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Cheating sex stories, are those where someone in the relationship is being unfaithful to their partner. They may feature cheating husbands or boyfriends, cheating girlfriends or housewives. Stories specifically featuring cheating wives can be found / published in the popular Wife Lovers category.

Stories in this genre often contain elements of heightened excitement, the characters’ knowledge they are doing wrong, and the associated dangers which come with it. They may or may not get caught cheating, and that’s the risk they are willing to take. Typical scenarios would be where a person has been caught cheating in the middle of the act, is cyber cheating, or discovered text messaging their illicit lover.

Recommended Read

The Cheating Game

It's just a teasing game that Clare and Paul play, isn't it? What if it didn't stop?

It was a game we played, and nothing more. Some flighty teases here, some forbidden glimpses there, dropping my purse and bending over, making sure my short dress rode up to reveal more of creamy thighs and butt cheeks than considered proper or allowing greedy, foreign hands to linger on my body far too long, all that was part of the secret, thrilling game we used to play whenever we...Read On


Claiming Another Man's Wife - Part 3

The plot thickens in this saga of a cheating wife and her boss's weekend hotel tryst.

  Sunday at 8:15 a.m.   Over five hours ago, Nicholas had turned off Jessica's phone but had forgotten to turn off his own. His brother had called him at 8 a.m. just as he was getting out of the shower while Jessica was still asleep. Nicholas quickly toweled off, grabbed his clothes, and headed downstairs to talk without disturbing her. After the night they had, he wanted to let her...Read On


Brandi Gets A Lot More Than Counseling

Brandi trys to repent.

Chapter 3 Brandi was really getting caught up in our sexual activities. She wanted sex all the time. We watched all the movies that we had made. We talked about Dave and what they did at the movie constantly. After about two months, I noticed a change in Brandi. Brandi was spending a lot of time with her friend Ellen.    Now at this point is where I have to explain how Ellen and Brandi...Read On

Recommended Read

Claiming Another Man's Wife - Part 2 (Revised)

Cheating wife gets a rude awakening and her boss redefines his twisted role in her life.

  Nicholas gently placed Jessica’s limp, naked frame on the right side of the king-sized bed, and walked around to the left. He climbed onto the mattress and carefully eased her on top of him. She tingled with sensitivity as he maneuvered her. Her body felt so spent that she couldn’t have moved without his assistance. What he’d done that night had left her disoriented in a dense haze like...Read On


Claiming Another Man's Wife - Part 1 (Revised)

A torrid hotel sex scene with a cheating wife and her dominating lover, who happens to be her boss.

“Let go of my arm, Nicholas. Right now, and I do mean it,” Jessica stated through gritted teeth. Nicholas blinked his steely blue eyes at her, squinted, then called her bluff. “Or what, Jessica?” he snapped. She rolled her eyes and tapped the French pedicured toes of her left foot on the floor. It was not wise to react impetuously because it was 9:35 at night and she needed to get the...Read On


A Weak Moment Before Christmas

A weak moment turned into a secret adventure.

The only time in my life I cheated my husband was an evening in December. Like a cliché, I became weak after our company’s Christmas party where I certainly had too much mulled wine and other drinks. Yet somehow I remember it with less regret than I certainly should.   It must’ve been around 10 o‘clock when my colleague took the two of us home. He was our driver tonight and hadn’t drunk....Read On


Banging The Boss's Wife, Chapter 2

The cheating fun was just beginning for these two!

Carol lay there, trembling with anticipation as I knelt there between her widespread legs. She once again cried out her need.  "Please, Daniel! Oh, please hurry and eat my pussy! Oh, I have been dying to have someone go down on me! Please, please!"  As I looked down on her bare, dripping slit, I could see how true her words were; sweet woman-honey oozed out from between those fat puffy...Read On


Picture Perfect

Erotic Photographer finds his perfect model

I'm 24 and a professional photographer. I lucked into taking erotic photos after a model I had photographed as an "audition" for a website made it big. After that, I was flooded with requests from websites to photograph models in erotic poses. Needless to say, I enjoyed my work. If there was a downside it was knowing I could hurt my reputation by having relationships with the models...Read On


Brandi Turns Into A Slut

Brandi thought this up by herself

Chapter 2 After Brandi had decided to go back to work, she got a job with her old company. It was one of the largest companies in the travel agency business. She had been back to work for four months. One Friday afternoon Brandi's company had to shut down, to have their computers serviced. They let everybody go home at twelve noon. Brandi hadn't planned to be off so she decided to do a...Read On

Recommended Read

Lost Identity

Applause swelled and died off when someone opened the conference hall door and let it swing shut, leaving the crowd inside. Pryce had done the same thing twenty minutes ago. He’d gone into the bar and gotten a glass of bourbon, then opted to sit at the far end of the lobby close to the bar. Now the sudden noise pulled his attention from the twin, revolving doors where snow had begun to...Read On


Going Too Far

Hired for a stag event, I do the one thing I swore I never would

I started off life being dealt a very crap hand. Both my parents had been an only child in their families, and my mother passed away giving birth to me. That left me with just my dad and, though he never said as much, I think he blamed me for what happened to my mother. He wasn’t a bad father. He tried to make sure I had everything I needed, but he kept me at arm’s length. We certainly...Read On


Arriving Home

A husband arrives home to an unknown situation and enters with caution.

Introduction: Tom is thirty-five years old and owns a manufacturing plant associated with the textile and clothing industry. Despite tough foreign competition, he does very well with his plant, situated in New York. He and his wife Jenn have been married for nine years. Jenn is thirty-two and they have two young children. Jenn has often been described as a “trophy wife” by their friends....Read On


Banging The Boss's Wife, Chapter 1

Rescuing the boss's wife from over-indulging at the office Christmas party has unexpected rewards!

My name is Daniel Kincaid and the story I am about to tell you happened several years ago now. I am the lead consultant in a small advertising firm here in Boston and I have been in the advertising business for almost fifteen years now. I recently moved to Boston to take this lead consultant position about five years ago.  It's a good job and I enjoy the challenges and the company has a lot...Read On


Is Gil My Friend?

Wife makes my dreams come true.

Judy and I had been back from our honeymoon for five months when an old friend from high school contacted me. I had not heard from Gil for at least ten years. I will describe Gil to you. He is six foot two, about two hundred pounds, with a great build. He had a full beard, and looked very Italian. I really did enjoy seeing my wife with another man, as long as I had set it up. I had to...Read On

Recommended Read

Like Father, Like Son: Part 1

The first thing that came to Carly’s mind when her engine stalled was Marcus’ voice telling her time and time again that her old car was a worthless piece of junk that caused more problems than needed. Repeatedly, he’d offered to buy her a new car to replace her old one. Each time she’d refused his gift, explaining to him that this was the first car that she bought when she could afford to...Read On


Memory of an older woman

A memory I have been thinking about recently

This is more of a confession or a memory than a story. Many years ago, when I first moved to London, I had two encounters with a woman which are probably still the strangest of my life.  She would have been early to mid-thirties, lived with her boyfriend and was my first boss in a proper job. I would have been mid-twenties. She was hot; shoulder length brown hair, pretty face, tall...Read On


How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Two)

Noel meets his 'Guardian Angel'

I drove, Sarah, my daughter to my mom’s place. The entire time I held back my tears. My mom sent her best wishes, as it was my wedding anniversary. The fact that my mom knew my anniversary and my wife didn’t, pinched my heart. I took my leave and got in the car. The floodgates were now open. I had made up my mind to confront Kate. I needed an explanation. I had been a faithful husband and...Read On


Wife Tales - Chance Encounter

My morning run turns hot and steamy

It was brisk and cool when I began my morning run. The cool air made it ideal for running and the first three miles went by quickly. At the three and a half mile mark a light rain began to fall. My weatherman buddy had promised me two hours before the rain would begin. He lied to me again. “I can do these last two miles if it doesn’t rain any harder than this,” I told myself as I continued on....Read On


How I Won Back My Wife

A story of how I won back my wife.

You have to play dirty at times to get what you want. Lose a battle to win the war; set free in order for it to return. What’s right and what’s wrong is only a matter of perspective. Until the lion tells his story the hunter continues to be the hero. You may pity me for my situation, but until you have heard my story you are free to hold your judgment. But trust me, I have done what I felt...Read On


Breaking My Oath

I meet a new patient and betray my oath to do no harm for my own selfish desires

I was born into a family of doctors. My parents, two aunties, and a grandpa were all in the profession and I was encouraged to become a doctor, too. Although I wasn’t really keen, my parents convinced me it would be a great career choice and I studied for four years at college and then another four years at medical school. It was only after I’d completed a year of residency that I finally got...Read On


Carly (Part 2)

My Wife's Friend...

My wife and I had spent the day at the mall hanging out with my stepdaughter, Miranda. We'd gone out all day, had a great time and had walked around for almost the entire day/evening. We'd had a great lunch, saw almost every store in the mall, ate some junk food, and headed home. On the trip, we were joined by my wife's friend Carly. A cute younger girl that she knew from work with long...Read On


Castle Tour

A visit to a castle leads to unexpected exploration.

It was warm. The sun was shielded behind a thick blanket of cloud, but its hazy glow still made the day humid. This was her first trip to a British castle and she appreciated the instant coolness of the shade when she entered the gatehouse to pay. It was very quiet, and she was the only customer at the admissions desk. “Just you?” the attendant asked. She raised her sunglasses on to the top...Read On


The play and my wife part three

Things get hot with Jen and Tony.

The following day after her telephone call with Tony, Jen told me that he was a little concerned at her topless scene in the play and asked me if I would rewrite it and have her in her bra and panties instead of topless. “Tony doesn’t want anyone else seeing my breasts, do you mind?” Jen asked me. “Of course not, I assume that he’ll still see them when you rehearse here,” I joked. “Of...Read On


Trip On A Whim

A man takes a trip to meet his online friend with one intention...

Was this weird? Yeah, definitely. Could I get arrested? Probably. I stopped in my tracks in the middle of the busy airport, bag in one hand, and considered for a moment. I managed to switch off from the hustle and bustle of the arrivals lounge in order to think. At every stage of this trip, I had stopped and turned around to head back. There was no way this was a good idea. I’d start to...Read On


My Swede Part 1

My beautiful Swedish lover

She was already in the cabin. He had just arrived at the wonderful location she had chosen. He could smell the pine trees, that sweet, sticky essence, with a hint of burning logs in the background. A coating of fairy dust snow covered the trees, and underfoot his feet crunched on the layer of fresh snow that had almost a frozen crust. Deep in a Swedish forest, miles from anywhere, was a...Read On


This Is Your Lies Chapter 7

And finally it all comes back together... sort of.

I bent down, stuck my key in the lock and released her chain from the floor. "Put your mask on, I don't want you knowing too much about my place." I couldn't resist playing the showman a little longer. I led her along until I stopped with her standing in the middle of the living room. I cuffed her hands behind her back. I took up the slack on the chain and fixed it to a chair. "I have...Read On


This Is Your Lies Chapter 6

Ellen is back home, but doesn't know, as Adrian pushes the lesson one more notch.

After a last look at Ellen, naked under a blanket in the trunk, I shut the lid and drove home by a roundabout route with Angus sat beside me, giving me a chance to size him up a little. I reversed the car up to the door and had Angus lift "Eve" as he thought she was called, out of the trunk and carry her into the house over his shoulder. She was still wearing the hood. I figured that if her...Read On


The Perfect Lover?

Mari is on a quest, she wants it all but the perfect lover is oh so hard to find

“Fuck!” I breathed as I felt his glans spread my labia and ease inside me. His hands were unsubtle as they mauled my breasts through my top as I slowly sank down onto his thick swollen member. Johnny, nude while I was fully dressed, had no finesse at all (yet) but such a wonderfully thick cock, just the right length that filled me to the brim as it eased deeper and deeper within me. It...Read On



Not what I planned...

My wife and I and my stepdaughter Miranda planned a trip to the mall. Our "family" trips typically consisted of going to a mall, going to a movie, maybe dinner and then heading back home. I'm not saying the trips are boring, but there was always little conversation between my wife and I. For the most part, over the last six or seven years, our marriage had been convenient. We had a nice...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Silverest Lining

Violet could never sleep on planes. She watched anxiously as her fellow passengers filed onto the Austrian Airlines plane to Vienna, hoping that the seat beside her would remain vacant because maybe with the extra space, sleep would come easier. There was something very infuriating about seeing every other person fall into blissful slumber while she sat upright, wide-awake and exhausted. But...Read On