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Gay Male

Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting, as well as women who are interested in reading about what goes on between men behind closed doors. The gay erotic stories can be very descriptive and leaning towards hardcore, so be warned!


The Engagement Present: Danny

Greg takes Danny into the mountains to give him a special gift.

“Ready? Is your phone on the table? Got clothes for a couple of days in the mountains?” I asked Danny eagerly in the fake light of the light bulb in the predawn hour. I was stood by the front door, my Bergen on my back, full of all the supplies Danny and I would need for a long weekend in the mountains. I had more than enough food and emergency supplies for my trip with Danny.   “Leave...Read On


The Friday Night Supper Club

Men were always captivated by Danté, and so was I…

Danté was without a doubt one of the most sensual guys I ever encountered. He wasn’t the best looking man I had ever met, but he had a fragile quality that simply drove men crazy. He stood five-foot-six-inches tall and despite being nineteen-years-old, had the body of a sixteen-year-old. I would often observe him being ogled by guys in clubs or bars, with their eyes swimming with lust. He...Read On


Late Night Swim

Erin goes for a late night swim at the Y

The water rushed over his body. He touched the wall, flipped over, and headed back down the lane. As he sped through the water, he could feel it tugging gently at his cock through his Speedo. He was wearing one a few sizes too small and had cut out the lining so only a thin layer of fabric shielded his tight ass and hardening cock from view. As he swam back and forth, he could feel it riding...Read On


Learning To Suck Cock

A senior on the college swim team made me suck his cock after I stole his speedo.

I grew up swimming, I'm not sure how or why it happened since neither of my parents was a big swimmer and Colorado is a long way from any ocean.  Swimming was my sport in high school and I was pretty good at it.  When it came time to choosing a college I had a couple of offers of partial scholarships but I was not that good a swimmer and the colleges I wanted to attend weren't interested. So,...Read On


Summer of Discovery, Chapter Three

Dean and Paul continue to explore with one another, now it's Dean's turn to be on his knees.

Amber light filtered through my bedroom window, illuminating lazy dust motes as they wandered around above my head. I had just awoken from a midday nap, and the warmth of my bed was suddenly stifling as I realized I had slept longer than intended. Eyes half-open with sleep, I looked over to my bedside table to check the time. It was half past four; I had slept for over three hours. With...Read On


Boys Will Be Boys

The team captain is punished by his jealous team-mates.

Don came out of the showers into the changing room, just a towel around his waist to cover his manhood. At seventeen, he was developing rapidly, and was well-satisfied with how large his cock could grow when erect. He had just enjoyed a vigorous game of football, and the shower had relaxed him, easing the aches caused by some of the more bruising tackles. He saw the looks directed at him...Read On


Bobbie The Coed

In a flashback to college days, Bobbie gets drilled by his new roommate.

Amy and I met in college, which was a time in my life that almost became my worst nightmare. It was saved by my freshman roommate, Alex. My freshman year, I lived in a dorm, as most do. I had been dreading it, since I really had no idea what living with a bunch of wild, unsupervised young men would be like, given my, um, physical non-conformities, so to speak. As a teenager, I’d been...Read On


A Decade Between Blowjobs

Last time Jeff sucked cock was his first year in college. After his gf went to bed he tried it again

I arrived in Colorado last week and it has been great.  The weather has been awesome and I've reacquainted myself with Kip's hot tub (and his cock).  Last night (Friday) I thought I'd have the house to myself as Kip was going to spend the weekend down in Denver.  On Friday morning Kip asked me if it was okay if some friends of his crashed here. Of course, it was okay with me; it is his house...Read On


Weight Of It

It's a workout he'll never forget.

Josh pumped his legs, lifting the weights on the machine, and stole glances off to the side.  It was all he could do not to stare at the handsome man doing easy reps on the bench, not far away. He had a bulky, well-sculpted frame.  He was broad-shouldered and square jawed.  That jawline sported an immaculately trimmed beard that put Josh in mind of an idealized lumberjack.  If it wasn’t...Read On


Affirmation River Pt. 3

The last day of a canoe trip a man will never forget.

I crawled to the front and sat down, thinking I could put my trunks back on when we got ourselves out of our little pickle. The canoe had been pushed sideways by that point so our backs were facing the middle of the river. Nick did the only thing he could do and started to paddle backwards to pull us away from the tree. The only problem was that when we did finally get clear of it we were...Read On


Herbie's First Time

Herbie finally has real sex in high school…

Herbie was as cute as hell. He was small compared to all his fellow students and from the time he started high school, a boys' boarding school to be exact, he was seen as a mascot of sorts. The boys could not keep their hands off him and he was constantly being playfully hugged. It was never in a salacious manner, but more like an older brother ‘teasing’ a much younger sibling whom the...Read On


Barefoot Men Only

The naked men only sauna beckons.

It was raining hard – as it normally does in Scotland – and I felt cold and damp. I glanced at my watch; it was five minutes past noon. I smiled to myself, knowing the sauna opens at 12 sharp and I wouldn’t have to hang around waiting for someone to open the door. I turned the corner and walked up to the large, dark red doors of the sauna. The late-October rain dripped annoyingly inside...Read On


First Time At Last.

Online friends meet IRL

I met Mark online. I'd joined a gay chat room. I had been fantasizing about being with a man for a while and this was a harmless, anonymous way to explore my interest. To begin with, I was very shy and didn't know how to respond to the occasional message that came my way. Then I got into a conversation with a guy who made all the running. I only had to go along with his messages. ...Read On

Unexpected Attention

Never thought I'd allow another guy to touch me...

I'd always considered myself totally straight. But one night, when I was sixteen, my best friend had brought over a Playboy magazine. My mother wasn't home so we were alone. After looking at the magazine in my bed we decided to turn off the light. We always slept in our underwear when we spent the night with one another. And I was about to get the shock of my life when my friend without a...Read On



My dad’s stepbrother takes me under his pungent wing…

My dad had a stepbrother named Hardy. Hardy was actually his surname and his first name was Harold, but he hated his first name and always insisted on being referred to as Hardy. My dad, Arnie, and Hardy became stepbrothers when they were sixteen-years-old. With both their parents being divorcees, Hardy’s mother married my grandfather. The two boys had been born three months apart and had...Read On


Experiences Of A Late Starter - 3

My experiences with men, no fantasy

The same day that I returned to the dating website I received a message from a man who was interested in meeting me. He was from my town and to my surprise, he even was living in my street. He presented himself by the name Ronny. He was a journalist and married. His wife had always known that he had a gay inclination. Since they didn't have sex any longer, she had reluctantly accepted that...Read On


The Waiter (Part 2): First Night On The Floor

Erin starts his first shift

Erin sat with his eyes closed, his back against the cold bathroom tiles. Between his legs, his cock hung, semi-hard, a drop of cum dangling off the tip. Absentmindedly, his hands caressed his cock. As his fingers grazed the tip of his cock, without thinking he suddenly raised his finger to his mouth and sucked the drop off his fingertip. The sweet saltiness covered his tongue and he...Read On


My Speedo Gang Bang Fantasy

Last May I had my first orgy (six guys) but two years earlier I wrote about my orgy fantasy.

I always fantasized about being fucked by the group of guys wearing nothing but speedos, and that fantasy recently came true when I was invited to this party by a guy I met online. His name was Rob; he was a forty-five-year-old sales executive. From the photos on his online profile, Rob was hot. He was well built and stocky, tanned with a shaved/waxed chest. Speaking to me on Skype, he...Read On


The Dorm Room

They were only friends in class... and then suddenly, they were more.

Wednesday, October 11, 1995   Mitch had always been curious.  His fantasies had frequently included more than one scenario involving him and another guy, but he wasn’t entirely sure how everything fit together.  He was well aware that guys did things together, but… how did it work?   When he was sixteen or seventeen, he had done some personal exploration.  He wasn’t even certain that...Read On


The Massage I Never Expected

Wishing the massage would never end

A massage is one of those things that I can never get enough of. They put me in a place that I never want to come back from. Unfortunately, up until now, I had always gotten massages from women and no matter how much I wish they would just keep going up under the towel, they never do. I had hit a bit of a dry spell in my sexual partners and was in much need of any human contact. I found an...Read On


Very Cummy Handjob

After making Dan cum in his speedos, he gave me an amazing handjob using our cum as lubricant.

Today I woke up super horny. I haven’t had a release in a couple of weeks because my regular fuck buddies, Alex, Alex’s boyfriend and the Married Guy are all occupied over the Xmas break.  With no potential to hook up with those guys, I jumped on Grindr to see if anyone wanted to hang out in speedos for an hour or two this afternoon.  Usually I can host, but that is off the cards with...Read On


The Waiter (Part 1)

Erin gets a new job with special opportunities.

Erin left his house that afternoon excited for the first time in months. He had been out of work since the last restaurant he worked at went under and was excited to finally make some money again. He looked at the address his friend texted him and hurried down the street. It was a place he had never heard of before but it didn't really matter to him, he just needed money and needed it fast....Read On


One hot summer chapter 2

Two eighteen year old boys continue to explore their sexuality

My best friend Rob and I had discovered the joys of boy-boy intimacy and were actively exploring our sexuality. We thought our world had fallen apart when his Mom caught us in bed together, but to our surprise, she did not freak out or punish us. Instead, she supported and encouraged us. "I'm comfortable with you boys discovering love and sensuality in a safe and let's be honest a...Read On


Affirmation River Pt. 2

The 2nd leg of a canoe trip opens more than a man's mind.

Nick and I went down to the river and went in the water until it was about half way up our chests. It was such a beautiful scene as the sun began to set, with nothing but trees surrounding us and the shallow river slowly moving through it all. It was like our own, private, little paradise. I could still smell his musk with every breath and loved it. But no matter how much I liked it,...Read On


One hot summer chapter 1

Two eighteen year old boys discover and explore intimacy and sex

I met Robert while at Secondary School. In many respects we were opposites; he was the macho athletic type while I was a wimpy nerd. Also, being academically gifted Rob was in the top stream while I was in the lower one. As a result, our paths didn’t cross that often during the first school year. In year two this changed because I did well in the sciences and moved into the top stream for...Read On


The Weekend

My fantasy about a straight guy comes true, with mind-blowing consequences…

Isn’t it strange how a disaster can change one’s life? At the age of forty, my life changed remarkably. My parents were killed in a motorcar accident and naturally, being their only child, I was their sole heir. The heartache that this loss caused was overwhelming. Having come from a wealthy family, however, the consequences of this tragedy ironically resulted in a positive...Read On


Prison School - Ch 04

Mike and Vern swap blowjobs then sleep together

* Chapter 4 – W1 Monday night * Mike and Vern walked into Dorm 2 and noticed that most of the guys were in the rec. room.  If anyone was aware that they came in together, nothing was mentioned.  Most of the men were used to seeing the kitchen crew come in a little later anyway.  They went to their lockers, got towels, soap, and clean boxers, and headed to the shower.  Since most of the guys...Read On


Prison School - Ch 03

Mike gets to ride Vern’s ‘Pony’ - Kurt suffers rejection

*Chapter 3 – W1 Monday Eve* Ivan, Luke, and Mike got to the cafeteria, almost too late. There was still plenty of food left but the kitchen crew of two were ready to put things away and call it a night. Ivan said, “Shorty, we appreciate y’all keepin’ the food out for us latecomers. We should be the tail of the crew from D2.” Shorty was the nickname that had been tacked on to LaVerne....Read On


John Finds A Beautiful Spot In The Woods

On a visit to my parents' house, my boyfriend and I sneak out to give in to our urges.

John was my boyfriend for nearly five years. In that time we only both went to stay with my family once. We were both twenty-two; my old childhood room still only had a single bed. When I was about sixteen I broke the door in a fit of teenage anger. It didn't close and we had no real privacy. To make things worse, the house wasn't huge, the walls were thin and my parents were always at...Read On


Prison School - Ch 02

Mike get to suck Luke's uncut cock, his dream comes true

Chapter 2 – W1 Monday Afternoon Kurt and Adam are reflecting on the day. They have both made up their beds and are just sitting around talking. They both decided maybe a shower would feel good and Jesse had suggested they might want to do this before a bunch of trainees came home. Well, I guess this is home. At least we are taken care of, have a roof over our heads, a decent bed to sleep on...Read On