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Love Stories

For all you romantics out there, here is our love stories section. These are stories of romance and love, which are generally on a deeper relationship level than stories in other categories. This story category focuses on falling in love, being in love, and developing a loving relationship. Please submit your real life or fictional love stories here.

Recommended Read

Key West

A down on his luck young man moves to the tropics to start over.

His butt was getting numb. Squirming around for relief had become an impossible endeavor. It had been hours since he left Miami in the bed of that rickety, vibrating pick-up truck. Brad’s legs ached and he desperately needed to stretch and walk around. Twisting around to look forward through the cab windows only frustrated him more. “Shit! I can’t even see the next island.” In despair,...Read On

Recommended Read

Love in the Lake

I couldn’t help but stare at this stranger’s hard body and especially his beautiful cock.

I finally booked the rustic little cabin in the Gunflint wilderness in northern Minnesota. It had been seven years since I had taken a vacation, and I was looking forward to the peace and quiet of complete isolation. The only sounds I wanted to hear for the next week were the cries of the loons and the distant howls of the wolves that inhabited this piece of heaven. I packed a couple...Read On

Comp Entry

Tale of a Longshoreman

Longshoreman Jock meets a woman by chance and it leads to much more

Jock Austin had been working the wharf in San Francisco for many years.  His hands had the rough, calloused feel of a man who had done hard work all his life.  Jock was tired.  There had to be an easier way. As he was fuming and lamenting his lot in life, his mind wandered and he nearly slipped on the water-soaked pier. Damn!  He'd just have to get out of this racket.  But how, when you've...Read On


Morning Leisure

Nothing like a little wake-up sex to start your day.

I woke up to the light hitting my face through the crack in the curtains. Rolling onto my right side, I grab my phone and check the time. The screen reads 8:30. I groan internally, knowing I'm not going to be able to get back to sleep at this rate. Throwing back the covers, I propel myself forward and out of bed to pee. After nearly tripping over the cat, on my way back to the room, I...Read On


Stealing Me Away Part 3

Amelia and Drake walk into their hotel room at Circus Circus. This will be their home next seven days. Her parents have a room down the hall, and several other relatives are also here with them. Drake's dad will join the group tonight, he lives close by and decided to come later on. His dad met Amelia a month before, and told Drake Amelia was just like his mom, and his mom would've loved...Read On

Comp Entry

It Was Love At First Sight

How I met the love of my life

The year was 2001, I was currently in my final year at college. During the year I attended an agricultural college in Wiltshire, England. To me, these were the best days of my life. I had the occasional fun evenings, with my mates. When we went to the local for a drink. They even tried to encourage me to hook up with the ladies. But for some reason, none of them stoked up my interest. With...Read On

Editor's Pick

An Unexpected Desire

A young woman's lackluster sex life is changed unexpectedly.

Steffani thrashed in her bed, and sweat littered her brow as she slept fitfully. The rain pounded the roof of her home, and her body tossed and turned in rest that was not restful at all. “Honey.” She heard his voice but couldn’t reach him. Her naked body responded to his touch, the feel of his hard yet gentle hands as they roamed along the curve of her breast felt sublime. Even in her...Read On

Comp Entry

Snow Falls Silent on Evergreen Trees

A life changing revelation in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

A weakness of mine is my tendency to develop myopia when engaging in certain aspects. Reading is probably the biggest. Couple that with a naturally panicky disposition and a heart attack before I was able to legally drink means I turn my phone off when I start reading. As such, when the shrill chime of my phone went off, it nearly gave me another heart attack from shock. I swore at...Read On

Comp Entry

My Very First Love

In less than five months, hearts can be broken.

You never know when it will happen and you certainly don't know what to expect or how you will feel when it does. At the tender age of sixteen and one month, it's impossible to gauge how a person will behave when faced with affection from another, especially when they are shy, reticent and immature. It's true what they say, that women develop emotionally, far earlier than men, or a teenager...Read On


Stealing Me Away Part 2

Amelia wakes the next morning with her head on Drake's bare chest. She looks up and kisses his cheek, he is already awake. He pulls her close and kisses her deep and passionately. Soon they are lost in the moment, Drake is on top of her, tangled in the sheets, kissing her with great passion. Amelia pushes away from him, saying, "Drake, I have to get up. I need to help my parents get the...Read On


N is for New Year's Eve

“What am I supposed to do? Sit here and wait for you do decide if you are breaking up with me?”

“How long have we been sleeping?” “The sun is setting, so a couple hours.” I rolled over on my bed and snuggled deeper into Jacob's armpit, enjoying our extended afterglow. “I’m living in a fairy tale. You are my prince.” “I don't have a white horse.” “You have my heart.” We pressed our naked bodies closer together under the sheet. He laid his hand on my bare chest. “Thump thump.” ...Read On



She saw him from far, he stood tall among men, circumstances, and life in general. He had always done so. The years had chiseled his features, there were no wrinkles and his body seemed as lean and firm as ever. She looked at him, loving every cell in him, worshipping him from far. She was so pleased to see he was so beautiful as he had been the day she had met him. She followed him...Read On

Comp Entry

First Love, Young Love

Love at first sight for a teen Marie and a stranger

I was seventeen and had only ever had one boyfriend before, a boy from my class at school. With him, the furthest we had got was kissing, and he was not very good at that. As a thank you, and a breaking-up present, I had let him grope my boobs through my dress before saying goodnight to him, both of us knowing that we were not going to be dating each other again. Since him several...Read On

Comp Entry


Love is worth waiting for ...

I first met Jeff on an online dating site. He messaged me and we immediately found common ground in our love of nature. We both felt the most peace when outdoors, listening to the birds, admiring the trees, feeling the gentle breezes on our skin. We decided to meet at a local park for a nice hike. His height was the first thing I noticed. Standing over 6'2, he loomed over my small 5'4 frame....Read On

Recommended Read

Faceless-Chapter 3

I'm fucked up. That's why she needs to stay away. That's why I can't be loved.

June 29th, 2010 JAY I don’t know what the fuck I was doing back here. Virginia was the last place I ever wanted travel to, yet here I was, back in its clutches. I felt like a prisoner here as soon as I crossed the state border. Those trees were like jaws closing in on me. The closer I got to that house, the more claustrophobic I became. Mom always invited me to the house during...Read On


Stealing Me Away

At nineteen, Amelia was ready to leave her parents home, and rule, but was scared. She had watched too many news reports, and read so many stories of young women being violated, assaulted, and much much worse. Luckily, she shared her concerns openly with her family and it turned out her dad had a solution. He had a friend, Drake, who had his own home, close to her school and close to the...Read On


H is for Halloween

My panties grew damp. “You're not going to gaslight me with your seduction, Jacob.”

“We had a fight.” “And it only took seven months.” I brushed past a sparkly vampire and plopped onto the barstool between Stella and Pan. My gray koala tail poked my bottom.  “I guess the honeymoon is over.” Stella snorted. “Honey, what could you two love birds possibly squabble over?” “We don't agree on everything,” I insisted, trying to make my voice heard over the din of the holiday...Read On


A Sassy Maid, Part II

I showered quickly and rushed to the kitchen, where John poured me a cup of coffee and said, “Have a seat. We can talk until Melissa gets here, and then I’ll leave you two in peace.” “So Melissa is your partner.” “Yes. Maureen swings both ways, just like us, and she wanted a female lover on the side after just a few months of marriage. No doubt Melissa told you about the set-up?” “Yes....Read On


A Sassy Maid, Part I

“Really, Craig, it’s great to have you back again,” John said. I had given him a long discussion of my work as he drove from the train station to his house, and the conversation had died for a minute. “Maureen is eager to meet you too.” “Sorry, again I couldn’t make it to the wedding.” “You’re excused, as I said then. But we’re eager to put you up for however long you need to write up...Read On


Kelly's Sensuous Booking

Young woman finds herself revealed in a raunchy book and pursues the author

Angrily, Kelly Harding slammed the book shut and flung it across the room. It hit the living room door before falling to the floor, open, but face down. For a few seconds Kelly stood there, silently fuming. Was she crazy? She hadn't needed to read that again? For the hundredth time, the unspoken words howled in her head, how dare he? How dare he reveal their relationship in this way? So,...Read On


Lust On The Island Of Rhodes

A sailor meets a sexy, young woman who becomes a reluctant whore.

Three months after leaving New York as a galley boy on a Norwegian freighter and stopping at many ports in Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Iran,  Pakistan, peeling sixty pounds of potatoes every morning, washing pots and pans, scrubbing the galley floor three times a day, and enduring the intense heat of the Persian Gulf, we were back in the Mediterranean again, heading west toward Spain. ...Read On


The Summer I Met Nina Ch. 2

How lust becomes love

Walking in the bright moonlight back to the bunkhouse, my mind was swirling with a barrage of thoughts. This is unbelievable. Where is this heading? How will we act tomorrow? How can we hide this? How am I going to wait on tables with four hours of sleep? Damn, Fred is coming tomorrow. This is crazy. Is this really happening? Am I falling in love? The next morning I had difficulty waking up...Read On


The Summer I Met Nina

how lust becomes love

Chapter 1 I met Nina the summer I worked as a waiter at Pocmont Lodge, a glitzy, somewhat seedy resort in the Pocono Mountains. It was a good way to earn a lot of money in ten weeks to help pay for college because we worked for room and board and got good tips. Though Nina was not in my section, when I passed her table the first night she arrived, we glanced at each other curiously....Read On


See Me

Caught in the moment with a close friend.

Ben pushed the cabin door open, shifting to the side to allow me to enter first before following behind me. I had tried my best to kick the snow off my boots on the front steps, but I knew remnants of snow were still going to puddle on the wooden floor. After pulling them off, I hurried to the bathroom to find a spare towel to lay out beneath them. Ben grinned down at me, "I am sure the...Read On


Learning to Love.... Myself

Love yourself as you are; you are perfectly imperfect

As I stepped off the bus I looked around not able to believe I was actually here. I checked the map he sent to me to see which way I needed to go to meet up with his friend, Mark. Yesterday when I made the decision to leave, I texted him so he could put everything in motion. He sent me the map six months ago after we had been chatting online for a year. He always told me to look after myself...Read On


Snow Maidens

  She pulled away from me with hesitation, her eyes still closed from our kiss, her blonde braid snaking out from under the fur cap as seductive as always. I looked down at her blue outfit secured up to her neck, her fine breasts pinned in a bra and corset underneath it, and regretted we had no time to set them free for a little relaxation. She opened her blue eyes and leaned in to whisper...Read On


Never. Always. Forever.

Love requires strength for dreams to thrive and for nightmares to survive…

1 “I don’t think I could date someone with prettier hair than me,” Meagan teased as she opened their conversation by flirting with the devilishly-maned stranger. “It would be too costly. You’d be tempted to use my expensive hair care products.” The alumnus and intrepid film documentarian and journalist, whom the girls in Meagan’s graduating class fussed about and dared Meagan to...Read On


Mud, Bed, Peers

Rescue has a dilemma

There was a knock on the door. A female voice called George's name: "George, are you there? It's Lisa." Reluctantly, George let her in into his hotel room. "Are you all right?" he enquired of her. "Yes, I'm well. I thought you could do with some company," she answered. George moved away from her to the window on the other side of the room. This left her standing in the doorway without...Read On


Vows and Consequences

Life after death can be a complicated place. Holding close to loved ones is the best medicine.

I'm in a lot of hot water with my wife. Hopefully, she'll get over it, but I suspect I'm going to have to spring for a lavish party where we renew our vows. It's my own fault, and there's no chance that I won't do it, so I guess I'll have to spend the money. It all stems from my twisted sense of humor. I certainly like dry comedy, and slapstick physical comedy. I like juvenile humor and...Read On


Chasing a Rainbow

"It ain't over, 'til it's over." Yogi had it right, at least when it came to Angela and me. She introduced herself in my office while I was fixing a bug in our new operating system. I was in the IT department at the Indemnity Assurance Company and deep in thought when she said, "Hi, I'm Angie." I gave her a fake smile and went back to my problem-solving mission. I wasn't trying to be...Read On