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Seduction stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to sexual acts through a state of uncontrollable arousal.

A seducer will be in control of a situation through persuasion. They will usually tease through a variation of alluring elements and will tempt to win the seduced over, for their own personal gain. Acts of temptation are typically sought through heightened senses, which can include a wide variety of attractions, including visual and aural stimulation.


Transcendant Sensuality - 14

The aftermath and Alex leads Ted to a seduction.

“Hello, there, stranger,” Karla whispered to her husband as she rolled over in their bed to face him. “Hmmm,” he murmured softly. “No stranger than you.” “Am I strange?” Karla asked him seriously. Kevin caressed the curve of her jaw softly. “You’re not strange.” “We did strange things, though,” she grinning. “I didn’t even know what a daisy-chain was until I was in one.” Kevin...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 5

Karla and Kevin add Jeremy and Jasmine to their stable after overcoming Jeremy's reluctance.

“You are aware that this wasn’t supposed to happen like this?” Kevin told Karla the following Tuesday morning as they sat at their breakfast bar nursing hot coffee. Kevin had taken a personal day. There would be no pressure for him to get to the office. He wanted to take some time with his wife to examine their current situation and the effects it might have on their relationship. ...Read On


Connie's Year Ch. 03

I tease his agreement for my future fantasies and fulfill a new addition to my list

In the weeks after blowing Kurt in the men's room at the club in front of several men, we had enjoyed some enthusiastic sex remembering and reliving the event. This was a pattern we had begun during his year, from the very beginning. His first had been the facial, and while I wasn't prepared the first time for having anything shooting at my face, I’d enjoyed the excitement, and when we’d...Read On


A Dream Cum True, Chapter 2

Johnny makes his best friend's mom his girl now!

I knelt there on the bed between Karen's widespread legs. God, she was incredible! Her face and tits glistened in the room's light from the saliva smeared all over them, Her hard nipples stood straight and tall and her pussy... her pussy looked like it belonged to a twenty-year-old beach bunny, not a forty-year-old who had a college graduate son! Neat and tucked in tightly the lips didn't sag...Read On


My wife and the fixer upper part four

Will they or won't they finally make love?

Christy had showered by the time that I got out of bed the following morning. She had just put her sexy white bra and thong on and was stepping into her cotton dress when I told her to keep her dress off for a while. “Eat breakfast in your lingerie,” I suggested, “Let him see you eat breakfast in just your bra and thong. “Okay I will,” Christy smiled, “You know that I love being undressed...Read On


Corrupted In Soho

A naive young man's awakening to sexual choices

The area buzzed with activity as I wandered along the unfamiliar street. The light was fading as evening drew in, accentuating the brightness of the humming neon signs that hung above the doorways on each side of the thoroughfare. I peered into the darkness beyond each of the open doors, attempting to appear nonchalant, as if strolling through this strange world was an everyday occurrence to...Read On



Once upon a time...

The tiny kingdom of Lushington was buried deep within the enchanted forest and ruled by a generous king with two daughters.   The oldest, Grace, was a vision of loveliness.  Her long dark hair framed her perfectly shaped face with curly little ringlets.  She was poised, proper and made a whole room stop and look when she entered, solely out of her humbleness.   The second daughter, Allison,...Read On


A Dream Cum True, Chapter 1

Johnny was helping his best friend's Mom around the house. Then she had another "chore" for him!

"Okay Mrs. Taylor, I finished cleaning out the garage like you asked. Is there anything else I can do for you?" I asked as I entered the laundry room where she was putting another load of clothes to wash. "No, Johnny, that's about it. Thank you very much for your help, though. I appreciate it," she said with a small smile. "That's okay, Mrs. Taylor, I'm just glad I was able to help you....Read On


72 Hours

Annie was offered seventy two hours. Could she cope!

Annie had thought about her actions for quite some time and it was with a little regret and a lot of anticipation that she took Dan up on his offer of showing her the ropes , as he put it. She knew that he didn’t actually mean ropes per se , but she hoped that he did. Annie was open to suggestions, as many suggestions as Dan could propose in the intervening seventy-two hours that she...Read On


My Wife And The Fixer Upper, Part Three

The house is coming along and so is their relationship

The following morning, Christy was excited to get to James’s house, she did wear another dress and I told her that I should be home earlier. “You’d better let him know that I should be home by six today,” I smiled, “So maybe he should start your massage earlier.” “I’ll tell him that you’ll be home earlier, and ask him over for supper tonight,” Christy replied. She had put a pot roast in...Read On


Lonely Twenties: Volleyball Season

A bold man remembers a lesson about the target demographic.

Summer had come a bit too early in Afer's city, a large world-class city with a beach nearby. At the age of twenty-six, Afer had grown apart from his old friends and was now spending most of the days by himself. Given the amount of vacation time he was taking, Afer realized that he had time to burn. Despite his age, Afer was doing well for himself financially and was on his way to making...Read On


Taking Advantage

Seducing the lesbian

It was nine o’clock in the evening and Sean sat in front of his computer. He smiled to himself as he logged onto his favourite website and waited. He watched as friends seemed to log in and out, but he was waiting for one in particular: Monica. Sean was a horny, perverted man of thirty-five who loved nothing more than chatting with his cute-as-a-button friend who was only twenty years...Read On


Brandi Beginning To The End

Convincing my wife to sleep with another man

Chapter 1 Brandi Enjoys Young And Old. I met Brandi when I was going to college in California. She was born and raised in Alabama and was very conservative. We both were raised with a silver spoon in our mouth. The first time I saw Brandi, I got that instant bulge in my pants. She was five foot six, one hundred and twenty pounds, blonde hair, and blue eyes that melted you with a simple...Read On


As An Older Woman… She Was Unbelievably Hot

Sexual exploration with older woman from work

Louise was retiring. After twenty-five years at the agency, she outlasted many of her peers as well as many bosses. At seventy years old, she maintained a professional attitude, cheery personality, and lovely smile. Her retirement party came as a surprise to her. We celebrated at my home. Thirty people hid their cars down the road and one of our co-workers drove her to my home to “pick me...Read On



Recollection of a passionate affair: Based on actual events

I am in my mid-60's now, but some memories are as vivid as if they happened yesterday. Back in the late 1970s, over half my lifetime ago, I had an experience that I will never forget. A few weeks ago, courtesy of modern miracles like Google and social media, I found myself sitting across a café table reminiscing about one such memory with the girl with whom I shared it... It was over forty...Read On


My wife and the fixer upper, part two

The house is coming along nicely, and so are James and my wife.

I didn’t get home till after eight that evening and I asked Christy how her day went; she told me that she would tell me when we got into bed. After I’d showered and eaten, we watched a movie before Christy showered and joined me in bed. Immediately, she took hold of my erection and started to play with it and I ran my hand over her pussy and noticed how wet it was already. “Your naughty...Read On


A Model Start

Kelly swallowed hard and knocked on Louisa’s door. It soon opened to show Louisa’s green eyes and smiling mouth, which even without lipstick looked suited to an advertisement. “Hi, Kelly!” she said happily, and as she opened the door Kelly saw her model’s body filling out a white T-shirt and slacks. Kelly stared at Louisa’s firm breasts unrestrained by a bra and wondered how a woman in...Read On


Lonely Twenties: Slut Therapy

A lonely woman with loose morals gets therapy

"Oh fuck damn!" shouted Amber, in a high pitched tone while being covered in sweat. The vision became dim as she started to faint from exhaustion, heat and the pounding of Kai who had her in a doggy style position and was giving her a merciless anal pounding. Kai was so intense and held the helpless raven-haired beauty in place while tearing through her. Amber's head bounced around as she...Read On


Virtually Lovers

Two lustful online lovers meet after months of anticipation!

Lucy swore she hadn’t been looking for Theo…quite the opposite in fact. It was true that the sex life she now shared with her husband wasn’t exactly thrilling, the mild flicker of attraction they’d once had being almost entirely extinguished when she had become pregnant with their son. But she was resigned to her lot, for her husband had given her something infinitely more precious: the...Read On


Let me do it for you.

My new lodger is a young police officer with a need for relief

It took an acute illness and a long period of recovery at home to make me realise the difference between living alone and being lonely. With no close friends or family living close by, I might easily have become seriously depressed were it not for the daily contact with my brother Andrew during that time,  I decided that the best solution for me was to move house so that I could be closer...Read On


The Play And My Wife. Part two

Jen gets to rehearse with Tony and gets much more.

There were no rehearsals for the group the following night and I knew that would give Jen and Tony more time to perfect their love scene at our house. I got home from work and we quickly ate dinner before Jen went for a long hot soak in the tub. She spent ages in the bathroom and when she emerged, she looked so sexy. “I bought a new sexy bra and panties set today babe,” Jen told me,...Read On


The Map To Matilda

Matilda is lost inside. Will a map show her the way?

Matilda nervously settled into her cramped plane seat. She nervously ran her fingers through her long, curly blonde hair. She glanced out the window, hardly believing she was here. Was she crazy? Meeting a man for the first time in person in a foreign country - Austria! Her mind flashed back to how she got here. Stomach tightening, she saw her fiance fucking her best friend in bed....Read On


Saturday Evening

Anna offers some fast food for Steve

After adding the lunch dishes to what was already in the dishwasher, I started it, and dressed for Mass. I wasn’t sure that Steve would be at St. Michael’s on Sunday, but since he had been at a bar with his buds, I guessed that he wouldn’t be attending on Saturday evening. I didn’t need anything too fancy, a business blouse, and skirt would work. Brush the hair out, let it fall over...Read On


The Play And My Wife

The play gets hot for Jen...

  My wife, Jen and I have been married for six years and for the past four years we have been a part of an amateur dramatics group in our small town in Louisiana. I am thirty-six years of age and Jen is thirty-two. The group puts on four or five shows per year and its great fun; there are about thirty of us in the group and I write the plays and also direct. Jen is an aspiring actress and...Read On


Nozomi Episode 3 "Rub-A-Dub-Dub"

Nozomi gives Darren a helping hand on the sofa.

Three days later and Darren hasn’t stopped thinking about the night he got to share a bed with Nozomi. He is having sort of mixed feelings. He wishes she was awake when he finally had the courage to make a move. He wonders if she knew he was sneaking in dry humps on her booty while they were in bed. Then he thinks to himself that she would have said something or reacted to it, had she...Read On



A man and a woman make a home together.

She looked at the white-and-gray metal box with the big round porthole. Her arms were crossed and her brow was knitted. He glanced at her sideways, a small curl of a smile hiding in the corner of his mouth, underneath the full beard she wished he would shave off. “You know, it isn’t going to explode, love,” he said mildly. He saw her already straight back straighten even further, like he...Read On

Recommended Read

The French Guest

A beautiful French student brings joy to a lonely widower

I knelt at my wife’s grave and laid a bouquet of her favorite flowers on it. It had been three years to the day since I laid her in it. Memories raced through my mind; our first date, our first kiss, our wedding, the birth of our daughter. On and on the memories went, until I once again faced the stark moment when it all ended. Injured in a car crash, Karen had died in the back of an...Read On


A Midwinter Night's Dream

Christmas Eve, and the giving of gifts

‘Twas the night before Christmas… Now this is the way to spend Christmas Eve! The halls - or at least the room - have been decked for Christmas, with a blue spruce spreading its heady scent through the living room. All the light comes from the colored Christmas lights that festoon the tree, and those woven into the garland that hangs in swags on all four walls. You both have a glass...Read On


Nina's unexpected winter adventure.

Nina makes a big mistake when booking her summer holiday.

Nina sat idly flicking through a few magazines while she was waiting for her appointment with the dentist. For the last three years, she and her mates had hit Southern California beaches, where they swam, surfed, danced and drank themselves silly for about three weeks solid. This year Nina wanted something different, a much more relaxing and hopefully a more romantic setting place to visit....Read On

Recommended Read

Carrying the Lie

A little lying never hurts

"Didn't mommy say you're not to go into her make den? The rest of the house is your playground. The den is where mommy does her work. Okay? Okay. I love you, bun-buns. Now get your keister into bed. Can you pass Debbie the phone?" Jess held her cellphone aside, offering a sheepish grin and apologetic shake of her head to Maggie seated across from her in their cosy cocktail booth. Her...Read On