The Moment You Knew Competition

The Moment You Knew Competition

With February playing host to Valentine's Day, this competition focuses on love.

Competition Theme

Specifically, we are looking for stories which describe a moment you ( / your characters - can be autobiographical if you wish!) fell in love. The event which sparked that emotional trigger, when you knew you wanted to be with someone you loved.

Stories do not need to fall into the "love stories" category. As ever, we are looking for hot sex scenes together with the theme described.

We like to help hone our writers' skills, so as an added challenge, stories should be limited to a 6,000 word count.

All our standard story contest rules apply. All characters must be over the age of 16.


  • Winner: $150
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50

Entering the Competition

There is a competition section added to the Story Submission page beneath the usual story categories. Please make sure you check the relevant button, otherwise your story will not be entered into the competition.

Important Dates

The closing date for this competition is 27 Feb 2019. Winners will be announced on the 10 Mar 2019.

If you have any questions regarding this contest or rules, please contact us.

Thanks to all those that participate, have fun!


Competition Entries

Title Author
Royal Crush WannabeWordsmith
Tale of a Longshoreman cwatt1
Coming Home seeker4
Peaches AylaJ
It Was Love At First Sight farmerroger
Snow Falls Silent on Evergreen Trees TroublesomeBard
My Very First Love DarkSide
The Booth Model From Heaven DomXXX
March Moon Lauradj
The Goddessess Beneath Me AndreaDetroit
Red Heels & Black Leather 1meanjean
What's Love Got To Do With It? Ping
Sean From High School smut_princess
Solace To Joy SirSpewalot
Did She Know? DuffysGirl19
First Love, Young Love marie5555
Jeff KimmiBeGood
The Surprise Blow job kornslayer1