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Our novels and novellas section is for more substantial erotic stories, which often stretch to several chapters or installments. They are not as substantial though as romances, which are essentially books. Novels give a chance to serious writers to show off their talents on a larger scale.

Recommended Read

Dangerous Games Ch 3

Ryan discovers her secret

Chapter 3   "You really are unbelievable. Well, let me tell you something, Erin, or whatever the hell your name really is, this shit ends today. I'm in a relationship. One that I don't intend to fuck up, and there's no place in it for you, you got that? You need to go find another playmate and leave me the hell alone." It felt good finally to lay it out for her, but if I thought a...Read On

Recommended Read

Dangerous Games Ch 2

Ryan's Life was improving, but his stalker's reappearance threatened everything.

My night with that crazy brunet had been a dizzying experience to be sure. Like most guys, I'd had my share of one-night stands, but I'd never met a woman like her before. As the next few weeks passed, I kept searching for this apparition of a woman, but after that night, she was nowhere to be found. I could only assume that she got what she was after and decided to move on. I did ask...Read On

Series Award

Dangerous Games Ch 1

A mysterious beauty plays a game of sexual cat and mouse, but who is hunting whom?

I was at the community center of my condominium complex when I saw her that night. That same dark haired woman who had been haunting me for the last few weeks was back again! She'd been playing a game of cat and mouse with me, watching me, and giving me that same tantalizingly sexy smile from a distance away, only to round a corner or step into a shadow every time I tried to approach her....Read On


Assignments At The Hotel: Part Three

For twenty-four hours, in his territory, she gave herself to his complete control...

He only left the vibrator on for a moment this time; he had just wanted to toy with her to let her know how much she was under his control.  He got down off his ladder, folded it up, and walked out of her view for a few moments before appearing again on the other side of the bar.  She watched him intently as he walked closer and closer to her with his ladder until he was standing almost...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 6

Out of his cast now, Tommy and Connie wanted to make up for lost time!

Connie lay on the bed before him, legs spread and pussy dripping with need and desire. Her body trembled in anticipation and her breathing was ragged and unsteady. She was primed and set to go. Tommy took one long lap at her drooling pussy and she nearly fainted. "Ohhh my god, Tommy!" Her hands immediately clutched the sheets and her head fell back on the pillow. Then he started lapping...Read On


Assignments at the Hotel: Part Two

For twenty-four hours, in his territory, she gave herself to his complete control.

Her body was covered with goosebumps before she even reached for the phone. Upon grabbing it, she was overcome with such a mix of excitement and nerves that she fumbled it multiple times before unlocking it and pressing the messages icon.  As she read it, she nearly fumbled the phone again... he was going to start testing her right away.  She set her phone down, grabbed the hotel phone on...Read On


Assignments at the Hotel: Part One

For twenty-four hours, in his territory, she gave herself to his complete control...

It was a beautiful, slightly chilly, afternoon in mid-May... She arrived at the hotel exactly when she was told to arrive, bringing exactly what she was told to bring, and wearing exactly what she was told to wear.  Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be, all the way from how her hair was styled, down to the shoes on her feet.  Per her instructions, she was wearing...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 5

Tommy's leg has healed, the cast was taken off and he had some time to make up for!

With Connie standing in front of him and between his legs, Tommy was in the perfect position for her show. At her lusty request, he reached out to pluck the waistband of her tiny lace panties and eased them down over her swaying hips as she danced for him. He moved slowly revealing an inch or two at a time, savoring his treat. Her pussy was soaked and the sopping wet panties clung to her...Read On


Conversations With Amy Chapter 7 Of 8

The conspiracy deepens!

Sunday dawned clear and perfect. By ten, Bren headed out and the kids hit the pool. Luckily Joanie and John headed out, so there was no chance of slipping up. Donna came by and helped Rob referee. She was in a two-piece that made it hard to believe she was a mother and ten or so years older than Aim. He bet Joanie's camera followed her every move. During the noon-time siesta, enforced as...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 4

Tommy was headed to college now. But what about Connie? Would she wait for him?

Now that Tommy had finally graduated and was out of high school, his next step would be heading off to college that fall. He had mixed emotions about this next life step. On one hand, he could hardly wait to get to college and find out what college life was all about.  He had heard from his mother and from others how much fun college life could be, and he was slated to go to a good...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 3

It's graduation day and Connie has a special gift for Tommy!

The next week was a blur with all the preparations the last few days of school and everything trying to come together. Before he knew it, it was graduation day. As the time to leave drew near, Barbara was just finishing up getting dressed. "Why don't you go see if Aunt Connie is ready to go, Tommy," she said. "Okay Mom," Tommy said. He walked next door and knocked on Connie's door. She...Read On


Conversations With Amy Chapter 6 of 8

Tracey and Brenda enjoy some time while Rob calls in more help.

The next morning, Aim came by before heading to the airport. "Rob, the kids are off to school. They are excited about 'camping out' here the whole weekend. Just no marathon computer games, OK?" "So I can blame you when they complain?" "I know that you’ll do that anyway. Just toss them into the pool once in a while and they won't do any whining." "Can do, easy." "And, Rob, thanks for this."...Read On


Conversations with Amy Chapter 5 of 8

Amy and Dave call in some much-needed help.

Later that night, after a nice evening with the kids, Dave took Amy to bed. They both stripped and without a thought to nightgown or pajama bottoms like usual, they slipped under the cold sheets and snuggled. "Let's place all our cards on the table, Amy. I love you, more than ever, and while I was angry when I saw you and Rob, once you went down on Brenda, I thought I had died and gone...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 2

Tommy makes "Aunt Connie" his fuck slut and she loves it!

Connie looked down sheepishly as she said quietly, "Well, to be completely honest, honey, I have had many a dream about this very thing. When you were little it was different, but as I said earlier, you have grown into quite a good looking man. And now I know that you know how to please a woman too!" "Well, thank you, Connie, you did pretty damn good yourself. So you have had sexy dreams...Read On


Conversations with Amy Chapter 4 of 8

The sex gets hotter when trouble brews in paradise

Aim began spending considerable time at our house, much more than she used to. Don't get the idea the she was neglecting her other responsibilities, or that we were engaging in some sort of sexual free-for-all. Our relationship, meaning Aim, Bren, and mine, deepened in some very unpredictable ways. It wasn't like I suddenly had two wives. It was more like the three of us grew much closer....Read On


Conversations with Amy Chapter 3 of 8

Rob has a pool party while Amy spends time with Brenda.

Over the next several days, things had returned to almost normal. Were we continuing to have sex? Well, while I would love to say that we were fucking like a pair of rabbits, it just isn't so. We didn't discuss it, but we did cool it. I think we both were feeling some guilt. It did occur to me that while we did do a great deal, we had still never kissed. I also didn't get a shot at that...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 1

He has a crush on the woman next door... who happens to be his Mom's best friend!

Tommy Andrews was eighteen years old and about to graduate high school in his Texas town of Sweetwater. Tommy had grown up in Sweetwater after his parents moved there when he was only five years old, and he was well-known in his neighborhood. A star of his Sweetwater High School football team, Tommy had grown into a handsome, wide-shouldered, stout built young man, six foot tall and two...Read On


Conversations with Amy Chapter 2 of 8

Amy tells Rob about her 'discussion' with her husband

She appeared on the dot of 10:00, with an "Oh, were you waiting for Me" look on her face. We laughed and she suggested we go downstairs. I had to raise my eyebrows at that. My basement is 2500 square feet with two storerooms, exercise and Jacuzzi in one room, a huge entertainment center in the main room, along with a leather couch, stone-top coffee table, and a gas fireplace. There were...Read On


Conversations With Amy Chapter 1 of 8

Amy needs a shoulder after finding husband's stash of magazines

Amy is a neighbor and one of my favorite people. She's in her mid-twenties, dark red hair, slim--even after two kids, cute, great sense of humor, and generally a joy to be around. My name is Robert, Rob for short. I'm twenty years older and live one house away from the adorable Amy. Currently, I am unemployed, by choice. I left my last position with enough money to take a year off and plan...Read On


When Angels Cum Chapter 4

A bit of world building.

"Don't try anything stupid" Jie Er warned Blaze, as she stepped out of the house on the morn of Tirdas. "I'll try..." Blaze replied, trying to sound sarcastic. He had plans for being reckless. It was a warm sunny morning and the breeze from the southeast was starting to pick up momentum. He waited until the breeze reached a good steady speed before jumping up on the wall. He manifested...Read On

Recommended Read

The Last Chance

Discovering that love can be rekindle when least expected.

Mature Gentleman seeks travel companion. Requires younger cultured woman as a travel companion for a trip to Europe and beyond. NSA. Applicants will be judged on personality and culture. All expenses paid and an end of trip bonus of $10,000 per month will be offered. Apply by Email to [email protected] giving a brief apercu of yourself. Only candidates judged suitable...Read On


When Angels Cum Chapter 3.1

Fun With Rebecca

Surdas (Sunday) flew by quietly but pleasantly in each other’s companionship. Jie Er did some chores and read some novel, while Blaze spent most of his day reading his books or practicing his energy manipulation. The book was a great help. They also pleasured each other three times that day. Blaze made sure that Jie Er came multiple times before he made her suck him off. The next week also...Read On


When Angels Cum Chapter 2

Blaze learns more about the world of Azra-El.

  Chapter 2 When Blaze woke up the next morning, Jie Er was waiting for him in the kitchen with a breakfast of eggs and bread. She was wearing a feathered push up and strapless bra, and a pair of low hanging skimpy panties. A silken translucent skirt covered her butt but was open at the front. Blaze wondered if all angels dressed like her or if his angel was just a pervert. “Morning’...Read On


When Angels Cum Chapter 1

A human pops out of an pod in the world of Angels.

Chapter 1 I first posted this story on literotica. I’ve received a decent response, so I decided to share it on other sites. It is an ongoing webnovel and there are currently 10 chapters. Author's Shitty Initial Synopsis It's basically about a guy who finds himself in a land of angels and demons. Since the world is only inhabited by females, it's up to him to teach them the ways...Read On


AnimeCon Harem pt. 14

Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over girls it touches.

Emily’s room was a mess, laundry scattered across the floor amidst discarded packaging and the tangled cords from various electronics. Action figures from Shinobi Souls, dvd cases, and parts of old cosplays were strewn about as well as she hurriedly packed a bag for an overnight stay at the hotel near the convention. “Ugh, this is so… it’s so fucking stupid!” Emily spat in frustration,...Read On


AnimeCon Harem pt. 13

Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over girls it touches.

“Is this ‘bout the color of my skin?” The elderly black man growled, shaking his head and glaring up from his wheelchair. “‘Cause if this Jim fella’s some kinda racist, you just go on and put me in a room with him and I’ll sort his sorry behind out my own self.” “Charles, no,” Rebecca protested weakly, looking distressed. She wore a simple set of navy blue scrubs patterned with light...Read On


AnimeCon Harem pt. 12

Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over girls it touches.

Present day Emily quirked a lip at herself in the vertical mirror of her closet door, running fingers through her shaggy tangle of black hair. She was dressed in her Akane Kurokawa cosplay, the kunoichi from the massively popular Shinobi Souls anime. She’d ordered the cosplay as a complete set from an online retailer, simply making minor adjustments to it over time so that it better...Read On


Don't Shoot the Messenger Chapter 14

Tying the knots.

Messenger 14 “Do you know where Anthony is?” Julie asked. “No,” Laura shrugged. "I know where he was; but he could be anywhere now." “Anywhere?” “Anywhere within a hundred miles of where I left him. Can't you track him with your phone?” “He left his phone at the office." "Why do you need to find him. He's coming back." “Are you sure? I mean how am I to know?" “He is coming back....Read On


AnimeCon Harem pt. 11

Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over girls it touches.

“No. No way,” Emily hissed through gritted teeth, glaring hatefully at the cell phone gripped in her trembling hand. It was a struggle not to hurl it at her bedroom wall. “No fucking way.” Emily was short, standing five feet tall despite constant claims at being five foot one—and, to her frustration, had a slight frame that seemed scrawny rather than sexy. Even at twenty-three years old,...Read On


AnimeCon Harem pt. 10

Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over girls it touches.

Can’t believe I just said that, Brian thought, turning away from her before the embarrassment could become visible. Dreamgirl? Okay, definitely. But there’s just some things you don’t say out loud like that… Sneaking a glance at her as she nibbled on a piece of bacon, he saw a strange smile on her face, so maybe at least she was amused. Kelly wore that same unreadable smirk she had...Read On