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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


The Predicament Of Pamela

Pamela gets caught in a compromising position by her teen sons

"Oh, Fuck!" Anyone passing would have been surprised at hearing the profanity coming from the lips of the sexy, well-dressed woman standing at the door of the well-to-do house. Not that Pamela would have cared. She had survived a long day at work, a long and stressful journey home on roads full of idiots, and was tired and tense. All she wanted was a nice hot bath, or better still, some...Read On


Steph Gets Kinky

Daddy and his friends have fun with Steph in the back yard.

Steph and Daddy had a very special bond. They loved to go out into Daddy’s secluded back yard, get naked, and try everything they could think of.  Oh, they did the usual things - Daddy loved to lick and suck Steph's pussy, and would do it for close to thirty minutes straight while Steph enjoyed orgasm after orgasm.  And, of course, she loved to suck Daddy's cock and swallow his cum. ...Read On


Steph Meets Daddy's Friends

Steph gets busy with Daddy and three of his friends from the office.

"So, you don't feel well? What hurts? There? Let me rub it for you. Lower? I think you had better get undressed, sweetie, so I can check you out." His daughter looked at him quizzically. "You want me to what?" "Honey, I can't tell you what's wrong unless you show me, ok?" "Well, I guess it's ok, Daddy,” She quickly removed her top and her tight fitting bra. She took off her jeans but...Read On


Online Date Part 3

A first meeting leads to unexpected results

We met online months ago, total strangers. Just a man and a woman looking for some company. Kimmy messaged me. We started chatting. It ranged from how our day was to who we would like to have sex with. And everything in between. We eventually started to sext as well. We talked almost every day about anything and everything. We learned about each other's likes and dislikes. What our jobs...Read On


Steph Relieves Her Boredom

Steph meets her young neighbor...

Twenty-year-old Steph was horny and bored. Daddy was off on a business trip and she really needed release. She took her dildo-shaped vibrator out of her dresser drawer, stripped from the waist down, lay down on her bed, and began to thrust it in and out of her pussy. Steph always got dripping wet very quickly, and this afternoon was no exception. She took the dildo out and slapped it against...Read On


Jim’s Initiation

My son is intrigued when he catches me with a black man, so I give him a suck and fuck.

I was always a little large when it came to my hips and thighs. I was not fat, just sort of chubby. I have large breasts and I keep my pussy closely trimmed. I had married very young and had a son when I was just seventeen. Over the years, I have grown to love sex and wanted it all the time. My husband works out of town quite often, and when he does get home, we usually have sex about once...Read On


A Birthday Surprise

My birthday’s ruined. But Mum saves the day.

Today is my seventeenth birthday. It should be a joyous occasion. But instead, I’m watching a pile of leaves being blown up the street as depression eats away at me. It’s now four days into the autumn half-term holiday and I’ve spent the last three days sitting here in my room. It happened Saturday afternoon while playing football with my friends. During a mêlée on the goal line, my hands...Read On


All In The Family

Steph and her family love their secluded back yard.

When Daddy came home from work one beautiful spring day, Mom greeted him with a kiss, and immediately unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock, and sucked him until he came in her mouth.  "Now, that's the first time you've done that in a long time!  I loved it!" "I was just thinking, Daddy.  You and Steph get along great.  You love fucking her, she loves fucking you, you and I like fucking...Read On


The Deflowering Of Clara

Matt wants badly to have sex with his girlfriend Clara and gets some unusual help.

My eyes fluttered open and I instantly regretted opening them. The harsh sunlight burned into the retinas and I moaned at the pain that shot through my head. Taking a deep breath, I did an internal inventory. No need to go to the bathroom, my legs hurt a little but the major issue was a pounding headache. It was the red wine from the previous night’s BBQ. It was self-inflicted so there was...Read On


My First Hole-In-One

Jerry gets a surprise from his sister on the fifteenth hole.

  The sun began to set over Eagles Nest Country Club as we stood on the fifteenth hole. The par three was one hundred fifty-eight yards, slightly uphill with a bunker on each side and one behind the green. I watched as Monica bent over and teed up her pink ball, affording me a clear view of her white lace panties. She had been teasing me the entire round and I played along, not knowing what...Read On


Daddy's Lessons X

The Final Chapter.

Abby is on her stomach, wrists together, arms stretched out in front of her as if she's reaching for the headboard she's tied to. She is bent over a sex wedge. The firm triangle beneath her hips props her rear end up perfectly, the multiple straps on her legs keeping her in a wide kneel. She looks like she's ready to be mounted from behind and used like a sex doll. At least, that's what...Read On


Am I Lesbian Or Desprerate For Sex - Part Three

It had been an amazing day, outlined in part’s one and two of this story but I’ll attempt to give a brief summary of earlier events, before continuing onwards. At seventeen years of age, I was in my second year at my local college, studying A levels. Prior to my progression to college, I’d have described myself as a shy girl, with no sexual experience at all, other than masturbating...Read On


The Past Fling: Second Half

Abby convinces Jeff to make his sister feel better, and it works on everyone.

Jeff slowly backed away from his sister but came to me. "I'm not cheating on you," he muttered before he kissed me and took my hands. "I love you more than life itself." "You feel the same about her, and it's not cheating if I'm encouraging you to do it, Jeff. Your sister needs you; she needs us to make her feel better. You'll have literally nothing to feel ashamed of, because you're...Read On


A Weekend With Betty

A weekend trip with my cousin fulfils a hidden desire.

”Please, Terry, ” she begged, ”I really need a weekend away.” ”I don't know, Betty,” I wrangled, "this weekend? It’s such short notice.” “Come on, please,” she pleaded, “I know you're not a NASCAR fan but it’ll be fun. Free food and all the free beer can drink. You and me. Just like old times. We could ride down on your motorcycle and make a weekend of it.” ”Okay, okay, ” I caved, ”just...Read On


The Past Fling: First Half

Sammie comes to visit her brother Jeff and his wife Abby, but Jeff has a story to tell.

"I can't believe I'm going to meet my sister-in-law," I said, shaking his arm. "Why are you so excited, Abby? She is my sister, I'm the one who hasn't seen her in a few years, and you haven't even met her." "Well, she is practically my sister too, that's all. I just feel like I'm meeting another member of my family. I already feel like I love her, and you love her, so I'm just anxious,...Read On



In the near future, where incest is legalised. .

It all started shortly after the general election of 2021. A Liberal government was elected for the first time in the UK for many years. Our new government was hasty to introduce a number of reforms in state law. Most notably was the legalisation of incestuous relations. The new law stated that so long as all parties involved were above sixteen years of age, and that the sex was consensual,...Read On



Katherine and her father are snowed in for the night...

July passes and then it's bare-knuckled November. Up close to the Canadian border, winter comes in fast and sudden and burns out my crop with frost and snow. That's when the tourists come flooding in. Most of my nearest neighbors have given up farming to turn their historic ranch homes into B&Bs. I'm one of the last. November is about the time my Katherine stopped riding along the road....Read On


Little Big Man - Sister Surprise

Karen returns home earlier than expected

I rolled over and put my arm across Mom's waist and tucked myself up tight to her ass. I smelled her hair as I slid my hand up and cupped her bra-covered tit, enjoying the silk, and squeezed gently. She moaned and pushed her ass into me. My cock responded to the pressure by growing as it rested between her cheeks. "Mmm... good morning, baby," she moaned. I started pushing my cock against...Read On


Daddy's Lessons IX

“Do you want to try being on top?” Mat asks as he holds himself above Abby, weight on his elbows as he pushes and pulls inside her. She smiles, teeth like a string of pearls, nodding her head. Mat slips a hand under her and carefully rolls onto his back, Abby clinging to him. Knees on each side of his chest, she lays her naked torso right on top of his, breathing into him as he carefully...Read On


Am I Lesbian Or Desprerate For Sex - Part Two

I’d known Gemma, my doppelganger, for a little over twelve months. We were in our second year of college and it’s fair to admit, she’d turned me from a shy girl, scared to talk to anyone who I didn’t know, into a flirtatious, bubbly, outgoing girl. We both had boyfriends but despite my best efforts to seduce Paul to take my virginity, he resisted every time. Gemma and Gary, by comparison,...Read On


Jenny and Marie: The Morning After

After spending the night, Marie's young guest decides the fun is not over yet

I woke with that wonderful warm tingle you get after a night of intense love-making, where you go to sleep completely sated, with your partner in your arms. My partner last night was a young girl that I worked with, Jenny, only seventeen but quiet, shy and very devious. She had acted drunk and made me feel all protective and maternal towards her, although she had managed to get me to...Read On


Mom Becomes My Lover (Chapter Three)

Mom expands her boys' horizons

In the days after Rick, Bruce and I gangbanged Mom, sex between Mom and I got even wilder. She confessed that she had never experienced fucking with anyone else that was as intense or debauched as the sex we engaged in. I would wake up in the morning with her lips and tongue wrapped around my cock. She would sit on my face and grind her cunt into my mouth. Other times she would assume a meek...Read On


A Great Start To A New Year. The Conclusion.

Luke sat there wide-eyed as his sister moved behind Jessica's and unfastened her bra. The moment the bra fell away, Jessica crossed her arms over her breasts as if to hide them from Luke's stare. Julie moved in closer and pressed her bra covered breasts into Jessica's back as she gently took hold of her wrists. "You don't want to really hide your girls from us do you?" she purred into...Read On


Christmas Surprise 2

I can't resist making love to my cousin Emma.

The sun had just begun to peek through the window when I awoke. I looked to my right and saw Emma still sleeping. I closed my eyes. Did what I thought happen last night really happen? I smiled. Oh yes, it really happened and it was incredible. I never imagined I would be attracted to another woman. And yet here I was lying in my bed staring at my naked ‘cousin’ Emma lying next to me. I...Read On


Daddy's Lessons VIII

Mateo lies with his daughter in his arms, her proclamation jarring his thought process - Abby wants to have sex. To give her father her virginity, the most coveted part of her being. He is reeling. Part of Mat is ready to take her, right here, right now, his cock already hard and pulsing. The rational part of him, however, knows he shouldn’t. He has loved teaching her about sexual...Read On


Dirty Grandpa

When granddaughter and her best friend stay over, a massage turns into hot teen sex.

Ted was a good grandpa, or at least he tried to be. His grandaughter Shelli and grandson Nick were fun to be with when they were kids, and made him feel younger when he could play with them. As they got older, they really didn't come around as much, but he still enjoyed the time when they did. Nick was now eighteen, and on his way to college, and so he stopped coming to see Ted. So when...Read On


The Single Pringle

Jessy goes on a vacation to clear her mind and has a strange experience.

“What’s life like as a Single Pringle?” asked my friend Laura over a cup of coffee. It was a miserable day in January. Outside the cafe’s window, the snow was whirling and people walked doubled over against the wind. My cheeks were still burning from the cold and I was pretty sure Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer could have called me his sister. “I’m rattling around alone at the bottom of...Read On


A Great Start To A New Year. Part 2

Once inside the shower stall, the two girls couldn't keep their hands off of each other. As they lathered each other up they marvelled at the way that their hands slid across their naked bodies. They somehow managed to keep their hands to themselves and finished showering. Then clad in bath towels they beat a hasty retreat across the hall to Julie's room. As they finished drying they...Read On


My new stepsister finale.

Mark continues his sexual education this time with his whole family.

I walked home from school and for some reason, my stomach was full of butterflies. I had a feeling that something weird and maybe special was going to happen. My mom and stepdad had been away for the weekend, leaving Tatiana and me to fuck like rabbits all weekend long. That was not before my mom walked in on us. It was Monday and mom and stepdad had returned. I know something weird...Read On


A Great Start To A New Year

The last day of the year had started out so normal. Jessica's parents were heading out to a New Year's Eve party with their best friends the Carsons. They would leave from the Carsons' in one car and return there early in the morning and crash there. That meant that Jessica could spend the entire evening with her best buddy, Julie. At sixteen, both Jessica and Julie and were both...Read On