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Latest Love & Erotic Poems


My Sweet Rose

Oh taste and see that she is good

  The clinking of the Bohemian crystal The taste of French champagne on your lips  The rustle of the Egyptian cotton sheets with a satin duvet The scent of the English red rose The scent of my “rose’s” sexual aroma  As my tongue stirs her passions  Handling her form  with more tenderness than crystal Gently I pour the champagne  Anointing her mons The bubbles  glinting in her trimmed bush ...Read On


The Last Goodbye

I held your hand and saw you smile Looked at the depth written in your eyes Kissed you goodbye, your tears begin to shed Without you knowing that my heart bled I looked away from you, not wanting to see pain For I know, without you, things won’t be the same The memories of our love blinded me As I think of how things should be You draw me closer to you while in dismal solitude I cried in...Read On


Lost In This Moment

Love conquers all

Daydreaming of Him  She gets lost in her thoughts. The phone vibrating brings her back to reality A message comes through that he's thinking about her  She replies, "can't wait to get lost with you"   In a moment  The world stands still  Time stops  Its just them lost in the moment  Hearts racing  Passion building    They can't wait to be together  Tangled in the sheets  Her...Read On

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Sitting in obscurity, Drowning in thought, I plunge my hand Deep into the cold, moist soil Surrounding me And sigh in relief For something tangible. Movement to my side Makes me turn. Grappling arms of midnight Stretch to capture A straining Kaleidoscope of light, A form that won’t heed. The blackness snaps. Its talons burst, Splaying into expiring smoke ...Read On


Memories Of First Love

And old man remembers his first love

Standing on the cliff edge early on that spring morn He watched the sun rise over the rim of the world, Painting the cliffs golden in the clear light of dawn. How he envied the sea birds who with wings unfurled Left their craggy roosts to soar up into the sky,  To float unrestrained on unseen cushions of air, Free as the gentle zephyrs that carried them high Above his stooping form burdened...Read On

Thy Kingdom Rise

Can I make one feel as if they are dead dreaming of a thorn and being in black on the wings of something obsidian nearing the stones where I will bed in the clover of something sweet Echos of the dead ringing in my ears as I think of your lips on my cock plucking life from my manhood milking my mettle with your lips raising my hips Writing in braille and covered by veil as ghosts give me...Read On



Naked I stand, droplets glistening on my skin. I pause, smiling, eager to taste your kiss. I've missed the drumming of  your heartbeat in my ears, the sound of you whispering "let's go...." Knowing Your slave am I held by chains of desire... your fingers dance, my release their mission. Kalon -  a single word to define our exchange:  soul-saving sex for absolute Swaraj. I take a...Read On


The moment two hearts collide

When we fall in love and our hearts became one

The moment two hearts collide On a mid summers day With the warmth, radiates throughout Across the vast African savannah  As we live young, wild and free Of a freedom that cannot be bought Nor can be won through sheer will But gained through a love of determination. From which a new life was created A creation, so divinely beautiful  More beautiful than I could ever imagine  An imagination...Read On


Deep in the mind

Deep in your mind in subtelty where  hope and desire reside  I whispered deep and gave them life. In quietness I savoured their glory. My touch, evoking a vast ocean to roll over you. When joy came to visit, You became  A trinity of glee impatient to swim deeper In the oceans of your mind. Finding new life The culmination of your need? or,  The start of things to come   ...Read On


An Unending Heartache

Heartache is like a raging storm

Like a raging hurricane You stormed out of my life Without care and thought Destroying all in your wake Tormented by your actions Broken by your words A million pieces scattered Of this once beating heart Portraits of our shared love Left torn on the floor A painful reminder Of what we once held Your name Burned upon my skin The stench of your perfume Consumes every breathe I take...Read On


Our Story

I love to tell the story  Of beauty bringing hope, Of who she is,  And, what she’s done. Of how she paints my longing  With a flourish of her brush I love to replay the story  Of how she brings to me,  her need Of how I paint her longing With a flourish of my brush We love to paint the story  Of how together  We have grown our love With swathes of vivid colour With a flourish of our brush   ...Read On



You cultivated me to perfection but the only sin was that you sought  something with no true agency, for my own good, of course, it wasn't entirely your fault, to graze against the almost violent electric thrill of pure youth. I understood this ache to be needed. I was dressed in white when we met, dark eyes glittering when I told you I was once a dancer but the music  one day fled from...Read On

Neath The Quilt

With sweetness of pimento inglorious red at the hour of shadows in my mind's eye, with your breath of amorous sighs as dusk fades to black on the poster bed. Of memories when the shades were drawn, and your musing fingers walked the dawn like webs of gossamer on my spine, and your taste of bitters feast.   Now as years have strung a talisman hung with your spell at dusk in our boudoir, and...Read On


The Poet

He spoke of love in dismal silence Held his pen and wrote the words Used his wits on promises devoid of meaning Held his truthful lies inscribed in scrolls He the poet Whose heart was killed by a lost love Whose soul bled from a morbid assault Whose body is sheltered on burning ice Blessed with a passion Of manipulating words on his sage With the gift Of using words to let his heart utter...Read On


Addicted Freedom!

  Your tongue slides along mine and sinful thoughts instantly arouse my mind, As your hands tease and torment my body with enslaving caresses, My breath hot and quick as your mouth tortures mine with sweet, illicit kisses, I am blinded by the exquisite site of your body as you cover and command all of me. You control my body with sweet, filthy whispers of promised release, My...Read On


The Bitter End

The sun shall never compare, to the warmth soaking in her skin. His probing eyes gently staring at her, drowning all her fears within. His touch, his sweet smile, telling her everything will be okay; Like it has always been, an eternity ago. His hand perfectly fitting hers, clasping hers. And she knows that the battle has been finally won. All the years she keeps on running away are...Read On


The Rainbow of Hope

I entered this day with joy, For we had spoken late last night  when I could not sleep. Just knowing you are there  Brings comfort and peace. Knowing there is purpose  to every breath I take,   Knowing there is hope  With every step I take  Then I see you again, And my heart is stirred to wonder. The impact on my mind,  The flutter in my chest,  I hear your voice Deep within my soul  Words...Read On



How a real woman services her man after his long day of work

Dessert   Was once a thought, but I’ll say it out loud, I need to feel you inside me tonight, It’s been a long time since I have been plowed, Come to me now; I promise I won’t bite,   A plate of dessert in my hand, I drop To my knees, spread your legs and service you; Like the dessert, I squirt whipped cream on top; Your shaft; My hand; I this taboo?   I am not a slut but...Read On

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Drip, Dripping Away

The night is dripping, drifting away, from dusk to dawn

It's not the dripping that I always hear it's just the moaning in her sleep  resting here beside me The faucet often awakens me as well My sleepless nights we spend together as she restively walks in mysterious dreams unknown to me And I hear the dripping knowing it must be fixed but how do I repair all the broken things in our life All the things I have to remember  the things she...Read On

Love Is Obscene

So cold it seems as my dreams chill frosting in patterns of condensation like blood dripping into a coagulation In our eternal heaven of darkness before the dusk of awakening lust with candles in the dark Dripping new life of the vampire   mirrored by recollection of once what was beaucoup Now that I have found grieving love as pastel as the shadow of dusk bound to ethereal harmony You...Read On


Phantom Pain

You knelt by the bed when it was all over, body perched as if near an altar when your lips meet my temple and said to not feel guilty. This was only for you and me, the way flesh scorched so truly. And I wanted that kiss to leave a mark, not to prove that I was branded, it was more like I needed  proof that you had loved me. I had more than enough, though. You sensed something hours ago,...Read On


She saw nothing amiss

When you have everything necessary for the best relationship ever ... except her interest.

Through my front door does beauty float Lovely and graceful as a bird Lips I longed to kiss say "I love you" She knows not the meaning of the word I'd offered her my oft broke heart Was this so great a sin Familiar scent of booze and sex Announcing where she's been  Her dainty lips, they peck my cheek From her end all is well She's gone all week, beds all but me Can she not see I'm...Read On


Santa’s Candy Cane

Santa is tired from delivering gifts

Waking with soft touches upon my legs, My eyes open wide to see a white glove, Inching its way, shakily as it begs, Santa Claus, what am I unworthy of?   Ho, ho, ho! You’ve been a naughty girlie, Deserving lumps of coal and spankings too, Panties soaked with creamy bliss; it’s early, Everyone’s asleep, but I’ll ruin you;   Good sir! How dare you defile my youth, Virginity...Read On

It Ain't Over

I have not yet tasted sweet death but I feel the urge to swallow as you pleasure me with girth with never ending darkness   Taking me to Gehenna     on the bye and bye as your tongue lathers my bung in my slippery hollow Go fast, go slow, with la petite mort carry me home to coffin-row and lay me down to sleep as you fuck me deep  ...Read On



Some more of my thoughts

Hello dearest friend, Huge surprise: you're on my mind again And while that has been the case from time to time Only the Gods above know Whether this message will be dominated by  The inscriptions on my heart or the dancing ribbons of thought Which have become entangled in my mind Back in the days of bliss-- When I, and nature itself, knew naught  But happiness we once pondered who loved...Read On


Echoes in the Chambers of Your Heart

With my touches, all the romance may begin...

May it resonate within When I touch your fragrant skin, Echo deep inside the chambers of your heart; Deep within the giddy chambers of your heart. Like a schoolgirl, you may sing When I hold you as you cling, Feel the rhythms spreading rapture in your heart;  Deep within the dizzy chambers of your heart. As your lover, I've no doubt That the rules of lust we'll flout, I'll caress...Read On


The Way It Is

Just one sleepless night with love...

Up, unwilling, Out of sleep’s sensuous pit, Again, the cry, thin, tentative, Third, this night? Fourth? Wifely form slumbers on. Up, cold night air slaps bare chest Stagger on bed-weary legs One hand to pat infant back Other gropes around squalling baby-face, Sleep-warm, smooth skin, sticky maw of mouth. Hard, wet gums close on fingers Sucking madly, Soother replaced, cries subside....Read On


Dark lovers.

Just meet me under dark arches, daylight will just not do. Wait till night embraces streets and your pale skin is the only light. Just meet me under dark arches, it is the only place where you can. I used to live in your fantasies, now I only live in your dreams. Been traveling through centuries,  through castles and dungeons, defying cells, bolts, and chains, just to claim...Read On


The King needs His Queen

The white Queen stands at my side The game is yet to begin Resplendent dressed in white  Standing tall  On her precious square of white. Me, I stand beside her in her shadow Watching her as she surveys her world Ready for battle  Ready to claim her prize  Looks that kill Looks that thrill  She is my world  And I am her prize  Sweeping across the squares  She consumes all before her  Building...Read On

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And So I Return

Sweeping back my coat tails, Greetings, It's been a while...

And so I return, To do the thing I set out to do, To tell tales of rotten love and lust, To muse upon debauchery.   The golden lamplight flickers, She brushes a tear from her eye and coughs. She lights a cigarette, Fakes indifference, And says, “It matters not, It matters not at all.”   Too true, It makes no difference; The curtsy as he walks away, The letter burning in...Read On