire almost on top of me. Then I hear that they are planning to stay for a while and use my clearing as a base to launch raids on travelers using the road.

“That night I killed them all, partly for being bandits and assholes but mostly for hurting and damn near cooking part of me. So, I waited till they fell asleep and took care of them all without a single peep or word of warning from any of them.”

Kal looked around the clearing with a doubtful expression, “Please forgive me ‘Dell but you could fit a small army in here, I can’t see how you would manage that.”

She giggled, “I wasn’t this big then only out to the second ring.”

Kal looked down at his feet, “Does this mean I’m standing in your mouth?” he asked remembering the chamber below him where Aradelle kept Eludora last visit.

The alarune gave him a sultry look, “I can think if more fun ways to have you in my mouth.”

“Much as I love blowjobs, we were just talking about you killing bunches of bandits. Not really sexy talk there.”

Aradelle thought for a moment, “Good point. Sadly no, although I do have a mouth of sorts down there,” she said indicating the hollow area below. “I absorb bodily fluids through my vines then as the bodies decay my roots take up the nutrients. My clearing was a very unpleasant place for quite some time, but they did help me expand out to where I am now.”

“How did they not notice your flower?” asked Kal as he sat down again, Aradelle quickly reformed his chair before gliding over to sit in his lap and leaning her head back against his chest.

“I hid underground when I heard them coming, a band that largely doesn’t move quietly. This whole top can sink into my belly, as I call it, all I need to do is throw some dirt over myself and you’d never know I was there other than a brown spot in the middle of the clearing. Unfortunately, they felt that the spot without grass was a nice place for their bonfire.

“After they had their big party talking about all of the riches they would get and women they would enslave and sell. They finally started heading off to their bedrolls. I took out the night watch first then went tent by tent until only the leader and his sex slave were left. I took the leader but left the slave, figuring she was an innocent.” Aradelle hung her head at the memory, “I didn’t think about what it might do to her. I was waiting for her to leave before feeding, but when she woke up the next morning and found everyone dead, her mind snapped. I truly felt bad for the girl, had I known I would have taken her along with the bandit leader. When she started doing things to the leader’s body trying to get him to wake up, I knew she was gone. All I can say in my defense is that I made it as quick and painless as possible.

“I’d left their horses and hounds, releasing them the next day. The horses ran off, but I didn’t get so lucky with the hounds. The dogs were loyal to their handlers, sniffing their bodies before moving on, but as soon as they began getting hungry they started eating the corpses of other bandits. At that point it felt like they were stealing my food, so they had to go as well.

“It took me days to get rid of all of their junk and get my clearing back to normal and weeks after the smell of decay dissipated before game started traveling through once more. Not that I was needing any at that point it was a very long time before I needed to eat again.”

“Is that what you do now? Take wild game?” Kal asked.

Aradelle nodded, “A good sized deer will last me about a month. Now that I have you,” she rubbed her butt on his crotch, “even the deer should be safe for a long while.”

“Is semen really that potent?”

“Absolutely! It carries a bit of your life energy in it. What you gave me the other day was enough to sustain me for months,” she rubbed her butt on him again, “and I’m lucky enough to be getting some more of it later.”

“Speaking of getting more, what did Ikuno mean when she said you could rearrange your body?”

“Exactly that, this is my avatar,” said Aradelle indicating what was currently sitting in Kal’s lap. “My true body is down there,” she said indicating what lay below her basin again. “I can make changes to what you see up here with little effort. Unless it’s mating season then I’m either carrying an egg up here or I’m carrying a seed and I can’t change anything until I’ve given birth or the season has passed,” she said holding a hand over her midriff.

“Interesting, would you mind showing me?”

“What would you like me to do?”

Kal hadn’t thought that far ahead, “Ummm, maybe what Ikuno was talking about?”

Aradelle glided up out of his lap and turned around, “in order to do that properly I’ll need you to lose the pants and get hard for me.”

Kal looked down at his groin, “Something else perhaps, and save that for later I think. I’m enjoying our talk.”

Aradelle pouted, “Can’t blame a girl for trying,” she said before the maw in her basin opened up and she dropped down inside. Though muffled, Kal heard the faint sound of rippling book pages from down below. Moments later Kal’s eyes widened in surprise as Aradelle rose back up in front of him.

Gone was the petite, elfin alarune with slim hips and small breasts. Replaced instead by a tall voluptuous creature with a slim waist, wide hips and an impressive set of breasts. Aradelle turned about and shook her plump ass at him, throwing smoky glances over her shoulder. Kal really did want to wait but a sudden thought made him wonder what it would feel like to have those wonderful looking tits wrapped around him. Kal shook his head multiple times trying to dispel the image and keep his composure.

Aradelle mistook his actions for distaste, “You don’t like how I look?” she said sounding truly disappointed.

“I like it quite a bit, but your breasts are a bit distracting. Can’t seem to get the thought out of my head as to how they would feel wrapped around me.”

Aradelle lifted up her large breasts and inspected them, “One of the problems with using aphrodisiacs with mating, not much chance for variety. Is that something human women do very often?”

“I’m not sure, to be honest, I thought Ikuno was going to do something like that once but changed her mind for some reason or another. I’d love to play around with this curvy thing in front of me someday, however, today I’m here to be with Aradelle and right now it ‘feels’ like I’m with a totally different woman.”

“Awww, that’s sweet of you. I have to agree with you that I don’t ‘feel’ much like me at the moment. Alarunes choose how we look when we get old enough to make an avatar and once chosen looking like anything else feels unnatural. Give me a moment.” She said disappearing below once again.

Back to her usual body, Aradelle popped back up and came over to Kal where he was reclining, sitting in his lap again and leaning back against his chest. Kal’s hands came up and gently played with her small blue nipples.

Aradelle sighed in pleasure, “Missing the other ones already?”

Kal chuckled, “Nope, nipples are just fun to play with.”

“You are going to need to lose the pants if you keep doing that or they’re going to be soaked soon.”

“Fair enough,” he laughed and wrapped his arms around the petite alarune. Her leaf tilted back further and Aradelle flipped over in his arms lying on top of him with her head just below his chin. Kal stroked her back for a few minutes before the day’s exertions and Aradelle’s comfortable presence helped him drift off.



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