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A Close Encounter Part 3

The perfect ending to an awesome night!

It's not every day you find yourself dressed as a female and kissing your best mate, while he jerks you off, as he fucks your wife.

Homeward Bound


"Well, how was it for you?" My question was directed at my wife's reflection in the rearview mirror. She looked quite fresh considering that she'd just been fucked.


"Yeh, it was good! Pass me a tissue, babe." Sam stretched an arm between the front seats.


"It was certainly different!" Paul's assessment of the last hour's shenanigans raised a chortle.


"Not 'aff!" I concurred in a deep baritone totally alien to my look.


While Samantha wiped some of Ross's cum from her inner thigh, I examined my face in the vanity mirror. It was clear some touching up was to be done. My lips had lost their pink gloss, not surprisingly and my hair required some attention. I was all quite comfortable down below and we were soon on our way to drop Paul off.


We had only driven a hundred yards when Paul leaned over Sam, "That's Ross's humble abode there." Paul pointed out the home of the guy who had just emptied his load inside my wife.


"Wow! Nice!" Sam appeared impressed with Ross's mansion. "He was telling me that he and his wife are swingers."


"Doesn't surprise me." Paul reacted casually to Sam's obvious breach of secrecy, but his move to look out Sam's window brought them even closer together.


"Is his wife attractive?" I could smell the potential of a future dalliance.


"Yeh, if you like gingers. Not my preference. I'd rather fuck you!"


"Why thank you, kind sir." I reverted back to my femme voice and fluttered my lashes at Paul's reflection.


"Speaking of which!" Sam interjected. "That was some show you guys gave us."


I could see both Sam and Paul in my rear view mirror. They were snuggled close together. "Ross really thought Paul was fucking you; of course, I knew he wasn't."


"No! Why's that?" Paul's quip of a question was rhetorical. We all knew the answer was a thick nine inches and currently in Sam's grip, as she worked on Paul's semi.


"And the blow job looked real. Oscars all round!" Sam was unaware that the blow job was for real and I wasn't for putting her straight on the fact. She is also unaware that I'm even bi-curious. When I 'came out' to her and her then-partner almost thirty years ago she asked if I was bi-sexual. I replied that I was a lesbian trapped in a guy's body. She's still happy with that analogy and I've got no reason to rock the cruise liner.


"Yeh, maybe you should start with something more like Ross's size." Sam's statement had us howling with laughter, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking the same.


It went all quiet in the back after a few miles. I was only able to keep tabs on their progress if and when an oncoming vehicle's headlights lit up the inside of my car. My last glance I managed to see Paul's hand up Sam's dress. She moaned softly as Paul's fingers played around the loose wet flesh of her labia lips.


The country road proved challenging as my attention was periodically distracted.


"Fuck this! I'm finding a lay-by." There was no argument from the occupants in the back seat. Just Sam's whimpering as Paul's large fingers penetrated her hole.


I drove the car up a quiet farm road that led to a derelict farmhouse and found a suitable place to stop. I'd used the place in the past, to transform out of my drab and into Judy.


My two back-seat passengers were oblivious to our surroundings. I switched the engine off and turned to observe the goings-on behind me.


"Now that's a cock!" Sam was referring to the one she held in her grip. "Fuck me over the bonnet, Paul. Like you fucked Judy."


Paul dutifully obliged by opening Sam's door. "After you!"


"Okay, babe?" Sam didn't hang about for my answer; she was already walking towards the front of the car.


Paul gave me a wink and said nothing, as he got out to join her.


Sam had already assumed the position and was waiting for Paul to let his jeans drop.


It's hard to describe the feeling you get, when you witness the expression on your wife's face, as she relishes nine inches of solid cock sliding inside her cunt. I just love her love for cock.


The windscreen began steaming up, as I sat transfixed at my view. I lowered my driver's window to help clear the steamed-up glass and could hear Paul's deep grunts as he fucked Sam. This was no simulation. You just couldn't fake the sheer ecstasy that Sam was experiencing.


"Oh fuck, Paul! Fuck me. Empty your balls inside me." I could hear every word through my open window. Not surprisingly my own cock was making it clear that it would like to join the party.


"Cum inside me, Paul. I want you to shoot your spunk inside me!" Sam's words were erratic and interspersed with muffled screams that coincided with Paul's strong thrusts.


Now you would think that this would be the ideal time to release my straining cock from the confines of my tight undergarments and bring myself off, but here's the thing... I suffer from the occasional attack of postcoital dysphoria. Immediately after a climax, all thoughts of being Judy dissipate quicker than you can say, 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.'


I decided not to risk spoiling such a memorable evening by having a cheap wank and continued to watch Paul fuck my wife.


"Oh my God, Paul! What a cock! I just love your cock." Sam's face contorted in spasms of euphoria, as Paul pushed his full length deep inside her. His strong thrusts were rocking the car and I double checked that the handbrake was on. It was.


"Oh, fuck! I'm cumming... I'm cumming!" Sam gasped her words out, as Paul quickened his long hard lunges. As she orgasmed over Paul's dick, her outbursts became feral.


I've witnessed my wife climax on various cocks a few times, but I'd never seen her cum for as long as this time. Paul kept pumping until eventually, Sam stopped cumming.


Sam lay bent over the car bonnet, totally fucked. She looked straight through the windscreen and nodded her head. "Now that was a fuck!"


I've known Sam to have multiple orgasms in a night. Me? I'm generally a one-cum kind of guy, and by the looks of Paul, who had already shot his semen down my throat, he clearly was in the mood to go again.


Sam pulled herself together and fastened a suspender button that had come undone during her ravishing. She noticed that Paul was still brick hard.


"Aw, babe, bring that over here."


Paul walked the couple of steps while slowly rubbing his erection. Sam immediately crouched down to... she was out of my view.


I decided to test my PCD condition and vacate the vehicle to join the fuck-fest.


"Hey, look who's here!" Paul held his hand out, inviting me to come closer. As I approached I had already begun to free my own hard-on by lowering my pants and tights. I could now see Sam sucking on Paul's cock. I took hold of his hand and moved in closer to the action.


There are no words to describe my feeling when I directed Paul's hand down to take hold of my proud six-and-a-half inches. In Paul's grip, it looked even smaller.


I wasn't entirely sure how Sue would react to Paul holding my dick, as this contradicted my "trapped in a lesbian body" theory, but I hoped the euphoria of the moment would carry her through.


Sam put her hand on my bare backside and pulled me in closer still. She removed Paul's hand from around my stiffy.


"Shit! That'll be that!" I thought. Until she took hold of one of Paul's longest and thickest fingers and directed it towards my man-pussy.


Once Paul's digit was given its orders she gripped my huge clit and began jerking me off. Paul's massive specimen got most of the oral attention as she flirted back and forth between us. I couldn't resist taking hold of Paul's head and ramming my tongue deep inside his mouth. He reciprocated by gingerly pushing his finger up my ass-hole. I wanted to say that this would make a good selfie but I wasn't for spoiling the moment.


I wasn't sure if Sam could see the battling of tongues that was taking place just above her, but I couldn't care. I was grateful for Paul's saliva wetting the inside of my mouth. Suddenly I felt my toes curling inside my heels. My knees began shaking and I began whimpering inside Paul's mouth.


"Oh, I think this naughty girl is cumming." Sam's intuition was spot on. She stuck my hard clit into her open mouth anticipating my climax, while Paul's long thick finger worked on my 'cunt'. As Sam sucked, Paul probed.


"Oh! Fuck!" I managed to splutter. "Ohh! Ooo! Fuck!" I shot my load inside Sam's mouth. Each jerking movement offered up another spurt of my creamy seed. Paul's finger had a hand (pun intended) in one of the most satisfying and pleasurable orgasms I've ever experienced and, subject to an onslaught of dementia, I'm sure it will be one of my most treasured memories as I lie in my death-bed.


Now normally, my post-climax remorse would have kicked in before I had time to appreciate the moment. It really is that quick, but I felt okay. No sign of the anxiety that I usually experience.


Although both Sam and Paul know of my 'condition' they obviously couldn't give a shit! Sam was more interested in Paul's failure to cum so far. She lay back on the car bonnet and invited Paul to take her from the front this time.


"I want you to shoot your spunk inside me."


Paul was eager to oblige. He lifted Sam's legs up and slid his monster into her dark pink hole.


"Uh...uh...uh..." Sam's gasps coincided simultaneously with Paul's deep grunts, as he thrust himself deep inside her. "Oh, babe, shoot it. Shoot your sticky cum inside my wet cunt." All Sam's guttural expletives could have been heard by anyone within our close vicinity; after all, we were parked in an ideal dogging location.


The thought of someone watching only added to my excitement. No sooner had I pulled my undergarments back up, when my cock started twitching once more. Clearly, the occasion had a positive effect on my PCD, and my semi was proof of the fact. I once again approached the rutting couple, like a gooseberry whose date didn't show up.


I stood close to Paul's side and in the moonlight, I could see his girth sliding in and out of my wife's stretched hole. His long thick shaft glistened with Sam's cunt juice. Paul turned his head to face me. He looked like a man possessed. He grunted into my face. "You're one lucky cunt!"


A fact I could not dispute. What would be the odds of a crossdressing cuckold getting it together with a like-minded and supportive partner? And when you take Paul and his wife Sue into the equation... I am a lucky cunt.


Paul had been pounding my wife for a few minutes when I recognized the sounds of her next climax.


"Go on, Paul; fuck her. She wants to be fucked hard." I relieved him of one of Sam's legs and guided his hand down to my hard-on. Paul gripped the bulge in my pants and rubbed my stiff cock through the lycra.


"Oh God, I'm... I'm... cumming." Sam was enjoying her third or fourth orgasm of the evening.


"I'm shooting my spunk, Sam... Oh fuuuck!" Paul was, at last, filling my wife's belly with his hot seed.


"Go on, Paul; empty your balls inside her." It wasn't like he needed the encouragement, but I gave him it anyway. His head was inches from mine and I couldn't resist the urge to kiss him while he shot his spunk deep inside Sam's belly.


It's not every day you find yourself dressed as a female and kissing your best mate while he jerks you off, as he fucks your wife. But that was what just happened.


Sam slid off the vehicle onto her feet and straightened herself out. Paul released his grip on my cock to pull up his pants and jeans, while I rearranged my own tackle.


We all shuffled back into the car to continue the few miles to Paul's house. Sam was in the front passenger seat, having satisfied her lust for the evening and Paul sat alone in the back, perched forward, with his head between the front headrests.


"Now that was a night to remember!" Paul couldn't be accused of understatement.


The conversation was jovial as Sam relayed her liaison with Ross and we were soon outside Paul's home. He leaned forward and plonked a kiss on Sam's cheek.


"You are one in a million, Sam." He turned and plonked a kiss on my cheek. "And as for you!" Paul shook his head disbelievingly. He never finished his sentence.


Sam gave Paul a wave as we left him standing on his drive.


Instinctively we both looked at each other and waited for a reaction regarding our respective dalliances. Simultaneously we burst out laughing.


"How's your pussy?" I expressed concern.


"A bit tender. How's yours?" The hilarity continued.


Our drive home took us back past the farm road and as we approached close to the scene of our debauchery, I thought about suggesting that I lick her love hole.


"Isn't that where we...?" Sam recognized our location. "My pussy is so hot I think I want someone to blow on it."


I screeched to a halt, almost setting off the airbags, and reversed the few yards to access the quiet dirt road.


"Jump in the back." Sam didn't need to be asked twice. She exited the passenger seat and got into the back seat. I did likewise on my side.


Sam leaned back and opened her legs.


"Have you lost your pants?" I was confronted by her naked pussy.


"I wasn't wearing any." It was not unusual for my wife to go out knickerless. Many an unsuspecting guy would cop an eyeful when she performed her Sharon Stone routine.


Sam spread her pussy lips with her fingers to reveal her dark hole. "Kiss it better, babe."


"Aww, Honey, are you sore?"


"You'd be sore too if he really had fucked you!"


Sam got no argument there. I lay my head between her thighs and couldn't help but notice the off-white blob stains at the top of her black stockings, the result of cum residue that had run down her leg. As I licked and nibbled on her fleshy thigh, I did my level best to remove the stain with my tongue. I wasn't fussy whose spunk I was tasting.


"Lick me, babe."


I put my mouth close to her gaping hole and gently blew around the loose skin. Sam grabbed the top of my head and as she pulled me into her crotch, she thrust herself forward.


"Lick my cunt; lick it clean." Sam ground my face into her pussy.


"Paul's so fuckin' big. And thick! His cock is so fuckin' thick!"


"," was all I was able to utter.


"I love his fuckin' cock. His big hard fuckin' cock." Sam was rambling in the euphoria of having Paul fuck her... twice.


I had Sam's clitoris dancing on my tongue. She wasn't as wet as she'd been earlier when her juices were oozing out around Paul's dick. I thought that was only to be expected, considering...


Sam threw her head back against the rear headrest. "He... He... shot his cum inside me!" She was showing signs of an imminent orgasm. She jerked her lower torso against my face, forcing my tongue to go deeper into her cunt.


"Can you taste him? Can you taste Paul's spunk?"


I was definitely tasting someone's spunk. A slimy stream slid onto the surface of my tongue.


My wife appeared to have forgotten that her pussy had also been the recipient of Ross's sticky man-cream.


"Mm... mm." I was probing for more.


"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming." Sam came over my face. Suddenly her juices began flowing and flowing more.


We'd had a similar experience of Sam shooting pussy juice out like piss, on a couple of previous occasions, when her libido levels had rocketed through the roof. I continued to lick and suck throughout her climax. As I drank her vaginal juice I could feel thick globules of what I assumed to be a cocktail of Ross's and Paul's semen slide down my throat, flushed out in the sudden flow of Sam's excess fluid.


"Oh, babe, that was incredible." Sam complimented me on my work. She pulled herself up on the seat and immediately put her hand up my leather skirt. I raised my backside and assisted her in pulling down my pants and tights.


One blow job later and with both our bellies full of spunk, we were back on the road and heading home.


"A 'quiet drink', you said."


Sam burst out laughing. "You look like you spilt most of yours!" Sam was referring to my damp state.


On the twenty-minute trip home, we recalled our evening and laughed hysterically at our antics in the bar, in the car-park and in the country lane.


All in all, we had a night we'll both never forget. And we met a new friend.


"I'm assuming you have Ross's number?"


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