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Haley laid there on her side in the dark in bed nursing her sore inside. She felt the fuck he had given her with his fist and cock that night. Falling off to sleep, she slept until morning.

Waking, she stumbled in the dark trying to walk properly around the bed out of their room to another where she sat waiting for the coffee to brew. The feeling of him was still there. It made her smile, thinking of his hard-on the night before. She laughed to herself. It had just been since he finally found work that his cock had come fully to size! Haley loved Joe's cock. In her hand, in her mouth, in her ass, It didn't matter where. She cherished him with everything she had to give.

She laughed again. In the months of his unemployment she had pestered him something awful about not getting enough. His drive and mind-set was always there but, the worry had tried to get the best of him and interfered. Smiling she hated to admit it, but now, she could use a day off.

Joe had always had a gentle way about getting what he wanted for himself which made for long sessions. He was always putting off the in-evadable climax that would end it. His MO was long and hard.

Many times she'd wanted him to grab a handful of her hair and shove her face on his cock and fuck her mouth till he exploded just see if he could get off quick. She did liked it rough. Haley requested that he spank her while he fucked her from behind which caused her cunt and ass to tighten with each slap. He had it down these days. Smacking with each thrust, Joe shoved hard in her tight shocked behind. Even then, he could still take it. All the passion and action didn't stop him from pacing himself and making her beg.

He loved her titties. They loved him too. When she met him, he was oh so gentle caressing he explored. He knew now, it didn't hurt her to hold them tight and rub hard and bite them too. His firm touch made her tits hard, pink and warm. She felt her titty tingle as she remembered last night. He bit her nipples and then sat her on his face so he could chew on her cunt too. Bring his head from the pillow, he shoved his face between her legs. Reaching for her titties pinching her large hard nipples, he pulled her down onto him, grinding her behind down on his chest. Responding Haley melted into him, which pushed his head back down on the pillow allowing him to rest as he ate her pussy. Slowly she worked her ass on his chest working her pussy into his face. After he had her tender, he kissed it, and massaged with his tongue, sucking with his lips while she sat still, feeling his tenderness run through her.

Her responses turned him on. She reached behind her and exposed his upright cock from under his shorts. He never failed to amaze her. Grabbing him at the base, she jacked his beautiful cock. Removing herself from his face, she took his cock in her mouth nestling her tits close to his body. Scooting nearer to him, she spread her legs and gave her cunt to him. Going down, she wet his cock and jacked it more. Talking to his cock, she told it, she was gonna have some.

Joe reached for her cunt and inserted his fingers. She felt good on his dick. Moving his hips up and down from the bed, he fucked her hand and moaned at the feel of her tongue on the ripples of his head. She could of had him then if he wanted it. But there was no way he wasn't gonna give it to her yet. Sliding his arm between their bodies, he reached her chest and pushed her upwards. Working his fist into her, Haley responded moving with him. The squeeze on his cock and the sweet smile on her face told him she felt it. He looked up at her and trailed a hand up her belly reaching a titty. Pulling her down, he sucked one and then the other. Feeling him, she pumped her pussy on and off of his hand over and over. He held her around the shoulders pushing deeper into her. It made him harder. The pressure inside her and his teeth on her nipple pushed her into a place far away from the norm. Her cries began. Spreading herself for him, she knew where he was going and she wanted him to go there.

Moving away from the pressure, Haley went down on his cock again. Concentrating on the head she was giving him, his fingers stopped for a moment. That suited her for now. Finding the back of her head he shoved her down on himself. Pushing her down, he fucked the wet tight mouth. She loosened the tightness on him and worked her mouth sweetly knowing she'd get him rock hard. He laughed to himself and knew what she was doing. Fucking the wet, he felt the nectar seep out of his dick. She smiled at the taste knowing he was ready. She wondered how it felt for him. Was it the same for them?
Moving out from under her, he stood at the edge of the bed and reached for her. Haley turned her ass to him, giving it to his cock. He ran his hands around her ass up her back and then back down again resting them on her hips. Taking some of the wet from between her legs, he used it to lube her ass. Holding her at the waist, he shoved himself inside. Showing off that night, he fucked her ass rocking steady deeper and harder thrust after thrust. She felt herself let go and welcome him. He was deep in her touching places that had never been touched by his cock. Pulling out, he played in her ass with his head. Haley begged, pleading with Joe. She turned to see the smile on his face.

"You are good my love. Fuck me good my love."

Knowing he was about to cum, he removed himself and walked into the bathroom where he washed. Returning to their bed, he laid down and put his cock in her mouth taking her cunt for himself. She sucked sweetly. Knowing he wanted to cum in her mouth she remembered him in her ass and sucked him in the same motion and speed. He grew harder. Knowing what he wanted, he reached between his legs and wet his entire hand in the mouth-water soaking his crouch. Holding on to her tight, he went in again all the way. She fell onto her belly her mouth still on him. Moving in and then out or her swollen cunt caused his cock to explode in her mouth as she growled at the huge slippery thing inside her. She whimpered and spilled her's as he pulled her on top of him, letting the wet run over his chest and neck.

That morning at work Linda noticed Haley holding her midsection and back and commented, "To much sex?"

Haley laughed, "How did you know? Think I'll have to have a talk with that man of mine."

Her friend smiled, "But what a way to go!"

That night Haley said to Joe, "I think we need to talk about our sex."

He knew, and said, "I know but, you respond so well."

She smiled at her lover and said, "I Love You."
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