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Recommended Read Trust Chapter 6a

Iona honestly felt that she had done nothing wrong. Regardless, she did feel a tremendous amount of guilt eating away at her. Not only had she seen this man of darkness a total of three times now, she also was relieved that he had managed to not lose his life. She had no idea why he was still in the vicinity. Theirs was more or less just a meeting of the eyes, for her a simple...

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Audio Story Editor's Pick The Muse's Poem

This is not a love poem. Let us not insult each other By wasting pretty words Or precious time. We are not of the same cut As those romantics, Those who see eternity In the face of flowers. This muse has already, Willingly, Spread her legs, Allowed you to taste her sweetness, To feel the silkiness Of her petals Against your tongue, And pluck, Understanding that where there...

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Editor's Pick Fiction

Jessica’s perfect form hung just inches from the floor at the slightest of angles, facing the skylight of his loft. Her back was gracefully arched, arms drawn back and down. Her inner wrists were joined behind her, two fists kissing each other, thumb lying beside thumb, and a series of well-spaced, ornate knots linked them to her secured ankles. One set of ropes supported her upper back,...

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Editor's Pick Trust Ch. 1

When he closed his eyes, no matter how slight, he could see the movement of her dark, golden skin against the paleness of his own. He could feel it and that was torture. He craved her touch and the mercy that it offered. A good fight in the heart of battle had always brought him great pleasure, great glory. That was where he belonged. Now, she was the only true delight of his heart, a...

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Editor's Pick When Passion Calls

What you should fear Is Passion's voice  When it calls Low and subtle Because when she speaks It feels like the wind Against your skin Right before it sweeps upward  And whispers in the leaves of trees It is your new name you hear What you will now call yourself That pulls your eyes to the sky That loosens a joyous tear Passion is the color of twilight Where darkness and light interchange...

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Editor's Pick Want

My body aches. It is an ache that reaches from my toes, toes that curled each and every time he made me come, to the follicles of my hair, hair he had wrapped around his thick fingers and pulled with such perfect timing. It hurt to even open my eyes, because opening them would mean that it was time for me to take my behind home. Speaking of my behind… Good Lord, this man and the things he...

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Editor's Pick Claimed

There was something so familiar. This was not the first time she had looked into the intensity of those ice grey eyes, Asia was certain of it. Who could forget such a hauntingly unique color, the distinct clarity, the way they seemed to bore through her and create a rush that could only be compared to actual physical intimacy. The fact that he was a stranger and on the opposite end of the...

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Recommended Read Un-Fuck You

I want to un-fuck you To un-see you With my heart's eye I want to not walk into a room And search for you I want to be able to breathe Even if you don't notice me With consciousness or pride When night comes I want to sleep With my eyes closed Dreaming of nothing that involves Memories of you And that body defining this body Those hands Your touch I want to not feel you on my skin Smell you...

Added 21 Feb 2017 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 59 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,536 | 48 Comments

Recommended Read Love In Extremes

I envy the type Women who ebb with the flow Balanced in their temperaments And passions They are pastels of pinkness  Their darkness is a shade of blue Their voices fall gently on the ear Even at a high pitch  They merely alarm Their coldness is frosty Their fire  Threatening They show you the hand's palm Careful not to scratch Their fight is like  Surrender I am a storm On sand And at...

Added 05 Mar 2017 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 44 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,525 | 41 Comments

Recommended Read The Story of Us: Take Me

Perhaps this is where I should begin, with public moments—intense, intimate and sometimes discreet. It matters not who is present or how many surround us. This is the story of us and why I am his... My husband does what I call “flexing”. He laughs when I use this term. In general, it is that look of restraint he gets right before he is about to pulverize someone either mentally or...

Added 09 Jan 2019 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 50 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 4,105 | 43 Comments

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