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Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked. They could be over the knee (otk) spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an X-shaped bondage device, or any other imaginative form of subtle 'punishment'. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness in the spankee.


Harder Works

Leila is spanked and caned by her much younger girlfriend, and they turn a corner

Leila was wincing as she heard Amy going upstairs and into her bedroom to get the cane. Still, it was for the best, she kept telling herself. Leila and Amy had been seeing each other for six months, and, although, in love, Amy was getting increasingly unhappy about Leila’s poor behaviour. The weariness had started three months ago when Amy suggested she would call an end to their affair...Read On


Alice Is Spanked Again

Alice submits to her teenage dom, accepting very public humiliation and discipline

The holiday was going by all too quickly for Alice, although she had already agreed to meet up with Melanie when they got home as they didn’t live very far from each other. Melanie had retained her very strict and quick to discipline attitude towards Alice who, at fifty-eight-years-old, loved submitting to eighteen-year-old Melanie. What was better, for Alice, was to find out that she...Read On


Stephanie Learns A Valuable Lesson In Responsibility

A older teen accepts a new way of life and the importance of responsibility.

On a sunny Friday in May, Jill walked into her house after a long work week. She put her things down and sat down with the mail, looking forward to a relaxing weekend. When she got to the letter from Stephanie’s school she paused before opening it. It was progress report time and she was expecting this piece of mail. Stephanie’s grades had already taken a tumble on her first report card of...Read On


The Tables Turn On Tracy

Tracy learns to embrace wearing diapers.

Months after, Lauren accepted that Tracy would be spanking her on a regular basis and enjoyed the ensuing epic sex sessions they had with each other following those spankings. Their relationship was on a great path. They began to anticipate each other's needs on a level that didn't require either of them to utter a single word. Sometimes, Lauren would strip naked and stand in the corner...Read On


Alice Takes A Break

Alice goes to a camp and meets up with a teenage girl who takes charge of her

Alice was sniffing back tears as she stood with her nose against a tree and her hands on her head. She was in shock having had just been given a very hard bare bottom spanking by Melanie. The shock wasn’t just the fact that Melanie was eighteen-years-old whilst Alice was sixty-three-years-old, but that Alice was actually turned by accepting Melanie’s control over her and wanted to continue...Read On


Made to Cum Before the Cane

A fantasy realised in real life

I had this scenario, a fantasy that seemed really exciting. All I needed was a helpful couple to enact this with me and that would be that, another one crossed off the list or perhaps to be repeated again and again. You never know till you try. A couple, with at least one female, to administer a thrashing, with me totally naked, restrained, but the twist being that I would have been ‘milked’...Read On


First Offense

You don't want to come back.

As the door closed behind her she began to get nervous. Was this a huge mistake or exactly what she needed? This was the right place, this was the room she had heard about, but it was nothing like she had expected. Em crossed her arms behind her at the wrist and took in her new surroundings. It resembled nothing so much as her mother’s bedroom complete with a bed covered in too many pillows...Read On


Unexpected Result

Tom is caught lying by a teenager and is disciplined, which was his long-held fantasy

It really hadn’t been what I was expecting. I knew I had submissive tendencies, and for years had looked at women with the sole thought of going across their laps and having my bare bottom spanked. I never really focused on their age, but more on whether I thought they looked strict. I loved seeing women’s bare arms and imagining them rising and falling with her open palm on my bottom, and...Read On


Bad Roommate

You should have been prepared for her to arrive...

He was lying on the floor as she came in, surrounded by a makeshift shrine of empty beer cans, pizza boxes and several geological strata worth of dirty laundry. The only coverings on his person were boxers, socks and the occasional leftover traces of cheesy snack dust. It would appear she had arrived just in time. His behavior had slipped badly and something had to be done. The Lady sighed...Read On


Olivia In Charge - Chapter 2

Teenager Olivia reinforces her disciplinary control over her much older girlfriend

Olivia and Jenny were continuing to enjoy their respective role reversals. Jenny was fifty-eight-years-old and was enjoying herself as a teenager of seventeen-years-old, whilst Olivia was relishing her position of authority even though actually the seventeen-year-old but taking the maternal role in the household. Jenny happily played the stroppy or sulking teenager, and even accepted...Read On


Under the Mistletoe

Her husband knows just what to do with girls who act naughty around the holidays.

“Get upstairs and make yourself ready for me. Do I make myself perfectly clear?” I nod frantically as goose flesh pebbles over my skin. He stalks towards me; graceful, panther-like. I mean to back away but remain rooted to the spot. He grazes his thumb over my bottom lip, dragging his finger to my chin before gripping it firmly. Leaning into him, I catch a whiff of his woodsy musk as he...Read On


Olivia In Charge

Olivia stays with her much older neighbour but soon takes charge

Jenny and Olivia lived next door to each other and, even with the age difference, got on well. It was unusual given that Jenny was fifty-eight-years-old and Olivia was seventeen-years-old. However, Jenny enjoyed the friendship of the teenager, and Olivia loved being around a grandma figure. So, as time went on, Olivia would often knock on Jenny’s door with a cake or biscuits she had...Read On


Extra Tuition - Punished by German Frau [3]

Having failed my German language mock GCSE, I ended up going to a private tutor twice a week. Frau Gunther is about twenty-eight and attractive. I’m nearly seventeen, I’m fit and like to go to the gym, so I was unhappy about two more evenings spent on school work, but my dad insisted. I was punished in part two and was then comforted by the two girls on the same course after Frau dismissed...Read On


Jaden Submits

Jaden is disciplined by Alexis, with Valentine and Velvet watching

Jaden maintained strict disciplinary control over her step-mum and two sisters, enforcing all of the rules and boundaries set for them. It was now pretty much constant that twenty-year-old Alexis was spanked twice a week, twenty-three-year-old Velvet was spanked three times each two weeks, while Valentine, her step-mum, was spanked once a week. The offences were varied, but Jaden, who was...Read On


A Lie That Caused Change – Sandra’s Turn

Lucy canes her chummy mummy for lying

With Ella upstairs after her spanking, Lucy and Sandra were alone and Lucy now focused on Sandra’s red thighs. “Been somewhere nice?” Lucy asked innocently. She had remained seated, on purpose, because if Sandra had been spanked, then she had plans of her own. Sandra blushed as she replied, “Oh, just around.” Lucy knew her chummy mummy, Sandra, was lying and demanded, “Tell me why your...Read On



She gets punished for her forgetfulness!

"Amy, Amy, Amy," I sighed. "How many times have we been in this same position now?" "Many times, Master."  Amy Richards knelt on the floor in front of me as I sat in my recliner in the living room of my home. Amy was my submissive, and I her Master. However, her submission was still a difficult concept for her to put into practice. Her heart was in it, but her mind and will still needed...Read On


Jaden In Charge

Jaden takes disciplinary control of the household

Jaden looked at the three bare bottoms facing her, as her two sisters and step-mum had their noses pressed against the wall with their hands on their heads and were fully naked as they spent time on their naughty spots thinking about why they were going to be spanked. The three bottoms belonged to Jaden’s step-mum, Valentine, and her two sisters, twenty-three-year-old Velvet,...Read On


A Lie That Caused Change – Ella’s  Turn

Lucy gets her revenge on Ella

Today felt more normal for Lucy and Ella as it was Ella who got home late. Sandra, their chummy mum, wasn’t home either, and so it fell to Lucy to spank her friend. “Sorry,” Ella said as she rushed into the room, knowing it was ten o’clock and so she was over half-an-hour late. She saw Lucy sitting in the armchair watching TV and although tense did see that Lucy was in her sleeveless...Read On


Seasons Beatings From Joanne Part Two

Joanne's younger sister gets an unwanted early Christmas present

Joanne’s seventeen-year-old sister, Gabrielle, arrived home just after 4.30 that Saturday afternoon. She was happy. She had enjoyed spending time with her friends in town, doing some last-minute Christmas shopping and just relaxing for a change. Once she had locked the front door behind her, Gabby Wilson laid her shopping bags down in the hallway and walked into the front room, where her...Read On


Seasons Beatings From Joanne

Joanne returns home for the holidays and delivers an early Christmas present.

Katherine Wilson sat at the kitchen table staring at the clock on the wall. She was angry. Fuming in fact. She had struggled to cook the family a roast dinner with her broken right wrist and here she was, waiting for them to return from the football match. Her husband and son were late. Not unusual, but this time they were spectacularly late. Nearly two hours after they had promised to be...Read On


Maci’s First Dungeon Experience

Maci takes an incredible punishment in an array of different ways

Sitting in the airport awaiting our flight home and my mind is constantly drawn back to last night. We took a further step into our kinky BDSM & spanking lifestyle. Having discovered this dungeon exists before we came away we knew we had to give it a go, and boy were we glad we did. They have several different rooms for hire all equipped with different variations of sexual apparatus and...Read On

Emma and Lara’s Trek

Two girls compete to get to the end of a trek, with a caning the prize and penalty

Emma was smiling as she stood on the side of the hill with her map in her hand as she surveyed the final few yards of her trek to the cabin. She felt warm in her winter coat, long woolly blue-green and yellow scarf, and her green woollen bobble hat. She loved the feel of the fresh air as it blew lightly into her face, but was thankful that there was a blue sky and only a light wind. In...Read On


A Lie That Caused Change – Katie’s Turn

Katie has to pay for her lies

Lucy got up the following morning and remembered vividly the spanking Ella had given her. She checked her bottom in the mirror and saw it was still tinged red, and that focussed her mind on the text she had sent Katie last night and her decision to spank her. First, though, Sandra would be inspecting her bottom to check that Lucy had indeed spanked her. When Lucy got downstairs, Ella...Read On


Roommate Romance

Grace explores her new feelings

“Where are they sending you this time?” Grace asked her roommate Hailey as she noticed her stuffing a suitcase. “New Orleans,” Hailey quickly responded. “What happened down there?” Grace probed trying to pry for more information. “Just a routine software upgrade, shouldn’t be more than a couple days,” Hailey replied, continuing to pack without averting her gaze. Grace slumped a little with...Read On


An Interesting Job

A boring conference ends in a caning.

"Buy me one of those." An attractive woman, maybe mid-thirties slid into the stool next to me at the hotel bar. She was dressed in an immaculate black business suit matching her dark, slightly curly hair, and carrying a long thin leather bag. She caught me glancing at her thighs as her slightly too short skirt rode up and quirked her lips at me. "Well?" I signalled to the barman for...Read On


The Wrong Address

Luke mistakes the address he was going to and the result is very different from what he expected

Luke checked the address he had written down. It was the right block of flats so he went to the front door and was about to press the entry button when a young woman came out. Luke smiled at the woman who smiled back and held the door open for him. “Thank you,” Luke said, still smiling. The young lady smiled back but didn’t say anything as she walked away from the flats. Luke walked in...Read On


A Weekend At Miss Mulligan's

Joanne's birthday present is painful for Peter

Seven weeks had passed since Peter Mitchell had been caned at the FCI for pleading guilty to being drunk and disorderly. He had recovered from his experience and his girlfriend Joanne had carefully massaged and applied cream to his bottom every night for a month until she was satisfied that his bottom was fully healed from his sentence, which had been laid on at full-force by her friend,...Read On


Jessica's Seat of Learning

Mother, daughter bonding time

Jessica made her way to lunch with her friends on a crisp autumn day. It was a Friday so she was looking forward to the three day weekend. As she was walking down the hallway, she felt her phone vibrate so she took it out of her pocket and looked at the screen and what she saw jolted her out of her teenage conversation. I just looked at your grades online and I noticed that you have had a...Read On


A Lie That Caused Change

Katie wants Lucy to discipline her and tries a lie

Ella checked her watch. It was nine-thirty which meant that Lucy was home thirty minutes after her curfew. “Come in here straight-away, young lady,” Ella demanded as she had to impose the punishment that their chummy mummy had specifically told both girls would happen even when she was away, as she was now. Ella and Lucy were both eighteen-years-old and were school friend’s and were in...Read On


The Crush

A girl found an older girl attractive and wanted to be dominated by her

Emma didn't have the normal college girl crush as the sixteen-year-old didn't have a crush on her college teacher or the gym mistress or the headmistress, but, instead she had a crush on the Head-girl, eighteen-year-old Melissa. Emma was slim with long dark brown hair she wore in a ponytail at college and looked pretty in her college uniform which was a gingham green and white checked...Read On